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The Next Year Now Podcast

The Next Year Now Podcast

By Tom Heffner
The Next Year Now Podcast is based on the belief that everyday, purposeful habits and practices are vital for you to thrive at work and in life. Each week, I interview some of the brightest and most successful people, with expertise in topics like Personal Development, Health & Well-being, Business, Productivity, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. My goal is to help you thrive by identifying the most successful habits and practices and to share the secrets of their success. Think of me as your virtual coach.
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Breaking Down Your Productivity w/ Brian Moran - #35

The Next Year Now Podcast

How Partnership is the New Leadership with Ty Bennett - #71
There’s never been a more abundant and prosperous time to be alive. There is no shortage of technologies and solutions to help you and your business to succeed. What separates the top performers … those of us at the very top of the pyramid is leadership. If you can lead effectively, then you can do anything. Today’s guest, Ty Bennet, accomplished author, speaker, and entrepreneur is going to share his unique take on leadership. Listen at
October 03, 2019
Prevent your inbox from blowing up w/ Todd Furneaux #70
Email advertising is a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. It’s everywhere and right now, it’s done in a way that is terrible for customers. Your inbox is no longer your inbox. My guest today, Todd Furneaux, has a product, AdKaddy, that aims to fix this problem. Listen at
August 13, 2019
How to become awesome at your job with Pete Mockaitis - #69
Today we’re speaking with one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world. I’m talking about Pete Mockaitis and his podcast, How To Be Awesome At Your Job. His podcast is one of the best places to learn about improving your performance at work and in life. Today’s conversation with Pete will give us a chance to pick his brain and learn the most important lessons and insights from over 400 episodes with some of the best experts and thought leaders you can think of. Listen at
July 19, 2019
The secrets to working less and earning more w/ Phil Newton - #68
Today we’re speaking with Phil Newton, creator of Unhustled, where he helps other work less and earn more. If you’ve ever felt like life has started to overwhelm you, then you don’t want to miss this episode. Listen at
June 21, 2019
How You Can Finally Change Your Behavior with Matt Wallaert - #67
I am so excited about today’s discussion with our guest Matt Wallaert. He’s an expert in behavior change, which comes in handy whether we’re trying to change our own behavior or the behavior of our customers. Matt is a world class expert in this behavior change. He has a new book – Start at the End - coming out in just a few weeks, and is one of the most fascinating people I’ve met. Buckle up and get ready. Listen at
June 11, 2019
How I'm Living The Entrepreneur's Life with Tom Heffner - #66
We're flipping the script today! Instead of interviewing a world class expert to uncover the habits and practices that have fueled their success, I'm having someone interview me. In this episode, it is Alec Pulianas, my podcast editor and producer who will be asking me about my journey into entrepreneurship. In particular, how it has gone over the last few months since I left my full time job for good. This is different from the normal podcast and it's really a fun conversation between two good friends. So if you want to learn more about my entrepreneurship journey and have fun doing it, then check out this conversation with Alec. Listen at
May 23, 2019
Leading a Happy, Successful, & Meaningful Life w/ Tal Ben-Shahar #65
So many people talk about happiness today ... and they do it lacking any scientific chops and real world application. That's why I'm so excited about today's guest, Tal Ben-Shahar. Tal is one of the world’s best experts on happiness. If you want to discover real, concrete habits you can adopt right now, then don't miss this episode! Tal breaks it down and backs it up with groundbreaking research on what it takes to live and lead a happy and meaningful life. Listen at
May 03, 2019
Building the Relationship of your Dreams w/ Yosef Lynn #64
In today's episode, we speak with Yosef Lynn about one of the most important topics in life ... marriage / relationships. Yosef, along with his co-author, Tod Jacobs, just released the book, Not a Partnership. It’s all about marriage. In the book, Yosef and Tod discuss what we keep getting wrong about marriage and how to get it right. If you’ve ever struggled with your marriage, or maybe you just want to make it stronger, then you DON’T want to miss today’s episode. I promise it will be the best thing you listen to today! Listen at
April 15, 2019
Market Yourself Like an Expert Online w/ Jay Ludgrove - #63
Do you create and post content online? Do you do any kind of online business? Then you know that one of the MOST important things you can do is to learn how to advertise and market to your customers online. It’s not the easiest and it’s not always intuitive. That’s why I’m excited to speak with Jay Ludgrove in this week's episode. Listen at
March 26, 2019
Innovative & High Performance Teaming with Amy Edmondson - #62
There’s a big myth I want to dispel right now. It’s the idea of the lone genius. The person that creates and develops amazing ideas and brings them to life alone, as the hero in the story. It’s simply not true. The big successes in organizations, in communities, in life ... they are almost always in the presence and with the help of other people. It’s called teaming. Today’s episode won’t discuss the myth, but I will talk all about teaming with the world’s best expert on teaming … and that is Amy Edmondson. Listen at
March 16, 2019
Creating a Contagious Culture with Anese Cavanaugh - #61
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast," is a phrase made famous by management guru Peter Drucker. But cultivating that culture is easier said than done. That's where my guest this week - Anese Cavanaugh - can help you and your organization. She helps create a contagious culture for organizations that sets them on the path to success. She does this by influencing leadership, performance and interpersonal interactions through a model she developed, The IEP model. If you nerd out on all things culture and leadership, then you don't want to miss this episode! Listen at
February 27, 2019
Baking Challah Bread to create a mindful life full of happiness, with Beth Ricanati - #60
For all the foodies out there, this week's episode is for you.  I speak with Beth Ricanati, an MD and author focusing on women's health and wellness.  She recently released her first book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs.  It's a fascinating book that talks about her story of learning to bake Challah bread and how it helped her cultivate happiness and even wellness in her life. We cover a lot of ground, including topics like mindfulness, relationships, and how you can make this a healthy endeavor.   Listen at
February 12, 2019
The Coddling of the American Mind w/ Jonathan Haidt #59
After a brief hiatus for the holiday break, we are back with another fantastic episode to help you thrive in life.  This week we speak with Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist who studies morality (among other things) and who is the co-author of what might be the most important book you read in 2019, The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure. Here is a sobering stat from our discussion ... the number of girls from the ages of 10 to 13 that have harmed themselves has tripled in just the last 3 years.  Jonathan talks about why this is happening, and how some very bad ideas (with good intentions) is connected to this and what we can do about it. Listen at
January 29, 2019
