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How To Be a Student

How To Be a Student

By The Queen's Journal
A special weekly podcast from The Queen's Journal, each episode will feature a guest from the Queen's community and read a Postscript from the Journal archives. Each episode will cover a unique aspect of the student experience, ranging from navigating first year at Queen's to learning how to pole dance.
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3. Entering the Lion’s Den of Residential Kingston
"Getting too comfortable in your environment is a sin. After a run-in with a local Kingston resident, I realized that’s for good reason. After three years in Kingston, I’ll admit my cockiness has the tendency to get the better of me. I tend to forget I live in a real town and not a student jungle gym. My most recent wake-up call involved a pylon, a Fiat, and an angry, elderly Kingstonian." This week, Evelyn Poole (she/her), 4th year LifeSci student, former ArtSci orientation week coordinator and former leader at Get REAL Queen’s, reads "Entering the Lion’s Den of residential Kingston," a postscript from January, 2019, by Jamie Urbanek. Host: Claudia Rupnik Producer: Francesca Lim Executive Producers: Raechel Huizinga & Matt Scace Music: "July for the Whole Year" - Devon Cole
October 18, 2020
2. Navigating My Long-Distance Relationship With My Brother
"I was devastated when my brother left for school. After moving him into his residence, I said goodbye and drove back to Canada with my parents. I was alone in the backseat of the car for the first time in my life. Despite being surrounded by my closest friends and family at home, there wasn’t a single person who could fill the gap he left in my daily life when he moved away. I felt abandoned, and I was lonely in a way I’d never experienced before." This week, Carolyn Smart, author and professor in creative writing at Queen's, reads "Navigating my long-distance relationship with my brother," a postscript by The Journal's News Editor, Claudia Rupnik. Host: Claudia Rupnik Producer: Francesca Lim Executive Producers: Raechel Huizinga & Matt Scace
October 5, 2020
1. Overcoming Inadequate Feelings as a First-Year Student
"One month into my first year at Queen’s, I wanted to drop out and go home. There wasn’t anything wrong with Queen’s. In fact, it was the opposite: there was something wrong with me—or so I told myself. Early in the year, I decided that I was wholly inadequate and unqualified to be a Queen’s student, that I was a simpleton destined to toil away in mediocrity for the rest of my life, and that I would never thrive at this university because everyone else was better than me." In the first episode of How To Be a Student, AMS President Jared Den Otter reads former Journal Assistant News Editor Luca Danetta's postscript, "Overcoming inadequate feelings as a first-year student." Host: Claudia Rupnik Producer: Lauren Thomas Executive Producers: Raechel Huizinga & Matt Scace
September 20, 2020