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By Terrell M Sumpter
Each week and every week The Inspire Before We Expire Host Terrell Sumpter bring very inspiring game changers from different walks of life to his platform. It is a form of positive energy and ambitious outlook. In today's society you have people who don't have enough guidance, mentor ship or accountability. Our mission to guide them every step of the way. To help others push pass those breaking points to reach their breakthrough.

The inspire before we expire is here to guide those who are lost, trying to find their path in life,"I can go through this and will grow through this.
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Julie Daniluk - "How Meals That Heal Can Increase Joy and Performance"
On today's episode of The Inspire Before We Expire I got to connect with someone who has been teaching nutrition for a number of years and someone who is very knowledgeable on her stuff. We immediately clicked instantly with this incredible woman here and was delighted to interview Julie Daniluk on The Inspire Before We Expire! Julie Daniluk is a Nutrition expert, best selling author and tv host on the Z Living Network, a reality cooking show on OWN  (The Oprah Winfrey Network). Julie show that focuses on the the on going battle between nutrition and taste. Julie is the proud author of her best selling book "Meals That Heal Inflammation", Slimming Meals That Heal and to count in her third bestselling book "The Hot Detox". Julie has made over 600 appearances on various Radio and TV shows throughout North America and has been a special guest on The Dr.Oz, Marilyn Danis, CBC Radio, CTV New and The Global Morning Show.  In this interview you will learn more about Julie's journey as a Nutrition Expert making healthier foods more affordable and I must say this a mind blown interview to take in receive and implement into your daily life.  Key Take-Away's from this interview with Julie Daniluk: - Slimming Meals That Heal (13:45) - The Importance On Bone Braff (19:56) - The Dr.Oz Experience (37:00) - Nourishment and Self Love (43:20)  and much more.  Get Connected With Julie Daniluk: Resources: 3 Best-Selling Books By Julie D. Get You A Copy Of One Of Julie's 3 best selling books available here on amazon Facebook Community: Words To Remember: "To the people in the background you can have a no but you make it happen anyway. Do not give up. persevere, push through can be very career changing". I hope you all enjoy this interview lots of insightful information that will guide you look at more on the bright side and push you closer to knowing that you are too possible and all that you desire is achieve-able when you believe.   Thank you everyone for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this meaningful conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away and let's pay it all forward. 
July 11, 2019
Behind The Curtain With Ms.2019 Ms.Health and Fitness Contestant - Ann Marie Svogun
On today's episode of The Inspire Before We Expire I got to talk and chop up with a driven and women who was raised into a sports family.  Ann Marie Svogun is an online fitness coach known as the "The Fit Blonde"  teaches women who are looking to that their life stress, weight gain or indecision to guiding them close to body confidence and self empowerment.  Ann has worked with some of the power fitness and heath companies such as ACTA Fitness,,  Carbon38, 310 Nutrition, Athletic Genetix and many more.  Key Take-Away's from this interview with Ann Marie Svogun - Clear on Your Vision and Understand Your WHY (17:50) - Fear of Failure (21:08) - Vision Boards (27:47) - Go After Your Dreams (49:45) Connect With Ann Marie Svogun: -  -  Resources:  7 Day Trail of Core Curriculum: Anatomy of a Six Pack Program (Thank you for listening):     Shop all Products for discounted price:  Shop Acta Wear clothing line (15% off):  Pubic Service Announcement: Ann Marie Svogun Presents Come Workout In The Hamptons With The Fit Blonde 08/10/2019 8:30 - 9:30 AM  location: BridgeHampton, NY 11937  RSVP here    Thank you for taking time to listen to our show today, I do hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did and receive so much value from this episode. Also, feel free to share you biggest take away from this interview and review for the our show are greatly appreciated and will allow us to get the message out to many more people and let's pay it forward. 
