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Get to Know World of Warships created by Boggzy and Synpax

Get to Know World of Warships created by Boggzy and Synpax

By Get to Know World of Warships
A brief podcast where Boggzy and Synpax chat with a World of Warships clan leader.

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Episode 050: Get to Know... Synpax!

Get to Know World of Warships created by Boggzy and Synpax

Episode 059: Goodbye, Smaland w/ Kelsier!
Kelsier's 1, 2, 3, and 6 join Boggzy to discuss the best ways to play the Smaland!  The tier 10 Swedish muscle car will be removed from purchase in the near future and this should tell you a lot of what you need to know on how to bully destroyers and farm battleships. PLUGS: Kelsier's Twitch: Boggzy's Twitch: TNG Discord: Come say Hello! Boggzy's YouTube:
November 24, 2020
Episode 058: Verizon Tourney with Kalvothe [WG]
The Verizon-sponsored tournament is coming right up!  Tim "Kalvothe" from Wargaming comes by to discuss the tourney a bit, the Wounded Warrior project, and how 4 teams of veterans can compete for charity during the final tournament!  Afterwards, Boggzy goes over which ships you are likely to see many of during this 9v9 tier 8 tournament! Verizon Tourney Info: Veteran Team Signup: Veteran Salute: Boggzy's Twitch: Boggzy's YouTube: TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
November 19, 2020
Episode 057: Tourneys and CST with clan [-KIA-]
 Shortly before Gaishu's WMI tournament and WG's CB tournament sponsored by Verizon, Boggzy finally gets to talk with the notorious [-KIA-] clan about what happens to your culture when the responsibility of Clan Supertesting (CST) is put in their lap. 00:00 - Intro / WMI and Verizon Tournaments 04:14 - Meet F1nning and The_Annoying_Italian from [-KIA-] 09:08 - Merger with [MIA], Clan Supertest, and toxicity 14:55 - Culture handling responsibility 19:28 - The advertisements are fake =D 20:48 - "ADVERTISEMENT" 21:33  - Sink a Ship! 24:33 - State of competitive for clan [-KIA-] 29:47 - Warship Masters Invitational 31:55 - Verizon CB tournament 35:25 - Poach Synpax PLUGS: [-KIA-] Discord: Reimu's YouTube: Denarmo's YouTube: WMI Tournament: CST Application: Boggzy's Twitch: Boggzy's YouTube: TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
November 12, 2020
Episode 056: FLAMBASS and his cat... talk "Fun and Engaging"
Boggzy is joined by Borla to bring the hardest-hitting and most pressing questions to Flambass about his rise to WoWs celebrity, the ups and downs of the streamer lifestyle, the relationship between a game company and it's users, and why he convinced thousands of people to charge mid on Two Brothers... 00:17 - Meet Flambass! 02:23 - Where did it start? 12:26 - Balancing content creation and competitive 16:43 - Playing for fun vs. playing for a living 21:34 - Two Brothers 25:42 - "ADVERTISEMENT" 26:05 - Sink a ship! 28:00 - "Fun and Engaging" - Let's talk about it 33:50 - The most frustrating things.... 38:12 - Relationship between Game and Consumer 56:35 - Solutions to RNG 1:00:24 - What's next? PLUGS: Flambass Twitch - Flambass Youtube - Flambass Discord - Flambass Twitter - Boggzy's Twitch: Boggzy's YouTube: TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
November 3, 2020
Episode 055: A Nation of Penetration [PN] and a Ship Suggestion!
Ever the expert in penetrating questions, Boggzy is joined by the leaders of the stalwart competitive clan [PN] while bringing on the first guest to talk about a possible addition to the game in the US DD Allen M. Sumner Class!  Happy Halloween! 00:00 - INTRO 02:04 - Making CB Guides 03:00 - Pacmanly pitches the Allen M. Sumner Class 13:04 - Meet Penetration Nation [PN] !! 20:20 - Clan Brawl Rivalries 26:30 - ADVERTISEMENT - Happy Halloween! 26:57 - Sink a Ship! 28:40 - Clan Battles and Carriers 34:53 - KOTS and Ship Bans 40:53 - Mental Health Channel 44:47 - Poach Synpax PLUGS: WIKI - Allen M. Sumner Class: [PN] Discord: INGeneral Twitch: Boggzy's Twitch: Boggzy's YouTube: TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
November 1, 2020
Episode 054: FDR vs MVR w/ Trackpad!
