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The Jamcast 12/20/18 Ep. 9

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The Jamcast is a round table discussion previewing The Jambar’s stories for the week while also discussing local and national news. But that’s not all, The Jamcast will discus a wide variety of topical issues such as sports, opinion pieces and pop culture. Don’t miss The Jamcast on Thursday’s from 10am. The Jamcast, The Student Voice of Youngstown State University.
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The Jamcast Ep. 16 Mar. 22nd, 2019
On today's episode of The Jamcast; Brent Bigelow, Alyssa Weston, Tanner Mondok and Frances Clause broke down this week's issue of The Jambar. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar 
March 22, 2019
The Igloo Review Ep. 5 Mar. 18th 2019
On this episode of The Igloo Review; Brent Bigelow and Brian Yauger discussed Youngstown State University athletics. Brent discussed his trip to Detroit for the Horizon League women's basketball as YSU lost a close, tough fought game against Green Bay. Then to finish it all off they discussed the NFL free agency craziness and how the signings will affect the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
March 19, 2019
PolitiGuins Ep. 4 Mar. 18th 2019
On this episode of PolitiGuins; Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep and Brent Bigelow heavily discussed the college scandal in-which celebrities bought their child's way into college with bribing the administration staff. They also discussed Beto O'Rourke, Kristen Gillibrand and Ilhan Omar. Then to wrap things up they finished up with the new heart beat bill that was passed in Ohio. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
March 19, 2019
The Jamcast Ep. 15 Mar, 8th 2019
With a Jambar filled with high quality content Brent Bigelow, Rachael Gobep, Tanner Mondok and Morgan Petronelli recap the week that was in news. In this weeks podcast we discussed the Social Media Brown Bag Series, the Primary Care center opening in Mid-March, Spring Break ideas, the Cosplaying Sheriff Deputy Michael Wilson better known as "Knightmage" and this weeks cover story, Rust City Church worship services at YSU.  Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
March 10, 2019
The Igloo Review Ep. 4 Mar. 4th 2019
Brent Bigelow, Brian Yauger and Joshua Fitch discussed the very important games the Youngstown State University Men's and Women's basketball teams have this Wednesday. The men take on Oakland in the quarter-finals of the Horizon League tournament and the women take on Milwaukee in the Beeghly Center. We also touched on YSU baseball and softball who are having a tough go at it with all of the away games so far. Then the boys talk about the NFL and Antonio Brown then some NBA discussing the LeBron James and the "L.A. Losers." Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
March 5, 2019
The Jamcast Ep. 14 Mar, 2nd 2019
On this episode of The Jamcast Rachel Gobep, Morgan Petronelli, Tanner Mondok and Brent Bigelow wrapped up the week recapping some of the interesting stories in this week's Jambar newspaper. We discussed the Youngstown State University track and field team's winning the Horizon League Indoor Championships, Hack YSU brining awesome technology to the university, the search for a new YSU provost, Native Americans on campus and YSU's new university wide talent show. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
March 2, 2019
The Igloo Review Ep. 3 Feb, 25th 2019
It was a rough weekend for Youngstown State Athletics (except for the track teams). The women's and men's basketball lost all of their games on the four day road trip. YSU baseball lost to Florida State 24-2 in seven innings and the softball team is 0-6. But with that being said, the men's and women's track teams won the Horizon League indoor track championships. Listen to learn more. Follow on Twitter @TheJambar 
February 26, 2019
PolitiGuins Ep. 3 Feb. 25th 2019
On this episode of PolitiGuins Rachel Gobep, Morgan Petronelli and Brent Bigelow discussed the "Green New Deal" and the details of the deal. Along with it, we reacted to Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with school children that quickly turned sour. Rachel brought up the military draft being unconstitutional because it only allows men and excludes women. Listen to see what else was on the docket.