July 10, 2019
Finding Purpose Through The Service of Others With Rebecca Munoz
This week on The Inspire Before We Expire I got to catch up and bring on someone who is extremely passionate about building up communities and giving back to those need it most. Extremely excited to introduce Rebecca Munoz and we dive right into conversations that raise awareness and consciousness individually to help others.   Rebecca Munoz is someone is extremely  dedicated to finding purpose through movement, self exploration and external internal change.  Her unique life experiences have allowed her to explore variety facets of worldly living that tremendously transformed her life for the better. Rebecca went from a few years in the corporate fashion world to walking away and pursuing her true calling.  Rebecca is passionate about personal growth and also devotes time to the raising of the human consciousness where she works with youth teaching holistic health practices, travels, writes, promotes philanthropic movement and cooks.  In this interview she will be discussing also more on her second recent international mission trip to Eastern Guatemala with Outreach For World Hope.  Key Take-Away  - Never limit yourself (20:37) - Mission Trip Eastern Guatemala (36:00) -  Mexico City Experience (46:26) and much more.  Connect With Rebecca Munoz -  Resources   Rebecca Munoz Once said: "We wasn't born with fear we was taught fear, Our circumstances that we born into are making us stronger and getting us ready for the next phase in our lives". "Every stronghold that you come across, every challenge that you faced all the adversity you are going to experience it's molding you. It's just molding you and stronger that you ever imagined".  Thank you everyone for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this meaningful conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away and let's pay it all forward. 
July 10, 2019
James Miller - You Are In Control Of Your Own Happiness.
Here we are with another Testimonial Tuesday and I must admit I am thrilled I had a chance to connect with the man himself James Miller who is doing some incredible work in mental health, radio and psychotherapy space.  I watched James deliver powerful interview on Rock's Thomas platform M1 and I was amazed not your ordinary  mind and knew his story and message will move so many and now had the honor to interview James on my show and we dive right into his journey on The Inspire Before We Expire! James Miller is a licensed psychotherapist and the executive producer and host of the nationally broadcasted and syndicated radio show James Miller Lifeology. James has been in the mental health health for a decade and decided after 13 years in private practice he decided to leave his thriving practice in Washington D.C and decided to that it was time for a change. James is the proud founder of James Miller Lifeology where he globally helps people simplify and transform the mind, spirit and body.  Key Take-Aways From This Interview  (Take Notes) - Morning Ritual and Stillness (18:57) - When you do something because who you are inside is when external rewards happen (42:43) - Self Sabotage (53:36) and much more insightful tools and strategies.  Connect With James Miller (Lifeology) - - - Resources  Tune Into Lifeology radio Tuesday - Saturdays with James Miller James Miller Once Said  "The lesson for people is that we are not always going to be on the mountain top, In order to get to the next mountain top you have to go through some valleys".  "The mindset you create for every single thing gives you endurance and ability to find the answers you are looking for".   Thank you community for taking time to listen to our show today, I do hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did and receive so much value from this episode. Also, feel free to share you biggest take away from this interview and review for the our show are greatly appreciated and will allow us to get the message out to many more people and let's pay it forward. 
July 10, 2019
Be Obsessed With Success W/ Evan Stewart
This week I am beyond excited to bring to you the voice and the knowledge of  Evan Stewart whom I had honor of connecting with just recently and must say you are in for something powerfully special on The Inspire Before We Expire!  Evan Stewart is a master coach, trainer and entrepreneur with years of experience building businesses and people to a higher potential. Today, Evan counsels businesses on duplicating top-quality clients, mastering objections and working high net-worth individuals and luxury products focusing on shortening the sales cycle and increasing positions in the marketplace to ensure employee productivity, retention and more.  In this exclusive interview I got to chop it up Ev and dive deep more on where it all started for him, being solutions driven,  and leaving a impact.  Take- Aways From This Interview  - Invest into the right mentors (17:56) - Be Obsessed (25:58) - Master Objections (38:38) - Dream Bigger (48:00) and much more.                          Wise Words From Ev  "When your in a forward movement, momentum of growth the harsh realities are on the other side of that you recognize  all the loss potential".  "Regardless of where you are, you can always be better, I'm not where I wanna be but Thank GOD I'm not where I use to be".  Connect With Evan Stewart Resources  July 25, 2019 Evan Stewart Presents "The Obsessed Conference" a event you do not want to miss see details below and there's a special code just for you.   Thank you community for taking time to listen to our show today, I do hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did and receive so much value from this episode. Also, feel free to share you biggest take away from this interview and review for the our show are greatly appreciated and will allow us to get the message out to many more people and let's pay it forward.
