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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast

By Theresa Houghton
Bringing you fascinating conversations with the movers, shakers and innovators in food, health, agriculture and everywhere in between! New episodes drop every Wednesday starting in November.
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Actual Veggies: Pioneering the "Plant-Only" Food Category
In a market full of "meaty" plant-based protein alternatives, where do you turn if you want something made from actual vegetables? Why, Actual Veggies, of course! Co-founders Jason Rosenbaum and Hailey Swartz are pioneering a category for all those who want fresh, delicious (and, incidentally, really colorful) burgers that can be a daily part of a healthy diet. It's not just's plant-only. Follow Actual Veggies (Warning: Their IG feel will make you hungry!): Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Get in touch with Jason & Hailey! About Actual Veggies, from Jason & Hailey At Actual Veggies, we make burgers that are large, filling, naturally colorful & made with just veggies and nothing else. Our burgers are made with only whole ingredients that you can pronounce, see, smell and actually taste. Our chef designed burgers are exciting and delicious for everyone, while still tasting like veggies. In 2021, you will be able to find Actual Veggies across the country in the refrigerated section at your local grocer, or you can order online at starting in December!
November 25, 2020
Mark Rifkin: Why Not Just Eat Chickpeas?
In a landscape full of foodtech, level-12 Instagram vegans and conflicting food and health headlines, do you ever find yourself looking for a more balanced approach? You've been looking for Mark Rifkin. Mark holds a Master's Degree in health education and is a Registered Dietitian. Vegan since 1986, he previously worked in a community clinic and private practice, and currently works in nutrition policy. Mark is shifting his career focus toward application of plant-based diets for sustainability and expects to complete his second graduate degree in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins in 2022. He is also highly active in the vegan dietitian community. For further reading: Meatonomics by David Robinson Simon You can email Mark at:
November 18, 2020
Elysabeth Alfano: Doing it All for the Plant-Based Cause
What happens when you combine a passion for all things plant-based with a high-energy personality and some serious business savvy? You get Elysabeth Alfano! Elysabeth does so much for the plant-based space that the easiest way to cover it all is to check out the bio on her website: You can hear some of her great interviews on her two (!!) podcasts: Awesome Vegans: The Plant-Based Business Hour: And if you're looking for that tasty muffin recipe we talk about in the episode, it's right here: Hungry for more plant-based deliciousness? Don't miss Actual Veggies and Cool Beans! To get in touch with Elysabeth, check out her LinkedIn:
November 11, 2020
Cyd Notter: Combing Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition with Timeless Faith Principles
What is the "Plan A" for the human diet? According to Cyd Notter, it's 100% whole plant foods!  Cyd Notter is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, a certified instructor for The Starch Solution and other dietary courses, a past newspaper columnist, and the founder/author of The “Plan A” Diet. She offers a variety of health and cooking classes – both locally and online. Cyd also provides nutrition coaching to both individuals and corporations, speaks to local groups, and has worked with school district employees and a hospital’s fitness center. Her book, titled The “Plan A” Diet, released in October 2019. Cyd lives with her husband in Illinois where they enjoy outdoor activities, classic movies, and old Volkswagens. Check out Cyd's classes at: Learn more about The "Plan A" Diet: Cyd's advice on evaluating dietary research: Get in touch with Cyd: cydnotter (at) cydnotter (dot) com Curious how Beyond & Impossible burgers compare to regular meat and whole plant foods? Read the breakdown here:
November 4, 2020
Deb Czech: Putting the Whole Food Back in Plant Based
What's the difference between "plant-based" and eating plants? Deb Czech knows! As a knowledgeable student of all things whole food plant based, she shares valuable insights on why going beyond the "plant-based" label to eat closer to the source is important for health and sustainability. About Deb Czech, Owner/Founder of Planted Platter, LLC Inspired by the movies Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc., in 2012 Deb Czech switched up her meals to harness the nourishing power of plants. She studied plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell. Upon finishing the six-week intensive program, she pushed animal foods off her plate for good. Later, Deb sliced and diced her way through the Forks Over Knives plant-based cooking course at the Rouxbe Online Culinary School. After establishing Planted Platter in 2018, Deb earned a spot in the selective Food for Life instructor training through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, becoming licensed in 2019 to teach a wide range of the group’s research-supported, plant-based nutrition programs. Prior to Planted Platter, Deb’s marketing and public relations career has included experience with consumer brands, agriculture, recreation, hospitality, and wellness clients. Before pursuing recent education in the plant-based nutrition field, she completed her undergraduate degree in political science at Yale University and received an MBA from Simmons College in Boston. Deb credits her parents for planting an early seed in her mind about healthy eating: they cultivated a large backyard garden behind her childhood home, providing abundant vegetables and berries, and cooked almost all family meals from scratch. Nowadays, when Deb isn’t teaching plant-based nutrition or trying out a new recipe, she puts her plant-powered energy to use leading an active life outdoors and spending time with family and friends. * Planted Platter website: * Upcoming classes: * Facebook: * Instagram: For Further Reading/Watching * Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss * Forks over Knives * The Game Changers * Code Blue
October 21, 2020
Plant-Based Protein from Duckweed: A Conversation with Tony Martens of Plantible Foods
Hi there, fellow nerds! I’m excited to announce the launch of The Modern Health Nerd Podcast. In this inaugural episode, I connected with Tony Martens of Plantible Foods to talk plant-based protein, clean label concerns, sustainability and more. Find more of Tony’s unique insights in Industry Interviews: The Future of Protein is Plant-Based on The Modern Health Nerd newsletter: Please bear with me as I navigate the ups and downs of podcasting. The audio for the first few episodes isn’t 100%, but I promise the conversations are amazing! New episodes drop every other Wednesday. Meet Tony Martens! Tony is the co-founder of Plantible Foods, a startup that is redesigning the food production supply chain by combining aquafarming techniques with innovative technologies in order to produce more sustainable, functional and nutritional food ingredients. Prior to Plantible, Tony was part of the management team that drafted and executed a 5-year strategy that transformed a small and traditional agricultural commodity trading and processing firm into becoming Europe’s largest commodity trading company. You can connect with Tony on LinkedIn: About Plantible Foods Plantible Foods has developed a patent pending and vertically integrated agricultural system that produces a plant-based protein ingredient that can replace myosin, egg whites, whey and/or casein in food and beverage applications. The protein, named Rubi Protein (RuBisCO), has a better organoleptic and functional profile than any of the plant-based proteins currently being commercialized. Plantible’s production system is 100x more sustainable than soy and climate change proof, enabling the company to produce 24/7/365. Check out Plantible Foods at Want more plant-based nerdity? Subscribe to The Modern Health Nerd newsletter for 2x/weekly updates:
October 7, 2020