Clan Battles Season 11 have begun and Boggzy needs to know about the two new Tier X CV's and how they shape the meta!  Who better to help out than a guy who plays carriers with a laptop trackpad?  Trackpad, also known as "JustDodge" joins him to go over the finer points between the two.   00:00 - Intro 04:29 - Hello, Trackpad 07:10 - MvR, General Impressions 13:41 - FDR, General Impressions 20:20 - Competitive Formats (CB) 22:40 - vs. Petro 26:15 - FDR the "Flying Battleship" 27:55 - What about Hakuryu? 29:40 - The Return of the DD?   PLUGS:   Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Boggzy's YouTube Channel: [TNG] + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
October 14, 2020
Episode 050: Get to Know... Synpax!
Over a month after his departure from World of Warships, TNG, and this podcast, Synpax returns to talk about the "clan game" and how TNG went from a small clan in gale league to Hurricane stalwarts in the first half.  In the second half they shoot the breeze on personal things and indulgence vs responsibility.  If you've ever wondered about the fella behind the the stories, the rumors, and one of the game's most controversial clans - this is your chance!  Boggzy has questions from other clan leaders and plenty of his own for both Synpax and... Matt! 00:00 - Welcome to Synpax! 04:00 - What is "Synpax" and how did TNG begin? 10:35 - Running a clan as a game in a game. 22:50 - Crew system as a means of HR. 28:50 - A clan lives or dies by its recruiting. 33:20 - Naivete. 38:50 - Games within games and a story. 48:19 - BREAK (Advertisement) 49:01 - Welcome to Matt! 52:35 - What have we done for 53 episodes? 1:02:33 - The many avatars. 1:03:42 - The cluttered landscape of brand content. 1:10:31 - How long is 12-15 minutes, actually? 1:20:10 - Rewarding Episodes and moments. 1:27:05 - The The CV Boycott episode. 1:28:45 - Boggzy gets a big surprise! 1:38:25 - When it was time for him to leave. 1:46:28 - A story about a friend. 1:52:10 - Boggzy poaches Synpax Contact Synpax: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Boggzy's YouTube Channel: [TNG] + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
October 7, 2020
Episode 053: Global Rankout with Generaldort!
Some people play ranked.  Some people rank out.  Some people rank out on all 4 servers AND the mysterious Chinese server... Those people?  They're Generaldort.  Join Boggzy as he learns a little bit about the culture of ranked from a pro! 00:00 - Meet Generaldort! 02:30 - There are 4 (5) servers????? 09:28 - Global Rankout 11:28 - Favorite Ranked Tier 12:46 - Saving Stars vs. Playing for the Win 18:15 - DD at Start of a Match 20:20 - CA/CL at Start of a Match 22:18 - BB at Start of a Match 26:38 - CV's in Ranked?  Talk about it? 30:03 - Army Service and Other Games 32:55 - Twitch Streaming 35:08 - Wishes for Future Ranked PLUGS: Generaldort's Twitch: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Boggzy's YouTube Channel: [TNG] + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
October 4, 2020
Episode 052: King of the Sea XI Roundtable!
