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Make India Great Again

Make India Great Again

By Ishan Dhadwad
A pod show by Ishan Dhadwad on Indian Politics ,Strategic Affairs and Geopolitics .
Here , I discuss more than the fiasco of Indian political parties and also about our foreign policy and events which affect it .
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Thank you Greta for showing us the truth:Insight into the Tweet war on Farmer Protests.
Rihanna , Greta Thunberg and other celebrities had concerns over farmer laws of India and the ongoing protests. They shared have shared some info which can help us Indians understand the truth.
February 4, 2021
ModiJi Please save money:Central Vista of INR20,000 Crore.
In this episode the flaws in the new the decision of the government to reconstruct the CentralVista in New Delhi are addressed and also rational reasons are given so as to prove it is not necessary when our country has many feats to achieve .
January 1, 2021
Should we keep quiet on Radicalism of any Beliefs?! : France and Radicalism.
In this , I have explained about the Charlie Hebdo Controversy and the proposed the Separatist Bill of French Government to tackle the Islamic Radicalisation in France 🇫🇷
December 25, 2020
Turkish tentacles in Kashmir !?
Covering in short what is on with Turkey and India.
December 24, 2020
Defence Startups in India?! : Works or not?!
In this , I will be giving a brief insight in the very less known yet a fairly great scheme of the NDA Government in India. Aiming at modernising and revolutionizing defence industry in India. There are problems here too , let's see where it takes us !
December 20, 2020
Did India get freedom by the Quit India Movement ?!
Studying deeper into history about the final stage of Indian Freedom Struggle
December 8, 2020
Understanding the United Nations : A Path to diplomacy and happy multilateralism !
It is a short analysis of the United Nations wherein it's formation , the need and relevance are discussed . Better understanding of this is necessary to understand diplomacy of the new age .
December 6, 2020
Has India missed the bus to economic development ? : India and the RCEP
My take on India's economic development and the RCEP agreement's impact on India.
December 2, 2020