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Montana Life Coaching

Montana Life Coaching

By Sophia Montagna
Join me and a host of likeminded coaches and guest speakers talk about everything from Confidence, Empowerment, Self-love, Relationships, Healthy Mindsets, Alternative Therapy, Breakups and much more. The episodes will be truly inspiring and insightful - I look forward to having you tune in 😊
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Coaching - What, Why & How? With Ralph Watson - Master Coach & NLP Trainer
February 26, 2021
Empowering Breakups with Ian George from Productive Inspiration.
This episode is all about what we can do as individuals to empower ourselves during a breakup. Breakups are a pivotal time within in our lives as we adjust to a new normal. We discuss the importance of taking time to be alone and dealing with the hurt and pain associated with a breakup to combating negative habits and limiting beliefs. We also talk about self-love and finding the confidence and happiness in ourselves.
November 26, 2020