The Most Important Thing You Can Learn This Year w/ Andrew Wittman - #58
If you listen to only one podcast episode this year, I want you to make it this week's episode with Next Year Now guest Andrew Wittman, Ph.D., former special agent for the Capitol Police, police officer, and US Marine Corps infantry officer. He's here to talk to us about the 7 Secrets of Resilience for Parents. It doesn't matter if you have kids or not. We can all benefit by becoming more resilience in our lives ... because if we want to help the people we love - our children, our friends, our colleagues - then we have to be the example. When we demonstrate we are resilient then we become a safe harbor for those around us and help them to become more resilient. Check out what Andrew has to say and post your favorite resilience tip or practice in the comments section! Listen at
December 15, 2018
Living a Life That Truly Matters from Photo-blogger, Adrien Finkel - #57
It's Thanksgiving Holiday week and I'm thankful for for this week's guest - Adrien Finkel. She is a photographer, writer, and producer based in LA. Her just-released book, My Naked Truth, is a photo essay that explores triumphs, tragedies, and personal beliefs. Adrien interviewed over 200 people for this project and has a lot of really great insights to share about living a life that truly matters. Don't miss out on this Thanksgiving goodness and listen to it now! Listen at
November 23, 2018
Train Your Brain w/ Dana Wilde - #56
Today’s guest, Dana Wilde is a brain trainer for entrepreneurs. She helps entrepreneurs and others to think better so that they can live better. She has a really unique background and approach to training the brain that I think will resonate with everyone. If you've been struggling to launch or grow your business, or you just want to learn to harness your brain better, then you don't want to miss this episode. Plus she has an awesome freebie to give you! Listen at
November 07, 2018
Special Episode: Tom talks getting fit & healthy for good AND big changes to the show! #55
Today is a special episode. It marks one year since I started this podcast to help you to thrive at work and in life. To mark this occasion I wanted to do something different. I'm celebrating by sharing my own experience of improving my health & well-being AND by announcing some big changes to the podcast! In today's episode, I dive into how a recent visit to the doctor for my annual physical motivated me to take BIG action in my life. I hired Ted Ryce, a celebrity fitness and nutrition coach. In this episode, I discuss: Why I hired a fitness and nutrition coach NOW ... and why you should too The benefits of hiring a coach, both for me AND you My progress so far And the big changes I have made to the podcast for the rest of this year! Listen at
October 21, 2018
Get ahead financially with Wallet Hacks Founder Jim Wang #54
Today’s guest, Jim Wang, is a personal finance blogger and founder of Wallet Hacks. Jim reads what all of the experts are saying we should do and does something unique ... he tests them out to see which approaches work and which do not. He reminds me of Tim Ferris ... only he's running these experiments so that he can help us how to get ahead financially. If you ever thought money management or personal finance was difficult, then don't miss this conversation where Jim breaks it down to the core components. Listen at
October 14, 2018
Take the entrepreneurial leap with Christine McAlister #53
Today's guest, Christine McAlister, is the founder of Life With Passion. She specializes in helping high-achieving and motivated entrepreneurs break free from the 9 to 5 and reach their dreams! She is a rockstar business coach and an even better person. If you've been toying with the idea of launching your own business but haven't taken the leap, then don't miss this episode. Christine shares the most important lessons, insights, and tips for helping us to succeed. Listen at
October 05, 2018
Erica Keswin Shows You How To Bring Your Human To work - #52
Chris Peterson, a legend in the Positive Psychology world, once said, "other people matter." Chris was highlighting that the best of the world is because of and in service of the people around us - our family, our friends, our classmates, and even our colleagues. If we want to truly enjoy life. If we want to thrive at work, then we better take the time to cultivate a workplace full of rich relationships and deep connections. This week's guest - Erica Keswin - is all about creating meaningful and deep relationships at work. Her Book, Bring Your Human to Work: 10 Surefire Ways to Design a Workplace That Is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, launched this week and is one of the best resources for helping you create better relationships and thrive at work. Listen at
September 28, 2018
Using Behavior Analysis to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing w/ Gianna Biscontini - #51
There are a lot of ways to improve your health and well-being ... and pretty much anything you want to change. And one of the best ways to do that is through behavior analysis and coaching. This week's guest, Gianna Biscontini, is an expert in behavior analysis and is using this approach in her company, W3RKWELL, to help organizations improve employee health and well-being. If you've never heard of behavior analysis before, don't worry. I didn't either until my son was diagnosed with ADHD. Only then did I realize how important behavior analysis and coaching can be if we really want to change. And at some point in our life, we've all wanted to change something about our behavior. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a great conversation. Listen at
September 21, 2018
Becoming unstoppable in business & life w/ Kelly Roach - #50
One of the best things you can do to improve in life is to find yourself a kick-ass coach. That's why I was so excited to speak with Kelly Roach this week. She's a business coach and best-selling author who helps entrepreneurs go from zero to hero. And the best part? She's someone who's done it. She's built her business into a million dollar operation and she's learned what works and what doesn't so you can accelerate your growth. If you've been thinking about starting a business, or maybe you have already, then you don't want to miss this episode. It's jam packed with insights to help you succeed in business and in life. Listen at
September 14, 2018
Free yourself from financial bondage w/ Damion Lupo - #49
I’ve been thinking a lot about financial freedom lately. And that’s because, like a lot of people, I made the mistake of buying too much house. Don’t get me wrong, I love our house and our neighborhood community, but it’s come at a cost. My wife and I feel the financial burden of that mortgage and the cost of ownership that comes with it. We have both been been working our butts off the last few years to attain financial freedom. And that’s why I am so excited to chat with today’s guest – Damion Lupo – about how we can free ourselves from the financial bondage and truly gain freedom in our lives. If you want true freedom ... the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, then don't miss this conversation! Listen at
September 07, 2018
Learn how grit helps you build passion & perseverance w/ Angela Duckworth - #48
We’re so fortunate to have yet another New York Times best-seller on the show. This week Angela Duckworth will join us. She is the author of Grit, the CEO of the Character Lab, and without a doubt, the best professor I had while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Who else could make me fall in love with inferential statistics!!! Seriously though, if you have kids, lead a team, or just want to improve, then you don't want to miss this interview. Angela is THE go-to expert on grit. Listen at
August 31, 2018
How You Can Use Wisdom To Become A Modern Elder w/ Chip Conley - #47
