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Bilateral Planning

Bilateral Planning

By The Organized Miss
The Art of Integrating Neuroplasticity and Productivity.
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Let's Go Full STEAM Ahead!
As a Director and Coach for young women participating in pageant systems, my goal is to facilitate success by providing resources and tools designed to meet their organizational needs.  These resources and tools can be used for platform promotion, scholarship and lifestyle tracking, as well as project, time management and network building. In these podcasts, I share practical tools to help you reach your goals and I talk with titleholders who are doing just that! In this week’s episode, my guest is Miss Southwest Sierra Marie Bonn. Sierra is a candidate in the Miss America Organization, and she has stopped by the studio to share her social initiative, Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead! and an influential woman who is a pioneer in the field of Technology. Lean more about the Pageant Queen Principles for Success on my website:
November 30, 2019
Bilateral Planning - Intro
Bilateral Planning: Integrating the Art of Neuroplasticity and Productivity
January 12, 2018