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Your host, Chinwé Maponya-Cook, is breaking down her spiritual journey in hopes of illuminating the paths of others by providing alternate perspectives to lower-vibrational consciousness...
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F**k Yo Social Construct! (Episode 41)
Wessuupp y'alll! Happy New Moon in Libra! I know you all are going through a major energetic change at the moment aka ego death. That's why Spirit stopped by to give you some encouragement. Additionally, we've got messages from the Arcturian Star System, Moses, Dr. King Jr., Archangel Michael and more! Mercury is also going retrograde, so we've got some gems on how to use this energy to your advantage... I just received word that if you want to receive channelled voice messages for your specific needs, email me at Otherwise, hit me up if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or you just want a shoutout... See you on the other side. Love, Weezy! 
October 13, 2020
It's Impossible To Mess Your Life Up! (Episode 40)
What's up world?! How have you all been?? Email me at to tell me what's been happening in YOUR life... This new season of The Lioness Den is explosive and so exciting because it's not just me talking anymore. I'm channeling direct messages from the other side... Be it Spirit, the Archangels, our Sirius Star Family, or whomever, they have a lot to say to us!! In this episode, we are talking about your DESTINY and what that has to do with the New and Full Moons during this month of October. Buckle up because we're going IN!!! Enjoy the ride! See you the other side!! Love, Weezy! 
October 2, 2020
New Moon In Taurus (Episode 39)
Happy New Moon In Taurus! Chinwé is getting all up in into the deets of what this new moon means for our emotional, mental, financial and spiritual stability. In doing so, Chinwé is also addressing Black female-male relations in this day and age. It's getting deep and heavy, so listen at your own risk. Buttons will be pressed. 
April 20, 2020
Transmutation Nation (Episode 38)
According to Melody Larson, “Transmutation is Spiritual Alchemy.” What the heck is Spiritual Alchemy? No need to worry. Your hostess Chinwé has got you covered on how to turn those seemingly "nothings" into somethings... We've also got a special guest in the building, Life Coach Kiri Maponya, that is here to offer tips on how to move out the old and manifest the new just in time for this Super Full Moon in Libra. Press play and enjoy!
April 6, 2020
The Story of Lilith (Episode 37)
Did you know that the story of Adam and Eve is actually second to the story of Adam and Lilith? That's right, Adam had a first wife and nobody talks about her because she stood up - well you have to find out what happened to her by listening to the podcast... There's also some helpful tips for navigating this quarantine without going crazy. Enjoy!
March 30, 2020
New Year, Who Dis?! (Episode 36)
We're all on punishment while the planets are playing outside. So this week we're going to talk about the major shifts happening with the Astrological New Year, Black Lilith Moon, the Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, as well as what the heck a Saturn return is! Buckle up as we take a trip around the solar system!
March 23, 2020
Archangels To The Rescue! (Episode 35)
URGENT: The Coronavirus fear pandemic is at all time high and Chinwé is fed up! While the government has created a panic & left its people out to dry - fighting over appearances and money instead of helping people - our Archangels have stepped up to the plate to provide hope and answers to those in need (which is everyone)! Please listen for insight. Your Angels are here to the recuse!
March 16, 2020
Akashic Records Pt. 2 (Episode 34)
This week Chinwé is finishing up her story about her first experience exploring her Akashic Records where she finds out where her soul actually comes from... She is also introducing the concept of Starseeds and what it means for the purpose of some human experiences. Buckle up, we're going on a hell of a ride!
March 9, 2020
Akashic Records Pt. 1 (Episode 33)
WELCOME TO SEASON 3 OF THE LIONESS DEN!! If you thought we were getting deep before, baby we were only scratching the surface! Do you have a phobia and don't know where it came from? Are you tired of trying to figure out why you and money don't get along? Your Akashic Records and Higher Self are here to the rescue! Listen to find out how to access pertinent past life information and hear Chinwé's personal experience. 
March 2, 2020
Leggo My Ego! (Episode 32)
To ascend, we've got to let our EGO Go! But in order to do that, we have to know what we're working with. This week, Chinwé is breaking down what our Ego is and how it competes with our Higher Self. This is an episode you don't want to miss! Press play and elevate!
February 17, 2020
Attention Ascension (Episode 31)
This week's episode is about 5 of the 7 Ascension Planes and symptoms of the Ascension Process. You may have thought you had the flu, but in actuality, you're just upgrading your level of consciousness through meditation, rituals and being obedient to your inner guide. Either way, Weezy's got the scoop, so press play!
February 10, 2020
Good Grief With Kiri Maponya (Episode 30)
On this week's episode of The Lioness Den, we've got a special guest in the building: Kiri Maponya - THE Divorce Coach. She's teaching us about grief, emotional mastery and ways to embrace our emotions instead of running from them. This is an episode you don't want to miss! 
February 3, 2020
About Abuse (Episode 29)
Call 1-800-799-7233 if you are being abused or know someone who needs help! if you're not sure what it looks like, then Chinwé has got you covered in this episode. Please be safe and pray for your loved ones. It may be the only thing keeping them sane.  
January 27, 2020
Manifestation Proclamation (Episode 28)
This week, Chinwé is delving into her personal Manifestation Proclamation for success! Of course there will be some testimony involved, and trust and believe gems will be dropped! Press play and enjoy!
January 20, 2020
Spiritual Warfare feat. Dr. Cook (Episode 27)
This week, we've got an expert, Dr. Cook, who will assist us in delving further into Spiritual Warfare. Strap on your aegis and glue down your wigs because we're not holding anything back. Press play and enjoy!
