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The Law Objective series

The Law Objective series

By The Law Objective
Welcome to The Law Objective. The Law Objective is a website that is designed to provide the community with updates about the legal issues that we are currently facing. Whether you are a law student, prospective law student, a practising lawyer or someone who has no knowledge of law, we are here to simply law for you. This podcast series will explore and discuss a wide range of legal issues that are presently faced around the world.
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The Legalisation of Abortion in Argentina
En el episodio de hoy, The Law Objective Podcast presenta su primer podcast en español, el cual está enfocado en la legalización del aborto en Argentina. Como invitada especial tenemos a la activista argentina Ro Prim.
June 17, 2021
Discussing Legal Tech
Welcome to The Law Objective Podcast. In this episode, Katie Clarke will be discussing and focussing on the world of legal tech with Giles Thompson and Amy Conroy
June 14, 2021