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The Jon Schultz Podcast: The Myth of Overnight Success

The Jon Schultz Podcast: The Myth of Overnight Success

By Jon Schultz
The Jon Schultz Podcast unpacks the lessons from industry leaders who refused to quit. Success is a tightrope. Everyone who’s reached the top of their game has wobbled on the way up. Those losses propelled them to the bigger and better places they are today. In a curious way, it’s the upsets that lay the foundation for winning. Our guests dig into their stories; we talk about the challenges they’ve overcome, what they learned, and how they kept ongoing.
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Frank Sorrentino: Have the Courage to Do What Others Won't

The Jon Schultz Podcast: The Myth of Overnight Success

David Bryan: There’s No Substitute for Passion, Energy, and Hard Work
As a kid, keyboardist David Bryan wanted to be either a rock star or a doctor. He was a pre-med student with a 4.0 GPA when his friend and high school bandmate Jon called with good news. Atlantic Records wanted to sign Bon Jovi. David figured, why not give it a try? Forty years later, the founding member has achieved the rock star dream, having toured the world, sold hundreds of records, and been inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. David started at the piano at seven years old. The young David practiced hours every day and took lessons from a Juilliard professor. His passion and talent for music were clear, but the road to rock stardom wasn’t easy. Bon Jovi’s first album, released in 1984, sold only half-a-million records, and the second sold only 800,000. To get their name out there, the band toured relentlessly. David estimates he spent a total of six months at home over six years. On the band’s last chance, Bon Jovi leaned into its roots as a live rock band. The resulting third album catapulted the rock group to stardom. Now with the band’s 40th anniversary next year, David reflects on how not being afraid to fail allowed him to take the chance to make a career out of his passion. In addition to Bon Jovi, David was a songwriter for the Tony-award-winning Broadway musical Memphis. He and collaborator Joe DiPietro’s second project, Diana, a musical inspired by Princess Diana, is streaming on Netflix. David discusses the process behind writing and releasing a Broadway show and the challenges of being in the entertainment industry during a pandemic.
October 07, 2022
Bob Garrett: Always stay focused on the mission
Bob Garrett, CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey, oversees a comprehensive network with 17 hospitals and 36,000 team members. His 30-plus-year career includes significant challenges, such as a merger of equals with Hackensack and Meridian, the Affordable Care Act, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Today ranked as the top CEO transforming healthcare in America by CEO Forum Group, Bob shares how he found his way to healthcare administration. As a kid growing up in New York, Bob describes himself as a slow starter. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, but an internship with a family friend changed his trajectory. The three months spent at Mercy Hospital opened his eyes to how hospitals operate and how they positively impact lives. Bob saw through a career in healthcare administration that he could make a difference. In the years since Bob has never lost sight of the mission: to transform healthcare and be a positive leader of change. He started running the emergency department at Hackensack Hospital in New Jersey. By 2009, Bob was CEO and faced monumental change when the Affordable Care Act passed. Through each pivot and challenge, he has always focused on increasing the quality of care for New Jersey residents. Listen firsthand as Bob details how Hackensack Meridian has grown, the response to the pandemic, and how he stays balanced through it all.
September 23, 2022
Dan Rowe: How to reframe your definition of success
Dan Rowe, CEO, Fransmart, has helped restaurant brands you know and love transform from Mom-and-Pop diners to national franchises. Dan shares how he evolved, reframed what success meant, and found his true purpose in helping others achieve wealth. Today, Dan embraces his achievements, but in the beginning, he struggled with imposter syndrome. How could a college dropout and dishwasher like himself possibly be making $500k in his 20s? Dan started working in technology but hated computing and software. He moved into medical management and hated it even more. So he went back to being a cook and a dishwasher because he loved being a part of the restaurant industry and feeding people. He learned from these early careers how to start and run a business. Dan welcomed the chance when a friend pitched the idea to buy and grow a local bagel business. The first franchise led to the second venture, Qdoba. Now three decades in, Dan has found his calling in helping elevate restaurant brands through franchising. During the show, he discusses lessons learned, like realizing he was using vanity metrics to measure results and the importance of authenticity in branding. He shares his epiphany about finding his true calling and purpose and how leaning into helping others magnifies success.