King of the Sea XI has ended with [07] victorious and Boggzy has questions after casting the tournament!  To answer them he's rounded up MFJones from [07], Fryce of [SCCC], and Absolute Detonation of [AP]!   00:00 - Introductions [O7]. [AP], [SCCC] 01:00 - Any surprises? 03:33 - CRUISERS - A.Nevsky? 07:30 - Petro... Why is it so damn good? 12:36 - Ship bans and EU 17:15 - DESTROYERS - Smaland? 22:05 - What is this Marceau?  Why is it so good? 25:00 - BATTLESHIPS - The Chonky Bois 34:37 - Exciting / Embarrassing Plays 41:06 - Thank you's / Hopes for KOTS in the future   Thank you for joining me, gentlemen!   PLUGS:  KOTS Discord: [O7] Discord: [AP] Discord: [SCCC] Discord: (you WILL get pinged...) [TNG] + NA Clan Embassy Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: KOTS XI Games (Boggzy): KOTS XI Games (SeaRaptor): BoggzyTime YT:  BoggzyTime Gaming - YouTube
October 1, 2020
Episode 051: The Highest Caliber of "Social" - [QQ7]!
After an excellent showing in KOTS XI, [QQ7]'s TheMooseontheLoose talks to Boggzy about the formation of 07's tertiary branch, the KOTS tournament, and how the nickname "Social Clan" got started + a little speculation on upcoming CB Season 11! Yes - I'm aware there is no episode 50... 00:00 - Intro / KOTS Streaming Info 01:28 - Meet TheMoose and QQ7! 04:50 - "Social Clan" 07:40 - KOTS XI games 10:10 - KOTS Darkhorse: Smaland? 14:30 - vs KSC on Crash Zone Alpha 18:21 - "Advertisement" 19:08 - Sink a Ship 21:53 - More KOTS talk 24:35 - the 07/007/QQ7 Community 27:20 - Thoughts on CB Season 11 32:34 - Poach Synpax PLUGS: [07/007/QQ7] Discord: [TNG] Discord / NA Clan Embassy: Boggzy's Twitch Stream:
September 22, 2020
Episode 049: "So Say We All" w/ clan [BTLST]
Boggzy has finally found a Battlestar Galactica-named clan!  Jemichaud joins him to discuss breaking into Typhoon from Storm League, organizing clan statistics, and a personal story from Boggzy about his friendship with the late Richard Hatch of both Battlestar Galactica series. 00:00 - Intro / Ranked Announcement / KOTS Streaming Info 01:46 - Meet Jemichaud from clan [BTLST] 07:40 - Clan Info Spreadsheet 10:05 - Boggzy's Best Joke Ever 11:15 - Breaking out of Storm League 22:09 - "Advertisement" 22:40 - Sink a Ship 26:00 - Why Battlestar? 28:01 - Boggzy Tells a Richard Hatch Story 35:25 - Poach Synpax PLUGS: [BTLST] Discord: [TNG] Discord / NA Clan Embassy: Boggzy's Twitch Stream:
September 15, 2020
Episode 048: No Pants Allowed in [APES]!
If you put a thousand apes in front of keyboards - how long will it take them to make it to Hurricane?  Well the boys from [APES] come by to attempt an answer.  There are seven rules to being in [APES], but you will only care about two of them! 00:00 - INTRO + A World of Warships Podcast?!?!?! 01:00 - Meet the [APES] 19:02 - "Advertisement" 19:28 - Sink a Ship and competitive 33:39 - Poach Synpax PLUGS: [APES] Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream:   TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
September 9, 2020
Episode 047: Talking Mercs w/ Borla and Fryce
In the first episode following the departure of Synpax, Boggzy trims down with a straight-talk about the revealed "Mercenaries" feature for future CB.  Joining him are Borla of [KSC] and Fryce of [SCCC] to flesh out the upsides and downsides of having players move fluidly between clans in competitive.   00:00 - Intro / Future of the podcast post-Synpax 04:36 - Fryce / Borla on first impressions 21:43 - "Advertisement" ;) 22:29 - Mercs in competitive and what it means overall. 40:57 - Borla's statement on Synpax' departure   PLUGS: SCCC Discord ( you WILL get pinged...): KSC Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream:   TNG Discord / NA Clan Embassy:
September 4, 2020
Episode 046: The Mighty Kraken [-K-] w/ Lord_Zath + CC Container Giveaway Challenge!
