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The Really Really

The Really Really

By Matt Price and Dom Ramirez
The Really Really is about exploring nuanced truths in entrepreneurship, investing, and humanity at large.

Hosted by Matt Price and Dom Ramirez. Recorded and edited at EaseDrop Studio in Boise.
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What's it like running Boise Entrepreneur Week? - with Tiam Rastegar and Nick Crabbs
What's it like running an event as wide-ranging as Boise Entrepreneur Week? How do the event's leaders cultivate volunteer power into awesomeness every year? What are the highest-impact aspects of this multi-faceted event? And what are the characteristics of a successful partnership? In the last episode of Chapter 2 of The Really Really, Matt and Dom sit down with Boise Entrepreneur Week co-chairs Nick Crabbs and Tiam Rastegar to discuss how they've led Boise Entrepreneur Week (formerly Boise Startup Week) together for years.
October 11, 2021
Are musicians entrepreneurs, too? - with Eric Gilbert, Co-Founder at TREEFORT MUSIC FEST
*Special Episode Alert* Join us with guest Eric Gilbert, Co-Founder at TREEFORT MUSIC FEST, Partner at Duck Club and once professional musician in the band Finn Riggins! This episode of The Really Really is all about finding parallels between the journey of an aspiring musician and that of a startup entrepreneur. Our guest, Eric Gilbert, tells us the origin story of Treefort Music Fest, shares his down-to-earth perspective on the business of making music and offers profound advice to aspiring musicians (which all entrepreneurs need to hear). But first, we start with 7 minutes of empathy for the people of Afghanistan. Featuring music by Finn Riggins, courtesy of Eric Gilbert.
August 26, 2021
Where are all the ladies? - with Janessa White, Co-Founder at Simply Eloped
What’s the experience of a woman in entrepreneurship? How can we make room for more diverse cultures within our companies? And what’s stopping us from trying harder to create more inclusive ecosystems? We invite Janessa White from Simply Eloped for a second time to help Matt and Dom address shortcomings in diversity.
August 20, 2021
Why open an early-stage VC in Boise? - with Mike Self, Managing Partner at StageDotO Ventures
When StageDotO came to Boise, Idaho in 2018, they started by making 7-figure investments in early-stage Idaho companies; unconventional to say the least. But why Boise? And how does StageDotO’s unique model give them an advantage in this market? And does collecting a monthly fee as a VC constitute misalignment? This time Matt and Dom talk to the Managing Partner of StageDotO Ventures, Mike Self, about his front-row seat in the history of venture capital, his perspective on risk, the role of people in venture, and where StageDotO’s model does (or doesn’t) make sense for Boise founders.
July 13, 2021
What good are non-profits in a business ecosystem? - with Nick Crabbs
How do non-profits, free events, and public-private partnerships effect a startup ecosystem? How has Boise's ecosystem developed and how do we fit into the larger economy? And what benefit can a secondary or tertiary ecosystem hope to gain from freelancers and remote workers moving in? In this episode, Matt Price and Dom Ramirez discuss ecosystem and beyond with Nick Crabbs, a Partner at Vynyl and a Co-Chair for Boise Entrepreneur Week (formerly Boise Startup Week).
June 16, 2021
Can you “moneyball” startup investments? - with Brad Zapp, Managing Partner at Connetic Ventures
What if VCs made their bets based on who the startup team is, not what they’ve done? What if startups could take a test based on their business and personality, then receive a $100k round of seed funding based on those test results? What can we learn from the make-up of founding teams? Brad Zapp and Connetic Ventures are the new kids on the block in VC. They’ve been using Wendal, an opportunity-vetting AI, as their launching point for their fund's investment decisions. In this episode, we discuss the dynamics of fund raising based on founding teams and the immense role that personality plays in the success of startups.
May 23, 2021
How hard is selling ice cream? - with Louis Armstrong
What does it take to bring a product from farmer's markets to store shelves? How does raising money affect consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies? Does experience in your company's industry save you from struggling as an entrepreneur? And what can CPG entrepreneurs do to help the world adopt sustainable packaging? In today's episode, Matt and Dom talk about everything CPG with Killer Creamery CEO and food scientist, Louis Armstrong.
April 27, 2021
Do we need "baby entrepreneurs"? - with Jeff Reynolds
Is entrepreneurship good for everyone? Is ego keeping us from benefitting from our journey? And are famous programs like Y-Combinator (or "YC") the solution to all our problems? In this episode, Matt and Dom explore how entrepreneurship can both help and hurt just about anyone with Jeff Reynolds.
April 07, 2021
How's the American Dream changing?
Kicking off the second chapter of The Really Really! What did we learn from the first five episodes of this podcast? Where will this new chapter take us? And, speaking of where things are going, what do recent events tell us about the future of "The American Dream"?  Matt and Dom are getting the gang together again to continue their exploration of building companies and humanity at large.
March 31, 2021
(Pt. 2) What’s the American Dream? - with Tiam Rastegar
What does bootstrapping cost a founder? What can immigrants teach us about the American Dream? And what does racial inequality have to do with business? Matt and Dom get personal in the second hour of conversation with Tiam Rastegar. 
January 17, 2021
(Pt. 1) There’s a founder knowledge gap? - with Tiam Rastegar
What does an Iranian-German-American executive director have to teach us about building companies? What are new founders missing when they plan to build companies? And what is the "Studio Model"? Matt and Dom discuss the path of an immigrant, ecosystem history, "studio model" investors, and knowledge gaps in this first hour of conversation with Tiam Rastegar.
January 17, 2021
You don’t do pitch decks? - with Janessa and Matt from Simply Eloped
Does early product/market fit give you the right to break the rules? How do our past hardships prepare us for doing the hard things? And what happens when outside factors (such as COVID-19) threaten to take that away? Janessa White and Matt Dalley (the founders of Simply Eloped) talk with Matt and Dom about the "special mojo" of their company, the dynamics of partnership, the uncommon choices they made in fundraising, and the role of community.
January 12, 2021
Recap: Is the "ecosystem" bullshit?
What did listeners disagree with from the first episode of The Really Really? Why do some people hate hearing about "the ecosystem"? And what is the role of mental health and imposter syndrome in building companies? In this second episode, Matt and Dom go through some of the more surprising feedback that listeners gave from the pilot episode.
January 08, 2021
What is The Really Really for startup founders and investors?
What is The Really Really? And what does it mean to startup founders, investors, and people who are helping build economies in growing markets? Should investment dollars come before business traction or is the opposite true? What will become a city's identity as it experiences waves of growth? In this inaugural episode, Matt and Dom lay out the reason they started The Really Really and explore the notion of identity in Boise's startup scene.
December 23, 2020