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The Pacific Way

The Pacific Way

By The Pacific Community (SPC)
A podcast by the Pacific Community, bringing stories of science, culture, traditions and innovation from across the region. This is the Pacific Way.
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S02-SE: Strengthening food security, access to clean drinking water & renewable energy access for Pacific people

The Pacific Way

S03-E04 (Part One): A preview for the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women
The 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and the 7th Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Women will be held from 27-29 April and 4 May respectively. Hosted by French Polynesia, this year’s conference and ministers meeting will be delivered via a blended approach of in-person and virtual interaction given that travel restrictions are still being observed across the region due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding support for this event has been provided by the Governments of Australia and the Spotlight Initiative. In this first of a special two part edition of the Podcast we heard from the host nation and regional women leaders on the challenges for Pacific women and expectations for the Triennial. 
April 26, 2021
S03-E03: Inside the Salad Bowl
Sigatoka Valley is known as the 'Salad Bowl' of Fiji proving a majority of the islands fresh fruits and vegetables. But this highly fertile region also attracts hungry pests eager to take a bite out of the bowl.  The Pacific Community through its Land Resources Division is now better equipped to prepare and respond to these threats through its the first of its kind, plant health laboratory. Commissioned in later October 2020 the lab is housed at the SPC Campus in Narere in Fiji and will allow Pacific Island Countries to develop controls for emerging biosecurity threats, including pests and diseases. Designed to bolster regional capacity, the plant health laboratory enables SPC scientists to study various pests and diseases requiring a high level of biosecurity containment, such as insects, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. In this episode we travel with plant health specialists to the Sigatoka Valley and talk with farmers about measures to protect their crops. 
April 7, 2021
S03-E02: Finding Tokelau's underground treasure
Tokelau is one of the smallest and most remote nations in the world, consisting of three coral atolls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where clean drinking water is scarce. After years of research and field investigations, the Pacific Community’s Geoscience division has helped locate an abundance of fresh underground water which promises a brighter future for the people of Tokelau
March 5, 2021
S03-E01: Reflection on 2020- COVID challenges and impacts
Bula, bon jour, and welcome to a new season of the Pacific Way Podcast. In this season opener, we take a journey back to 2020 and look at how, we as people of the pacific are working to overcome the challenges and impacts of COVID 19. Despite the difficulties, the Pacific Community has continued to serve its members through innovation and determination thanks to the strong support and collaboration from donor partners, CROP agencies and the World Health Organisation. Renewed partnerships with the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and the European Union will mean better coordinated assistance for member countries with focus on increased health capacity, food security, diversification of aquaculture and agriculture for income generation. We also explore how the region came together to initiate the Pacific Humanitarian Pathway and review some of the new projects earmarked for implementation in 2021.
February 4, 2021
CRGA 50: Australia and SPC continuing partnership
Australia and the Pacific Community (SPC) have renewed their longstanding partnership, reaffirming their commitment to supporting the sustainable development of the Pacific. Australia will provide A$42.5 million in core funding to the SPC over the next 3 years to support the renewed 10-year strategic partnership (2014-2023) between Australia and SPC. SPC is the region’s leading scientific and technical development organisation. Australia has been a member since the SPC’s establishment in Canberra in 1947.
November 18, 2020
S02-SE: Strengthening food security, access to clean drinking water & renewable energy access for Pacific people
The European Union (EU) and the Pacific Community (SPC) have today launched three new projects that will help address the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, whilst supporting longer-term economic recovery and health benefits for the Pacific region. The EUR 1.5 million Pacific Regional Integrated Food and Nutrition Security Initiative to COVID-19 (PRISCO19) will provide immediate support for food and nutritional security across 12 Pacific Island countries, while the Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water for Kiritimati Island (EUR 6.2 million) will improve access to clean and safe drinking water in the Republic of Kiribati and the Sustainable Energy and Accompanying Measures (SEAM) Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (SEAM – REEE) (EUR 11.6 million)  will improve access to sustainable energy security for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).
September 1, 2020
S02-SE: First Flight for the Pacific Humanitarian Pathway
The recently introduced Pacific Humanitarian Pathway on COVID-19 (PHP-C) was in focus this month with the first flight of medical supplies departing Nadi, Fiji bound for Port Moresby in PNG. The cargo consisted of 44 cubic metres of essential medical supplies. We speak to  the Tuvalu High Commissioner in Fiji, the Secretary-General of Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS),  the Pacific Director of the World Health Organisation, the High Commissioner of Australia to Fiji, and SPC's own Deputy Director-General, on the significance of the flight and the impact of PHP-C for the region. 