July 9, 2019
Love Yourself More and You Will Heal With Dr.Morgan Francis
You are not alone in your woundedness and your journey. Most of us have had struggles and everyone has the ability overcome. We have to continue look at ourselves and heal. We do not have to be stuck in suffering we can move through our pain and learn to tolerate the discomfort or not being comfortable through a healing process. It's nothing  wrong with asking for help and to be more vulnerable. It will get you through the feeling of fear, disbelief and uncertainty. We are still human and we all battled with something and just most people today feel as being more open and vulnerability is sign of weakness when it's really it's giving you strength. It's okay to express, be vulnerable, transparent you are not suppose to be on this journey alone there's always someone there to help guide you through grief, trauma, anger and self doubt.   On The Inspire Before We Expire, I spoke more on grieving, healing and giving yourself permission to  love your body and not worry what others will think of you with one of most influential and knowledgable experts in the mental health industry.  Dr.Morgan Francis. Dr.Morgan Francis is a licensed professional counselor who have 20 years of experience in the mental health industry. Along the journey she lost someone very close to her and experienced a lot grieving and went through the process of counseling. While helped her tremendously cope with the loss of a love one. She currently specializes in the treatment of body image, eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma, sexual health and relationships. Dr.Francis is the owner of Scottsdale Premier Counseling, a private practice in Scottsdale, AZ providing individuals, couples and groups therapy. Dr.Francis is passionate about ending the stigma of mental health and  create online course that will help many people across the world struggling with mental health disorders. She is committed to helping others express themselves about the issue the currently in their in life.  Together, Dr.Francis and her clients will identify past traumas, current stressors and fears that are currently holding you back from living your life unapologetically.   Key Take-aways from this interview with Dr.Morgan Francis - Through the process of grieving Dr.Morgan developed a horrible eating disorder (08:51)  - Understanding how to help you cope with the loss of a love one (13:44)  - Ask For Help: Game Of Thrones Example (18:33)  - Access & Time Of Technology (20:36) - Peple not accepting their bodies (32:00)  - KNOW Tribe Summit Experience (39:30)  - Self Worth (42:56)  Connect With Dr.Morgan Francis https: // Read Dr.Morgan Francis  Resources
June 5, 2019
Be Proud Of Who You Are Become Through The Process with Luke Hessler
Along the journey you may feel like you are not enough or just don't want to escape your comfort zone. Truth be told we wasn't put here to do nothing or to be average. Nothing worth having comes easy and will get a lot challenging along the way. To inspire and provide hope is what the world needs more of today. When your younger don't think too much of a impact and being the change but it's your experience that life teaches  you appreciate life way more. The ability to inspire, give hope and serve is synonymous. If you can give hope and provide faith to people in fallen world where people have fear, no doubt, limited beliefs you are making a impact and It is very empowering. Something to remind yourselves of is pain is only temporary and serve a purpose and shapes your character into the person you  are meant to become in order to truly fulfill your destiny,  On today's episode of The Inspire Before, I talked more on learning from shaping from past experiences and developing towards more a better you in life, business, relationships with one of the most influential entrepreneurs of his time: Luke Hessler.  Luke Hessler is a sales and marketing specialist, branding expert and networker who had started his entrepreneur venture at a early age. Luke went from from partying, drinking and troubles with law to later along the journey to connecting with the right people that was a huge part of him shifting his perspecting and becoming introduced to network marketing. He has built an International business consisting of 30,000 customers and distributors in 22 different countries by the age 23. Luke had learned from his network marketing career, traits and skillsets that later founder his new business venture Invigor8 that strictly focuses on helping businesses and brands win big online.   