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The Managing Editor Show

The Managing Editor Show

By Jess Tyson
Why is it so hard to work with editors? Why don't my guest post submissions get approved? What's wrong with my writing? The Managing Editors to the rescue! This weekly podcast features serial managing editor Jess Tyson and a slew of highly intelligent yet perfectly rational guests. Jess's years of experience and high level of hilarious snark make this show a can't-miss exploration of all things writing, editing, and content without too much sassy bullshit. Promise.
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EP029: How the Hell Do I Pick an Editorial Strategy?
Let me stop you right there, fam. You have to stop thinking about your strategy as *your* strategy...(wha?)... because it’s not FOR YOU. It’s for your audience! Don’t write about what you want… write about what THEY want.  Once you have stepped back and considered that your editorial strategy has very little to do with what you want or need, it sets you on the right path for building an audience that fits. I can tell you right now that it will involve asking questions, reading up, and stalking your competitors so get your Google ready!  LINKS Ceralytics RivalIQ Answer the Public MUSIC Luigi Boccerinni - String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5 (Minuetto) Pretty Lights - My Other Love
June 20, 2017
EP028: Context Is Literally Everything
Were you aware that SOL is the last missing piece of your content marketing plan? Finally, all your content marketing dreams can come true with one easy session of SOL! And if that doesn’t work, there’s always DTF to get you through those long, stressful nights. Whaaaaaaaa? These days, as the global market both explodes and shrinks, context is more important than ever before. It can mean the difference between a successful pitch or an accidental/offensive romantic overture! So keep it SFW and double-check your acronyms before hitting send on those pitches. LINKS Libsyn MUSIC Grieg - Suite for string orchestra Op.40 'Holberg Suite' - 5 Rigaudon (Allegro con brio) Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
May 30, 2017
EP027: Maybe the Best Productivity Hack You Never Thought Of
GUYS. Burnout is a PROBLEM. Being a content marketer is tiring and can run you down real quick. It’s hard to stay engaged and excited about your content when you’re tired, angry, and resentful of all the time sucked into terrible pitches. It may sound like we’re living in opposite-world, but the trick to managing your time when you’re too busy to even deal? Stop thinking. LINKS Michele Linn on Twitter: @michelelinn Content Marketing Institute The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time Trello MUSIC Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F Major (Assez vif – très rythmé) Sapient - Universal Diorama Redux
May 16, 2017
EP026: Pour Some Sugar On Me!
Have you ever sent a managing editor a message just to be helpful and not ask anything in return? No? Well, maybe you should! Relationship-building is one of the best ways to get your pitch situated for success. If you help me and find ways to connect that don’t have ANYTHING to do with asking for something... odds are I will remember that fact when I see your pitch come through my inbox later. LINKS Calendar Blocking Pomodoro Timer MUSIC Handel - Concerto grosso n.1 Op.6 HWV 319 in G - 2 AllegroDanny Martin - Robochop
May 09, 2017
EP025: Why Intuition Matters for Managing Editors
I have talked a lot (a *lot*) about how to keep your pitch out of my trash. But what about becoming the person that holds all the power? If you’re a good writer, you have the foundation of what it takes to be a managing editor. But landing that job takes more than impeccable grammar and spelling. Jessica has walked the road from freelancer to writer to managing editor and shares just what it takes to get your foot in the door as a managing editor. LINKS Jessica Lawlor on Twitter: @jesslaw Why Public Relations Gets No Respect Muck Rack The Write Life This Is Why Your Guest Post Pitch Was Rejected Bonsai ClearVoice MUSIC Luigi Boccerinni - String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5 (Minuetto) Pretty Lights - My Other Love
April 25, 2017
EP024: How to Break Away From the Fear of Writing
Writing is terrifying. TERR-IF-YING. Putting pen to paper (I’m sorry, I mean fingers to keyboard) can feel like such a finite act. Like THIS IS IT. The final countdown of content. There is nothing else out there for you besides this one and only document. But it doesn’t have to be that scary or serious! Sometimes we, ourselves, are the biggest obstacles. With years of practice, I have learned how to quickly navigate around these pitfalls so my writing is faster, easier, and more authentic. I’m sharing these tips that can help any writer floundering at the screen to find their footing and begin writing again. LINKS: The Pomodoro Technique Marinara Timer Tomighty MUSIC: Grieg - Suite for string orchestra Op.40 'Holberg Suite' - 5 Rigaudon (Allegro con brio) Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
April 18, 2017
EP023: Is Content Intelligence As Pretentious As It Sounds?
