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The Last Possession Of

The Last Possession Of

By Zeny R. Fesh
A podcast about possession movies— and about possessions in different societies!
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The Last Possession Of - Ep 2
Audio Intro: "Horror" by Tim Moore. On this episode I talk about 2020 movie POSSESSOR, directed by Brandon Cronenberg, with special guest Mitchy Fesh!
March 07, 2021
The Last Possession Of Maiden Ep - BELZEBUTH (2017)
Intro Music "Horror" by Tim Moor.  Let me know what you think! Tweet me @zenymayrecidoro
March 01, 2021
The Last Possession Of - Introduction
Hello listeners! This is Zeny Fesh, host of THE LAST POSSESSION OF, a podcast about possession movies. Join me in exploring the histories and cultures that inform and produce possession movies. You can find the podcast at Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listen soon and good night!
February 24, 2021