February 26, 2019
The Igloo Review Ep. 2 Feb. 18th, 2019
Brent Bigelow, Brian Yauger and Robert Hayes sat down reflected on the long weekend of basketball for Youngstown State University. The men have won 6 straight game and the women haven't lost a single Horizon League game at home all year. Once we were done talking basketball ball be discussed the rough starts of the season for the baseball team and softball team. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheStudentVoice 
February 19, 2019
PolitiGuins Ep. 2 Feb. 18th, 2019
On the episode of PolitiGuins; Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep and Brent Bigelow discussed the southern boarder wall, immigration, the prison system and the future candidates running for office. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
February 19, 2019
The Jamcast 2/15/19 Ep. 13
On this edition of The Jamcast, the normal cast and crew of Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep, Tanner Mondok, Brent Bigelow and, special guest and sports editor, Brian Yauger packed the studio with exciting. We discussed Brian's feature on Youngstown State University women's basketball player McKenah Peters, talked Chad Zallow and both YSU's baseball and softball teams. In local news we talked about Dillard's closing in the Southern Park Mall, the Drive It Home campaign and YSU opening the 2020 football season against instate rival, Akron. Then to rap things up, we finished with national news. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar 
February 15, 2019
The Igloo Review 2/11/19 Ep. 1
On our very first episode of The Igloo Review we talked basketball, basketball, basketball! The Youngstown State University men's basketball team has won 4 games in a row and the women are playing out of their minds. We talked high school basketball and discussed some of the best players in the Valley. Then to wrap things up with finished with YSU's football recruits and the remarkable Mark Waid.  Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
February 11, 2019
The Jamcast 2/7/19 Ep. 12
Join Rachel Gobep, Morgan Petronelli, Tanner Mondok and Brent Bigelow as they discuss the Ohio News Media Association Awards as The Jambar finished in first place in "Overall New Coverage" over universities like Ohio State and Ohio U. Also in this weeks episode we discuss YSU musicians playing "America the Beautiful" in the pre-game ceremonies of Super Bowl LIII. We reminisced about Jim Tressel getting, editor-and-cheif, Morgan Petronelli's name wrong on multiple occasions and his visit to D.C. for the State of the Union Address. Following Tressel, was YSU's men's basketball team winning a thriller over Milwaukee the night before and the amazing video taken by, social media curator, Brent Bigelow. And to wrap up today's show we did rapid fire news discussing national issues. Enjoy this weeks fun and entertaining episode of The Jamcast. Follow us on Twitter @TheJambar
February 8, 2019
PolitiGuins 2/4/19 Ep. 1
Hosts Morgan Petronelli and Rachel Gobep introduce the Youngstown State University community to their new podcast, PolitiGuins. This episode examines who is running for president and the Virginia governor controversy, along with state and local news. 
February 4, 2019
The Jamcast 2/1/19 Ep.11
On this episode of The Jamcast; Rachel Gobep, Morgan Petronelli, Brent Bigelow and Tanner Mondok talked Youngstown shop. Discussing local stories, national stories and of course Jambar articles. In this issue of The Jambar we broke down the feature on Youngstown State University women's basketball player Mary Dunn, the crazy cold weather, new housing and YSU's music prodigy. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
February 2, 2019
The Jamcast 1/18/19 Ep. 10
Youngstown State University is back in session! Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep, Tanner Mondok and Brent Bigelow welcome back the YSU community discussing the first Jambar issue of 2019. Tanner broke down his photo journalist piece on adjunct faculty. We discussed YSU musicians traveling to Pittsburgh during a gun rally and peacefully performing Jewish traditional music to counter the pro-gun crowd. We told road rage stories, discussed GM and their recent controversies and much more! Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
January 18, 2019
The Jamcast 12/20/18 Ep. 9
On today’s episode of The Jamcast, listen to your favorite hosts Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep, Joshua Fitch and Brent Bigelow as they discuss online exclusive Jambar stories and recap news, art, entertainment and sports coverage by the Jambar and local news organizations in 2018.
December 20, 2018
The Jamcast 12/13/18 Ep. 8
With finals week upon us, hosts Morgan Petronelli, Brent Bigelow, Joshua Fitch and Rachel Gobep reflect on how the semester went for The Jambar. The group also discussed the recent tragic house fire that claimed the lives of five children from Youngstown and the effects on the community from the recent closing of the General Motors plant in Youngstown. Also on today’s show: 70 finches were smuggled into JFK Airport via hair rollers, El Chapo’s wife, the Cleveland Browns’ win, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss and the prison sentence of President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.