Who the hell does this Brandon guy think he is? Coming up into MY show and trying to tell ME what to do with his fancy schmancy “content intelligence”?!? Wait, I can do what with it? Cut out all those terrible hours spent combing through historical posts and analyzing the engagement data? Take the guesswork out of content creation by knowing what’s hot and what’s not for my audience?? Create a powerful content strategy that saves me hours upon hours of trial-and-error curation and nails it every time??? Well, why the hell didn’t you say that in the beginning!?! LINKS: Brandon Andersen on Twitter: @Andersenology Ceralytics Google Docs What is content intelligence? MUSIC: Handel - Concerto grosso n.1 Op.6 HWV 319 in G - 2 AllegroDanny Martin - Robochop
April 11, 2017
EP022: 4 Quick Editing Hacks You Can Win With Today
It’s no secret that most people suck at writing. And I mean SUCKKKKK. This season I aim to tackle this problem by sharing writing tips, tricks, and hacks to get your content out of the trash and into production. It all starts with editing the crap out of your draft (literally). Chopping out 15% of your content will go a long way towards cutting the shit and making your words (those that are left, anyways) shine like a diamond in the rough. It doesn’t stop there, though! Checking your voice, making actual sentences (surprisingly hard for some people), and reading to your cat are just a few of my favorite editor things. RESOURCES: Mailchimp MUSIC: Sapient - Universal Diorama Redux Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F Major (Assez vif – très rythmé)
April 04, 2017
EP021: What's the Point of Guest Blogging?
Guest bloggers. Love ‘em. Hate ‘em. Love to hate ‘em. Why do we keep on with this complicated relationship? I’ll tell you why. Because you need us and we need you and neither one of us is getting off of this damn boat. But let’s spend some time and iron out the waves before we all get sick. I’m going to share the Managing Editor buttons to push that will get your guest blog out of the inbox (or trash) and into publication. RESOURCES: Forbes Entreprenuer ClearVoice MUSIC: Pretty Lights - My Other Love 2 Luigi Boccerinni - String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5 (Minuetto)
March 28, 2017
EP020: Does Content Marketing Actually Suck?
Have you ever been rolling along, doing the same ol’ thing you’ve been doing for a hot minute, and then suddenly have the following realization?: “Holy shit. This final product seriously blows. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?” No? Okay, well, if you are a content marketer, maybe it’s time to pull up a chair and have a think because it’s entirely possible your content marketing plan sucks and it’s time to revisit this whole shebang. Content marketing has been trundling along on autopilot for far too long and it’s high time we all have a frank discussion and a possible “come to Jesus” on what, how, and why we are marketing in this way.  PLUS! A very important announcement about the future of The Managing Editor show... tune in! RESOURCES: Craft Your Content Stephen King’s On Writing Trello Editorial Calendar Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week MUSIC: Grieg - Suite for string orchestra Op.40 'Holberg Suite' - 5 Rigaudon (Allegro con brio) Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
March 16, 2017
EP019: Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz, on the Tumultuous Relationship Between SEO and Content
Why is SEO so important when it comes to closing the deal? Because nobody, literally nobody, goes to the very first website they encounter and says “Ok cool I don’t want to look around, read reviews, or compare prices. I will just plop down $700 on this item right here and now!” Think of your own behavior… would YOU do that? If the answer is yes, then rest assured that you truly are a unique rainbow snowflake in this cold, harsh world. Nobody earns business on the first visit and that’s where SEO comes in. It brings people back to you over and over again like a black hole in the shopping universe. Rand Fishkin jumps into this topic feet first and shares this and more on SEO, keeping people from becoming numbers, and the dangers of data-driven marketing. Resources: Moz The Everywhereist #randtookthis Fresh Web Explorer Whiteboard Friday Music: Mozart - Serenata for Strings K.525 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' in G - 2 Romanza (Andante) Groovy Hip Hop - Royalty Free Music from Bensound
March 07, 2017
EP018: Should You Hire Someone to Pitch You?