This week's guest - Chip Conley - takes me back full circle to my time at the University of Pennsylvania where I studied applied psychology in graduate school. I remember reading Chip's book, Emotional Equations, and thinking that everything I thought I knew about well-being and happiness needed to be re-calibrated. What I really love about Chip is that his books are not academic tombs with no relevance. They are grounded in his experience as a hotelier entrepreneur for 26 years and more recently, as a strategic advisor to the founders of Airbnb. Chip has a brand-new book, Wisdom at Work – launching in Sept. It's a great read on how you can leverage wisdom that comes from experience to stay relevant at work or to pivot to something new and different. This was such a fun conversation, full of insights and concrete habits we can adopt ... you don't want to miss it! Listen at
August 24, 2018
Level Up Your Leadership & Life w/ Elise Auxier - #46
This week's guest is Elise Auxier – a professional executive and life coach. She specializes in a type of coaching called the Energy Leadership Index. Unlike personality assessments, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a behavioral assessment which illuminates how current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors either enhance our ability to lead or detract from it. It measures how people really “show up” in life on a day when things are going pretty good and when they are under stress. Listen at
August 17, 2018
How to Succeed in College & Life w/ Dan Lerner - #45
I can't tell you how excited I was to speak with this week's guest - Dan Lerner. He's the author of U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) and also teaches the largest and most popular class at NYU (on happiness). As a parent, I want my kids to go to college, I want them to have fun, I want them to be successful. But more than that, I want them to be happy. His book is a great blueprint for how we can help prepare them to thrive when they go off to college. If you have kids, want to have kids one day, or have family members that will be going to college soon, then you don't want to miss this conversation. We dive into the details of the book and discuss the most important insights. Listen at
August 08, 2018
Rebooting Your Diet w/Erin Wathen - #44
Do you ever find it difficult to stay on top of your diet and to eat healthy, nutritious meals every day? Me too. It's something I think many of us struggle with. Life gets crazy sometimes - work, family, friends, and on and on. If that's you, or someone you know, then you don't want to miss my conversation with health coach and food abuse counselor, Erin Wathen. She talks about what it takes to reboot our diet and to eat well everyday. Listen at
August 03, 2018
Why You Should Finally Start Your Business w/ Tom Heffner #43
Today I'm breaking down why you should finally start your own business. No more excuses, no more putting it off. Inspired by my time at the Podcast Movement 2018 conference, I'm sharing with you the most important reasons you should be starting your own business right now, the challenges you will face, and how to get there. It's a short 15 min episode that you will really love. Listen at
July 27, 2018
Stop Dying For Your Paycheck w/ Jeffrey Pfeffer - #42
Have you ever had a job you hated? Or a job that was a daily grind? I did ... and let me tell you ... it sucked big time! The first 5 years of my career I absolutely hated my job. It drove me into a deep depression, negatively affected my health and even my relationships with my family and friends. I was not fun to be around back then. I was literally dying for a paycheck. It turns out, I wasn't alone. A lot of us are Dying For A Paycheck. If that was you ... is you ... or maybe someone you know, then you don't want to miss this episode. I chat with Jeffrey Pfeffer - one of the world's leading management thinkers and the author of Dying For A Paycheck. Listen at
July 21, 2018
Ordinary to Extraordinary: How to live a life of meaning and success w/Erik Seversen- #41
Do you ever wonder why some people go on to live an extraordinary life while others settle into an ordinary life? Often times, we think it’s something reserved for special people. But the truth is … we can all live an extraordinary life. And our next guest, Erik Seversen, stops by the Next Year Now Podcast to tell us all how we can live an extraordinary life. Listen at
July 13, 2018
Hacking Success with The One Thing Podcast Host Geoff Woods - #40
Want to know what the most successful people do to drive their success? Then check out my conversation with Geoff Woods. That's because Geoff is an expert at hacking success as the podcast host of The One Thing Podcast, where he's been interviewing the most successful people in the world to uncover the One Thing that has fueled their success. Oh, and he also helped launch the One Thing company and podcast with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan - the bestselling authors and iconic business leaders. You don't want to miss this episode - because Geoff is one of the best in the business and shares the secrets he's learned over the years. Listen at
July 05, 2018
Grow Your Business and Brand Using Facebook Ads w/Mojca Mars - #39
Every day the internet gets more crowded with people trying to build their business and their brand. If you don't know how to advertise online, you are destined to fail. That's why today's episode is so important ... because Mojca Mars shares her secrets for creating the most effective online advertisements using Facebook Ads. Mojca is a Facebook Ads expert, author, and international speaker. Her work focuses on helping businesses generate more leads and increase profits with a carefully developed Facebook Advertising Strategy, so they can devote their time to other aspects of their business. She is the author of the Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started and the creator of The Facebook Ads Academy. Listen at
June 30, 2018
Adam Grant Shares The Secrets To Achievement, Learning From Failure, And how To Become An Original - #38
Today we are in for a real treat. And that’s because we speak with Adam Grant – a leading expert on workplace behaviors and motivation, a NYT best-selling author, and host of one of the most popular podcasts on the planet – not to mention the most downloaded – a TED original, The Worklife podcast. If you've been struggling to uncover habits and practices that will help you succeed at work and become more resilient in life, then don't miss this episode with one of the leading management thinkers of our time! Listen at
June 21, 2018
Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Ted Ryce Teaches Us To Transform Our Mind, Body, & Life - #37
Today’s conversation with celebrity fitness trainer Ted Ryce is a game changer.  Ted shares how he's helped celebrities and billionaires like Robert Downey Jr (that's right - Iron Man!), Ricky Martin, and Richard Branson transform their mind, body, and life.  And more importantly, he talks about the keys to resilience and how he overcame a string of tragedies in his own life at a young age - including losing his mom at 14 and his younger brother being kidnapped and murdered when he was 19.  His story his unbelievably heartbreaking, but it's also a reminder of how we can all overcome, endure and go on to lead a full life ... or as Ted likes to say, a Legendary Life. Listen at
June 14, 2018
Wade Lightheart On Nutrition, Healing, & Living A Better Life - #36
Today’s guest – Wade Lightheart - is probably one of the most unique individual’s I’ve ever spoken with. That’s because Wade has packed more in his lifetime than most people could pack in 10 lifetimes. Wade is a fitness and wellness enthusiast, entrepreneur & businessman, and author of several books. He's also the host of the Awesome Health Podcast, where he is on a mission to help others improve their digestive health. If you want to learn how you can improve your health and live a better life, then don't miss this interview!