September 16, 2022
Pam Liebman: Never Operate Out of a Sense of Fear
Pam Liebman, CEO of Corcoran Group, had an early interest in real estate that ignited a decades-long career. From the beginning, she took the bull by the horns, jumped into figuring out high-stakes real estate, and forged her path. Discover how Pam rose from brand-new real estate agent to CEO of a company achieving $23 billion in sales annually and still growing. When Barbara Corcoran interviewed Pam Liebman, she predicted Pam wouldn't last long there, not in the real estate industry. It’s something the two have laughed about many years later. A young Pam quickly established herself as the top broker in a growing company. Within a year, she took on a manager role. Since then, she has handled multiple acquisitions, started what is now Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, and overseen the franchising and expansion of Corcoran Group. If you’re interested in learning how Corcoran grew into the industry leader it is today, gain insights by listening to Pam Liebman and her mindset. Pam talks about some early deals and her lessons learned from being unafraid to ask questions and break the rules. She gets candid about her top mistakes and reveals some real estate advice she gives to managers and brokers.
September 02, 2022
Mike Tannenbaum: All It Takes is One Yes
Have you ever wondered what it takes to work in the NFL? Mike Tannenbaum, the founder of The 33rd Team and NFL Front Office Insider for ESPN pulls back the curtain to reveal how he landed his dream job as the former General Manager of the New York Jets. Once you get your foot in the door, keep proving your value, and no one will kick you out. Mike was always the kid with a passion for sports. He sorted mail by day and spooned nacho cheese for the Pittsburgh Mets at night–for free. Even when he attended Tulane University Law School, he thought about sports and continued interning with teams. Mike saw an opportunity when the rule changed to free agency; he wanted to show how teams and coaches could leverage the salary cap. He sent 60 letters with his book to NFL coaches and GMs; all it took was 59 rejection letters and one yes. For Mike, it always comes down to creating value. When you focus on acquiring skills that add value for all, that’s when you stand out. Thanks to his hard work and skill development, he finally got his chance to become General Manager of the New York Jets. At the time, he was the youngest GM in the NFL. Mike reflects on his time with the Jets and his picks for best and worst decisions as a GM. Today, Mike seeks to bring value to others through his new career as a professor at Columbia University and as the NFL Front Office Insider for ESPN. He is passionate about using what he has learned in his career to helping other aspiring sports professionals. Hear about The 33rd Team and how it is elevating others with the same love he has for sports.
August 26, 2022
Yanni Hufnagel: Why a Basketball Coach Quit to Become an Beverage Entrepreneur
Yanni Hufnagel, Founder of Lemon Perfect, is on a mission to help make America healthier. Learn why the former collegiate basketball coach decided to shift his passion for building teams from the courts into the beverage industry. Listen to how he evolved from a cut basketball player into a collegiate coach and now CEO of a fast-growing business. Yanni remembers as a kid playing under the covers at night, building starting lineups with figurines. He wanted nothing more than to be a basketball player, but being the last guy cut from the basketball team sent him in another direction. Soon he was voicing games and working on the operations side of the court. Hear how a chance conversation turned into an opportunity to be a manager for Cornell’s basketball team. Before he knew it, Yanni was interning for the New Jersey Nets, learning from industry greats, serving as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma, and then coaching at programs like Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Cal-Berkeley. He was coaching in Nevada when he had the idea for Lemon Perfect. Drinking lemon water had become part of his wellness routine, but Yanni figured there had to be a better and healthier way to create flavored lemon water. He gave up coaching to pursue the idea. Through the ups and downs of launching into the competitive beverage industry, Yanni has always been all-in on delivering the best product at a reasonable price point with the best team of people intending to make America healthier. Gain insights into Yanni’s approach to building a business and a successful team.