August 14, 2020
S02 Special Edition: SPC's Women in Agriculture Campaign
The two-week Women in Agriculture Campaign concludes today with an awards ceremony recognising the hard work of Women who have contributed more than 15 years of service towards the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD). Collectively, the four women awarded today have more than 80 years of experience in the agriculture field, ranging from programme management to working with genetic resources at LRD’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT). Over the two-week campaign SPC has showed the work of these women with the aim to inspire more women and girls to join the different aspects of the agriculture sector but more importantly, bring the work that women do in the agriculture sector to forefront and recognise their contributions to the Pacific’s most important commodity, agriculture.
July 31, 2020
S02 Special Edition: Tilapia fish farms casting wider nets
Ensuring Food security in the midst of COVID-19 has become a priority across the Pacific, with limited imports increasing the demand for local staples. However, the instinct for survival and self-sufficiency is  resulting in a growing number of individuals looking into the potential of tilapia farming in the Fiji Islands.
July 13, 2020
S02 Special Edition: Seeds for Life
This week the Pacific Community (SPC) handed over 350kg vegetable seeds and 400 tissue culture plants to the Fiji Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). The event was part of Pacific Seeds for Life (PS4L) and represented the projects first contribution towards the Fiji Government’s relief efforts for TC Harold and the  global pandemic COVID-19.
May 29, 2020
S02 Special Edition: Report from the Head of Fisheries Meeting
Some reflections on this years Head of Fisheries Meeting, held virtually under the cloud of COVID-19. 
May 25, 2020
S02 Special Edition: COVID-19 in the Pacific
The arrival of COVID-19 in the Pacific is changing the way the region works. In this edition of the Podcast we hear how SPC is adjusting to the crisis, while ensuring that its core work continues to progress. 
April 19, 2020
S02-E10: No cyclone will chase us away
Niue suffered significant damage during cyclone Heta in January 2004, sustaining winds greater than 240km/h, classifying it as a category 4-5 cyclone. The Niue Hospital and dwellings near the shore were damaged as huge waves crossed the cliff line and battered houses, roads and the fuel depot. In response, Niue, with help from the Pacific Community established National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC).
February 21, 2020
S02-Special Edition: EU commits 3 million euros for health security in the Pacific
The European Union (EU) has provided EUR 3 million (FJD 7.2 million) to the Pacific Community’s to strengthen health security in the Pacific. The Public Health Surveillance Network Services to Strengthen Health Security in the Pacific project, which will be led by Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division, will support regional capacity for surveillance and epidemiology; laboratory services and systems; vector and disease surveillance and control; and risk communication.
February 19, 2020
S02-09: Keeping watch on the ring of fire
Papua New Guinea sits on the 'ring of fire' and has a history of volcanic activity. A volcanic eruption can be devastating to local communities, so the government is working with SPC's Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific (BSRP) to increase the nations early warning and resilience capacity. Better monitoring systems combined with traditional knowledge are helping to ensure that when the next eruption takes place the people of PNG will be ready. 
February 9, 2020
S02-08: Escape to Santo
The eruption of the Manaro volcano in Vanuatu caught many off guard and forced thousands residents of villages in the area to evacuate.  Vanuatu is now  working to ensure they are better prepared for these types of evacuations in the future, in part through the establishment of a coordination center in Santo.   
January 24, 2020
S02-07: Preparing youth for disaster in Samoa
While strong public awareness efforts about disaster preparation are underway across the Pacific, how can officials be certain they are reaching the regions most vulnerable populations? Would a 5 year old child know what to do during a disaster? How can a child safeguard themselves before or during a sudden disaster? These are some of the questions the Samoan Government aimed to answer with its early childhood disaster materials for pre-school children and teachers.
December 20, 2019
S02-06: Using drama to battle domestic violence
Our weekly podcast comes a bit early this week as we mark the end of 16 Days of Activism with a program about how the Solomon Islands is using drama to tackle the issue of domestic violence. 
December 9, 2019
S02-05: From Decca to London
New water and electricity supply schemes have been officially opened on Kiritimati Island, providing greener energy sources and improving access to clean drinking water for the local hospital and more than 400 households in the communities of Tennessee and Ronton.
December 5, 2019
S02-SpecialEdition: NZ Pacific Reset
New Zealand’s strong commitment to supporting sustainable development in the Pacific was highlighted during a small ceremony this week, which marked the official extension of its partnership with the Pacific Community (SPC). The new five-year partnership between the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and SPC commits NZ$45 million (NZ$9 million per annum), a significant increase on New Zealand’s current funding for the organization.
December 3, 2019
S02-04: Pacific Surveying
Understanding where we are and where things are in relation to us has always been important.  Anyone who has ever used a smartphone app to locate themselves or search for driving directions can appreciate how widespread this technology has become, to the point that it is even taken for granted. ‘Where’ is now at everyone’s fingertips. On Earth’s dynamic surface, however, ‘where’ we are is constantly changing. We understand this through Geodesy, the scientific discipline that enables us to define the shape of Earth, how it changes over time, and our position on Earth. Such positioning information is needed to analyse and solve social, economic and environmental challenges and to support sustainable development.