First off - Boggzy screwed up the audio on Zath and Co-host Tempest.  He is very sorry about this... Boggzy and Synpax go over Ahskance's CV Instruction Library before guest-host Gathering_Tempest joins to talk with streamer, CC, and leader of [-K-] Lord_Zath about the history of one of WoWs oldest competitive clans still going strong.  Later, they go over Zath's series called "Replay Theater" where Zath helps the community learn better gameplay through replay review, and Zath lays out a challenge to our listeners with a CC Container as a reward!!!! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro Banter + TNG News 16:00 - Interview with Lord_Zath 39:40 - Comedy Ad Break! 40:13 - Sink a Ship 43:18 - Replay Theater 59:48 - Poach Tempest + CC Container Challenge! PLUGS: Zath on Twitch: Zath on Twitter: Zath on Youtube: Zath on Discord:   Replay Theater Submissions: Kraken Recruitment: Ahskance on Twitch: Boggzy on Twitch: The North American Clan Embassy: Email:
August 27, 2020
Episode 045: The [WOOKY] Empire + KOTS Update + Yoshino!
It's a packed episode - but now it has TIMESTAMPS!!!!  Boggzy and Synpax get briefed on SL and KOTS updates from Quadrilus, get schooled in How-To-Yoshino by bwray, and top it off by learning about the growing empire of CC Wookie_Legend's multi-server clans and stream.  BONUS!  CV-main Ahskance has a Manfred Richtofen match you don't want to miss! 0:00 - Opening Banter / Ranked 10:00 - How-To Yoshino with bwray 34:15 - SL + KOTS update with Quadrilus 55:00 - Wookie_legend pt.1 1:16:00 - Wookie_legend pt.2 PLUGS: Wookie_Legend's Twitch Stream: [WOOKY] Discord: Wookie's Stream Team: Supremacy League Discord: KOTS Discord: Ahskance's Manfred Madness: Boggzy's Stream: The North American Clan Embassy: Email:
August 18, 2020
Episode 044: KOTS, Warship Masters Invitational, and the [STORM] Clan!
After discussing the new King of the Seas tournament, the dev blog notes on submarines, and their general lack of Youtube subscribers, Boggzy and Synpax chat with Amatsukaze about the progress of the Waship Masters Invitational. In a Get to Know a Clan segment, Newfieboy talks camaraderie in the [STORM] clan and inspires a new listener-driven segment!  (Apologies for Synpax's audio; he had the wrong mic selected :( ) PLUGS:  Warship Masters Invitational Discord Server: Dev Blog Notes: The Storm Clan's Discord: Boggzy's Stream: The North American Clan Embassy: Email:
August 13, 2020
Episode 043: Sub_Octavian, Head Honcho of World of Warships!
The Live Producer of World of Warships, Sub_Octavian, joins us for an extraordinary episode where we get answers on Russian influence, CVs in Clan Battles, aim hacks, the future of competitive, and many other subjects, AND we break some BIG NEWS regarding submarines! PLUGS:  WOWS YT Channel: WOWS Twitch Channel: The NA Clan Embassy Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Email Us!
August 12, 2020
Episode 042: Update 0.9.7, Loewenhartd. and a Princess Bride Clan (????)
Boggzy and Synpax discuss the 0.9.7 patch and then guest co-host Tempest joins us to talk about the new T6 KM Premium CV, Erich Loewenhardt. Finally, we are joined by Captain Leidma to talk to us about his clan, There Will Be No Survivors, aka The Dread Pirates Roberts, a Princess Bride-themed clan.  Today's exit music was "Reconnect" by EMBRZ.  PLUGS:  TWBNS' Discord: TheCableGuys KM CV Video:  Ahskance's Stream: Boggzy's stream: The North American Clan Embassy and TNG Discord: Mailbox:
August 8, 2020
Episode 041: Rubber Ducky Clan [RBRDK] + Sharnhorst Giveaway
We talk about the upcoming Anchorage dockyard mission and the Scharnhorst giveaway, and then introduce the leadership of the Rubber Ducky Clan [RBRDK] to discuss their in-house tournament.  Playing out our episode today is Nora En Pure's Diving with Whales PLUGS:  RBDRK Clan Discord: Chef's Deke's Dinner: Scharnorst Contest: Boggzy's Stream: North American Clan Embassy: Mailbag:
August 1, 2020
Episode 040: Lo Yang!