June 06, 2018
Breaking Down Your Productivity w/ Brian Moran - #35
One of the keys to success is learning how to be productive. It's something we discuss A LOT on the Next Year Now Podcast. A few episodes back I spoke with Jeff Sanders about the dramatic productivity benefits we can achieve by waking up at 5AM everyday. In today's episode I chat with productivity expert and NYT best-selling author, Brian Moran. Brian co-authored the NYT best-selling book, The 12 Week Year. I've heard more praise and more stories of success coming from this book than any other. It's one of the most-recommended books ever by guests on the show. My conversation with Brian did not disappoint. If you want to cultivate a more productive life and achieve more in 12 weeks than most people achieve in 12 months, then don't miss this episode! Listen at
May 31, 2018
Discover A Unique Way To Earn Passive Income with Kevin Bupp - #34
One of the best ways we can thrive is to provide for ourselves … by becoming the Captain of our own ship. For those of you that have long thought about taking a stab at entrepreneurship, or those that are interested in generating passive income … this is the episode for you! That's because we speak with one of the most unique and interesting entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with to date – Kevin Bupp. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with a ton of great advice to share with us – be it on entrepreneurship, productivity, and pursuing a life worth living. Kevin got his start in real estate and … after almost losing everything during the great recession, he bounced back by learning to invest in a little known real estate market – mobile home parks. It’s proven to be one of the most profitable ventures he’s ever started. Listen at
May 23, 2018
The Best Advice For Creating The Job You Love - #33
Today we speak with a truly iconic writer and businessman … Dan Miller. Dan is the president of 48 Days and specializes in helping people to increase their personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work is something we can all achieve in our life and is active in helping individuals to find that path – be it by redirecting their careers, evaluating new incomes sources, or by achieving a balanced life. Dan is a NYT best-selling author, a frequent host on television and radio personality shows. And he also hosts a weekly podcast that is consistently ranked #1 under Careers on iTunes. Listen at
May 18, 2018
Get Unstuck In Your Life And Work w/ Greg Gray #32
When we get stuck professionally, we often try working harder, longer, or just plowing our way through the problem. It almost never works. A better approach is to find a coach. Just as a good sports coach can turn a team around, so can a good business coach. Today we speak with Greg Gray – a business and leadership coach and former business consultant. He's going to chat with us about how we can get un-stuck and also share how business coaching can help entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve more balance in their life through key habits and practices. Listen at
May 09, 2018
Hack Your Way To Entrepreneurship w/ Chris Dayley #31
One of the things we cover often on this show is entrepreneurship. Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is understanding the habits and practices that lead to success. Our guest today – Chris Dayley – is a fantastic example of how the right habits and practices can lead you to success as an entrepreneur. We’re going to chat with Chris about both the habits of success and dig into his area of expertise – online marketing through better user experience of websites. Listen at
May 01, 2018
5AM Miracle – Everything you need to know about Productivity w/ Jeff Sanders - #30
One of my quests in life is to find ways to increase my productivity - how much I produce and the quality of what I produce. If you that sounds like music to your ears or if you just want to learn how you can optimize your own productivity and personal development, then you will love today's episode. That's because we speak with Jeff Sanders – a productivity expert, award winning podcast host, and author of 2 hugely popular books on productivity and personal development. Listen at
April 25, 2018
Dr. Mike Roussell Teaches Us All About Nutrition - #29
What we eat ... when we eat ... and how often we eat ... can dramatically change our bodies. It can change our muscle mass, our physical performance, our mental performance at work or in school. It's a playground of infinite possibilities. The challenge is that there is so much information out there - much of it complex and data driven. It's hard to understand what is fact and what is fiction. That's where Dr. Mike Roussell can help us. He has a PhD in nutrition from Penn State and is one of the only people I trust and use for translating complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits. If you're looking for good, science-backed advice on adopting a more nutritious diet and lifestyle, then don't miss this episode! Check it out at #MensHealth #Nutrition #MikeRoussell #NYN_Podcast
April 18, 2018
Build A Presence And Brand Online Using LinkedIn Ads w/ AJ Wilcox #28
I have a lot of friends these days who are trying to create a side hustle online. They are looking to build their brand and presence online ... and in some cases, to sell a product or service. If that's you, or if you find that world as fascinating as I do, then you’re going to love this interview. That’s because we speak with AJ Wilcox - a master at online marketing, and in particular LinkedIn Ads. AJ is a long-time digital marketer and has been at the forefront of LinkedIn Ads since 2011. He founded in 2014, which specializes in LinkedIn Ads account management, training, and consulting. Since then, he’s managed hundreds of accounts and a combined $100 million in ad spend on the network. And if you’re looking for credibility – you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with better chops as he’s worked directly with several of LinkedIn’s top 10 accounts as well. In today’s episode, AJ and I discuss: What makes online marketing – and LinkedIn Ads in particular – so effective The value of using social media versus Google for advertising Do it yourself training and how-to recommendations Book recommendations to help fuel your entrepreneurial journey And so much more! All the links and resources AJ and I discussed can be found at the page created just for this episode. You’ll find it all at
April 11, 2018
Become a Productivity & Leadership Machine w/Glenn Mattson - #27
