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The Parttime Visionary Podcast

The Parttime Visionary Podcast

By The Parttime Visionary
Times are changing. It's time to reflect. What we have been told is not always what we need to know. There is a pretty advanced system behind the curtain, that makes sure we, humans, behave in certain ways that benefits the puppet masters. Let's lift the curtain and understand how stuff works. Let's awaken to the truth.
The way the people have lived until now, oppressed, kept poor on purpose, used in social equity, kept silent for the benefit of a few. It is time to stand up.

#awakening #spiritualawakening #spirituality #philosophy
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The Meaning of Life
So much is happening that it is easy to forget to live. I try to make sense of it all, and help you find a clear path to the meaning of it all, and change focus from what is happening in, what some call, the real world, to who and what you are, and what your life means and what to do with it.  There is no science in this podcast. There is just the way I see things, and how I make it work. I hope to inspire you. Be well. 
April 29, 2021
The Great Reboot
Season 3: The Reboot.  Where have I been? Sorry everyone, I have let you down, but I am back. I found it harder and harder to keep an open mind, objective thoughts about everything that was and is happening in the world, and I do not want to convey any negativity. But, I am back. With my thoughts and ideas.  The state of the world we live in, a few ideas and thoughts about the situation, the pandemic, my thoughts on what is going on, and where we are heading. Find my music on youtube here, and if you want to reach out or respond, this is my twitter. I'd love to start a conversation, especially here on this podcast, so if you're open, let's discuss. 
April 10, 2021
I am the messenger. Don't shoot me. Listen to my story.
I am going to tell you a story. Whether you believe that it is true or not, is totally up to you. I do not want to convince you. I am not here to tell you what to believe. I am here to tell you a story. This episode is a very personal one. It could have been an interview, but I am all by myself. This is the beginning. You're on a three forked road: you know, but choose not to participate  you educate yourself further and seek to inform others  you actively seek to change  The Grand Awakening is here! Go on your spirituality journey.   #awakening #enlightenment Twitter:  Instagram:  YouTube:
September 20, 2020
Come to the beach with me - a Guided Meditation
Hi! Thanks for tuning in. I created a guided meditation for you. It will only take you about 7 minutes, just find a place that is calm and follow my instructions.  Give your mind and body that few minutes of peace. Energy will start flowing again, you'll feel calm and relaxed, more able to cope with modern day struggles in life, more prepared to achieve your goals in life, becoming an improved version of you.  It is also available on Youtube.  👉Buy my book:  #meditation #awakening #enlightenment #universe #consciousness   Twitter:  Medium:  Instagram:  Podcast:  #lawofattraction #thegreatawakening #thegreatawakeningworldwide
June 24, 2020
Stay positive
These are difficult times. So much is happening that brings negativity. We are being provoked. We are being hit hard to keep us in check. How do you respond, especially if it impacts you in your personal life? Do you let it go?  These are my tips on how to respond. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or a response.  I hope to see you on my Youtube Channel, where I address these topics as well. Namasté. 
June 4, 2020
The Grand Awakening is here. What does this mean for you?
Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in!  This Grand Awakening is here, and it is growing fast. It will impact us all, in different ways. Whether you are interested in helping the growth, or just see it happening, at least you should know what it is, why it is happening right now, and how you can prepare yourself. I tell a little more on the how and why in this episode.  #awakening #thegreatawakening #thegreatawakeningworldwide #thegrandawakening Check out my youtube channel as well, as I upload weekly videos on this subject.
May 25, 2020
Freedom of Speech is in great danger.
One of the basic universal rights of every person worldwide is the Freedom of Speech. Our governments are stripping that universal freedom away, bit by bit.  Fake news is now the hot term used to refer to people with different opinions, and everything that is labeled as fake news, is blocked. We, the sheeple, follow this as the idiots that we are, and accept this new widespread form of censorship. We believe that the information our governments points us to, must be the one and only truth. But obviously, we are being taken for a fool. Learn why, learn to think and stop being part of the sheeple.  This episode aired originally on the Deeper Focus Broadcast. 
April 10, 2020
When the dust settles
Let's think about what we can do differently after the currency crisis ends. Do you want to keep believing everything that is pushed to you by the media? Or are you ready to start thinking for yourself and become a critical thinker? When the dust settles, shall we start building a new type of society where it is normal to think about each other and not just about money and our possessions? Can we? Also see
March 26, 2020
Information, fake news and the Coronavirus.
I am loosing faith in mankind. People are saying all kinds of things about the Coronavirus, and most of it is not based on real actual information, facts or statistics, but on what others have said. Have we forgotten how to gather proper information?  Would you like to discuss with me? Let me know!  Also check out my youtube channel: The Parttime Visionary. 
March 22, 2020