At forty episodes, Boggzy and Synpax have big news: A New Name for the Podcast! We talk a little clan battle ship distribution and then bring on one of the world's best Lo Yang players to talk strategy for making this ship work for you in ranked.  PLUGS: Clan Battle Season 6 Ship Distribution Chart: Boggy's Twitch Stream: NA Clan Embassy: Mailbag: 
July 29, 2020
Episode 039: Femennenly!
Former legendary CV Main, Community Contributor, and Wargaming Employee Femennenly joins us to talk Balanse, the NTC Aftermath, WG Community Relations, and what the future holds for her. PLUGS:  Fem's Twitch Stream: Fem's Discord: Fem's Twitter: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: The North American Clan Embassy: Podcast's Mailbag: Podcast's YT Channel:
July 22, 2020
Episode 038: NA's Grandad "Pops" of [PP-NA]! + Guest-Host Borla!
Boggzy is joined by guest-host Borla of KSC to interview Community Contributor, NA's Oldest WoWs Streamer, Naval Veteran, Granddad, and leader of [PP-NA], Pops!  Pops shares on starting a clan out of his Twitch stream, building a community in WoWs, and straddling TWO HURRICANES at once on the USS Leyte Gulf! PLUGS: Pops Place on Twitch:  [PP-NA] Discord:  NA Clan Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Mailbag:
July 19, 2020
Episode 037: How to KM CV + Meet the [JEDI-] Clan
Woody and Turret from [JEDI-] detail the switch when a 14 year-old Star Wars themed clan moves from another game to WoWs with special guest co-host Commander Jam while Cableguy2211 returns with Reimu Bakarei to discuss the new German CV's with special guest co-host Th3_St0rm!  These ARE the Star Wars puns you're looking for. PLUGS: [JEDI-] Discord: ReimuBakarei on YouTube: Cableguy2211 on YouTube: NA Clan Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Mailbag:
July 15, 2020
Episode 036: WOWS Data Mining with Trackpad, Hanger_18, and 901234
After Bogs and Syn discuss the new German CVs, we get under the hood of WOWS with three guys who've used their research into the game's code to create some pretty cool tools for the community.  PLUGS:  Trackpad's Discord Server: 901234's Warship Ballistics Web App: Hanger_18s Library of Hidden Mechanics and Charts: Boggy's Twitch Stream:  The NA Clan Embassy Discord: Outro Tune: Avocuddle, Green Bull & vensterbank - Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
July 10, 2020
Episode 035: From Squall to Typhoon (?) with Naumachia [-N-]
Arvenxx of Naumachia [-N-] comes by for a distinctly enjoyable and non-controversial chat about his clan's journey up from Squall/Gale leagues to pushing Typhoon and creating a brand new branch specifically for competitive play.  Also, Synpax premieres a big-brain segment in which YOU should absolutely partake... PLUGS: [-N-] Discord: NA Clan Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Mailbag:
July 8, 2020
Episode 034: Dastert and Storo talk NA versus EU and How to Rank Out!
Dastert and Storo of EU's Hurricane stalwart [RAIN] discuss the fast and furious run of clan [SEP] and Dastert's jump from the NA server to the EU.  Storo weighs in on the state of the game and tier 6 CB's while Dastert spills his secrets on ranking out first TWICE in Ranked. PLUGS: NA Clan Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Mailbag:
July 2, 2020
Episode 033: So Long, Shipstorm + Clan Battle Boycott????
