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The Recovery Room with Lucy Bloom

The Recovery Room with Lucy Bloom

By Lucy Bloom
Interviews with some of the magnificent human beings featured in the pages of Lucy Bloom's best-selling memoir, Get the Girls Out.
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Doc Hinds - dream therapist
If you've read Get the Girls Out you'll know exactly who Doc is. He was my landing pad after my 20-year marriage went kaput.  We're not a couple anymore but we are still good friends: we live two or three hills apart by the beach in Sydney and I think we will be mates for life. There really is no one on planet earth quite like Doc. He's a surfer, a bourbon appreciator, loves a fast motorcycle and a ciggie. But he's also a dream therapist, lover of tropical aquariums and anything pineapple flavour. Doc has so many good stories to tell it wouldn't be decent a podcast show without him.
May 13, 2020
Mandy Retzlaff - giddyup
Mandy Retzlaff is a farmer, an author and a horsewoman. She was born in Ghana, grew up in South Africa and Zimbabwe but these days, lives on the coast of Mozambique in a town called Vilankulos, running a horse safari business on the white sandy beaches there. I rode with Mandy and her husband Pat during my year of the Shit Sandwich when I took a break from reality and went for a gallop in Africa instead. I often tell my audiences that when life is really putting the boot in, RUN, run from those problems at least for a while. I racked off to Africa for a month and that’s how I met the delightful Mandy and her horses. Pat and Mandy have the most epic life story which you can read in 104 Horses: A Memoir of Farm and Family, Africa and Exile. The stables were too noisy so Mandy has kindly schlepped up the road to the guest house to record this podcast interview.
May 09, 2020
Bernard Avocado Salt
Bernard is a demographer, speaker and writer. For several decades, Bernard has studied population and economic shifts as indicators for the future, and then helped explain them to the rest of us. He has his own language and authority from Her Majesty the Queen to make up new words as required. I made that last bit up. However, whenever you see smashed avo on a menu, I think of Bernard, because he was the original commentator who linked the ridiculous cost of smashed avo in cafes to the impossibility of GenXers ever buying their own home. True story. He’s a Baby Boomer, but that’s OK.
May 07, 2020
Jane Caro - books, boys and bravery
Jane Caro is a writer and media commentator who knows when I mention her on stage somewhere because the audience starts tagging her in tweets about bold or brave communication. I’ve only met Jane once in person but in 2014 she wrote an article which had such a profound effect on me and the way I write, then in 2017 she published a collection of women's stories which gave me the courage to write the Kindness chapter in Get the Girls Out. It is with great pleasure and a whole lot of fangirling that I welcome Jane Caro to the Recovery Room...
April 01, 2020
Greg Bloomfield - negotiation ninja
Greg Bloomfield is the man behind the smoking ban on airlines, the decline in the annual road toll from 17 per 100,000 to less than 6 and he's the man who can help you get a mental health bed when no one else is listening. He's the man behind FairGo - a simple communication system which puts pressure on politicians through the most effective avenues. He's a skilled negotiator and you'll want him on your team if your bank is talking foreclosure. Greg has taught me just about everything I know about democracy, negotiation and fending for the underdog. He explains here how dealing with politicians and banks is a lot like cattle farming.
March 30, 2020
Carrina Hampton - Beer + Bubs
When I was looking to sell a business in 2013, I wanted to sell the program to someone who would love it but with military precision. Carrina Hampton was the perfect person to take over the baby I had created - Beer + Bubs, childbirth education for dads at the pub - and to grow it in scope.
March 26, 2020
Georgie Camp - impact
Georgie Camp's work has taken her to remote villages where farming women have taught her that worry is a peace-time luxury and that loving who you are is the most important metric of life. With Gina Rhinehart in her corner, Georgie has learned that global impact is a long game and that dance-offs after village meetings are essential.
March 26, 2020
Richard Field - the jaws of a lion
Richard Field is a professional safari guide, leading family groups, and sometimes celebrities and billionaires, on African adventures to places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana. In 1999, Rich was attacked by a lioness protecting her cubs. She mauled his head, nearly scalping him and he almost bled to death. In the years after the attack, Richard realised he would only be able to heal once he started to tell his story.
March 25, 2020
Rosemary Schaffler - life-long optimist
Rosemary Schaffler was born in South Africa in 1940. Faith, hope and love run through her veins. In this episode, she talks about growing up with hopeful, optimistic parents during World War II and beyond, how she's not easily offended and that forgiveness is key. She also goes by the royal title of Lucy's Mum.
March 25, 2020
Tim McDonald - generosity and fear
Tim is a gatherer of skills and good people. When he started using Twitter way back 2009 to sell real estate, he would never have guessed that those skills would lead him to the role of Head of Community for the Huffington Post. Generosity runs through his veins but it is fear that interests him most.
March 25, 2020
Peter Schaffler - Madagascar? Sounds good
Pete and his wife Kara and three young sons spent ten years living in the remote south-west of Madagascar, working as missionaries and surfing the best waves in the world. This is the kind of place where the cops rent their guns out to bandits at night and where crayfishing involves condoms...
March 25, 2020
Katie McMurray - dangerous writer, surfer
Katie is the kind of lady who will summons a nude swim by group text at 10pm on a Sunday night in summer and 12 women will appear out of nowhere in the dark.
March 25, 2020
Adam Courtenay - author
When you google Adam Courtenay, you'll read a summary which says, "son of Australia's best-loved storyteller, Bryce Courtenay." Adam is a successful author in his own right so it's about time we rewrite that description don't you think? Here's a podcast with Adam Courtenay, author.
March 25, 2020