August 19, 2022
Frank Sorrentino: Have the Courage to Do What Others Won't
Today Frank Sorrentino frequents board rooms as ConnectOne Bank's CEO, but three decades ago, you would find him on a construction site laying brick. A fourth-generation Italian-American and mason, Frank is proud of his roots. His hands-on experience brings a unique perspective that continues to shape his approach as a financial industry executive. In this podcast, Frank talks about watching his grandfather's pride in his tools and work. Those values were carried through the generations to him. He started early in the family business as a mason, but he was more fascinated with the operations side of the work. Frank liked the idea of bringing his expertise together with contractors and capital to deliver a product and make a profit. He was around 20 years old when he walked into a bank for his first construction loan. Over time, Frank leveraged his relationships and acquired more knowledge about all facets of the construction industry. His construction business opened the door to the insurance industry. He discusses how his love for understanding and refining processes improved that business. It was also through construction that he learned about the banking industry. His lightbulb moment was his experience dealing with different banks, several mergers, and the firsthand impact of poor customer service. Frank knew that he could bring exceptional customer service to fill a gap in the market, leading to the foundation of what is today ConnectOne bank. Since starting the bank, Frank has weathered several storms, including the great recession of 2008, initiating an IPO when no one else was, several mergers, and taking a pay cut to become CEO. As you'll hear from Frank, every risky move took a blend of courage and commitment to the values he learned as a kid laying brick.
August 12, 2022
David Rubenstein on Building a Business and Giving Back
David Rubenstein, the co-founder of the Carlyle Group and author of his newest book “How to Invest”, is one of the world's most accomplished individuals. But the root of who he is starts with his humble upbringing as the only child of two blue-collar parents in Baltimore. His aspirations were not to become wealthy but to work hard and make something of himself. Listen to David's invaluable lessons learned on his journey from aspiring lawyer to founding a financial firm with billions under management to finding joy in philanthropy. As a child, David's parents gave him unconditional support. They believed in the American dream–that you can work hard and make something of yourself. While he never saw himself as a brilliant scholar, David did have a curious mind that he nurtured with lots of reading. That background set the stage for his success as he navigated through law school and landed an advisory position in the White House. David shares some challenges he faced early on and how failures shaped decision-making. When President Carter lost the election, David found himself out of a job and floundering as a lawyer. Hear how he bucked conventions to start a leveraged buyout company in Washington, DC. Along the way, David rethought his definition of success and leaned into the joy of giving to others. Finally, entrepreneurs and investors will appreciate his insights for success. David breaks down four essential traits with examples from his latest book due out this September.
August 05, 2022
David Meltzer: First Came the Hustle and Then the Humility
David Meltzer, co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, was essentially handed the world, only to lose it all. The Variety Sports Humanitarian of Year wasn’t always a humble person; he learned from the school of hard knocks how chasing the wrong goals can impact every aspect of your life. David’s first career goal started with good intentions: to make enough money to buy his mom a house and car. As one of five kids, he saw how his single mom struggled and stressed over money. He became money-driven as a young man because he wanted to take that stress away from her. Some people think David is an overnight success, as he had made millions by the time he was 24. The truth is much different. David explains the myth behind overnight success and the compounding impact of effort. Those efforts can be good or bad, as David learned firsthand. Hear how the negative behaviors built up in David’s life. After a succession of epiphanies, including losing his mom’s house, David realized he had to redirect his efforts and start to serve others, show gratitude, and be happy in the present. David details how he approaches each day and the mindset he uses to walk the walk. No longer chasing money, his life’s mission is to empower over a billion people to be happy.
July 29, 2022
Joel Neeb: "Embracing the mindset 'I get to' has made all the difference"
Becoming a fighter pilot is a career many young kids dream of doing, but only a select few achieve. Joel "Thor" Neeb did earn his place flying some of the world's fastest aircraft, but that's not his true legacy. His world perspective shifted when he was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare type of stage 4 cancer. From 18 months to live to thriving a decade later, Joel's new mission is to inspire others to push their boundaries and chase their dreams. Joel's path started as a kid enthralled by "Top Gun." At the Air Force Academy, he underwent mental, physical, and emotional challenges to become an elite pilot. Joel talks about the destination meaning something and how the journey prepares you for that destination. In a way, the toughness and mental preparation helped ready him for battling cancer. As someone still crushing it in the gym, and a dad of two young kids, hearing he needed massive surgery and maybe had a year to live was shattering. Going through it with his sick toddler was even more mental. But Joel brought the same deliberateness and perseverance to his cancer battle. Sitting in the chemo room with other patients changed his trajectory. It was here he nurtured a positive mental attitude and realized what he truly valued in his life. As it became clear to Joel he was going to survive; he made it his new mission to pursue meaningful moments as hard as he could. Today he lives by his 3G's: growth, giving, and gratitude. Whether it's competing in American Ninja Warrior, authoring his book, or excelling as a VP at software company VMware, Joel continues to push his limits, give to others, and treat each day as a gift.
