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The Max Property Podcast

The Max Property Podcast

By Max Property Group
The Max Property Podcast is brought to you by the Max Property Group and is intended for people with a keen interest in real estate, finance or technology. We will keep you up to date on the hottest trends in these industries.

We aim to make the world of 100% transparent and accessible to everyone. We hope to achieve this via our online real estate crowdfunding platform called ‘Max Crowdfund.’ Max Crowdfund has taken the concept of alternative finance to another level. In addition to being transparent, our platform is low entry. You can invest in a crowdfunded project starting at just €100.
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Episode 9: Max Crowdfund Series A Equity Round Special with MPG Investor Mick van Meines
Welcome to the Max Property Podcast's very first special. MPG Investor Mick van Meines takes the stage and gives you the lowdown on his experience with our Series A Equity Round. Mick has inherited a family business and describes how Max Crowdfund makes him feel right at home as well. Additionally, he talks about the financial incentives he benefits and will continue to benefit from in the future. Want to know more about what a Series A round entails? Press play and find out!
October 21, 2021
Episode 8: Max Crowdfund Picks the Fruits from a Blossoming Market with Tony Fairs
Welcome back to the Max Property Podcast! Today's guest you may know as the host of "Property Talk on the Tyne," Mr. Tony Fairs. He is a property investor from the North East of England with an extensive real estate portfolio and an active interest in the concept of real estate crowdfunding. Here we discuss an array of different topics, which includes but is not limited to the BRRR method as well as the importance of considering the wants and needs of your community. Want to familiarize yourself with the topics at hand? The play button awaits your click!
October 12, 2021
Episode 7: Max Crowdfund Rides the Greek Property Market Boom with Entrepreneur Terry Ouzounelli
The Max Property Podcast is back again! This week's episode features Greek entrepreneur, F.I.R.E. graduate and apsiring Max Crowdfund project developer, Terry Ouzounelli. Terry has added another pin to our Max Crowdfund expansion map and is about to dip her toe into the world of real estate. What was it that intially drew her attention to our Max Crowdfund platform? Which opportunities does she see? Hit play and find out! #podcast #realestate #crowdfundingplatform
October 04, 2021
Episode 6: How Blockchain Technology Enables Smooth Functionality for Max Crowdfund with Maarten Dirks
Welcome back to The Max Property Podcast! In this episode, university lecturer and innovation specialist, Maarten Dirks, illustrates how this technology can be implemented in the real world. The Max Crowdfund platform is powered by blockchain, which enables transactions to run smoothly and the information to be displayed transparently. Maarten also talks about his involvement during the establishment of Max Crowdfund and how he's observed the growth of the platform over time. Want to know which other topics we covered? Hit the play button and find out!
September 27, 2021
Episode 5: Max Crowdfund Fosters Social Housing Aspirations with Self-made Project Developer Challon Smith
Ever wondered how to expediently respond to a surge in necessitous demand for social housing? Challon Smith, a self-made project developer based in North West England, gives you the lowdown on how to adequately raise funds for social housing projects within a short timeframe. Challon also gives his takeaway on new, vibrant real estate investment opportunitities in the UK as well as the ones to watch out for in the future. Hit play to uncover some inside tips on how to deal with the combustable nature of the modern UK real esate landscape.
September 13, 2021
Episode 4: How Daniel Wood Became Max Crowdfund's Exclusive Service Provider in Sweden
The fourth episode of The Max Property Podcast has arrived with Swedish property investor Daniel Wood as the star of the show. Daniel is a project developer turned exclusive service provider for Max Crowdfund in Sweden. In this episode, Daniel verbalises his experience with requesting a loan via Max Crowdfund. He also partakes in a short quiz intended to test his knowledge of the platform. Additionally, Daniel explicates how his project, the very first UK loan that was placed on Max Crowdfund, came about. How did he manage to put all of this together? Why did he decide to become an exclusive service provider for Max Crowdfund? The play button is one tap away...
September 06, 2021
Episode 3: The Scalability of Max Crowdfund with Wai-yee Schmidt
The Max Property Podcast is back with a bang and in this episode, board member Wai-yee Schmidt explains how scalable the Max Crowdfund platform is as she also shares her views on the autonomy given to young people in business environments. Wai-yee is a vastly experienced real estate, stock market and tech investor with an active interest in highly diversified and mitigated investing. She enjoys juggling multiple balls at once and is committed to spicing up the "stagnant" German real estate market. Want to know which other topics we covered? Hit play and find out!
August 30, 2021
Episode 2: Max Crowdfund Enables You to Invest in Real Estate with CEO Mark Lloyd
We would like to welcome you back to the Max Property Podcast. Episode 2 has arrived and our very special guest is the CEO of Max Property Group: Mark Lloyd. Mark Lloyd is a vastly experienced property investor with decades of experience in this particular field. You may recognise him from his "Property Master Academy" in Heathrow or from real estate exhibitions worldwide. In this particular episode, Mark elucidates how the "everyman" is able to invest in and raise loans via the Max Crowdfund platform. How does Max Crowdfund work? How can I create a user account? Which steps do I need to take to raise funds on this platform? The answers to these questions and more are just one tap of the play button away!
August 23, 2021
Episode 1: Hendrik Stegenga introduces Max Property Group
Welcome to the Max Property Podcast. In this episode, a member of our board of advisors, a fund investor and board member of the Stichting Max Crowdfund Escrow Foundation, Hendrik Stegenga, tells you about the fast-moving developments within our organisation. Hendrik also talks about his charity work in Kenya and shares his insights on the various obstacles ambitious innovators must overcome within the world of FinTech. Ever wanted to know how real estate crowdfunding works? Ever tried figuring out the most effective way of convincing strict financial regulators to see things your way? Hit the play button and find out!
August 13, 2021