What’s up, pitchessssss? On Episode 18, Elisa and Jess get real the different ways hiring somebody to do your pitching can make or break your career. A successful pitch can land you on stage in front of influencers and game-changers while a generic novel sent to strangers can burn bridges and send your career into the gutter. Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment with their tips on not sucking at a pitch. LINKS MUSIC USED Handel - Concerto grosso n.1 Op.6 HWV 319 in G - 2 Allegro Danny Martin - Robochop
February 28, 2017
EP017: If It's a Maybe, It's A No
On Episode 17, Elisa & Jess discuss how a writer’s interest in their work dictates its success and why editors need to trust their gut when it comes to an engaging (or not!) piece. A writer’s feelings about their work is contagious. If you can’t show that you care, nobody will care... especially your editor and your reader! Pour some heart into your work to push it to the next level. And when it comes to the final round, editors need to hold their writers to that standard. LINKS #querytip Carly Watters P.S. Literary WhatsApp MUSIC USED Mozart – Serenata for Strings K.525 ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ in G – 2 Romanza (Andante) Pretty Lights – Around The Block feat. Talib Kweli (Datsik Remix)
February 21, 2017
EP016: On Being Original and Unique
As has been mentioned before, all writers are beautiful snowflakes. But what keeps them from being a blizzard of sameness is submitting unique and original content! In Episode 16, Elisa & Jess take their listeners back to the basics when it comes to screening out repetitive content. Plus, Jess revisits the phenomenon of bullet journaling, and drops a sick Martha Stewart-like approach to peanut butter pie. Episode 16 - it's a good thing.   LINKS Bullet Journaling - "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***" by Mark Manson - Martha Stewart gif   MUSIC USED "Fantasy in C Major Op.15 D.760 'Wanderer' - III. Presto" - Daniel Blanch "The Crunk Alphabet" by Blake (c) copyright 2010 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 
February 14, 2017
EP015: Writing for Style Guidelines ISN'T Losing Your Voice
Editing matters! Don't be so attached to your work that you can't take a little style change here and there! On Episode 15, Elisa & Jess use a frustrated writer's letter to discuss the merits of how writers should be responding to an editor's critique! Even Hemingway (Ernest) was edited! For instance, don't be too attached to one particular piece of punctuation, because it might make you sound goofy!   LINKS "Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living" by Manjula Martin - Proof that Hemingway had an editor -   MUSIC USED "Shostakovich: Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite" - Armonie Symphony Orchestra "Make Her Say" - Estelle
February 07, 2017
EP014: Bonus! Amy Schmittauer, Vlogger at YouTube's SavvySexySocial
B-b-b-BONUS! Elisa & Jess welcome Amy Schmittauer, renowned vlogger and author of the upcoming "Vlog Like a Boss." Amy gives the finer points of being one with the vlog, how you can become a vlogger, and - most importantly - what a vlogger is. Plus, Amy goes old-school for today's tool recommendation.   LINKS SavvySexySocial (Amy's YouTube channel) - Vlog Like a Boss (Amy's new book!) - Bullet Journal - The One Sentence Journal - MUSIC USED "Eight Character Pieces for Cello and Piano Op. 78 IV. Small Waltzes Allegretto" - Guido Schiefen and Gunter Ludwig" "Grown Up" - Danny Brown  
January 31, 2017
EP013: An Exceptional Pitch Strategy
Elisa & Jess are trying to avoid the nicknames Doom & Gloom in our 13th episode, so today, they're giving some well-deserved shout-outs to some awesome pitches that kept our managing editors intrigued. Plus, Jess gives some love to Samepage, an online tool bringing a user's various profiles and platforms to...well...the same page. Episode 13 - that's an Editor's Dozen.   LINKS Samepage - MUSIC USED "Coppelia, Act 1 Waltz Moderato" - Stanislav Gorkovenko "All I Need" - Daz Dillinger
January 31, 2017
EP012 Follow the Directions - It is THAT Simple
