The Modern Indian

Episode 2: Escaping Religion

An episode of The Modern Indian

By Krit & Shipra
A no B.S. conversation about being Indian In America.
Episode 14: Indians and Stand-up comedy
This Episode features comedians and producers Samson Koletkar and Abhay. We talk about their Journey from India to us to stand -up comedy.
May 12, 2019
Episode 13: Mindfulness, A Chat with Palak Patel
A chat with Palak Patel about her journey from working in corporate to becoming the founder of Uncommon Coaching.
April 20, 2019
Episode 12: Dr. Ronesh Sinha
Dr. Ronesh Sinha, M.D., is an Internal Medicine Doctor practicing in Los Altos, CA.  He is the author of "The South Asian Health Solution" and in this episode he sits down with Krit & Shipra to discuss various health issues that impact the Modern Indian Diaspora and the anachronistic cultural pressures that adversely impact the heath of Indians around the globe. 
March 25, 2019
Episode 11: Back From India
The Modern Indian Girls Discuss their recent trip to India.
March 10, 2019
Episode 10: The Big O
The Modern Indian Girls discuss the Big O...Just in time for Valentine's day. Stay tuned for an interview with An Expert on this week's Hot Topic. 
February 14, 2019
Episode 9: The 9 to 5
 A conversation about challenges the Modern Indian Girl deals with, when working in Corporate World vs. For Herself. 
January 17, 2019
Episode 8: Parents & In-laws
A conversation about Parents & In-Laws and how the Modern Indian Girl deals with them. 
December 28, 2018
Episode 7: Megha Desai
Megha Desai is the President of The Desai Foundation. The Desai Foundation works to empower women and children through community programs to elevate health and livelihood in India & U.S. Learn more at the
November 30, 2018
Episode 6: Wanting Wealth
A conversation about the impact and Money & Wealth have on Indian Culture and on the Indian Girl
November 10, 2018
Episode 5: Fashion or Faux Pas?
A conversation about the Fashion Choices & Pitfalls, for the modern Indian Girl.
October 26, 2018
Episode 4: Reema Zaman
A conversation with Reema Zaman. Reema Zaman is an author, speaker, and actress. Her forthcoming memoir "I Am Yours is available for pre-order, and will be released on January 8, 2019.
October 4, 2018
Episode 3: Chasing Perfection
A conversation about the pressures that come with Chasing Perfection, for the modern Indian Girl.
September 19, 2018
Episode 2: Escaping Religion
A conversation about the impact and influence of Religion in Indian Culture and on the Indian Girl.
September 8, 2018
Episode 1: Sex & The Indian Girl
A conversation about being Indian and the cultural and societal pressures that come with marriage, sex, and being a woman.
August 24, 2018
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