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The Reel Couple Podcast

The Reel Couple Podcast

By The Reel Couple
Do you love a good ghost story? Are you interested by the paranormal or intrigued by stories of cryptoids or UFO's? Do you crave watching horror movies based on real life events? Well, look no more! We delve into mysterious stories of unexplained phenomenon and find THE best movies to watch based on these stories.
The Reel Couple found a way to share their knowledge of the film industry AND have a date night by making their own podcast. What better way to get on each others nerves than sitting in front of microphones together for an hour every week!
Sarcastic, funny, raw and honest.
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What would you do if you recorded a ghost on video!!!? We review 3 found footage ghost stories and tell our own....

The Reel Couple Podcast

What would you do if you recorded a ghost on video!!!? We review 3 found footage ghost stories and tell our own....

The Reel Couple Podcast

Richard is seeing ghosts in our new place!!!! We review the VHS movie series...... ghosts, zombies and Mexican cults!
We have officially moved and Richard decides to tell me ON THE PODCAST that he is seeing ghosts at our new place! We reviewed 3 horrible movies, VHS, VHS 2 and VHS: Viral.  They are all filmed in first person and get progressively worse as they go on!  We covered so many topics this week from drifting while driving in ice, to getting snowed in together and of course, Robbie and Kyle are brought up.  They always are.  Kyle never listens and has no clue we talk about him, but Robbie is our official mascot now and I cannot wait until we have him on the podcast to make himself known to the world!!!  We discuss more random things than we do the movies but this what our podcasts usually turn into!  Its our date night and we never know where the conversation is going to take us!  
February 21, 2021
If you could be the opposite gender for a day what would you do???? Richard's answer should be rated R!!
We finally did a new podcast after moving and getting settled into our new place.  We did not do a movie review this time but instead did what Richard calls a STB episode. (Shoot the Bull).  We found it fun and refreshing to just discuss our last 2 weeks, our recent move and celebrating our 10 year anniversary!!  We answered some fun questions and really just had a real "date night" talking and having fun together!  What exactly would Richard do if he could be a woman for a day?? Who would you bring back from the dead to have a conversation with? If you could slap anyone who would it be and why.....? I know what my answer is, did I tell it??? Listen and find out......
February 16, 2021
We saw an alien in the top of a tree!! We also reviewed Area 51 and Aliens: The Zone of Silence
Do you believe aliens exist?  What if you saw one?? We discuss some crazy info we found on proof of alien existence and review 2 alien movies.  One is based on a real place that exists in Mexico known as the the Mexican Bermuda Triangle!  Join us for a fun discussion of alien existence, life on other planets, proof they are here and much more!!!.....
January 23, 2021
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Blood Mary....... What exactly happens when you play an urban legend game? Listen and find out and we review FOUR urban legend movies
What happens if you stand in front of your mirror and state a wicked urban legend out loud?? "Candy man, Candy Man, Candy man...."  We review 47 Hours to Live, Smiley, Slender Man and The Empty Man; all based on urban legends.  Which are real and which are folklore?  Listen and learn......... And whatever you do, don't repeat ANYTHING 3 times in a mirror!!!
January 17, 2021
What would you do if you recorded a ghost on video!!!? We review 3 found footage ghost stories and tell our own....
What would you do if you filmed a ghost on video!?  We watched 3 found footage films and discovered one was based on an actual CREEPY story.  The movie is Followed and it is about a social media influencer who films on Halloween in the haunted Lennox Hotel.  We discovered while watching it that it is based on the actual real life story of Elisa Lam whose viral video in a hotel elevator went viral.  She was later found naked and dead on the hotel rooftop in the water tank.  This whole concept pushed us to discover where we want this podcast to go.  We will now take real life viral videos, stories of cryptoids, ghosts, UFOs and murders and using the real life evidence, find movies about the subject and review the best and worst!!!  
January 10, 2021
Trailer of podcast...... (Bloopers and all!!)
New equipment, 2 people who have no clue what they are doing and our first attempt at recording and using all the bad boys we bought!  A basic synopsis of whats to come! Hope you get a good laugh out of it and it doesn't scare any potential listeners away!  
January 10, 2021
Official first Podcast: We review Songbird
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Get to know us! We do a basic movie trivia Q&A and let you get to know us and all our wonderful glory!  We also review the quarantine movie Songbird!  This is our first official podcast and it is FULL of flaws, fun and witty banter.
January 10, 2021