July 22, 2022
Steve Schirripa: Take A Chance on Yourself
Actor Steve Schirripa, known for his role in the HBO drama The Sopranos, grew up during the 1960s in a Brooklyn community. He had no theater aspirations when he attended Brooklyn College or when he moved to Las Vegas, where his first job was delivering pizzas. In fact, he didn’t start thinking about an acting career until he was in his 40s. Tune in for the fascinating journey from growing up on welfare to being a successful actor now on CBS’ Blue Bloods. Steve’s story showcases how opportunities flow from one to the next. The pizza delivery guy couldn’t have imagined that one day he’d be meeting celebrities, first as a nightclub bouncer, then as a hotel executive running Las Vegas showrooms for performers and comedians. The shift into acting started because a comedian pal invited him to LA to say a few lines in a show. Now in his 40s, Steve kept at it because he found the experience fun, but he didn’t have the epiphany that he enjoyed acting and wanted to pursue it until he had a small part in a movie. Encouraged by his wife to take a chance, Steve leaped to try something that made him happy. He never expected to be cast in an award-winning show so early in his new career. Nor did Steve anticipate the number of times he had to front his own way. You’ll hear how hustling and working hard at the things he loved helped Steve open doors and shape his career.
July 15, 2022
Henry Schuck: Be Better Today Than Your Yesterday
Not everyone likes moving goal posts, but for Henry Schuck, CEO of ZoomInfo, it’s how he operates. He believes there is more potential than what he has previously accomplished; as Henry achieves a benchmark, he moves the goal post. This mindset is how ZoomInfo grew from his dorm room into a multi-billion dollar company employing around 3,000 people. Henry’s career started as a door-to-door newspaper salesperson in middle school. It was here he learned how to handle objections and overcome obstacles. As he grew older and attended college, other careers expanded his skillset. Henry learned how to run a company as a nightclub promoter, worked in hospitality, and honed B2B sales with a company launched in the early SaaS market. He intended to become a hotel manager, but his time at MGM Grand showed him it wasn’t a lifestyle he wanted. Henry pivoted to law school. Henry was doing well, but a friend approached him with a business idea he couldn’t say no to., now Zoominfo, was built during his first year in law school. He graduated right into running a company with 12 employees. We walk through how Henry operates and how honesty influences his award-winning company’s culture. Today Henry helms the company he built, now publicly traded and worth in the billions. Tune in to learn from Henry’s mindset and how he stays inspired as the company continues growing.
July 01, 2022
Dede Griesbauer: An Unconventional Path From Equity Trader to Pro Athlete
Not many people become professional athletes, and even fewer do it in their 30s, an age when most athletes begin considering retiring. Dede Griesbauer did exactly that, pivoting from a successful financial career on Wall Street to become a world-record-holding athlete and a three-time Ironman winner. Dede has always been a sporty kid but never saw herself as a standout athlete. She had to walk onto Stanford’s swim team after being turned down but won multiple NCAA honors over her D1 collegiate swim career. While Dede participated in Olympic Trials, she never made the team. She turned her attention to earning an MBA at Wharton and starting a career as an equity trader. In between, she did her first Ironman as a bucket-list adventure, with no idea what the future held. She is attracted to what she calls “shiny objects,” or achievements where you wonder, “can I do that?” Dede was inspired to do another Ironman a few years into her financial career. She qualified for the world championship as an amateur. The qualification started her down a path that saw her quit her lucrative career and turn pro at age 34. Dede shares what has propelled her to keep going, even after injuries, aging challenges, and near-career-ending crashes. Her passion for the sport is evident, but so is the need to chase what motivates her and helps her be her authentic self.
