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The Pete George Experience

The Pete George Experience

By Peter George
Welcome To The Pete George Experience. All of us understand that life has its ups and downs. We all experience situations and curiosities that can be shared through conversations and experiences. It's a huge benefit that we come from all walks of life. Appreciation of self is not confined to just the rich and famous, no matter what Instagram tries to tell you.. We will help you better understand that we all have what it takes to succeed, whatever you set your mind to.A brief introduction, Peter George is a husband, photographer, and storyteller. He loves travelling and sharing what he sees through the lens of his camera. He will also call on the skills he has learnt in a career in Sales and Management to answer any questions you may have on related topics.
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The Introduction Show

The Pete George Experience

My Story - Colin Lillie - Musician
I came across Colin Lillie's music like most people when he appeared on The Voice Australia in 2018 with a moving rendition of Yusuf/Cat Stephens Father and Son. I revisited his music in 2021 when I was in a mental health unit, his songs run so true to me that I connected with the lyrics and how Colin can tell a story. In this episode of My Story, Colin and I discuss his journey from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Alice Springs in Australia. Colin is open and frank about his addiction to alcohol and drugs and the road to recovery where he is now travelling the world playing his music. Wish to Book Colin for a gig click here Listen to collins Music - on Spotify Apple Music Youtube
September 11, 2022
Tune In Tuesday - RUOK Day - Colin Lillie Broken
Pete talks about RUOK day, a day when people check in on each other to make sure everyone is doing alright. They mention that they will be doing an interview with Colin about the topic. The speaker urges everyone to be aware of others who may not be okay tomorrow or any other day. In this conversation, Peter George discusses the importance of communication and mental health. He stresses that it is important to check in with one another and make sure that everyone is okay. He also talks about how there is a stigma surrounding mental illness and how it is important to break that stigma. In the introduction, the host discusses the importance of supporting those who are struggling, particularly in light of recent statistics which show an increase in the number of people contacting support lines for help with mental health and suicidal thoughts. He talks about how social media can be both a help and a hindrance in this regard, and how personal interaction is still the most important thing. The next part of the show features an interview with musician Colin Lilly. Colin discusses his journey from Scotland to Australia, and how his music has helped him through some tough times. He talks about his song Broken, and how it resonates with him, particularly at this time. He encourages people to reach out to those who may be struggling and to show them support. In this conversation, Colin describes his new website and some of the content that will be featured on it. He talks about his plans for Out of the Cave, an event series focused on men's health and well-being. He shares his vision for the site and how he hopes it will help people who are struggling or looking to improve their lives. TIMESTAMPS  0:  0:03:05   Au okay day: The shocking numbers and an interview with Colin 1:  0:04:18   Mental Health Check-In with Peter George 2:  0:07:08   Mental Health Awareness with Colin Lilly 3:  0:17:36   The website for Peter George, Out of the Cave, and Tune on Tuesday. 4:  0:20:13   Pete George: The Importance of Tuning Our Site Broken with thanks from Colin Lillie
September 07, 2022
Just Saying Hi on a Sunday
I have a chat about a few things - Scott Morrison, SOmething has to Give and odds and ends
August 22, 2022
Realisation - That understanding that walking away isn't failure
In this episode, I discuss why I withdrew from school and the logic behind that's as well as discussing where I am on Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory
August 11, 2022
2022 A New Beginning
Hi, and welcome to the Pete George experience. I'm Pete George and welcome to the show that I'm going to be producing on a weekly basis where not only will there be some thoughts and if you've already been to the channel and looked downstairs, there are some things on mental health, we'll be talking about them as well. But what direction I'll be taking from here on in is for the next twelve months on a weekly basis, I'll be sharing what I'm learning, going back to school. Now, going back to school, I'll be studying for a diploma in screen and media, which will focus on the production side of things. So this allows me to become a director or director of photography or cinematography in the old-fashioned ways in different other areas of filmmaking. So it's going to be a fun journey. I'm the oldest in the class, so it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun. And yeah, so make sure that you do subscribe to the channel 1s and you'll be able to see how we go, hopefully along the journey as well. I'll be able to bring in some of my fellow students and we can discuss things like films and things, our favourite directors and cinematographers and all of that, so it could become very interactive. So that's why I suggest that you subscribe ASAP because it will only be on two places and that's got to be YouTube and a podcast version of this. 1s And they both called the peak George experience. So thanks for watching the welcome video. Hope you have a great day. Always smile, and if you're in trouble, always talk to someone. If you can or reach out, there's always someone there to help you. So thanks for listening. Once again, have a great day.
