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the naked wine podcast

the naked wine podcast

By the naked wine
A podcast about natural wine. Join Remington Riehl & Kendra Moriah down a boozy rabbit hole, where we discover the ins and outs of what natural wine is all about. Take our word on it, we're like your friendly neighbors who wouldn't steer you wrong, but more up to speed with wine and sh*t :)
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#8 - wine that has soul, a natural wine importing story - Allie Balin
We sat down with Owner, Allie Balin, of Balin Beverage Co, to find out all the ins and outs of what it takes to start up your own wine importing/distribution company. Along the way, we found out why Reisling pairs with (almost) everything, why glou glou wines are seafood restaurants best friend, and most importantly...why we believe natural wine has more soul than mass-produced, conventionally made wines.  This is what we gulped down while taping this episode: * Birichino - Malvasia Bianca Pet Nat 2019 *J Brix - Cobolorum Riesling Pet Nat 2016 @alliebalin / @balinbeverageco on IG
April 16, 2021
#7 - SPOILER: no oranges are harmed in the making of orange wine - Troy Doram with Alluvial Wines
What is Orange wine? What is skin contact white wine? Turns out they're both terms to describe a unique category of wine that has actually been around for thousands of years! We can thank the Georgian's for that (country, not the state). In this interview with Account Manager, Troy Doram, of Alluvial Wines we discuss the history of orange wine, taste thru some delicious wine in his portfolio, and discuss why orange wine is the King/Queen of wine types for food pairings. Big thanks to Troy for letting us sample some amazing orange wines in Alluvial's portfolio: *Two Shepards - Pinot Gris Skin Fermented 2020 *Tessier - Skin-contact Chardonnay 2020 @alluvialwines
April 2, 2021
#6 - introducing natural wine, a success story! Veronica Hernandez from Lincoln Fine Wines
Are you a traditional wine shop curious about bringing in some natty juice inventory? Curious to dive into the rabbit hole of the natural wine world for your shop, but don't know how? THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU! Veronica Hernandez from Lincoln Fine Wines in Venice, CA joins the Naked Wine Pod! She gave us the inside scoop on how she introduced natty wine into the traditional wine shop that she works for! We drank a few different bottles on this episode: Kendra --> Broc Cellars - Love Red Remington --> Domaine Glinavos - Paleokerisio 2019 @lincolnfinewine
March 19, 2021
#5 - how to spot natural wine
Ever stared blankly at a massive wall of wine at your local wine shop, hoping to score some natural wine but you don't know where to start? Well, then this episode is for you! Your friendly naked wine pod hosts Rem & Kendra share our 3 favorite tips with you for how to spot a natural wine (LOOK FOR THE IMPORTER!).  And we give you some guidance so that you don't fall into the trap of buying big corporate wine producers wines with fancy buzzwords on the labels like "sulfite-free" or "made with organic grapes". Sorry, to break it to you, you can't buy natural wine under $10, and no $3 buck chuck from TJ's isn't natural even though it's made with organic grapes. We drank Purity Wine's - Kerfluffle (take 2), a rose pet nat from California on today's episode. Natural Wine Importers Louis Dressner Zev Rovine Kermit Lynch  Rosenthal Wine Merchants  Selection Massale Jenny And François Selections Percy Selections Scuola di Vino Amy Atwood Selections PDX Wine SelectioNaturel Natural Wine Distributors Nomadic Goatboy Selections Jose Pastor Selections Critical Mass Selections Amy Atwood Oliver McCrum Wines
March 5, 2021
#4 - Jeff Bonafede from Uncorked Wine Shops (wine shop series)
Jeff Bonafede from Uncorked Wine Shops in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach joins the Naked Wine Pod duo! On our first-ever interview with a wine shop owner, we discuss how he fell in love with wine, how he opened up a wine shop 10+ years ago, his love for representing small winemakers in his shop, and how the growing demand for natural wine is affecting how he stocks his stores. Ultimately, it has lead to the launch of an organic-only wine club that he's super psyched about! We drank a beautiful bottle from Jeff's store, a Nebiollo from Piedmont, Italy by the legendary biodynamic farming producer Lorenzo Corino. Achille, 2016
February 24, 2021
#3 - where to buy natural wine - westside LA
In this episode, Remington and Kendra give you the inside scoop on where you can buy natural wine on the westside of Los Angeles. We'll share with you all our favorite wine shops on the westside and some restaurants around Venice that we frequent to find that coveted fermented grape juice in its raw, most naked form. Plus a bonus game of two truths and a lie where Remington may or may not have ever 'slapped the bag' in college.   Wine shops talked about in this episode include: Lincoln Fine Wines (Venice), Simon's (Venice), Vin on Rose (Venice), Bar & Garden (Culver City), Stanley's Wet Goods (Culver City), Helen's Wine Shop (Brentwood), & Esters Wine Shop (Santa Monica).   Venice neighborhood restaurants with a good natural wine program include: Gjelina group (Gjusta), Night + Market, The Rose Venice, Venice Beach Wines, Double Zero, South End, Great White.
February 5, 2021
#2 - all about that pet nat
Ever wondered what that crazy wine with a beer cap on it is? Ever wanted to drink Champagne but couldn't afford it? Perhaps you love bubbles but not only for celebrations? Pet Nats. Boom. Problem solved.
January 24, 2021
#1 - what the hay is natural wine?
Ya'll may be wondering what in the heck natural wine even is. In this episode we dive into the ins and outs of what we consider a natural wine to be. What is the difference between an organic, biodynamic, or sustainably farmed wine? Check out this episode, and take it from us two besties, because after all we've been downing wine for over 20 years between the two of us! 
January 8, 2021