June 21, 2022
David Barse: 30 Years, 3 Market Crashes, and One Academy Award-Winning Movie
If you have any concerns about our current financial markets, you need to hear from David Barse, CEO and Founder of XOUT Capital. With over 30 years of experience in the markets, including 25 years as a CEO for a firm with $31 billion assets under management, David has experienced two significant financial crashes firsthand, making the current his third. His advice will help you weather the days ahead. David started as an attorney before the 1987 market crash, clerking first in bankruptcy court, followed by representing creditors in organizations. In positioning himself to assist the distressed security market, he was introduced to Marty Whitman, a broker-dealer. Together they launched Third Avenue Management, which David grew to have $31 billion in assets under management. That is until the 2008 crash wiped out around ⅔ of the assets. He learned profound lessons from these two experiences and their aftermaths, such as the value of your reputation and the need for patience. David shares the three insights from his time as CEO of Third Avenue that helped him form XOUT Capital. Those insights can help your investment decisions in these markets. David is also the executive producer of the Academy Award-winning documentary Summer of Soul. He shares why he waited 30 years for the right opportunity to back a film, why he chose that particular story, and how COVID-19 enabled them to add to the project. David was proud of the documentary's story and that it won recognition, but the moment was tarnished when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock immediately before their award presentation. He talks about repercussions and the need for perspective.
June 14, 2022
Remember Jones: Your Path Is Created By You
Remember Jones is a label-defying music artist who embraces risk. It did take some time to foster the confidence he needed to become a recording artist and performer. Remember shares his journey from cabaret performer to three albums and leading a band in this podcast. Growing up in an environment surrounded by music lovers, Remember started performing at 12 years old. He was naturally drawn to a musical career, with a deep appreciation for Motown, and 50s and 60s-era music. He kept performing, learning the music business by being out there and taking risks, first as a 16-year cabaret performer in NYC and later as a frontman for 20-piece bands. Remember shares the challenges of music as a business, from being responsible for other people’s livelihoods to building a loyal fan base to staying authentic to yourself and your vision. We discuss how every show is like launching a start-up business. Learn about some of the show concepts he’s created and his riskiest move. Hear about the light bulb moment that transformed his life and led him to lose 200 lbs in a year. That life change helped prove to himself that he could do anything, which set him on today's path. He realized we carve out our path in music and in life. His career has been sustained by holding on to what he loves, which is the energy between the audience and performers.
June 07, 2022
Bob Burg: How Desire and Belief Fuel Success
You may know Bob Burg as the author of the popular Go-Giver series, but in this podcast, you'll get to know the man behind the best-selling series. He struggled right out of college to find his footing. The ups and downs plus experience teaching himself the ropes of selling inspired what would become a phenomenal speaking career and the Go-Giver books. When it comes to selling, giving, and influencing, Bob's definitions might surprise you. Bob breaks down for us why systems are vital to achieving success. These systems are fueled by his three-step formula and two key ingredients: desire and belief. You must know what you want to achieve and believe it will bring immense value to others. Hear about the process and motivation behind writing his best-selling series. After 24 rejections, persistence and listening were key in landing the right publisher for the Go-Giver series. Bob wraps with some advice for younger generations embarking on their career and selling journeys. We need to remember people do business with other people, not technologies. The human touch and understanding of our motivations will only be more important moving forward.
May 31, 2022
Howard Lindzon: Be A Wartime CEO
Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder of StockTwits, is perpetually curious and, in some ways, fearless. In this episode, Howard takes us from his early stockbroker days to his most recent projects. Take his countless lessons learned to inform your investing and entrepreneurship goals. Howard's career began during the savings and loan crisis in the 1990s. A cold call led to one of his first successes, investing in The Grip, a product in the QVC Hall of Fame. Howard experienced the tech boom and crash in the late '90s and 2000s. Here he learned the value of patience. He always kept looking for the next wave of brokerage and retail trading. That came in Twitter and YouTube. Hear how Howard leveraged YouTube to create his parody of CNBC, which was bought by CBS six months after he started. Learn about the formation of StockTwits and why being a tech Neanderthal helped him out. Howard wraps up with advice on being successful at investing. It's like learning Chinese--there's a specific language, and it takes time to become fluent. Entrepreneurs will benefit from hearing his take on private markets and valuation. Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and become a ruthless recruiter to build scalable and profitable ventures.
May 24, 2022
Ray Leonard Jr: Be Defined By Your Actions
Ray Leonard, Jr., is the son of one of boxing's legends, Sugar Ray Leonard, but he knew boxing wasn't for him. Ray set out to make his impact, starting with redefining what success meant to him. It's a definition he's re-written several times in his career as he found his path to living his authentic self. Today he is a CEO and motivational speaker. What motivates Ray is his need to leave a positive mark on the world. As someone who speaks and lives from the heart, he wants to leave the world a better place. That's part of the reason why he got into motivational speaking. Sharing his story of overcoming destructive behavior has resonated with others. Hear firsthand about the passion project he's currently launching that relates to connecting others with impactful stories.