July 24, 2022
Loss its cumulative
This is a take from the full show A chat with Don Lachance. In this short, we discuss the importance of understanding that loss is cumulative and that we must become vulnerable to get the complete loss we feel.   You can read Don's full story here   The Pete George Experience Podcast Lives Here  xqbQtaAnf5nHAsWz1AVp
June 20, 2022
The Social Contract of Mental Health
Around the world, we all understand the special day of Mental Health. As a sufferer of mental illness, I believe that when a person asks RUOK you have entered into a social contract with that person, a non-judgemental agreement that you are there for them all the way.  In a conversation with Don Lachance, we discuss the notion of a social contract.   Don Lachance is a grief and loss specialist in Ottawa Canada Peter George Website
June 20, 2022
A Chat with Grief and Loss Specialist Don Lachance
Don and I meet online over a decade ago I thought it was by chance I now know it was for a reason and that reason is to help others by sharing our pain and helping you understand that it is ok to have pain.We have had many discussions and none more so than when Don and his Wife Lauren came to stay with us over Christmas and a lifelong bond was made.We discuss the 6 myths that keep us anchored to pian, in a frank conversion.These myths are :Don't feel BadReplace the LossGrieve AloneJust give it timeBe strong for othersKeep busyAs Don mentions in the conversation, we have all heard these by the age of 15.You can read Don's story at DVLACHANCESupport the show
June 11, 2022
How To Approach The Subject Of Mental Health
There are many facets to mental health in this episode I talk about the area I suffer from and have a better understanding of depression and anxiety.This is the first step is to understand if you are ready to help someone if you believe someone is struggling, there is a difference between struggling and someone suffering from depression or anxiety, which is the main global mental health problem.We all get it that sometimes were get down for a little while and that is normal, when this becomes weeks and months of behaviour change then we have a problem.I am not saying to become an expert what I am indicating is how to identify changes in patterns of people that you may notice and then want to have access to the tools that will hold you in good stead to assist someone you love or care about.There are three areas where you can see people with a change in mood and that isFamily Friends and CommunityWorkAt Play Sports, Community GroupsSo let's break them down.1. Let's make it simple and call it home. This is the most commonplace as family members we can see changes in behaviour that quickly become abnormal for the person concerned. They can become withdrawn from activities, and start to isolate themselves from day to day activities.2. Work - We spend a large part of the day at work and when things start to go wrong here we need to understand the reasoning it is still behaviour change, however, it will be different than at home. At work it could be mood swings, drinking a lot at lunches or just not stepping up to the plate-like they use to. Normally this is a manifestation of something that has been going on for a long time.3. Play - Sports is the great leveller of people there are the elite sportspeople and we have seen many especially young men take time away from their chosen sport due to mental health reasons. Everyday superstars at your club can still have the same problems mainly around expectations, but also can be just life has got them down for me this is the hardest place to identifySo let's look at the hard numbers I know this is confronting but I am wanting to reduce these numbers with your help and the help of many great organisations.These numbers are from the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing I have put a link in the notes for the show so you can see them for yourself.They are numbers from 2020 and they indicate that not much has changed over the last decade.Total Suicides in 2020 3139Males 2384Females 755There were 381 deaths between the ages of 18-24 and a staggering 99 between the ages of 5-17 with the biggest majority between 15-17 in adolescents.Overall the group that is still scary is the 30-59 males, this age bracket has changed over the years as it was more common in 40-45-year-olds a decade ago.So they are the cold hard facts now let's get back to the positive side in helping and identifying people that are down but not out like I nearly was late last year.I think RUOK is the best place to focus as its resources are varied and many for all walks of life. The one thing that won me over was their acronym ALEC and this is the second stage of the journey to help others if you can. The first part is doing their survey (link below) to see if you are ready to help others it only takes a few seconds, it doesn't mean you are an expert it just means you will go down the right path.Support the show
June 10, 2022
Mainstream Media Is The End Nigh