December 13, 2018
The Jamcast 12/6/18 Ep. 7
After the stress-filled day on Monday, including an alleged armed suspect at large with a firearm on campus that led to a two-hour lockdown on campus; Rachel Gobep, Morgan Petronelli, Brent Bigelow and Joshua Fitch took today's episode to dig deeper into the afternoon. There is a discussion regarding safety, student stories about the lockdown, a "prank" that was pulled against the newspaper during the coverage of the lockdown and our own reflection of how we handled the situation.
December 6, 2018
The Jamcast 11/29/18 Ep. 6
On this morning's episode of The Jamcast; Brent Bigelow, Rachel Gobep, Joshua Fitch and Alyssa Weston breakdown Alyssa's and John Stran's part two of their Youngstown Diocese. In part two, Alyssa and John sit down with victims that have been abused by local priests and how it effects them three decades later. As a group we talk about GM closing their Lordstown plant, Pete and Penny renewing their vows, Youngstown State's basketball teams, and medical marijuana in Boardman ready to be harvested. Listen live on Thursday's at 10 am on Rookery Radio!
November 29, 2018
The Jamcast 11/20/18 Ep. 5
Brent Bigelow and Morgan Petronelli welcomed in Tanner Mondok and Brady Sklenar as guest stars on this week's Jamcast. With Thanksgiving only a few days away the gang discussed what they're looking forward to this Thanksgiving and what their favorite dishes to feast on. Also on today's show they discussed stories that were in last week's Jambar; including stories like Bob Dylan's concert in Youngstown, Dr. Ray's tree on campus, the Night Lights Program and many other campus stories. They also broke down Brent's trip to Illinois State for the last YSU football game of the season and talked about the men's and women's basketball teams. And wrapped things up with some local stories in the Youngstown area.
November 20, 2018
The Jamcast 11/8/18 Ep. 4
The Jamcast hosts, Brent Bigelow, Rachel Gobep and Joshua Fitch discuss heavy topics published in this week’s Jambar, along with three special guests. Tanner Mondok, The Jambar’s photo editor, detailed his front-page article about how adjunct faculty at Youngstown State University have not gotten a raise in 27 years. Alyssa Weston, Jambar news editor, and John Stran, a general assignment reporter, discuss the first piece of their multi-series story on the release of the names of 31 Youngstown priests; two religious clergy members and one non-clergy member from a religious order who were removed from the clergy over credible sexual misconduct allegations.
November 8, 2018
The Jamcast 11/1/18 Ep. 3
Brent Bigelow, Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep and Joshua Fitch are back at it again with their third podcast. This week’s Jamcast included Ryan Peplowski, Jambar “intern” and assistant web manager, and special guest, the chairman of the Department of Communication, Adam Earnheardt. Listen in to hear their discussion on Jambar news featuring the Joe Biden and Richard Cordray rally. Earnheardt and the crew also have an in-depth talk about national sports.
November 1, 2018
The Jamcast 10/23/18 Ep. 2
For the second episode of The Jamcast, Brent Bigelow, Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep and Joshua Fitch discuss what will be published in the upcoming Jambar. The group also touches on local, national and world news, then wraps up with pop culture and sports. Topics we touch on this week include: Trump, the immigration caravan, Joe Biden and Jay Leno visiting Youngstown, Girard Officer Justin Leo, the much anticipated Browns vs. Steelers game and more. Tune in to next week's episode on Thursday at 10 a.m.
October 23, 2018
The Jamcast 10/18/18 Ep. 1
What a way to start off something special! Brent Bigelow, Morgan Petronelli, Rachel Gobep and Joshua Fitch sit down and discuss local and national news, as well as the latest news from The Jambar. Local musical group, Fifth and Aurora, join the podcast to wrap up the show with a great live acoustic performance.
October 18, 2018
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