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The Greater European Talks

The Greater European Talks

By Institute for a Greater Europe
The Official Podcast of the Intitute for a Greater Europe, a pan-European youth led think tank based in Brussels, Belgium.

As well as our regular publications we wish to bring you a roundup of the news from each region the Institute follows.
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GET #18: Referenda on Cutting Down and Cutting Out, Macron in Lebanon

The Greater European Talks

GET #36 - Insects Incoming? The Future of Food in Europe and Beyond
You think of insects as pests, but could they also be our solution to the imminent threats of overpopulation, food scarcity and the climate crisis? On this episode, Oliver is joined by a panel of experts for a deep-dive into how the integration of insect protein into our food and agricultural practices could revolutionise our lives, and what role the EU is playing in exploiting the immense potential this emerging industry holds.Our guests are open to being contacted about the points discussed in this episode. If you would like to reach, please do so using the contact details below: Robert Pienaar - Dr Henry Greathead - Chao Yu De -
January 19, 2022
GET #35 - The Lebanese Crisis, Where to go from here?
Join us today a year on from our original talk with Maryam Nsaif to discuss the crisis in Lebanon which has only worsened since July 2020. The Beirut Blast, economic instability, and a host of prime ministerial resignations has only rocked the country further. With George Saade and returning Maryan Nsaif, we discuss the crisis further, the complex web of issues, and the emotionally difficult situation many Lebanese are facing. For any of those wishing to help from outside, please do consider donating at Offrejoie (; Impact Lebanon (; Arc en Ciel ( 
October 23, 2021
GET #34 - German Elections 2021 - The (Lack Of) Change In A Post-Merkel Germany.
Philippe and Oliver discuss on the last German elections and the difficulties to create the new government. 
September 26, 2021
GET #33 - The State of Civil Society after Covid-19
Today we talk with Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, about her part in their new report on the state of civil society. With Covid-19 having wrought havoc on our societies, economies, and people, what has the effects of the pandemic been on Civil society organisations? We explore some of the reports findings, as well as some insights from Anna herself, with decades of experience in working in Civil Society. You can find more information and the report on the EU Russia CSF's website here ! And don't forget to look out for our EUrope Lab project with the EU Russia CSF in July!
July 12, 2021
GET#32 - Making the EU a Global Actor with Federica Mogherini
What is the EU? For many it can be an economic bloc, a continental forum, or something more. For some more adventurous, it has become a global actor, with the ability to shape global affairs as well as think globally in all its efforts. Today we talk with Federica Mogherini, former High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the Union about her role in promoting the EU as a global actor through the 2016 global strategy, a watershed moment for the EU and its global efforts. What was it like to put this together, how has it been implemented? Find out and more in todays discussion!
July 05, 2021
GET #31 - Belarus - What does the Future hold?
Only a week after the hijacking of a Ryanair flight to arrest a Belarusian Journalist, we discuss what the future holds for the Belarusian people, state, and dictator Lukashenko. Joining us in this discussion are two belarusian students, Katsiaryna Shafranovich and Maryia Ditchkowska, along with Institute writer Thomas Voets, and Philippe.
June 16, 2021
GET #30 - Bodies Unbound
Bodies Unbound is an important project run by April Yee, Lena Chen and Elise Hanrahan about reckoning with Europe’s long history of policing the bodies of women of colour. As part of the Europe Lab with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, they are working to put together a performance documentary poetry that will bring to light European histories of sexist and racist policing, while centering the women of color who seek liberation from state control. We talk to the projects organisers to talk more about the importance of the topic in todays world, as well as the challenges in creating it. Make sure to check out Bodies Unbound when it is unveiled at the Europe Lab 2021 alongside IGEs project Places in the Sun.  For further information about some of the sources we mentioned during the podcast, see:
June 01, 2021
GET #29 - The Winds of Change in Germany – Elections after Merkel
Excitement is not usually a go to word when describing German politics, but this years federal elections elicit the usage of it. With Chancellor Angela Merkel standing down, there is a new change in german politics, whether people like it or not. Join us in todays episode where we discuss this change with Stephan Raab, based in Bavaria itself, and Oliver Lawrie, student of German and Austrian politics, moderated as always by Philippe.