Following on from our episode Social interaction is not social media I thought I would discuss my thoughts on mainstream media, whether that be print, tv or radio. If you grew up in the '70s, '80s and '90s and went to the city on the corners were the paper sellers every morning and night, who can remember the famous cries of " get your Herald", from an elderly gentleman making a quid selling the major newspapers, it still happens here in Brisbane with the Brisbane Times handed out for free. So let's jump to now and there is a whole new way of getting your media fix. Currently, newspaper readerships to March 2022 are down 7% year on year with digital readership up only 2.7%, so where are we getting our information from it seems it's not the mainstream media we are used to. It is still coming from digital sources, where people can get varied and pointed views on what is happening, Facebook, Twitter and youtube are the main sources in my opinion as their participation rates are increasing as well as other sources like Reddit. With media today wanting the clickbait headline all day every day we are conditioned now to read the snippet to understand what is happening and form an opinion based on that and that suffices in a fast past world or is it? I have spoken to a few people about this and most don't listen to the news or read newspapers or magazines it is all online and topics that interest them. So let's breakdown the mainstream media Newspaper's readership is falling at a rapid rate as well as the advertising revenue they enjoyed during the 2022 federal election in Australia with Clive Palmer's $100 million spend is about it. We are seeing a shift to digital papers but I don't think that will work, people won't pay for something they can get quickly and easily as an audio or video grab. TV News how they get the figures is still a mystery for me but 7 and Nine news are the most-watched at around 800,000 viewers then followed by the ABC (570,000) and 10 (310,000). The one thing they cant do is offer advertisers certainty on eyes on the screen. Magazines are dying at a rapid rate, we only buy one and that is Janes's gardening magazine and that's it unless she buys her mandatory trash mag when we are on holidays. We can get all the gossip and non-newsworthy snippets on the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So we can assume that the majority of people get their news in a digital format and with growing acceptance podcasting is one of those, with certainty for advertisers this medium will continue to grow to the point we may see the news on Youtube or others platforms as a staple. The digital world is growing and becoming a more compelling story for people to turn to. Let us have a look at a few successes on digital platforms. Joe Rogan - Platform Youtube and Spotify - Video Podcast Joe has some 12.4 million subscribers to his Youtube Channel. His show is a talk show with many and varied guests a lot from his comedian friends, however, most people want to be on his show. In the last 30 days, he has produced 30 videos and has had 83 million views, you don't see that on TV, and it is a global audience and his Spotify (Podcast Platform) is similar. Russell Brand - Youtube and Podcast Russell has 5.6 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. In the last 30 days, he has produced 30 videos with a viewership of 31.6 million. His show is all about daily topics from around the world he researches, talks about the facts and gives his opinion. (Support the show)
May 26, 2022
How do you measure success in life
Success is "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose". So how do we measure success in life as it will be different for everyone? This episode is all bout how you can achieve success for yourself through different approaches to achieve your goal, whatever that may be. One of the things we all endeavour to do is be the best version of ourselves, but we focus on pleasing others too much. I have done that on many occasions and the outcomes weren't what I wanted them to be. It is sad in today's world when success is measured by likes on Instagram or how the rich and famous are going, to me this is wrong. Don't let it be said that I don't follow some successful people I do with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Peter Voogd, Seth Godin and others, they have worked at their craft and become successful through hard work, not hope. So how do you measure success in your life, leave a comment below so we can all learn from our success? The internet is a great tool to learn watch and listen and get a different point of view the catch is we don't want to fall into the trap of information paralysis at some point we have to do the work. I have fallen into the trap but if you have listened to the episode (Sometimes You Have To Hit Rock bottom), you may understand why. So what have I done over the years that will help you understand goals and achievements that have been successful, for most you don't even know Pete George. Well, I have run my own successful photography business, and have been successful in corporate sales as well as helping businesses transition from the paper world to the electronic world. I have done a few things, Studied others and gained knowledge that will last me a lifetime even though I went sidewards a few times, but that's ok. For me, success comes from investing in yourself which doesn't necessarily mean University or higher studies. What it does mean, is taking time to learn what you need to learn to make you what you want to be. The thing that helped me to succeed in business and the corporate world was understanding time not the time of day but how much time we have to do the things we need to succeed. What is the best way to go about this is to start with the end in mind. What do you want to be successful in? Let's look at this podcast/Youtube channel My Goal is if I help one person to step out of the darkness of mental health or focused on their success in a different light then I have succeeded. There are 168 hours in a week. So how do I give this goal the time it deserves, this is the backwards part I was talking about. The show takes about 5 hours to produce for the weekly show. 163 hours left It takes about 8-10 hours to research what I want to do per episode. 153 Hours Left Spend 24 hours a week Listening and learning to better myself or go back over something again that I have listened to or read. 129 Hours Left 24 hours marketing the show 105 hours left 56 hours of sleep 54 hours left for you a week or in simple terms, just over 2 days. When we look at striving for success time is not a problem its how we use the time that holds us back. (YOUTUBE) (Support the show)
May 19, 2022
Social Interaction is Not Social Media!
