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Your 5-min break to feel awesome, confident, & capable. Real life friendly tips to handle high functioning anxiety or social anxiety w/ the Danish way of life (Hygge) so you can stop fitting in & start being a limited edition.
THP Show #10 Turn your house in a Scandinavian haven easily
In this episode, I'm sharing: - how to recognize Scandinavian design - THE question you need to answer before revamping your house - 3 characteristics of Scandinavian interior - why Hygge and design go hand in hand
July 13, 2018
THP Show #9 How to cozy up during Summer time?
I'm answering Jeanine's Question this week about Hygge and Summer. You'll be discovering: - the reason why Hygge is manageable all year long - how a misinterpretation could lead you to the wrong way - why every season has its own Hygge flavour
July 6, 2018
THP Show #8 What cake decor taught me about Hygge
- Discover which passion got me hooked when I was living in Montreal - What I've learnt last week from a French Chef - How it will change your inner talk - Why past will never be a safe place to live
June 29, 2018
THP Show #7 Why cosiness is the new self care
Warning: some strong opinions are included... - Why self care is not for everyone - How to use cosiness to trigger your well being - How to create your own cosiness kit ready to use
June 22, 2018
THP Show #6 Cosiness with benefits!
3 simple tips to feel like a Superstar on a Red Carpet. - Why you need a first aid kit of cosiness - How one decision can improve how you feel - Why public accountability is a big No No for me
June 15, 2018
THP Show #5 That word helps the Danish to be happy
Grab your passport, we're taking off to Denmark. We'll make one stop to Hygge Land before visiting Scandinavia traditions & landing to Fika street for a good cup of coffee. On behalf of the crew, we wish you a pleasant travel.
June 8, 2018
THP Show #4 The Nitty Gritty of Cosiness
Finally get a definition of cosiness that's not Care Bear approved... Why cosiness has nothing to do with laziness & how cosiness will skyrocket your calm level in a snap.
June 1, 2018
#3 The Hygge Thanksgiving
3 takeaways from a Fenchie who lived 5 years in North America and how I dare you to be happy
November 23, 2017
#2 Toxic Friendship made easy
Episode #2 of The Hygge Planner Show: 3 tips to deal with toxic relationships and passive aggressive people
November 18, 2017
#1 First baby steps
#1 The launch
November 17, 2017
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