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The Poolside Pass Parents Podcast

The Poolside Pass Parents Podcast

By The Poolside Pass
Informative podcast for parents on how they can best support their children in the sport of swimming
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S2 E9 - Rebecca Achieng Ajulu Bushell
In E9 we spoke to Rebecca Achieng Ajulu Bushell about her experiences of diversity within swimming and the work her and her organisation are doing to promote diversity in swimming. For more information on what Rebecca's organisation check out their instagram page (@nyarkodero)
February 9, 2021
S2 E8 - Swimming the 4 Strokes Legally
In episode 8 of our parent podcast we discuss swimming the 4 strokes legally and the ins and outs of the FINA rules with experienced official Daz West. 
December 17, 2020
E7 - The Importance of Streamlining
In E7 we sit down to discuss the fundamental importance of streamlining for swimmers and how swimmers and coaches can work to develop this simple but crucial skill in the water and on land. 
December 10, 2020
S2 E6 - Keri-Anne Payne (Becoming Open Water World Champion)
@thepoolsidepass talk to Keri-anne Payne two time world champion and Gold medallist at the 10km open water at the World Championships in 2009 and 2011 and silver medallist at the Bejiing Olympics in 2008 about becoming world champion and her drive to develop and empower high quality open water coaching qualifications through Straight Line Swimming, a company created by Keri-anne and her husband David Carry, 2 time Gold medallist at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
November 19, 2020
S2 E5 - The Importance of sculling
In E5 we discuss the importance of sculling and uncover some interesting ways to increase a swimmers feel for the water. 
October 8, 2020
S2 E4 - Lacate Testing and Research in Swimming
Research on swimming is broad and essential for the evolution of the sport. The level of swimming related scientifc research is very advanced, as is the level of coaching. However, as both fields are very demanding, their connection, in terms of knowledge and experience diffusion, is difficult. In-depth reading of scientific papers is needed for a thorough interpretation of their results. However, this is usually time consuming and difficult for non-accustomed readers. The short display (shorter than their abstract) of interesting articles in a simple manner, without meddling, for someone to figure out if an article is helpful (and then go on with full-text reading), is our main intention. The purpose is to assist swimming coaches and relevant sport scientists to keep up with the swimming research progress. So sswimt comes to accelerate the dissemination of information and updates on swimming research!  Our goal is to set off the abundant information provided by sports scientists and swimming coaches, thanks to whom swimming is evolving constantly. Hope you will enjoy it!
October 1, 2020
S2 E3 - Steve Parry (The importance of swimming)
In episode 3 we speak to Steve Parry about the impact swimming has had on his life and the importance of making sure every child learns how to swim. Steve is the founder of Total Swimming Academies, who have the aim of creating opportunities for children to learn to swim. 
September 24, 2020
S2 E2 - Getting the most our of open water swimming
We speak to Julie Gibson from StreamlinED about how people can get the most out of an open water swimming experience 
September 17, 2020
S2 E1 - Benefits of Open Water Swimming
To kick off series 2 of our parent podcast we speak to Helen Bull about the benefits of open water swimming. 
September 10, 2020
S1 E10 - #BeALifesaver for Drowning Prevention Week
We spoke to Lee Heard from The RLSS about their work with preventing drowning. A leading cause of death in children around the world, which impacts many families. It is preventable. #BeALifesaver 
June 12, 2020
S1 E9 - Level Water with Ian Thwaites
In episode 9 we spoke to Ian Thwaites the CEO of Level Water.  “We have an absolute passion for sport and believe in the power of sport and access for all children. We are building on the Paralympic legacy from 2012. There is a ground swell of support and understanding and belief to give fair access in sport to everyone. We are the UK’s only swimming charity that specialises in one-to-one swimming lessons for children with physical and sensory disabilities and currently teach in 90 pools across the UK, teaching 500 children with 300 teachers. We are bold and adventurous and want to build a better and more exciting future for the children we are working with” Ian Thwaites, CEO of Level Water
May 28, 2020
S1 E8 - Gordan MacLelland (Working with Parents in sport)
In episode 8 we speak to Gordon MacLelland, CEO of Working with Parents in Sport. Gordon discusses his tips for how parents can best support their children within sport.
May 21, 2020
S1 E7 - Andrew Guy (Supporting a Champion)
In episode 7 we speak to Andrew Guy, father of Olympic medalist and world champion James Guy. Andrew talks us through his experiences of parenting and supporting a child who swims all the way to the top of the sport he loves. A really interesting listen for parents of swimmers at every level! 
May 15, 2020
S1 E6 - The FUNdamentals with Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson from StreamlinED talks to us about the key FUNdamental skills children need to focus on in and out of the water. 
May 8, 2020
S1 E5 - The 9 Core Aquatic Skills with Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson from StreamlinED talks us through the 9 core aquatic skills that are taught in learn to swim. Sarah also shares her favourite games to help kids learn these skills. 
May 1, 2020
S1 E4 - Swim School or Swim Club with Paula West
Paula West from StreamlinED talks to us about the differences between a swim school and a swim club, how parents can decide which will bets suit their child. An interesting listen for any parent who has children that they want to get into swimming, be it just for a life skill or to become competitive. 
April 24, 2020
S1 E3 - Explanation of Teaching Levels with Paula West
Paula West from StreamlinED speaks to us about what to expect from the different teaching level qualifications and how parents can get involved with swim teaching. 
April 20, 2020
S1 E2 - Sarah Gibson: What to look for when choosing a learn to swim scheme
Sarah Gibson from StreamlinED talks to us about what parents should look for when picking a learn to swim scheme for their child.
April 10, 2020
S1 E1 - Sarah Gibson (Have you ever thought of becoming a swim teacher)
Sarah Gibson from StreamlinED talks to us about how to become a swimming teacher. 
April 5, 2020