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The Real Hill Podcast - BHCC

The Real Hill Podcast - BHCC

By The Real Hill
Join us as we go behind-the-scenes at Bunker Hill Christian Church to bring you an inside look at what God is doing at The Hill and go deeper with us as we discuss Sunday’s sermon. For more info on our community of Believers, go to
S1E24: Galatians Zero: Paul’s Warning To The Jewish Believers
How can the temptation to please people cloud our judgment in sharing the Gospel? What are the best ways to navigate disagreement in the body of Christ?
August 09, 2022
S1E23: Intro to Galatians: ZERO
Why do we go to church? What things have we tried to add to the Gospel? Join us as we dive deeper into the book of Galatians.
August 02, 2022
S1E22: Interview: Recovery Soldiers Ministries - Journey to Freedom From Addiction
Is there a path out of addiction and into true freedom in Christ? As we wrap up our series Journey to Freedom, Bunker Hill’s own John Shirey shares some personal insights into God’s transformational power at work in Recovery Soldiers Ministries. | See for more info on how you can support and pray for RSM!
July 25, 2022
S1E21: Journey To Freedom: How God’s Freedom Can Change Your Life
What can we learn from the Israelites about true freedom? BHCC Youth Minister Jon Guy joins us this week to explore the effects of how we define freedom in 2022, and how those choices can change the course of our lives.
July 20, 2022
S1E20: New series - JOURNEY TO FREEDOM
What does freedom mean, and what are its ramifications in our life? We look back to the Israelites and their exodus from Egypt to learn more.
July 05, 2022
S1E19 Almighty Dollar: Series Wrap-up
Let’s take a closer look at the concept of robbing God and what that might mean in our lives. We wrap up this series and drive home key takeaways that any Christian can incorporate into their walk with God. Are you building a kingdom for your money or are you investing in God‘s Kingdom with your money?
June 28, 2022
S1E18 Almighty Dollar: Giving When Times Are Tough
🎙What happens when times are tough and money is tight? What factors can affect our ability to give cheerfully (and what exactly does that mean?)
June 13, 2022
S1E17: Almighty Dollar - Series Intro
This week on The Real Hill Podcast! Money matters. We kick off a brand new series and dive deeper into the question: Is building God’s Kingdom the goal of my money, or is money the goal of my kingdom?
June 08, 2022
S1E16 The Marriage Assessment + Youth Ministry Update 😃
This week, we wrap up our Song of Solomon series, and introduce you to a new staff member! BHCC Student Ministries is blessed to welcome Jon Guy to the team! ➡️Take the marriage assessment here
May 25, 2022
S1E15: S.o.S. Sexual Intimacy
What happens when the church avoids teaching about or discussing sexual intimacy? What lessons can we learn from God’s word on this topic?
May 16, 2022
S1E14: S.o.S. - The Checklist
This week, we talk about five things from Song of Solomon Chapter 2 that will help determine the strength of relationships.
May 09, 2022
S1E13: Series Intro: S.O.S.
Join us as we kick off our new series covering the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs.) What do we know about the historical and cultural context of this book? How might this help us on our mission to #lovebetter in 2022?
May 03, 2022
S1E12: Killing Church - Sharing the Gospel
Fresh off of Easter Sunday, we discuss ways to share the Gospel in its purest form, and intertwine our own experience in a truthful and compelling way.
April 18, 2022
S1E11: New Series: Killing Church
As we read through Scripture, it’s easy to vilify the Jewish establishment and the Roman authorities who persecuted Jesus and tried to kill his ministry. But what if we are doing the very same things to kill the church?
April 05, 2022
S1E10: Missional March: FCA | Brad Perry
We wrap up our Missional March series with a local legend! FCA Area Director Brad Perry grew up here at Bunker Hill and for the last 4 years has served in Kingsport/Sullivan County. Find out how God called Brad into ministry with staff and volunteers who seek to transform, disciple, and equip student athletes and coaches with the love of Jesus and knowledge of the Gospel. >Visit for more info and ways you can support this mission. 337 Carter St., Bluff City, TN 37618
March 28, 2022
S1E9 Missional March: Summit Leadership Foundation
We spoke with Eric Myers, Director of the Church Mobilization Network to learn more about Summit Leadership’s incredible impact on local businesses, churches, and other non-profits. Please visit for more info on the exciting work the Lord is doing through Summit’s mission to connect, consult, coach, and care for leaders.
March 21, 2022
S1E8 Missional March: College Ministry
This week, we discuss the value of college ministry and how college students can share in the mission of the local church. For more info on the college ministry at ETSU, visit their page here:
March 14, 2022
S1E7 🌎 Missional March: Hisportic Christian Mission | Tim Shields
Welcome to Missional March! 🌎 One of BHCC’s missionary partners will join us at church Sunday mornings to share about what God is doing around the world. You can catch the replay on Facebook or on our new church app! 🎧The Real Hill sat down with Tim Shields, Executive Director of to dive deeper into his story and how this incredible mission grew to a global church-planting and school-building ministry serving Portuguese speakers around the world. ➡️
March 09, 2022
S1E6 Agape Love - Series Wrap-up
As we wrap up our series “A Well-Rounded Love”, we look at how agape love is the foundation of God’s command to love one another. Follow along as we look at Matthew 5:38-48 to see how Jesus gives us specific instructions in his Sermon on the Mount. Thank you for joining us for this important series. We pray God will continue to show us practical ways to build a well-rounded love, firmly rooted in His Word.
February 28, 2022
S1E5 Eros Love 💖 + Interview w/ Jill Roberts
We’re thrilled to bring this 2-part episode to you. First, we’ll touch on some important points from yesterday’s sermon on eros love. • Next, stay on as we hear from Jill Roberts on some exciting things God is doing in BHCC’s Children’s Ministry, Roots! You won’t want to miss what’s happening on August 5th!!
February 21, 2022
S1E4 Philia Love + Haven of Rest Interview
We had the pleasure of speaking with Alice Beck from The Haven of Rest Rescue Mission in Bristol. As we look at practical ways to show brotherly love (philia) we encourage you to check out their website for more info on how you can donate or volunteer your time. You won’t want to miss this conversation! •
February 14, 2022
S1 E3: “Storge” Love + Interview w/ Troy Rumley
Join us as we dive deeper into the topic of familial love and affection. Bonus: stay tuned as one of our elders shares about our new class, “The Prodigal God” (book by best-selling author Timothy Keller.)
February 07, 2022
S1 E2: New Series: A Well-Rounded Love
God’s unconditional love for humanity is beyond our full understanding, yet we are called to love others the way He has loved us. Let’s take a brief look at The Five Love Languages (Dr. Gary Chapman’s book) and discover how to love others without expecting anything in return. Romans 5:6-8 is a great place to start!
January 31, 2022
S1 E1: Love Better Series: The Role of Shame
BHCC launches its first podcast episode with a recap of Sunday’s sermon. (1/23/22 - the replay is available on our Facebook page.) We cover some questions that might come up on the topic of shame and look at how it relates to loving others and God better.
January 24, 2022