By the age 26 Luke has produced over 20 million In revenue with all his businesses combine. He also have experienced the disadvantages and advantages through his entrepreneur journey and also believes that is the experiences that you shape you into becoming better leader, business man, entrepreneur and allows you to show up everyday. Luke has been featured in MSNBC, The NY Journal, NASDAQ and Market Watch for all his hard work in business.  Lets get read to dive deep and learn more on learning from your experiences will mold you in to becoming the person you are designed to be.  Key Questions I Asked: - What's the most valuable lesson you learned from your past troubles? (07:44) - Why is important to have a accountability partner to keep you on track? (13:35) - How does it make you feel to have the support system you had along the journey? (21:44) - Did you see business and life taking off for you the way it did? (31:49) In This Episode You Learn The Importance Of: - Daily habits (11:00) - Everything changes when you have  a accountability partner (16:00) - A book recommended to read: Principles by: Ray Dalio (21:15) - Solutions, resources and influence can make a change in the world (33:25) - Nyumba Africa experience and learning two key things from the trip (33:52) and much more. Connect with Luke Hessler: Read Luke Article feature here: Thank you everyone for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this electrifying conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away and let's pay it all forward.
May 26, 2019
Choose Yourself Everyday With Raquel Rocky Diehm
We all are unique, we all have a different version of what happiness meant to us individually. There are things you can do and actions you can do to become ultimately happy fulfilled and flourishing person when you so much electricity in your life. Also, so much rewarding sticking to yourself, choosing yourself everyday and by doing doing this you give others the permission to not look outside themselves but to do the same.  There's no need to keep looking on the outside when it's all internal.  On today's episode of The Inspire Before We Expire, I talk more on the happiness, being internally connected and choosing yourself everyday with world wide transformational coach: Raquel Diehm. Raquel Diehm is a speaker and transformational coach who are guiding and coaching others around the world who have the sense of feeling confused, directionless and helping them tap into the feeling of clarity and a sense of electricity! As the universe had it, she took two classes back in college that changed her entire life Existentialism & The Science of Happiness. Rocky is truly passionate about helping people find their voice again, unveil their true desires. She is committed to helping her clients gain clarity, confidence, more enthusiasm, passion and fulfillment.  Let's get ready to dive deep and learn more of choosing yourself, find your voice, the right tribe and becoming more alive and patience.  Key Questions I Asked: - What was the one challenging event you have encountered so far while going through the process towards happiness? (10:57) - Why is important for you to as women of empowerment to help people find clarity, discover their voice and take action? (29:08) - When was a time and point of your journey when you thought about giving up? (50:11) - If your younger teen self called to ask for advice what will that conversation be like? (53:46) In This Episode You Will Learn The Importance Of: - The best gift to give anyone is giving them permission to be themselves (05:53) - If you are feeling stuck, on the verge of transformation (17:00) - Have Faith and Do The Work (18:28) - Internally Connected (31:16) - Habits (45:52) - We were not meant to do this alone, we were meant to do this together (53:17) "It's interesting how you already how have the answer inside you, sometimes it's necessary. It's just having a guide there to be there with you". - Raquel Diehm Connect With Raquel Diehm: Check out Raquel incredible story here: Thank you everyone for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this electrifying conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away and let's pay it all forward.