May 17, 2022
Amber Allen: Curiosity at the Core of Everything
Amber Allen, CEO, and Founder of Double A Labs, never stayed inside of the box during her career from humble roots in east Texas to becoming a leader in Web 3.0. Always looking for that next adventure she kept an open mind, learning along the way, Amber takes us on her journey from her time at Disney, Warner, and the rise of E-Sports with Riot Games. Amber’s passion for creating experiences and tools that promote human connection shines as she tells her story of how she founded Double A Labs. Today it is a global leader in creating digital worlds and has developed a proprietary online virtual platform to connect, learn, and play.
May 10, 2022
Brett Yormark: Believe in the vision and achieve your mission
Brett Yormark, COO, Roc Nation, knew he couldn’t spend a life stuck working in a boring job, so he doubled down on his passion for sports. He had a vision for his career and built what he calls his personal progression ladder, a series of steps that took Brett from ticket sales to CEO of the Brooklyn Nets. Hear firsthand how Brett managed his career with his end goal in mind. He gets candid about his challenges as CEO, like moving the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn and the attempt to bring the Long Islanders to Barclays Center. He breaks down what went right with these highly publicized moves and what he learned along the way. As COO of Roc Nation, Brett shifted from working with a sports organization and facilities to directly working with the talent inside them. Learn what’s the same and what’s new with his new role. Discover how Roc Nation surmounted pandemic issues to keep delivering exceptional experiences for all.
April 26, 2022
Esther Choi: Being an Entrepreneur Changes Your Brain
Esther Choi has always been an ambitious person. From selling bulk candy to friends in middle school to reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” in high school, the entrepreneurial spirit has always been present. But it’s never enough simply to have a business. Esther’s competitive spirit drives her to be the best. Hear the evolution of Esther’s career. Her mindset is work shouldn’t feel like work. That’s not to say she doesn’t work hard. There were days she’d wake up at 6 and go to bed after midnight. The determination carried over when she opened her first restaurant at 28.  Moving from chef to entrepreneur rocked her world. She didn’t expect to have to change her thinking. Esther gets candid about the new challenges of running and growing a business, being a television personality, and experimenting with ideas. She talks about how the pandemic brought about a time of calm that enabled her to tap into her entrepreneurial spirit and be more experimental. She wraps up about her latest ventures and growing with Cook Unity.
April 19, 2022
Susan Sly: Pivots Are Part of Your Journey
Susan Sly started as an entrepreneur at age 11 and hasn’t looked back. Today she is a tech entrepreneur, author, and investor, but her road to AI CEO has been full of twists and turns. One of her first jobs out of college was at a men’s maximum-security prison. Susan has never been afraid to pivot. She owned a health club, was a pro-triathlete, had a radio show, was a sales manager, and a digital marketing entrepreneur. Listen to her journey from prison guard and fitness instructor to tech CEO.
April 12, 2022
Hint CEO Kara Goldin On Embracing Risk and Opportunity
Kara Goldin, CEO, and founder of Hint, may be known as the inventor of healthy, flavored water, but her roots are in the tech industry. She helped grow many ventures, starting with the early days of CNN to an Apple-spinoff marketing firm called 2Market to AOL. While Kara never thought of herself as an entrepreneur, working for entrepreneurs helped her see that it was exciting and kind of fun. She liked how these leaders never thought, "that's impossible." As you'll learn in the podcast, that mindset helped her overcome obstacles. Kara knew she was a creator and a builder, but after years in the tech world, she wasn't sure what came next. During some time away, Kara decided to make some lifestyle changes to improve her health. Her curiosity about ingredients in diet soda led her down the path to creating Hint. Discover why Kara Goldin is not afraid of failure. To her, every "no" is an opportunity to learn something. Every seemingly unsurmountable problem has an upside. She shared a story of Starbucks halting Hint sales when she had a full warehouse made and waiting. How did she overcome the setback? Listen to find out.