May 17, 2021
GET #28: EU-ducation in the Near abroad
In this episode we take a very niche look at a part of Europe's neighbourhood policy not often talked about, but very relevant, education. As many of us at the Institute are students ourselves, we take a look with Michela and Stephan into some of the organisations and policies that the EU uses in the region, why, and what do they do?
April 19, 2021
GET #27: Working with the Future: A World after the Pandemic
What can we learn from the future for today? In this episode we are talking with Prof. Roberto Poli, who is a professor for Future Studies at the University of Trento, about his experience with researching the future. We are also joined by Isabella Mavellia and Marisa De Schepper from Greener EU (, an initiative for sustainable tourism.
April 05, 2021
GET #26: Grand Strategy and Great Power Politics with Prof. Sven Biscop
What is Grand Strategy and how can we manage Great Power competition in the 21st Century? These are all questions that we engage with today with Professor Sven Biscop through his upcoming Book on Grand Strategy in 10 words, a guide to Great Power Politics. As director of "Europe in the world" at the Egmont Institute for Foreign Affairs in Brussels, Prof. Biscop is a renowned name in European strategy and foreign relations and we're very happy to have him on the Greater European Talks! You can buy his upcoming book at all good (open) bookstores in June 2021 or preorder at Bristol University Press:
March 09, 2021
GET #25: The Burmese Coup with Chair of EU-AP Studies
Today we talk with our new Chair of EU Asia Pacific Studies about a critical geopolitical issue dominating South-east Asia. On the 1st of February, Burmese Generals took control of the levers of power in Myanmar, and putting under house arrest the former civilian leader. With the state of emergency proposed to last a year, but with echoes of past military dictatorships, what does this mean for the region, and for Europe?
February 19, 2021
GET #24: Future World Order with Maha Aziz
Join Stephan and Philippe with our first interview on the podcast with Maha Aziz, Author of Future World Order, a bestselling book all about Global Risk analysis and what the future has in store for us. Also famous for her educational cartoons, we discuss her thoughts for the future, the themes she explored in our book, and more! Do read our book review by Stephan and look out for Maha's new book coming this Spring on the Covid 19 Effect! You can follow her on Twitter: or check out the book at
January 24, 2021
GET #23 - The Young Leader Voices with Luca Arfini
Today we talk with young leader Luca Arfini about one of his exciting new projects the Young Leader Voices. As a series of talks with young leaders across Europ,  we share the desire to promote youth initiatives and ideas across the continent. Check out Luca's projects at and listen in for a preview of the project and some interesting ideas on how we can promote young voices in Europe
January 10, 2021
GET #22 The Conference on the Future of Europe
The Conference on the Future of Europe is an exciting and pivotal event that could shape the future of the European Union. Join us today as we discuss this further with Teun Janssen, Manuel Maria f. Sousa, and Annamária Lévai from different perspectives, moderated as always by Philippe.
January 03, 2021
GET #21: US Election Special 2020
The US elections are a pivotal election not just for Americans but for all of Greater Europe. Join us as we discuss what the election meant for Americans, for Europe, and for the wider international system upon Joe Biden's acension to the presidency. Join the Institute's Philippe and Jack, alongside speakers Maegan Cross and Anna-Liisa Merilinde from both sides of the Atlantic for this exciting discussion on the next four years
November 14, 2020
GET #20: Libyia's Resigned Governments, Israel-UAE Agreement, and China's MENA influence
Join this week Philippe, Dayle and Pierfrancesco from our new partner the European Student think tank as we discuss news items from the Middle East and North Africa.
October 28, 2020
GET #19: The Election Special, Local, Nationals, and Referenda
Central and Southeast Europe -  Together with Ruxandra, Iva and Adrian, Philippe discusses the elections in countries such as Montenegro Macedonia and Romania, but also on the Swiss referendum. 
October 13, 2020
GET #18: Referenda on Cutting Down and Cutting Out, Macron in Lebanon
In this episode, Philppe Lefevre discusses with Gary Paterson and Adrian Waters on the potentiality for a Scottish referendum and the recent Italian referendum for shrinking the Parliament and the last visit of Macron in Lebanon. 
September 30, 2020
GET #17: Elections from Belarus and Georgia, Polish LGBTQ+ Crackdown
In this episode, Philippe Lefevre together with Stephan Raab and Dariy Burov discuss on Russia and Eastern Europe
September 18, 2020
GET #16: Tik-Tok's Bifurcation of the Internet, and Abe's Ministerial Woes
Listen to the new episode of our Talks hosted by Philippe Lefevre and our special guest Yuki Moritani about how Japan is managing the Covid situation and about the political crisis around the famous Tik Tok.