Today’s episode is going to be a fun and unique dive into productivity and leadership. That’s because, we’ll be speaking with Glenn Mattson in just a moment. Glenn is a rockstar consultant who specializes in helping leaders and business owners improve their business through better leadership, sales, and productivity. In our conversation Glenn and I will be discussing: - How we can cultivate self-motivated team members - Strategies for leading millennials - The most effective habits and practices to improve your productivity and efficiency at work - Book recommendations to help us cultivate a healthier and more meaningful life – both at work and at home. ...And so much more! Glenn Mattson is President of Mattson Enterprise, a Sandler Training consulting and training firm specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness. Glenn’s firm conducts public and private workshops, corporate programs and one on one strategic sessions for corporate executives, business owners and individuals who find themselves in the sales/management role. Glenn helps individuals who are on their own, or part of a larger organization, overcome the roadblocks keeping them from reaching their definition of success. He feels if you know the “Why” you can overcome the “How.” Glenn follows a simple process of defining where his client wishes “to be” in comparison to their current “as is” status. Once an understanding of the gap is agreed upon, the plan to connect the two is unique to the individual attitudes, behaviors and techniques that need to be developed. --- You can connect with Glenn online through his website: All the links and resources Glenn and I discussed can be found at the page created just for this episode. You’ll find it all at
April 04, 2018
Discover How You Can Lead a Healthy, Long, and Meaningful Life w/ Tom Rath #26
Today's episode might be one of my most influential interviews to date. I interview Tom Rath - a prolific writer, New York Time's best seller, and the best scientist I know. In our conversation, Tom and I will be discussing... - The three most important habits to living a happier, healthier and longer life. - The biggest mistake we make when pursuing happiness. - Strategies we can practice to live a more meaningful life. - Book recommendations for living a happier, more meaningful life. ...and so much more! Tom Rath is one of the few people who can take your breath away with the achievements in his life. He’s the author of six New York Times best-selling books (that’s right - six). His last book, "Are You Fully Charged?" spawned a feature length documentary, children’s book, and accompanying app. In addition to his prolific writing, Tom also serves as a senior scientist at the Gallup organization where he previously spent thirteen years leading the organization’s work on employee engagement, strengths, leadership, and well-being. Most importantly, Tom is a devoted father to his children and husband to his wife Ashley. You can connect with Tom online through his website,, and his Twitter account @TomCRath. All of the resources Tom and I discussed in today's episode can be found at the page created just for this episode,
March 28, 2018
Learn How To Take Your Business & Life Back w/Scott Beebe #25
In today’s interview, we’re going to explore how small business owners can get their lives and business back on track by learning to work on their business instead in their business. To do that, we’ll be speaking with Scott Beebe – an expert in business coaching and helping others to define and articulate their business vision, mission and values. In our conversation Scott and I will be discussing: - The power of exploiting a niche for your business - The 3 things almost all business owners overlook but are key to your success - The non-negotiables of any small business - Book recommendations to challenge your conventional wisdom and books to optimize your day to day business ...And so much more! If you run a small business and need help coaching, optimizing or growing your business, Scott Beebe is your go to resource. He is the founder of and host of the wildly successful Business On Purpose Podcast. He helps small businesses implement intentional vision values, systems and processes. To do this, Scott created a six-month program called 4-Steps to Business Freedom, which is designed specifically for small business owners. Scott also works as a virtual operations coach for Dan Miller and his organization at 48 Days and helps with View From the Top organization with Aaron Walker, who we spoke to in Episode 21. --- You can connect with Scott online through his website – and his twitter account @scottbeebe All the links and resources Scott and I discussed can be found at the page created just for this episode. You’ll find it all at
March 21, 2018
Craft A Relationship That Lasts & Excites With Ken Fierheller #24
In today’s interview, we’re going to look at relationships again. This time, we’re going to explore it through the eyes and advice of a psychotherapist – Ken Fierheller, who specializes in relationship counseling, anxiety, and self-esteem counseling. In our conversation Ken and I will be discussing: - His unique approach to relationship and individual counseling - The most difficult barriers to a happy relationship - How having a space for just you and your spouse to connect each day can be the key to a thriving relationship - Book recommendations to rev up your relationship with your spouse ...And so much more! Ken Fierheller is a registered psychotherapist and relationship coach who specializes in relationship counseling, anxiety and self esteem counseling. One of the things that makes Ken so great at his job is his breadth of training and expertise. He studied for 4 years at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto, which is a unique practice that specializes in mindfulness, empowerment and relationally based approaches to therapy. He also has extensive relationship training in various methods, such as Terry Reals training called Relational Life Therapy, Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. He has also trained with Encountered Centered Couples Therapist Hedy Schleifer, Esther Perel and Bob and Rita Resnick. In addition to relationship therapy, Ken also has a background running a small non-profit in the Bow Valley, managing a residential treatment center for teenagers and was the lead facilitator for team building and leadership development at conference center just outside of Toronto. Ken’s passion is for helping people discover their potential and he likes to push his clients to find their personal edge and challenge them to get really invested in their own self development. He believes that relationship work is a practice and believes that relationships can be one of the greatest places to learn about ourselves and thus holds the key to a great opportunity for self-awareness and growth.  You can connect with Ken online through his website – and his twitter account @KenFierheller All the links and resources Ken and I discussed can be found at the page created just for this episode. You’ll find it all at
March 14, 2018
Master Your Money With Farnoosh Torabi #23
Today’s episode is a Next Year Now First. We’ll be discussing money management and personal finance. It’s easy to focus on some of the obvious topics of thriving in life – things like Health and well-being, personal development, productivity... but we've covered all those areas before. One of my listeners recently clued me in to a universal truth: Money is important and it can be a huge source of happiness - or conversely - frustration and pain. So to help us better understand and manage our money, today's guest is Farnoosh Torabi. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better person than Farnoosh to learn the best tips, habits, and practices of good money management and decision making. She is a best-selling author of 3 books – You’re So Money, Psych Yourself Rich, and her latest book, When She Makes More. She’s appeared on major news and talk shows, like Good Morning America and the NBC Today Show. She also hosted the personal series Financially Fit on Yahoo – where she served a daily dose of money inspiration to millions of viewers. And finally, you can listen to her share even more nuggets of financial wisdom on her incredibly successful podcast – So Money – where she interviews highly accomplished individuals. These are people like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and Sallie Krawcheck, to name just a few. In today's episode, we cover tough financial topics, like finding your financial "why," how and when to start saving for retirement, being (or not being) the breadwinner in your relationship, and so much more. You can find out more about Farnoosh at her website, or at her Twitter, @Farnoosh. Be sure to check out her latest money course at Investopedia, "Master Your Money," and get 20% off with code Farnoosh20. Finally, you can find out about Farnoosh's upcoming writing and branding workshop at