March 29, 2022
Hugh Weber: You Need To Fail To Figure Out
Hugh Weber, President at Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment, didn't envision himself someday running professional sports teams, but he did set out to have an impact. He was always interested in running teams and motivating people to achieve complex objectives. If you're tackling big challenges, naturally, you will experience failures. Hugh instead thinks of blunders as honing your craft and finding your authentic self. In the chat, he shares some failed moments from his early days running teams at a food industry startup. Hugh literally weathered the storm of Hurricane Katrina to help bring the New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) back stronger and more successful. He draws some parallels between how the organization had to adapt to that challenge to the pandemic we are all experiencing. After rebuilding the team and making it successful, Hugh was fired. Learn why being let go was a great experience and how it led him to HBSE. Hear some failures from handling the COVID crisis in a business where gathering people together is core to what they do.
March 15, 2022
Randy Garn: From Worm-Seller to NYT Best-Seller
If you are a business owner, executive, or aspiring to towards those goals, Randy Garn will help get you there. He’s driven to help grow companies and people. A serial entrepreneur, Randy is a partner at High-Performance Institute and an operating partner at Tamarack Capital. He’s an NYT bestselling author and a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine on leadership and growth potential. We explore Randy’s background and how growing a mindset to innovate and ideate has buoyed him through his personal challenges. He opens up about how his mistakes with a merger created a learning and growth opportunity. Those skills Randy acquired during that time still apply to what he does today. Tune in for the most significant lesson he gained from the experience. Randy dishes on the challenges behind writing his book Prosper and what lessons he included in the update. Learn about his process for getting the habit of being happy. Each day he has five immovable things to do. He wraps up with why having a strong home life carries over to success in other areas.
March 08, 2022
How Scott O’Neill Rose Above Obstacles to Become a Better Leader
Many people think success in sports is about being talented to be the best at something. Scott O’Neill, former CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment and author of Be “Where Your Feet Are”, prefers to see sport as a vehicle for change. Growing up, he was a super-competitive multi-sport kid who harnessed his passion and ambition to land a job with a professional NBA team at 22. It was hands-on learning in a time before the Internet. In our chat, Scott describes failing every day. As someone who doesn’t like being incompetent, he gained invaluable lessons from this time in his life that carried with him through his career. Scott is an open book on what’s gone wrong. Hear how this competitive person learned from his experiences to keep upskilling his career and become a better leader.
February 22, 2022
Stratis Morfogen: Serving Failure on a Silver Platter
Welcome to the ultra-competitive restaurant world of New York City. It’s hard to innovate in a city that seems to have everything, but that’s never deterred entrepreneur Stratis Morfogen. Raised in a restaurant family, he showed an early passion for the business. So his Dad set him to mopping the floors and washing the dishes. He didn’t get it back then, but that time getting his hands dirty in the restaurant was an invaluable experience. Tune in for early lessons from his Dad and his first forays into the restaurant industry. Stratis is candid about one of his most personal and published failures, the relationship with Phillipe Chow. He get real about his lowest point as a restaurateur and what he calls his personal hell. Starting over at age 44 isn’t easy, but Stratis found his way. Today, Brooklyn Chop House and Brooklyn Dumpling Shops are huge successes, and Stratis wouldn’t change a thing about how he got there. Subscribe now to Jon Schultz Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to give us a review and rate the podcast, your feedback helps us make the podcast better.
February 08, 2022
Brandon Steiner: Respect Your Past to Move Forward
You gotta have guts to be an entrepreneur, and guest Brandon Steiner has plenty of them! Known as the guy who sold Yankee Stadium, founder of CollectibleXchange, Brandon is the epitome of the rags to riches story. As a poor kid with a learning disability hustling in Brooklyn, Brandon learned his first lesson about business from failing a paper route challenges. That lesson has been core to overcome the obstacles that came next, like the hurdles faced while selling Yankee Stadium to a hostile takeover of a brand he spent 33 years building. Discover how Brandon’s “upsets” made room for something new. Subscribe now to Jon Schultz Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to give us a review and rate the podcast, your feedback helps us make the podcast better.
February 08, 2022
The Jon Schultz Podcast: The Myth to Overnight Success - Trailer
The Jon Schultz Podcast unpacks the lessons from industry leaders who refused to quit. Success is a tightrope. Everyone who’s reached the top of their game has wobbled on the way up. Those losses propelled them to the bigger and better places they are today.  In a curious way, it’s the upsets that lay the foundation for winning. Our guests dig into their stories; we talk about the challenges they’ve overcome, what they learned, and how they kept ongoing. 
February 04, 2022