Leading tournament organizer Duke returns to share the history of the much beloved Shipstorm tournament and his ambitions for a new Supremacy League. Next, the leaders of the Clan Battle Boycott movement join us to discuss their cause.  PLUGS:  KOTS Studio for info on the new Supremacy League: CV Protest Discord: WG Dev Blog: NA Clan Discord: Boggzy's Twitch Stream: Mailbag: 
July 1, 2020
Episode 032: Death of a Clan: [ZR] Absolute Territory with Your_SAT_Score
Your_SAT_Score joins us for a retrospective on two-time CB NA Champs and KOTS Champs [ZR] Absolute Territory, along with plenty of weeb talk and a discussion on the current state of the game.  Your_SAT_Score's Twitch Stream: NA Clan Embassy Discord: Mailbag: 
June 29, 2020
Episode 031: [CUTER], The Clan that Quit Competitive + Win a Premium Ship!
[CUTER]'s Zui comes by to shed light on what happens when a stalwart of the competitive scene decides to step back and take a more casual approach to the game.  Check out Hapa's forum contest for a chance to win a free tier 6! PLUGS: Hapa's Monaghan Contest: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address:
June 25, 2020
Episode 030: GAISHU!
5x NA Clan Battle Champion Gaishu Isshoku joins us to talk past, present and future of his legendary clan and their upcoming Masters Invitational Tournament.  PLUGS:  Gaishu's Twitch Stream: Masters Invitational Discord Server: North American Clan Discord: Mail Bag:
June 23, 2020
Episode 029: Perseverance, [5D]-Style
Boggzy and Synpax talk overcoming disasters, both as a clan and personally, with the leadership the Fifth Dimension clan [5D].  PLUGS:  5D's Discord Server: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mailbag: 
June 18, 2020
Episode 028: Get to Know a TNG Crew!
28 episodes in Boggzy and Synpax bring on the leaders of two TNG crews in the form of Cowboy_WY (Saints) and Imperator_Danny (Assassins) to discuss the TNG competitive system and the culture of crews vs. branches and weigh in on Boggzy's new ride... PLUGS: Imperator_Danny's Stream: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address:
June 12, 2020
Episode 027: The CV Mains You Love to Hate; Hurricane CV Roundtable!
Boggzy and Synpax sit down with some of the very best competitive CV players from Hurricane level clans in the form of Warlord78 [07], cableguy2211 [KSC], CV_NMSL [REPOI], and [TNG]'s own Ahskance.  Ever wanted to hear what the CV mains think of your dodging?  Now's your chance!  Topics include Hak vs. Midway, what the Audacious needs, upcoming CV's, and what it's like to be the most hated class of drivers! PLUGS: Brazilian Navy Day Competition: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address:
June 11, 2020
Episode 026: Clan Battle Champs from NA, EU, and CIS - 07, NoCV, and SMILE
Season 9 Global and EU Champs NoCV, First-time NA Champs 07, and multiple CIS Champ and very-nearly Season 9 RU Champs Smile join Boggzy and Synpax to talk about the most recent season, the future of competitive, and a potential international CB champ tournament!  PLUGS: BFK's Twitch Stream: Choicerino's Twitch Stream: Get_Wrecked_Bro's Twitch Stream: viceadmiral123's Twitch Stream: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address:
June 9, 2020
Episode 025: A Family that WoWs Together Makes a [SQUAD]
Real-life family clan [SQUAD] tells Boggzy and special guest-host PayDaPiper what it's like when your family plays Warships together! PLUGS: SQUAD Discord: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:  Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address:
June 7, 2020
Episode 024: Making Sense of Submarines with [07]'s Pulicat!
With Submarine testing on the live server, [07]'s Pulicat speaks to Boggzy and Synpax about his Forum-Guide on how Submarines work, how they don't work, and how WG can avoid another long rework as happened with CV's. PLUGS: Pulicat's Submarine Guide: Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address: The North American Clan Embassy Discord:
June 5, 2020
Episode 023: CVs Made This Clan Quit! + Breaking News re: Clan Battles Season Ten!