If you can't read, then most assuredly you cannot write. That's not to slam those that can't read, but those that can and choose not to are in Elisa & Jess' crosshairs today. Today, don't bog your editors down with submissions that either aren't submitted the correct way or are clearly ill-conceived. Do it the right way - send money! Well, actually, don't do that, but follow the instructions, and don't be sneaky about your submissions.   LINKS If This Then That - A Super Sneaky GIF - MUSIC USED "Five Variations over a Theme by Franz Schubert (Waltz in C-Sharp Minor, D. 643)" - Roland Keller "Steady Mobbin'" - Ice Cube
January 24, 2017
EP011: How the Right or Wrong Founder Can Make an Editors Life Awesome or Miserable
Elisa and Jess have never worked with a difficult content site founder; in fact, all of their clients are beautiful tulips in the garden of life. But for those editors and founders who may have a profound disconnect in their respective goals and visions for their platforms, this episode is for you. Also, Jess gives us the rundown on several transcription apps, usually used for podcasts. Anything has to be preferable to using a quill and inkwell and speed-writing.   LINKS Speechpad - - Adrian Rosebrock from PyImageSearch - MUSIC USED "Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 331: Rondo "Alla turca" - Evelyne Dubourg "Rolling Down the Freeway - Freeway  
January 17, 2017
EP010: Editors Don't Know Everything
"We were somewhere around Episode 10, on the edge of 11, when the podcast began to take hold..."   Hunter S. Thompson plays a starring role in today's show, as Elisa recounts a now-famous reprimand the good doctor handed down to a writer. E&J use the letter as a springboard to a more gentle lesson: write what you're told! Episode 10 - no fear or loathing.   RESOURCES Anthony Burgess - The Clockwork Condition (published in The New Yorker) Tweetdeck for Twitter MUSIC USED "Beryozka (Russian Waltz)" - St. Petersburg Brass Quintet "The Emperor" - DJ Cam "Combination of the Two" - Big Brother and the Holding Company
January 10, 2017
EP009: Stop Cheating Your Submissions. This Isn't a Book Report!
Number 9...Number 9...Number 9...that's a song, isn't it? Anyhoo, in today's show, Elisa & Jess talk about the forbidden-but-not-extinct practice of cutting corners in your submissions. Plus, Elisa swindles an entire classroom of fourth graders (it should be noted she too was in fourth grade at the time), and Jess highlights the many benefits of Sococo, the singularly most-entertaining title to say aloud.   SHOW LINKS Sococo - A straight-up awesome-as-hell Dickens GIF -   MUSIC USED "Natha Waltz, Op. 51/4" - Sergei Oskolkov "Gang Related" - WC
January 03, 2017
EP008: BONUS! Ann Handley from MarketingProfs and
"Utility x Inspiration x Empathy = Quality Content"   Pretty great quote, huh? Lucky for Elisa & Jess, the author of that passage, Ann Handley, is joining them today for a great conversation about what it means to write for your audience. And, because it's a bonus episode, Ann discusses not one, but two helpful apps for improving your writing. It's Episode 8, and it's certainly not enough. I mean, the episode itself is great, I just meant we need more episodes because they're so...great. Enjoy!   LINKS Up Goer - Hemingway App -   MUSIC USED "Six German Country Dances, K. 606 No. 1" - Capella Istropolitana "Motormouth" - RJD2  
January 03, 2017
EP007: How to Get Rejected - with Grace
The Latin root of the word "reject" means "throw," which, if you've ever been rejected, is appropriate, given that throwing things offers temporary relief from staring into the abyss of nothingness and contemplating the fragility of one's existence on this speck in the universe...where was I? Ah yes - or you could take a simpler root, and catch Episode 7, where Elisa and Jess discuss the inevitable rejection letter/email every writer gets, how to handle it, how not to handle it, and what to do with that rejection. Also, Elisa breaks down   LINKS Page after page after page of sweet, sweet BJ Novak action   MUSIC USED "Elegia: Vals" - Maria Siewers "Black Magic" - Cool Kids
December 27, 2016