January 13, 2020
Darkness Everbody, Darkness! (Episode 26)
This week we are diving deep into the abyss of the unconscious to discuss Shadow Work!! It is imperative that we acknowledge all parts of ourselves, not just the things that make us proud. We're also talking about Anger number 1212 and the first lunar eclipse/full moon of the decade!
January 6, 2020
Cheers To The New Decade! (Episode 25)
Wow, Wow, Wow! Can you believe it's 2020 already? Better yet, can you believe we're stepping into a decade of abundance? Well if you don't know, now you know! This week, Chinwé is breaking zown Angel Number 333, the Solfeggio frequencies, Kwanzaa, the Stellium occurring on January 1st and so much more! You won't want to miss out on all this juicy miracle tea that'll leave you saying "Cheers To The New Decade!"
December 30, 2019
222 (Episode 24)
In addition to confronting Kim K's BLACKFACE, Chinwé is sharing her miraculous testimony, as well as some tips for the Winter Solstice, upcoming New Moon and Transformation Decade! You really don't want to miss this Weezy Wizdom. Press play and enjoy!
December 23, 2019
Age of Aquarius (Episode 23)
In episode 23, we're talking about what everyone can't seem to get enough of: WOMEN!! No, seriously, there MUST be a reason why it's such a big deal for women to have thoughts, brains or, God forbid, their own money. GASP! Well Chinwé has all the tea on what all this astrology means for humanity. Press play and enjoy!
December 16, 2019
4:44 (Episode 22)
This week has been a hoot! Chinwé is diving into Reincarnation, Angel number 444 and much more... Also, the last Full Moon of the decade is coming up. Are you ready to let go of the dead weight from the last ten years? Well you better get ready to dry those tears! Better days are here... Oh yeah, Trayvon Martin's murderer is back in the news...  
December 9, 2019
Don't Touch My No-No Square! (Episode 21)
This week we're talking about T.I. and how he motivated a bill to be passed that prohibits physicians from conducting hymen checks. Gasp! Also, have you been seeing the numbers 333? Me too! Want to find out what it means? Then stop reading and start listening. The Lioness Den is locked and loaded. Press play now to find out what life lesson a 26-year-old woman gathered from Frozen II!
December 2, 2019
What Is Summer Walker's Problem? (Episode 20)
This week The Lioness Den is breaking down what it really means to be an introvert and extrovert... or both! Chinwé has also got you covered on what to expect for the New Moon in Sagittarius. Tune in and Enjoy!
November 25, 2019
Full Moon Bluez (Episode 19)
First comes gratitude, then comes patience... Then comes a baby in a baby carriage! LOL the baby is the fruit of your manifesting labor! This week we're talking about Chinwé's recent full moon experience and her forecast for 2020. Have you been thinking FORWARDT?! 
November 18, 2019
All About The Miracles Baby!! (Episode 18)
The 11-11 Magical Portal of Miracles is live baby! Chnwé has your update on what you can expect for this Taurus Full Moon, Mercury and Scorpio Retrograde and a dash of politics to keep us grounded... Enjoy!
November 11, 2019
Mystic Talk (Episode 17)
Wow!! I mean it's only been 2 1/2 years right?! A lot has changed and Chinwé is going along with those changes. The Lioness Den's content is new and improved; focusing on spirituality, positivity, gratitude, love, light, peace and forward thinking. Are you ready to walk the lone road of mysticism? Hop on board... Also, Rest In Power and Peace John Witherspoon 
November 4, 2019
What The Hell Is Wrong With R.Kelly? (Episode 16)
Robert Kelly needs help! And it seems as though not a week goes by where we don't see white privilege in it's purest form. This week it presents itself as an unqualified white boy stepping into a boxing ring with a professional fighter and a white girl crying because she didn't make as many millions as two other black guys... Also, somebody please tell Omarosa she's BLACK! Lawd save us all...
August 26, 2017
White Privilege (Episode 15)
Wow, wow, wow! What a week in America. What do you do when your "President" openly admits to being down with a racist terrorist group and two Cali officers are given a slap on the wrist for stealing and disseminating evidence? Meanwhile, the Kardashians just can't seem to stay in their lane. All that and more in Episode 15...
August 18, 2017
What In The World? (Episode 14)
Chinwé went to South Africa for three weeks to visit family and America has been buzzing with stories ever since. What in the world is happening with MTV and the crops in California? Round of applause for Cardi B's glow-up and Bey an Rih's thickness. And of course Black Excellence... Can't have an episode without Black Excellence.
August 11, 2017
Rest In Power Philando Castile (Episode 13)
Bill Cosby... Philando Castile... Charleena Lewis... 'Merica
June 23, 2017
Happy Father's Day (Episode 12)
Oh you know... Just your average week filled with whitewashed gentrification tactics and the occasional prevail of justice. At least Father's Day is coming up though. Dad's don't ask for much: just to be loved and ego-boosted : )So here's to al the pops out there. Thank you for all you do!
June 15, 2017
What The Fudge ? (Episode 10)
From the "Cash me Ousside" girl getting her own reality show to Joe Biden's widowed daughter-in-law marrying her brother-in-law... Episode 10 will definitely heave you saying "What the Fudge?!" I hope you learn a lot, laugh at lot and say "mmmm hmmm" a lot too. Make sure to visit for the awesome podcast reference sheet with videos, pictures and more! Enjoy! OAN Shoutout to Michael Vox for the "Shining Star". Acapella version. It's AMAZEBALLZ
March 3, 2017