March 07, 2018
Overcoming Impossible Odds w/ Joscelyn Duffy - #22
In today’s interview, we’re going to explore the power we all have within us and how an unwavering belief in yourself can help you accomplish almost anything. Today, I speak with Joscelyn Duffy - author, self-expression strategist, creative consultant, and someone who has an incredible story to share about surviving a near death health scare. We explore the concept of compassion and looking at our lives from a "park bench perspective." Joscelyn shares her story of facing death (twice), and how she overcame what medical professionals considered to be impossible odds. Finally, we discuss Joscelyn's favorite books, reading list, and upcoming projects. You can connect with Joscelyn via her Twitter, @JoscelynDuffy. You can also find more info on Joscelyn - as well as a free gift - at
February 28, 2018
Live a Life Of Success & Significance Through Mastermind Groups w/ Aaron Walker - #21
Today we have a chance to speak with Aaron Walker – author, entrepreneur, and life coach. In our interview, he talks about his 30+ years of experience building mastermind groups while sharing the benefits of building community. We also discuss how we can leverage community to help us live a life of significance and success. Finally, we chat about Walker's future projects and what he is working on right now. In our conversation Aaron and I will be discussing: - Masterminds – what are they and how they can transform your life - What a good mastermind looks like - Habits and practices to live a life of significance and success - Book recommendations to help start your own mastermind and to help you achieve more in less time - And so much more! You can connect with Aaron online through his website, and his twitter account @VFTCoach.
February 20, 2018
Joshua Spodek Cracks the Leadership Code - #20
Today might be our most important episode ever. That’s because we’re going to talk about leadership. Few things are as impactful in our life as good leadership – be it at work, in our personal lives, on the sports field – whatever the domain is. Good leadership has the potential to produce so much positive change that it’s impossible for us to ignore it anymore. Our guest today is Joshua Spodek - bestselling author, podcast host, and NYU professor. We'll be discussing leadership in detail. Specifically, we'll talk about what it is, how we can get better at it and the amazing impact it can have on our lives. If you're looking for a fool-proof way to thrive in life and at work, then you don't want to miss this episode. In today’s episode, Joshua and I discuss: How taking cold showers is the foundation for becoming great at anything – seriously, you’ll want to listen to Josh’ own experience about this one The how of becoming a great leader – which is super important because most books just focus on the what … that is, what is good leadership The biggest challenges we face in leadership and how to overcome them The most effective habits and practices we can cultivate to improve our leadership Book recommendations to help you understand the importance of leadership in our life And so much more!
February 14, 2018
Tom Schwab Explains Why Podcast Guesting Will Generate Sales & Expand Your Brand - #19
I sit down with Tom Schwab - navy veteran and one of the best online marketers I know. We discuss online marketing techniques, as well as how being a podcast guest can lead to a huge boost in our business and brand. If you want to build leads for your business, expand your brand's impact and footprint, or just learn about what it takes to be successful in online marketing, then don't miss this episode! In today’s episode, Tom Schwab and I discuss: Why online marketing is so important to businesses and brands The best approaches to getting booked as a podcast guest The most effective habits you can use to become a better podcast guest Book recommendations to help you become more effective in online marketing and branding And so much more!
February 06, 2018
Discover How You Can Build A Love That Lasts With Your Spouse Or Partner
I sit down with Suzie Pileggi Pawelski and James Pawelski - positive psychology experts and authors of the just released, Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts. I'm so excited about this interview because I think it has the chance to be one of our most impactful episodes yet. Just about all of us know someone struggling in a relationship or marriage. It could be a friend, it could be a family member, or maybe even us. Our relationships are so important to our well-being - they have the power to make us incredibly happy or ... on the other side, so very sad. If that resonates with you ... if you're looking to improve your relationship with your spouse or partner ... or maybe even transform a good relationship into a great one, then you don't want to miss this episode. It's packed with a ton of practical habits and tips you can adopt today! In today’s episode, James, Suzie and I discuss: What the great philosopher Aristotle can teach us about cultivating love in our relationships. The specific ways positive psychology can help us be happy together and build a love that lasts. The one piece of advice to remember about having great relationships Book recommendations to help grow your own happiness And so much more!
January 31, 2018
Everything You Need To Know About Coaching - #17
One of the best decisions I've ever made has been to hire a coach. When I set out to create and launch my own podcast, I knew that I could accelerate my growth and maximize my potential if I hired an experienced coach. And guess what? 17 episodes since I launched, I'm having the time of my life. The podcast is super successful - helping people to thrive and live better lives. It's time to take action! If there is something you've been dying to achieve but have struggled to accomplish - for whatever reason - then I want you to consider hiring a coach to help you get there. But before you do, listen to my next guest - Darrah Wolfe - tell you everything you need to know about coaching. I promise you, listening to this episode and hiring a coach will be the best decision you make in 2018. In today’s episode, Darrah and I discuss: What is coaching and why it’s so important to achieving your goals in life and at work The most important things to consider when you want to hire a coach The most effective habits and practices Darrah has observed and developed to help people to achieve success in her coaching practice Great book recommendations to help us develop effective habits, improve our personal development and to unwind when we need a little bit of rest And so much more!
