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The Investors Coliseum Groundbreaking Podcast Series, Sharing Opinions & Perspectives from the Pros

The Investors Coliseum Groundbreaking Podcast Series, Sharing Opinions & Perspectives from the Pros

By The Investors Coliseum
The Investors Coliseum, the Podium Podcast series is about providing context on investment industry topics that are important to our listeners and investment industry professionals. Through conversation, newsworthy developments, and our valued industry professional guests, we provide our subscribers and listeners with various perspectives and opinions from industry professionals who join us on the Podcast. We will continuously hear from CEO’s, Portfolio Managers, Analysts, Social Media Influencers just to name a few who will help to enlighten our listeners. The Podium Podcast is here to help
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Gold Fever Hits Quebec!!
This Episode of The Podium Podcast we speak with 3 top junior mining executives from Troilus Gold (Justin Reid - CEO & Director), X-Terra Resources (Michael Ferreira -President & CEO) and Benz Mining (Paul Fowler - Head of Corporate Development Canada).  Our Podium Panel  discusses Quebec’s vast resources and rich mining opportunities.  Along with this we will also hear from them on their current projects in Quebec and what successes lie ahead for their Investors in 2021. You wont want to miss this episode!
February 23, 2021
USA Portfolio Managers Discuss the "RED HOT" Cannabis Market
In this podcast we speak with  Kellie Seringer Founder of Symmetry Asset Management Head Portfolio Manager for the Medicus LLP Family of Funds, and Michael Lamb Director and Head of Research for Medicus LLP. We take a closer look at the Cannabis Industry from a USA Portfolio Management team’s point of view. We discuss the recent impacts on the industry from the recent United States Of America election and hear opinions on where the opportunities lie into 2021 and beyond. #cbd #cannabis #medicalcannabis #cannabis #cannabiscommunity  #cannabisculture  #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis  #medicalmarijuana #portfoliomanagement #stocks #financial #brokers #advisors
February 6, 2021
One-one-One with CEO Myke Clark of Solar Alliance Energy
Solar Energy is about to get really Interesting !!! On this podcast we will be speaking to Myke Clark CEO of Solar Alliance. He will be here today to discuss the current state of the Solar Industry and what a new Biden administration will mean to one of the hottest sectors today and many years to come! please visit for a full profile view of Solar Alliance Energy TSXV:SOLR
January 24, 2021
Cannabis 3.0 and Beyond
Canna 3.0 and Beyond! A continuous ongoing discussion around the Cannabis Industry’s move towards 3.0 and beyond! This is the first part of an anthology series discussion about how and what needs to happen within the Cannabis Industry to reach the goal of 3.0 status and what that means to investors. Today we will have a panel discussion including Randy Ko (CEO Hempsana), Stephen McNeil (Argentia Gold CEO) Jamie Novotny (CEO NuvoPharms Inc.) and Dr. Joel Wolsey (Head of cultivation) offering their views and opinions of where we are today and what they are doing to prepare for the inevitable 3.0!
January 14, 2021