The leader of AKN shares his story of how the CV meta drove his clan to quit competitive, and Boggzy and Synpax spill the tea on Clan Battles Season Ten.  PLUGS:  AKN Discord: Boggzy's Stream: Mail Call! Email Address: The North American Clan Embassy Discord: 
June 4, 2020
Episode 022: Oink Goltz! Building a Community with FvG of [PIG]
Bombastic German Dictator Franz von Goltz of clan [PIG] discusses some of the trials and tribulations facing a brand new clan and shares his desire for a German Super-CV (named after him). PLUGS: PIG Discord: The Podcast Email Inbox: Boggzy's Twitch: The North American Clan Embassy:
May 31, 2020
Episode 021: Wargaming Deleted His Clan. A Convo with [UMR-R]'s Lovely Saragota
Wargaming just announced the very public dismantling of long-time SEA Clan Battle and KOTS champions [UMR-R], along with severe penalties stripping steel and steel ships from accounts of everyone in the clan.  [UMR-R]'s now-former leader joined us to discuss the punishment, whether or not it was justified, and what the future is for the clan's former members.  PLUGS:  Wargaming's Announcement Re: UMR-R: The Podcast Email Inbox: Boggzy's Twitch: The North American Clan Embassy:
May 27, 2020
Episode 20: WGA's Very Own Hapa Fodder (+Get Free Camo / Premium Ships!)
WG's own Hapa Fodder stopped by to talk about whether or not WGA is a real clan and to tell us about the trials and tribulations of being a community manager for WarGaming. Plugs:  Get a job at Wargaming! Hapa's Weekly Contest: Mail call email address: The North American Clan Embassy:
May 26, 2020
Episode 19: PWP Responds to Cheating Accusations
Boggzy and Synpax sit down with NewbieDash of PWP to discuss the clan's history, culture, and the recent accusations of cheating against PWP, also known as the Kaomoji Joint Fleet / Emoji Joint Fleet. PLUGS:  Mail call email address:  PWP Discord: Boggzy's Twitch: The North American Clan Embassy:
May 24, 2020
Episode 18: A Euro-blend of competence and chill, that's how you [EXCEL]!
Aschwell and Bloodhawk from EXCEL (Our spreadsheet says its fine) come by to tell us how former hyper-competitive players define "semi-competitive" and weigh in on recent WG actions against clans caught "smurfing." PLUGS: Aschwell Twitch Stream: EXCEL's Discord: EXCEL Recruitment: The North American Clan Embassy: Boggzy's Twitch: Questions or comments? Email us at --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
May 23, 2020
Episode 017: When the Lone Wolves form a Pack! Wolf-Pack-Alpha [W-P-A]
Cyberjock1 stops in to tell us how a clan for people who don't want a clan ends up becoming a wolfpack! PLUGS: [W-P-A] Discord: The North American Clan Embassy Boggzy's Twitch Stream: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
May 22, 2020
Episode 016: Hanging with the Ladies of The Bloody Buccaneers [TBB] [FIXED]
Ahoy! Freshy and Sara spill the tea about leading a clan and calling CBs.  PLUGS:  TBB's Discord  The North American Clan Embassy
May 20, 2020
Episode 015: A tale of Mutiny with clan [MOTHS]!
Sometimes the final straw breaks and it's time to split away from an established clan and chart a new path. The leadership of [MOTHS] joins us to discuss that journey on this episode. PLUGS: MOTHS Clan Discord: The North American Clan Embassy:  Questions or comments? Email us at
May 9, 2020
Episode 014: Friendship Is Magic with the Equestrian Royal Navy, a true BRONY clan!
