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The Ignite Podcast

The Ignite Podcast

By Caleb Pearson
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5 Gears Part 2 with Tripp Bodenheimer
Join in on this special episode as Torch Bearer, Tripp Bodenheimer, not only wraps up his lesson of 5 gears but also closes out Season 1 of the Ignite Podcast. In this episode Tripp takes us through gears 3, 4, and 5 and really challenges us to know what gears we operate in. We take a look at how we shift gears throughout our daily lives and also while dealing with things such as, anxiety, stress, and even relationships. Tripp allows us to really gain some perspective on how and why we have been living our lives and traveling these roads the we have been. Maybe its time for some of you to shift gears or actually take a look at which gears you most often find yourselves operating in.  Thank you all for listening to the Ignite Podcast Season 1! We appreciate all of you and are eager to return for Season 2. In the meantime, enjoy a few bonus episodes as we make some adjustments before Season 2's launch sometime this year in August or early September! Please provide feedback on Season 1 so that we can improve upon the podcast for future episodes and content!
June 11, 2021
5 Gears Part 1 with Tripp Bodenheimer
Its that time again! The Ignite Podcast is proud to present to all of you amazing listeners, 5 Gears Part 1 with Torch Bearer Tripp Bodenheimer! You're definitely going to want to grab a pen and pad for this episode. Tripp delivers the first part of a two part series on how to be present and productive when there is never enough time. In part 1 he takes us through some self reflection and teaches us that the way we start our day has a huge impact on determining how we drive ourselves for the remainder of the day. He also goes over how to understand what charges and recharges your battery whether you are introvert or an extrovert and so much more! This episode promises to be truly illuminating and insightful. So join host and Guardian of the Torch, Caleb Pearson as we learn how to shift gears as we navigate through life!
May 29, 2021
Own It and Divorce It: Taking On Your Setbacks with Kenneth Carter III
Ignite is back with a brand new episode and a brand new release date. Welcome back to the Ignite Podcast where host and Guardian of the Torch, Caleb Pearson, provides lessons on life, leadership, and development with amazing people from all walks of life! In this episode we are joined by Torch Bearer, Kenneth Carter III, who went from incarceration to owning his own company. Kenneth delivers a powerful lesson on taking on your setbacks, learning to say no, self reflection, and really diving into really knowing who you keep in your circle. His lesson titled "Own It and Divorce It" will not only ignite your minds but will have you really thinking about your life, your trials, and you decisions with intentional logic and a positive disposition. Kenneth shares how he endured prison, educated himself on business and entrepreneurship, and how he refused to be defined by his setbacks. Enjoy this episode and be sure to check out Ignite, now every Friday for a band new episode!
May 22, 2021
Operating Systems for Success with Chip Baker
Grab a pen and paper, because you don't want to miss all of the nuggets for success that this episode has to offer! Chip Baker picks up the torch as our next Torch Bearer and delivers a powerful lesson on how to succeed. Through a bountiful supply of "life formulas" and his own personal experiences and education, Chip teaches us about being aware of our own self discipline, maximizing possibilities and opportunities, and serving up a healthy slice of "balance pie" with his formulas for trust, conversations, and relationships. Chip gives you the tools you need to gain perspectives on success using different views including telescopic and microscopic lenses and he helps you to learn how to "grow through what you are going through." Join host and Guardian of the Torch, Caleb Pearson and tune in to this weeks episode because it is definitely one you don't want to miss!
April 29, 2021
The Concept of Growth and Rebirth with Billy Atwell
*This episode does contain some adult language that may not be suitable for all audiences, listener discretion is advised. Fear, an often times crippling symptom of a traumatic experience or a defense mechanism to protect us from the uncomfortable and the unknown. Fear can weigh us down, keep us from higher attainment of ourselves, and completely block our paths towards growth and our own proclamations of divinity. For some fear is enough to crumble our walls, shake our foundations, and even put us to eternal rest. Yet, we all have and will continue to experience the emotion and concept of fear, but we continue on anyway. Like a phoenix that eventually dies and turns into ash, fear can ignite our own demise but yet there is still rebirth. There is a renewal of life, essence, and  sense of self. We learn from our past, we correct our paths, and we learn to play the game according to our own terms. In this episode of The Ignite Podcast, host and Guardian of the Torch, Caleb Pearson dives deep into the concepts of growth and rebirth with Torch Bearer, Billy Atwell. Billy, through his own experiences of trauma, fear, demise, and rebirth takes us through a lesson that teaches us how to ignite the light within ourselves and to not let fear keep us from growing into better versions of ourselves. He examines the complexities of why we hold ourselves back and, with his plethora of knowledge self-obtained through research and conceptualizing spiritual literature, Billy illuminates us with empowering words of wisdom and substance. Enjoy!
April 22, 2021
Knowing what Your Goals Look, Sound, Feel, and Even Smell Like! with Steve Gamlin
In this episode, be a part of the lesson and conversation as Torch Bearer, Steve Gamlin delivers a powerful, illuminating, and refreshing lesson on adding perspective to your goals!  Join Steve and Guardian of the Torch, Caleb Pearson in this week’s episode. You will laugh, you will reflect, and you will burn with a brand new outlook on how you view achieving your goals, maintaining them, and pushing forward to chart new paths! Listen in today exclusively on The Ignite Podcast!!!!
April 09, 2021
Resiliency and Reframing Adversity with Oleg Lougheed
In episode 4 of the Ignite Podcast Torch Bearer, Oleg Lougheed takes us through self reflection, remaining resilient and taking control of your lives through reframing adversities. Through the many lows and highs of Oleg's life, he has been an inspiration to countless individuals in helping the tell there stories, inspiring them to ask the deep questions, and most importantly, challenges them to turn the mirror inward and self reflect. Join in as Oleg ignites you mind in this illuminating episode!
April 01, 2021
Purposeful Leadership with Scott Mason
In episode 3 of The Ignite Podcast, Scott Mason picks up the torch to teach us a lesson on leadership and purpose. Scott using his charismatic disposition to reel in the listener by opening with a short story of his humble beginnings and takes us into how that upbringing has shaped his philosophy on leading with a purpose. You'll want to listen to this episode if you've ever wondered if you are a leader that is leading with their positional power or if those you lead actually respect and value you. Scott will also challenge you to really take a look at yourself and ask yourself, "Why do I lead?" Tune in to this illuminating episode and let Scott Ignite Your Mind!
March 18, 2021
Spark Your Alpha: Purpose, Hope, and Alignment with Sha Sparks
This is the second and final part of a 2-part series delivered by Sha Sparks entitled "Spark Your Alpha!" In this episode Sha covers purpose, hope, and alignment. She challenges the listener to look within to find their own purpose. Their purpose in leadership, life, and choices.  Sha also sparks the listener to open up and be vulnerable. To be appreciative of what they have instead of mournful for what they don't. Sha wraps up this series with a thoughtful examination of internegative self communication. Are you the person telling yourself no? Be sure to listen to the first episode of ignite before tuning in to this one, we promise you'll want the entire lesson!
March 11, 2021
Spark Your Alpha: Awareness and Leadership with Sha Sparks
In this premier episode of the Ignite Podcast, join host Caleb Pearson and Torch Bearer Sha Sparks as she teaches you, the listener, how to Spark Your Alpha! Sha covers awareness and leadership in part one of this two part series and will challenge you to check your awareness, think about your emotions and how they drive your actions. Sha will also help you examine how you lead by providing tools on leading with emotional intelligence and self reflection. Get ready to IGNITE our mind!
March 05, 2021