November 28, 2019
S02-03: Safety at Sea
For centuries, pacific people have traveled across the vast oceans using traditional canoes and other means of transportation. Today hundreds of thousands of people are dependent on sea and shipping services for business, inter-island travel or just the daily commute to get to work or school. Sea transportation is also the only source of income for many in the region like 29 year old Frankie Kaltex who operates a water taxi in Port Vila, Vanuatu, one of the busiest ports in the region.
November 21, 2019
S02-02: NCDs in the Pacific
NCDs are now the leading cause of death, disease and disability in the Pacific and diabetes prevalence is 3 to 4 times higher than elsewhere in the world. Left unchecked, NCDs will cause serious health and social problems for individuals and their families, overwhelm national health systems, and severely limit the development potential of the entire Pacific region.
November 14, 2019
S02-01: New Future for Tilapia Farmers
A local tilapia fish farmer is inspiring change in Fiji. With some investment and a little training, the farm has become a model operation, showing the way for other farmers to see success in tilapia farming.
November 11, 2019
CRGA 49 and 11th Conference- A sustainable future for the Blue Pacific
Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) have gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia for the 49th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations and the 11th Conference of the Pacific Community.  In this final podcast,  we hear highlights from keynote presentations and review the outcomes of the 11th Conference. 
June 28, 2019
CRGA 49 and 11th Conference- SPC and SPREP Agreement
Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) have gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia for the 49th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations and the 11th Conference of the Pacific Community.  In this podcast, we speak highlight a new agreement signed this week between SPC and its CROP partner SPREP, which will support the ambitious Pacific Data Hub. 
June 21, 2019
CRGA 49 and 11th Conference- Partners and Donors
   Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) have gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia for the 49th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations and the 11th Conference of the Pacific Community.  In this podcast, we speak to representatives from some of SPC key partners about their work with the organization and their thoughts on this year’s CRGA and Conference theme.  In this episode: GIZ Pacific Coordinator, James Macbeth EU Delegation for the Pacific, Head of Cooperation, Christoph Wagner New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Divisional Manager, Charlotte Darlow
June 20, 2019
CRGA 49 and 11th Conference- Interactive Sessions
Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) have gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia for the 49th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations and the 11th Conference of the Pacific Community.   Breakout interactive sessions were held to help highlight some of SPC's key areas of work. In this podcast, we speak to moderators from sessions on Social Equality, Biodiversity, the Pacific Data Hub and the Pacific Community Center of Ocean Science. 
June 19, 2019
CRGA 49 and 11th Conference First Day
Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) have gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia for the 49th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations and the 11th Conference of the Pacific Community.  We speak to SPC's Deputy Director-General, Dr. Audrey Aumua and SPC's Director of Communications, Peter W. Foster about the expectations for the meeting and the significance of the meetings theme: "Ocean Science: A sustainable future for the Blue Pacific"
June 18, 2019
PW Special Edition: Resilient Voices PRM19
The inaugural Pacific Resilience Meeting (PRM) under the theme, ‘Youth Futures in a Resilient Pacific’ took place in Suva, Fiji this week. The event showcased inspiring examples of youth action, and communities and sectors working inclusively to save and improve lives and protect livelihoods. On this podcast we hear from a few of the participants about their experience at this landmark meeting
May 2, 2019
PW Special Edition: International Women's Day
Fiji Minister for Women, Hon. Mereseini Vunidawa joins SPC's Deputy Director General Audrey Aumua, and FWCC Coordinator Shamima Ali, for a discussion on the advancement of gender equality in the Pacific. 
March 8, 2019
PW Special Edition: Women in Science
To mark the 4th Annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Pacific Way team spoke to a few of the Pacific Community women who are leading the way in scientific work for the region.   
February 19, 2019
S01-05: Resilience in the face of Disaster:
In the Pacific adapting to climate change is already a way of life. Learn how the people of the Marshall Islands are dealing with drought conditions as they face of future of climate extremes.  
January 14, 2019
S01-04: Changing Lives in the Atolls
On the atolls of Kiribati, finding and maintaining safe drinking water is an ongoing challenge. A growing population and the pressure of climate change are making this challenge even more difficult.  
December 4, 2018
S01-03: Dividing the Earth
In this episode of Pacific Way we learn about Pacific women breaking new ground in Surveying, including one who's very name means to 'Divide the Earth'.
October 30, 2018
S01-02: Empowering Pacific Women
Between 2015 and 2016 the Republic of the Marshall Islands was severely impacted by a prolonged drought. The production of handcrafts was one of the activities heavily impacted.
September 25, 2018
S01-01 The Happy Chicken
After cyclone Pam, the people of Tanna Island are rebuilding their lives with a focus on strengthening resilience and sustainability.
February 28, 2018