September 10, 2020
GET #15: The Lebanese Crisis and Protests, and Continued Pressure in Libya
Join us in the last discussion with Philippe Lefevre, and Maryam Nsaif on the Middle East and North Africa, in particular Libya. 
August 24, 2020
GET #14: Balkan Special, Protests from Serbia and Bulgaria, with Kosovar and Romanian perspectives
Today marks one of our first tighly linked episode all on developments in the Balkans. Join Philippe Lefevre, Adam Kovac, Lorena Sekiraqa, and Ruxandra Seniuc as we discuss the trials and tribulations in many countries on the peninsula. Riots and protests abound in this episode as we take on the protests that erupted in Serbia and Bulgaria, and the responses in Kosovo and Romania! 
August 04, 2020
GET #13: Russian Bounties, US Troops leaving Germany, France's New PM
In this episode of the GET we look at Western Europe and the Atlantic region. Join Philippe, Jack, and Dayle as they discuss more about the possible Russian paying of bounties on US and British soldiers in Afghanistan, US moving of troops out of Germany and the new French prime minister!
August 01, 2020
GET #12: Controvertial Elections, PiS, Belarus, and the Russian Constitution
Today we take a look at the various elections and referenda coming up over Russia and Eastern Europe. Join us as we look into the Polish and Belarusian Presidential elections and the ongoing saga with the Russian constitutional referendum. With thanks to Anatastia Vasileva, Nadezha Kamenkovic and Jakub Stepaniuk for joining us too!
July 13, 2020
GET #11: The Politics of Free Trade from Vietnam to Japan
In our episode today we look at Eurasia, and with Philippe and Timothée as to the new relationships, the UK is trying to forge with Japan, as well as the EU's recently ratified FTA with Vietnam. What does this mean for the politics and economies of the country? Listen today to find out!
July 02, 2020
GET #10: Israeli Annexation Plans, Western Sahara, and Haftar's defeat in Libya
In today's episode join Philippe, Nadezhda and Dariy as they discuss the EU's influence in Israel, including its response to the annexation plans; The often ignored Western Sahara Issue; and what the Libyan general Haftars losses in Libya mean for Europe.
June 22, 2020
GET #9: Kosovar Constitutional Crisis and Nord Stream II, Part II
Central and Southeast Europe - in this episode Philippe Lefevre together with  Nadezhda Kamenokovich discuss Central and Southeast European situation 
June 11, 2020
GET #8: REM Woes, EU health law, and Broken Treaties
In this episode, Phillippe Lefevre talks about Western Europe and the Atlantic region with Dariy Burov, Jack Lashendock, Diego Sanchez
June 02, 2020
GET #7: WWII's Memory Problems, Russia's Constitution, SA relations, and the 100 days of Zelensky
In this 7th episode, Philippe Lefevre talks about Russia and Eastern Europe with Dariy Burov, Nadezhda Kamenokovich and Jonas Lammens
May 24, 2020
GET #6: Kim-Jon Un's Dissapearing Act, Islamophobia in Asia, and the South China Sea
In this episode, Philippe Lefevre discusses with Nikhil Dongol and Valentina Tonino from Bridge Europe, our partner,  on the situation in Eurasia 
May 18, 2020
GET #5: Lebanese Protests, Operation Irni, and the new Israeli Government
In this episode Philippe Lefevre discusses with Robin Schmahl and  José W. Zaarour on Middle East and North Africa. 
May 13, 2020
GET #4: Balkan Accession Talks, Kosovar Political Crisis and Czech Controversy
In this episode of The Greater European Talks, we discuss Central and Southern Europe affairs, Balkans and Turkey in Covid-19's time. Our guests for this episode are Lutjona Lula and Jeyhun Aliyev from our board. 
May 04, 2020
GET #3: Covid-19 from Canada to India
In this episode, we talk with our expert at the Institute for a Greater Europe about how Northen, Eastern Europe reacted to Covid-19, with a special focus on the extra-Europe situation in Canada and India. 
April 01, 2020
GET #2: Delayed Olympics, Afghanistan, and more Covid!
Join us in our second episode where we shed some light on newer topics discussing a major attack in Afghanistan and its implications going forward, the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, now reeling from the impact of Covid, and the wider impacts the virus is having on the world! Joining us today is again Philippe, hosting this time, Jack, and Ines, two wonderful new people on our podcast. We're very thankful for our producer Marcell, and look forward to posting our continued series over the years! As always, we hope you enjoy this podcast and please do check our our website and social media for more!
March 30, 2020
GET #1: Russia and Eastern Europe
Welcome to the first episode of the Greater European Talks, the podcast from the Institute for a Greater Europe with Internationalism. Each week we take a unique perspective on an area of Greater Europe.  Today we're discussing Russia and Eastern Europe. Joining us today is Philippe, the Chair of the Institute and Jamie, Russian and Eastern European Editor for the Institute. As always, we hope you enjoy this podcast and please do check our our website and social media for more!
March 30, 2020