May 24, 2019
Don't Quit and You Will Persevere with The Founders of Blonde Raven Strategies - Lisa Remillard and Nichelle Medina
At a time and point comes along your journey when you love the work you,  you are making a lot of money but it's putting a toll on you. You start to feel like it's not enough and you are just not feeling fulfilled or a sense of excitement but there something else you are extremely passionate about you tend to put more focus towards it everyday because you see it as life long. So you decide one day that the work you was doing before just really really wasn't for you and now you have to just make a decision. You decide to walk away and know that is another way to do what excites you most and now get time to find time for you too.  On today's episode of The Inspire Before We Expire I talked with Lisa and Nichelle who are award winning story tellers who have been in the TV News industry for over 40 years where they both was able to grow their platform tremendously from interviewing celebrities, world leaders, educations and appearances on major TV networks combined like CNN, TMZ, CBS, NBC, CNN and The Inside edition. Lisa and Nichelle once who were competitors on morning television and after years of working in television it started to have toll on their bodies and health.  Lisa and Nichelle were dealing with serious health issues and later in their career that it was time for a change. Both who witnessed many people who appeared on their shows had difficulties with their social media visuals and knew there was place for them to help for the years of knowledge and skillset they applied. So one day over margaritas, they each had a similar vision and seen that there was improvement needed for many who was eager to share their story but just needed more guidance with producing, TV presenting and video skills.  These two fierce women decided to come together and form their company Blonde Raven Strategies which mainly focuses on helping business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO's and beyond to help share their stories in powerful, authentic and in a extraordinary way. Let's get ready to dive deep and learn the importance of going after the thing you are passionate about and coming together with the right people to help share their stories. Key Questions I Asked: - What are some key steps you have applied to help your clients and those you come across? (08:16) - What are some advice you will give to some women who are having trouble aligning with their calling? (20:54) - Why do you two feel like in today's age vulnerability is key and why do you fee like most people should tell their stories in extraordinary way? (38:29) - When it's all set and done what will Blonde Raven Strategies women like to be remembered for? (48:19) "You will never afford the luxury you desire right away but once you build it up the rewards come back to you even greater"  In This Episode You Will Learn The Importance Of: - Coming together as like minded people and better utilize your skill set (06:33) - When you be working on television for long time it can have a toll on you (16:22) - Take a leap of Faith (17:10) - You are put on this earth for a greater purpose (26:41) - Helping others with a struggle (41:32)  "Leaving something greater behind greater for your children, nothing is never going to be given if you want something bad enough you will work for it, means hours upon hours. (49:41) Connect With Lisa and Nichelle Thank you everyone for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away and let's pay it forward.
May 23, 2019
Brilliant Liu - Where Leadership Goes Hand-In-Hand with Kindness
"People will laugh at you, people will not believe in you and people will hope you give up". Your choice is to only keep going there's someone out there at their breaking point who's rooting for you and You give them hope to keep going you just never know who you are there inspiring". A wise man once said when you have the leadership mindset in you, you can be invincible".  I had a great talk with someone who has came a long way and and never lost sight of his vision and what truly matters most to his life. "Leaders become great, not because of their power, But because of their ability to empower other".  Brilliant is the proud founder of House of Leaders, Executive Mafia, Executive Media and Executive Cart. He was once told you are "average" and every since he has showed everyday in life, relationships and business. Through his social media presence has impacted millions of people across the world with in a short period of time through his positive quotes, inspirational and transformational content from leaders all around the world today.    Another episode you will be intrigued and moved by this tremendous story.  Let's get ready to dive deep learn more on where leaders lead with purpose, kindness and positivity with: Brilliant Liu.   Key Questions I Asked: - When did it first come to you that you wanted to make a positive impact on the world? (10:10) - What's some advice you will give to those who are currently in the financial crisis? (21:22) - What are five key habits you have applied to your life that has helped you gain the success you have today? (33:24) - What is your biggest fear? (48:50) "When you work hard for everything, everything will fall into place". - Brilliant Liu In This Episode You Will Learn The Importance Of: - You are meant for something (06:28) - No matter how hard it gets, you have to keep going (17:15) - Find the right partners and building a strong team (23:51) - Meditation with team (34:45) - You are born for something greater (41:50) "One day you are going to look back and be proud of yourself never give up" - Brilliant Liu  Connect with Bril