Some of you may agree some will disagree however, I feel this is true.  Over time we have become dependent on talking/writing to others on various platforms and posting odd videos on holidays or special occasions. I have been around tech for a majority of my life and have adopted a lot and skipped many, don't get me wrong I love it so why the title. One thing I have learned going about my mental health journey it was easy to hide behind DM's, texts and Facebook posts. I also learned that people don't use the medium to its fullest.  So let's run through a few examples and this is where you might find the controversy or is it just my perception? This is from a mental health point of view.  Let us look at the obvious hiding behind the platforms. It's easy for someone to say I am fine or no problem even to the point I am great how are you? is quite common I know I did it.  As a photographer I was taught the skill of seeing, some in part is a gift you have, when you are photographing people it is all about emotion as the saying goes the eyes are the window to the soul. So the ok I am great you cant see the person, this is where the social interaction comes into it, I am not saying to drive around and check out the person you are talking with and that all people have a mental health issue, what I am saying is society has lost its way in the art of communication.
May 13, 2022
Sometimes You Have to Hit Rockbottom
Boxing day 2021 was the day my life changed forever. It could have been death however it was the start of a new beginning it wasn't easy and this is my story. Mental Health is a serious issue brought about by many situations and reasons, mine was a couple but the underlying thing was my obsession with my pain and what was wrong with me and not was right. I hope that people that don't suffer from mental health understand what the people go through and sufferers learn that this is a way out but in most, it is up to you. Here are some links that may assist Please feel free to support the growth of the show at
May 02, 2022
The Minor parties Thoughts - Australian Election 2022
I take a look at the minor-major parties in this election being, One Nation, Lib Dems, Katter Party and United Australian party. My thoughts are from the Sky News Mavericks session held a couple of weeks ago.Support the show
April 30, 2022
How The Australian Voting System Works with Mark Boothman
In this episode, we speak with Mark Boothman the Member for Theodore in the state parliament of Queensland Australia. Mark and I discuss how the Australian voting system works so people get a better understanding of how important their vote is.
October 16, 2021
Ageism real or not?
For me ageism is real you reach a certain age, it appears to be 45, then things start to unravel, most times in an unpleasant way become unemployed, wondering what you are doing in the position you have, not getting promoted and the list goes on. Also at this point in life, there can be personal changes that affect you and how you see things in the world.You can read the full article here
October 10, 2021
Who is Pete and why the show
WelcomeHow I got todayHealthThe people that have helped, Jane is my wife and has put up with a lot especially with my mental health more so than the physical problems. Don and I meet online and have built a friendship that had Don and his wife Laureen travel to Australia for a month and stayed with us. Don is the mate that is just there when you need a mate. Mel, I first saw them on Youtube and for some reason her message resonated with me, Mel has helped me find perspective and believe I have something to give to the world. we will be talking about the show is focused on Gen X ers but everyone will get something from it if it is topical we will talk about Sport, Politics and Living. I will give you ideas on how to get better images from your camera and phone. We will give our thoughts on what is happening in Australia We will confront the tough health issues that are men’s health and mental health. I will share my knowledge of Beer Wine and Spirits acquired from working at Australia's largest alcohol retailer. I will help you to discover how to be you in a tough world and find ways to live and work in today’s world over the last 12 months, I have taken to the power of cooking, thanks to Sam The Cooking Guy and Cupcake Jemma. So what is in it for you? You will be listening to someone that communicates from the heart, share what I believe in and help you not be afraid of doing the same. You will have the ability to be a part of the journey when we start streaming on Youtube and the Pete George Facebook group. The chance to discover new food wine beer and spirits. If you are in Australia new places to visit, places to eat and discover. The main one will be the interviews over time some will be inspirational some will educational but they will all be fun. You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcast Google Podcast and many other platforms. We would appreciate the follows on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, our handle is petegeorgecomWebsite youtube, there is not much there yet but will be the page is PeterGeorge66 this will change but will do for now. You can see some of my photography work at viewbug just look up petegorge
September 22, 2021
The Introduction Show
Pete George is just your regular bloke that has a passion for Sports, Politics and Living. The Pete George Show is about sharing my thoughts, opinions and ways to enjoy life. The show we hope will give you a laugh, be thought-provoking as well as help you with selecting a great wine or finding a great place to visit. I will also cover a topic that I still live through that is mental health and men's health. The show is slanted towards Gen X'ers, however, I hope everyone enjoys the show.
September 16, 2021