The leadership of the Equestrian Royal Navy, a My Little Pony-themed clan come by to share how the merge their love of warships with MLP.  PLUGS:  ArchZero's DM Guide: Beaker's Twitch Stream: ERN's Discord: Panzer in Uniform: The North American Clan Embassy:  Questions or comments? Email us at 
May 8, 2020
Episode 013: Down Under with the B-Z Clan and a Discussion of the WG Q&A
Bez and Neptune from the B-Z clan join to talk to us about moving their clan from SEA to NA. We also discuss the ongoing WG Q&A.  PLUGS:  B-Z Discord: The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord: 
May 1, 2020
Episode 012: Borla and Torino of the Kill Steal Clan [KSC/KSD/KSE]
Borla and Torino stop by to discuss how they achieve sustainability amidst the endless competitive grind, the new CB CV meta, and a possible KSC-TNG merger!  PLUGS:  KSC Discord: The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord: 
April 28, 2020
Episode 011: Meann of Clan HATE - Misanthrope
Meann from HATE joins us to talk about talk about their clan's culture, their infamous "Wall of Shame," and how they're trying to make BBs viable in the age of CV Clan Battles.  And Boggzy and Synpax make an unusual discovery about the upcoming T8 FR BB, the Champagne.  //// HATE's Discord: The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord: 
April 27, 2020
Episode 010: SEA's KOTS + CB Champs UMR-R
Boggzy and Synpax travel to Shanghai to speak to LovelySaratoga, leader of UMR-R, a clan on the SEA server that has won multiple clan battle and King of the Seas Tournaments. He talks to us about their unique ways of screening applicants, the meta of the current clan battle season on the Asian server, and what went wrong in their razor-close loss to o7 in the International KOTS championship.  UMR-R's Discord:  The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord: 
April 25, 2020
Episode 009: FleetForce
Turmoil, Splits, Mergers, a Members Personal Information Database, and a Treasury Robbery! Learn about the Trials - and Triumph's - of one of North America's more colorful clans, FleetForce!  Fleetforce Discord: The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord:
April 20, 2020
Episode 008: Buenas Noches [BN]
Saludos! We talk to North America's top Latin clan, Buenas Noches about their clan culture, rivalries with other Spanish-speaking clans, and a potential Pan South American tech tree! PLUGS:  BN's Discord: Jaymi Mendoza's Twitch: Augusto's YT Channel: The North American Clan Embassy + TNG Discord: 
April 16, 2020
Episode 007: Talking KOTS X with SeaRaptor and Duke
We take a break from talking to clans and instead talk to two of the biggest names in King of the Seas: Streamer SeaRaptor and KOTS NA Organizer Duke about what it takes to put on and stream Warship's premier competitive event.  PLUGS: SeaRaptor's Twitch Stream:  KOTS Discord: TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
April 13, 2020
Episode 006: KOTS NA Champs [07] Devastating Strike
The leadership of NA KOTS champs Devastating Strike [07]  stop by to talk about their clan's history, what it takes to win at KOTS, and the upcoming clan battle season. PLUGS:  TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord: BFK's Twitch Stream: o7's Discord:
April 9, 2020
Episode 005: 5x GLOBAL Clan Battle Champ [SMILE ]
Privet! Boggzy and Synpax talk to Pavel of global clan battle champs [SMILE] from the RU server and pick his brain about strategic metas on different servers, the impact of CVs in the upcoming clan battle season, and is Russian Bias a truth or myth! PLUGS: TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
April 7, 2020
Episode 004: [NAM] - North American Militia
Today the leaders of North American Militia [NAM] join Boggzy and Synpax to chat about their military and veteran-centric clan.  PLUGS:  NAM Discord: TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord:
April 5, 2020
Episode 003: [ARP] - Arpeggio of Blue Steel
!!! - Please forgive sound issues - !!! Are WW2 ships manifested into anime girls your thing? Then tune in to learn about the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP] clan.  Plugs: The TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord - The ARP Discord -
March 31, 2020
Episode 002: Milthuz and Sapin of Quebec Navy [QCN]
Speak French? Milthuz and Sapin are the clan for you! Get to know them and their clan, Quebec Navy, in today's episode.  Plugs: The TNG + NA Clan Embassy Discord - The QCN Discord -
March 27, 2020
Episode 001: Lady Kryptonite and Dmal of [90th]
Boggzy and Synpax launch their podcast with the leadership of one of North America's most (in)famous clans, Lady Kryptonite and Dmal of the 90th. 
March 24, 2020