January 24, 2018
Learn How To Build Your Innovation Chops - #16
"From my house to the White House." - Tyson Weinert When my next guest, Tyson Weinert, talks about innovation - I listen. That's because he has a long and successful track record of teaching innovation. He's equipped individuals and organizations with the tools of innovation across a variety of domains. He even had the honor of helping the first lady - Michelle Obama - using human centered design methods to help develop the Joining Forces Program led by Michelle Obama. You may be thinking that innovation and creativity aren't important, but think again. The world is changing. While information Management defined the 20th century, Innovation Management is defining the 21st century. It's not enough to just be good at your job or for an organization to be good. Innovation is becoming as important to success as any other ability or skill. Learn how to build your own innovation chops with Human Centered Design in my conversation with Tyson. Tyson is a human centered designer and program director for LUMA – where he and his colleagues help equip organizations and individuals with the capacity to innovate. In today’s episode, Tyson and I discuss: The surprising aspect people miss about innovation and what it means Why and how Post-It notes can be so effective at unlocking your creativity The most effective habits you can adopt to strengthen your creativity muscle and how that can help your innovation efforts at work and in life. Great book recommendations for exponentially growing your organization’s capacity to innovate and create effective policies And so much more!
January 17, 2018
Build A Thriving Community With Maryland Governor Candidate Alec Ross #15
Our first interview of the year just might be our most important. That's because I speak with Alec Ross - a 2018 Maryland gubernatorial candidate, New York Times best selling author, tech entrepreneur and former senior advisor on Innovation, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This conversation is different from our previous interviews because we focus on community and other people. In particular, Alec and I talk about how we can create thriving communities that are stronger ... that lift each other up, and help everyone to thrive. When we think about how we can really improve our lives and thrive, we often look inward. But it's a real missed opportunity if we don't look outward because Other People Matter. Just about everything good we experience in life - be it at work, in our families, at school, in sports ... whatever it is, is almost always in the presence of other people. In today’s episode, Alec and I discuss: The most effective habits you can adopt to cultivate a thriving community in your life Insights into why education plays such an important role in our life and well-being Great book recommendations for understanding the economy, politics, and how we can improve in our life And so much more!
January 09, 2018
New Years Special - Review of 2017 & Sneak Peak of 2018!
Today is a special day for us. It’s our 14th episode of the Next Year Now Podcast and it’s also the start of the new year. New Year’s is a time for resolutions – things we want to do, things we want to accomplish, or things we just want to improve. Because of that, I want to do something a little different today. Instead of interviewing a guest expert like I normally do, I want to talk about some of the best habits and practices from last year's guests, as well as highlight some of their book recommendations. I'll also offer my New Year's resolutions for 2018 and close out the episode by sharing just a few of the really amazing guests I'll be speaking with in early 2018! Happy New Year Everyone! May your 2018 be filled with laughter, love, and adventure!
January 02, 2018
Conquer Weight Loss For Good w/Matt Wolfs - #13
The Holidays and the New Year are upon us and we all know what that means - delicious meals and treats to pack on the pounds. Thankfully for us, my next guest, Matt Wolfs, is a weight loss and fitness expert. I could not think of a better person to talk to us about habits and practices that will help us lose weight and keep it off (especially during the Holidays!). Enjoy today's episode and be on the lookout for next week's conversation with Darrah Wolfe, where we talk about how coaching can help us with goal setting. And that is something almost all of us will need with New Year's resolutions right around the corner! In today’s episode, Matt and I discuss: The most effective habits to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body. Tips and insights to improve how you set and achieve goals. Fantastic recommendations to aid us in our personal development. And so many more insights and practical tools to help us!
December 26, 2017
Master Burnout Prevention by improving your resilience with Paula Davis Laack - #12
One of the biggest reasons I started this podcast was because of my own experience struggling to thrive at work and in life. The main culprit for my unhappiness and at times, depressive symptoms in life was work. Early on in my career I struggled ... a lot! I didn't know it at the time but I was suffering from a bad case of workplace burnout with a hefty layer of stress added on top. If you talk to some of my friends and colleagues (and even my wife) from this time, I guarantee they could tell you how miserable I was. If you've ever suffered from stress at work, or worse burnout, then I want you to pay close attention to this episode where I talk to stress and resilience expert Paula Davis-Laack. It's going to completely change the way you manage and balance your work, stress, and more importantly how you bounce back or push through the inevitable adversities you'll encounter in the workplace. It doesn't matter whether you've experience a lot or a little bit of stress or burnout - there are habits and practices in this interview that will help you to thrive. In today’s episode, Paula and I discuss: What Burnout at work looks like and why it’s so devastating to our health and well-being The most effective habits to prevent burnout and to build our resilience Some great book recommendations to help us learn more about the science of burnout prevention and resilience And so many more insights and practical tools to help us!
December 20, 2017
Simple Guidance From Nicolas Cole on How You Can Become Good At Anything - #11
One of the topics I've always been fascinated by is how we cultivate excellence in our life. My next guest, Nicolas Cole, has cracked the code on how we can become good at almost anything. As a teenager, he became one of the highest ranked World of Warcraft players in the world and cultivated a massive, devoted following online. Nicolas' subsequent pursuits of excellence included bodybuilding, writing, and entrepreneurship. He became a 3x Top Writer on Quora, a columnist for Inc magazine and recently launched his own agency, Digital Press. Through each of these experiences, he's learned and refined the habits and insights of becoming successful. If you want to learn his secrets of success, the habits and practices to maximize your personal development, then don't miss this conversation with Nicolas. I promise you won't regret it and you'll discover several key habits and practices you can adopt today to help you become successful and boost your personal development.
