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Terrell Sumpter & Kora-lea Vidal (Motivational Speaker)| Power Of Networking Ep.320

An episode of The Inspire Before We Expire Show

By Terrell M Sumpter
Each week and every week The Inspire Before We Expire Host Terrell Sumpter bring very inspiring game changers from different walks of life to his platform to share their journey, challenging events that occured that pushed them to be the the successful people they are today. In today's society you have people who don't have enough guidance or accountability and Our mission is to simply guide these individuals to help each become their best selves through the process.
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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life With RTT Hypnotherapist Tyeler Hunter
"When it is the darkest time, you have to seek the light because your story, your journey and trauma will enlighten someone else and pull someone else from the darkness and inspire someone else to have faith and see the light". I had the honor and privilege to interview a women who once was at the breaking point of her life but realized it wasn't time to give up and she was able to breakthrough. This is another interview that is life changing and can help those who are stuck in the past and just don't know how to push pass the circumstances and prosper. This is interview to tune in, take notes and rise your vibrations with the one and only: Tyeler Hunter. Tyeler is an proud educated Therapist with degrees from Boston University and Wilmington University. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and uses Rapid Transnational Therapy created by the therapist herself Marissa Peer. Tyeler uses regression hypnotherapy to hypnotize clients and dehypnotize from all the patterns of your past and help you push past your limiting beliefs and to guide you closer to creating the life you desire.  Key Take Away's From This Episode: - Being Mentored And Working With Marissa Peer (12:35) - Overcome Addiction (26:58) - Darkest Moments (34:00) - Reintegrate Re frame Workshop (37:20) November 9, 2019   - Be Around Those Who Treat You As A Equal (49:40) and much more so exciting and intriguing information. Connect With Tyeler Hunter: Resources: I hope everyone receives this message fully so many key takeaways that will help and guide you closer your dreams and to the very best successful you. "You Will Breakthrough".  Make sure to subscribe if you haven't already and share with Tye on what intrigued you the most from our conversation. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this meaningful and powerful conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away from this exclusive interview with Tye, subscribe, download, share with a friend and leave us a review on ITUNES and let's pay it all forward.