EP006: How to Work with Editors Without Losing Yourself
This week, Elisa & Jess officially break the news to you that neither you nor anybody else who submits publications are the world's best writers ever; were that true, editing would not be a profession, therefore this podcast would not exist, you wouldn't be reading this, and likely we would tear a hole in the space-time continuum...makes you think, doesn't it?....Where was I? Anyways, not having a think skin, knowing how and when to push back on a managing editor's suggestions, and having some basic common sense are on the menu today.   LINK - Canva For Work   MUSIC USED "Sentimental Waltz, Op. 51:6" - Sergei Oskolkov "Come Clean" - Jeru the Demaja
December 20, 2016
EP005: Honey & Vinegar: The Fine Art of Follow Up
You now need one whole hand to count the number of episodes we've released - and if you're not careful, Elisa and Jess will use that hand to smack the disrespect right out of you! This week, our hosts focus on the appropriate to follow up to a managing editor after you've submitted your work, and what not to say to speed up the approval process. They say patience is a virtue; well, so is common sense! Also, Elisa delves into Rapportive, a Chrome extension that tells you all you need to know about your contact.   LINKS   MUSIC USED "Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 45: III. Anitra's Dance" - Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra and Jansug Kakhidze "Google Me" - Teyana Taylor  
December 13, 2016
EP004: BONUS! Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire
Cue the singing candelabras - we have a guest! In the first Bonus Episode of MES, Elisa & Jess—Jesslisa? Elisess? We'll figure something out—welcome Kate Erickson, Content Creator and overall Big Deal at Entrepreneur on Fire, an online one-stop-shop for budding entrepreneurs. The three talk content management, an online tool for organization, and what it's like to critique your significant other's work.  RESOURCES Entrepreneur on Fire WorkFlowy SONGS USED "Piano Concerto in A Minor, Opus 54 II. Intermezzo. Andantino grazioso" - Vienna Symphony "I'll Buss 'Em, You Punish 'Em" - Canibus
December 06, 2016
EP003: Stop It With the Canned Email Pitches!
Episode 3... insert John Ritter falling off a bike here. Originality and not mailing it in are on the agenda today, as Elisa & Jess tear apart the notion that canned submissions are worthy of a managing editor's consideration. Basically, if you're going to take the time to reach out to a content site, have a thought! Jess also dives into a great program called CoSchedule. RESOURCES: CoSchedule SONGS USED: "Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 50 II. Tema con variazioni - Variation No. 6 Tempo di valse" —Kempf Trio "Hey Now (Mean Muggin')" —Xzibit
December 06, 2016
EP002: What the Hell Does a Managing Editor Do?
Having introduced themselves, Elisa & Jess—Jesslisa? Eliss?—dive into exactly what it is they do. Dispelling the bigger myth that managing editors merely want to cut and slash your manuscript like something Wes Craven would have created, ElJessa reaffirm that managers are, indeed, your friends. Repeat with me: they are not gatekeeping banshees, they are your friends. RESOURCES: Create and Manage Google Chrome Profiles SONGS USED: "Der Karneval in Rom (The Carneval in Rome) Temp di valse" - 21st Century Orchestra and Ludwig Wicki "Callin' Out" - Lyrics Born LEARN MORE:
December 06, 2016
EP001: What's the Managing Editor Show and Who Are These Ladies?
In the premiere episode of The Managing Editor Show, Elisa and Jess hit the ground running, discussing not only the format of the show but their credentials as well. With over 15 years of combined experience, the conversation veers into the personal, covering everything from their favorite drinks, to the proper way to utilize yoga pants, to the Portland, Oregon metro system, to annoying Australian workout videos. In a nutshell: "Words. Bourbon. Ab videos." RESOURCES: Grammarly 5-Minute Abs SONGS USED: "A Farewell Waltz (1831)" - Victor Ryabchikov  "Gangsta Rap" - Tha Dogg Pound LEARN MORE:
December 06, 2016