December 12, 2017
Discover the Truth About Nutrition & Wellness w/Kayleigh Pleas - #10
In today’s episode, Kayleigh and I discuss: The #1 question to consider before making any nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle changes. The cultural traps and environmental obstacles preventing us from flourishing and taking time to eat better. The most effective habits and practices of good nutrition, eating, and wellness – including a morning ritual everyone should be doing! And plenty of other key insights and practical lessons!
December 05, 2017
Learn To Meditate Mindfully And Become Happier, Healthier, & More Resilient w/Coryy Muscara - #009
My next guest, Cory Muscara, is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to meditation and mindfulness. He's a frequent guest on the Dr. Oz show and spent 6 months in silence practicing meditation 14+ hours a day. If you're struggling to manage the stress of everyday life - juggling work responsibilities, managing your kids schedules, finding time for you and your significant other, keeping the house clean, whatever it is - then I want you to consider meditation. Last year I was at my breaking point with stress and on a lark, I decided to give it a try. After the first 10 sessions on my Headspace App, I decided I would meditate for a year straight to see what, if any, positive effect it would have. That was the best decision I made last year. I tracked my well-being using a journal and spreadsheet everyday and that one change - meditating everyday - totally changed my life and well-being. If you think you want to change your life too, then listen to this episode with Cory. His insights, habits, and tips will help you start and maintain a healthy meditation practice today!
November 28, 2017
Get Inspired To Change Your Body, Mind, and Life w/Branden Collinsworth - #008
My next guest, Branden Collinsworth, has one of the most inspirational stories you will ever hear. He grew up in the projects on the east side of Las Vegas, where many of his community and friends ended up in prison or dead. He and his family were homeless at one point, living out of a car. But he managed to embrace that experience and use it as an edge for his success in life - opening up his own fitness gyms, becoming a Nike Master Fitness Trainer, and starting The Warrior Retreats project to help fuel his philanthropic pursuits. If you've been struggling with motivation, or think that you can't achieve success, then you need to check out this interview with Branden. I promise his story, his message, and his ideas about fitness, life, and success will change you. They will help you find the motivation you need to finally achieve the best version of you and the life you've always wanted.
November 21, 2017
Reb Rebele On Why Helping Others Can Be The Key To Succeeding At Work And Finding A Fulfilling Career
One of the great myths in business and work is that to succeed you must climb your way to the top ... on the backs of others. My next guest tells us that this is simply not true and that often times, those that are most successful "give" just as much as they "take." This prosocial behavior is the key to success for individuals and organizations everywhere. If you're looking to find a new way to thrive within in your career and at your work, then you're in for a real treat listening to my conversation with Reb Rebele. He talks about his work as a researcher in UPenn's Wharton People Analytics department, shares his insights from his writing in Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post and most importantly gives us some really effective habits and practices we can use everyday.
November 14, 2017
Emily Esfahani Smith on stopping the chase for happiness and finding meaning instead - #006
I first met Emily Esfahani Smith when I was an assistant instructor in the University of Pennsylvania's Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. One of my responsibilities was to read and grade theory papers for one of the classes. I was absolutely blown away by the power and insight of her writing. I remember thinking at the time that one day I'd be reading a future book from her. Just five years later and I found myself engrossed in her popular new book - The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life that Matters. In the book, Emily argues that we should stop chasing happiness and instead pursue a life of meaning and purpose. This point of view comes from years of psychology and philosophy research and interviews with people from all around the world. If you've ever struggled with finding happiness in life, trying to understand how your life fits with it all ... Then check out this interview and pick up her book. You will not regret it. It's a great way to understand how we can understand meaning and purpose, and craft a life worth living. In today’s episode, Emily and I discuss: *Why we should be pursuing meaning in life over happiness. *What are the 4 critical pillars of meaning and how we integrate them into our life. *Recommendations of books with amazing examples of people finding and creating meaning in their life and even a book that will help you to develop more well-being in your life. *And a ton of other key insights and practical lessons!
November 07, 2017
Eliminate your fear and master writing today – 7 incredible writing tips with Kathryn Britton - #005
Do you struggle to write well ... to write consistently ... and to share your knowledge and stories with the world? For a long time, I did. Growing up, I always thought that great writing was something others did - you know, the creative eccentrics, the lone geniuses. I struggled with procrastination when writing, I struggled with imposter syndrome, and I struggled with the fear of judgment by others. Because of that, I spent a long time avoiding writing - whether it was writing at work, writing for school, or just writing for my own enjoyment. It wasn't until I went back to graduate school that I faced and conquered these fears. Now, I do consider myself a good writer and I'm confident sharing my work with the world. Don't make the same mistake I did. Eliminate your fear and master your writing! Today I speak with Kathryn Britton about how you can integrate writing into your life and become a great writer. We'll discuss the most effective habits and practices of writing and provide key insights to help you improve your writing.
November 01, 2017
Discover How You Can Crush It In Life Using Your Signature Strengths: A Conversation With Dr. Ryan Niemiec - #004
If we really want to thrive in life - be it at work, in our personal relationships, with our well-being, in sports ... anything worth doing - then we should be focusing on our strengths just as much as our weaknesses (if not more). That's the overwhelming take home message from the science of character strengths. Today I speak with Dr. Ryan Niemiec about the science and application of character strengths. We'll uncover the best habits and practices of character strengths and discuss key insights.
October 25, 2017
How You Can Become A Creative Powerhouse With Monica Kang - #003
Most people just don’t think they are creative or can ever be creative. If that describes you, or if you want to learn how you pump up your creativity, then today’s episode is definitely for you. Today I speak with Monica Kang from InnovatorsBox.
October 06, 2017
Want More Success? Learn How By Getting More Grit With Caroline Miller - #002
Want to be more successful? Then today's episode is just for you. I talk to Caroline Miller about how to get more grit. Do you know what the number one predictor of success is in your life? Study after study shows that it’s grit!
October 06, 2017
Wire Your Brain For Confidence With Louisa Jewell - #001
If you’ve struggled with confidence, still struggle with it, or just want to improve your confidence, then today’s episode is perfect for you. I speak with Louisa Jewell about how her just released book, and how we can wire our brain for confidence.
October 06, 2017