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The Reset Podcast is the brainchild of Laura Mignott, CEO of the experience communications agency, DFlash. Each show, Laura brings on an interesting. game-changing, unique person from the worlds of business, marketing, advertising, media, tech, and more. Expect lots of laughs, frank talk & provocative solutions.
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Episode 126: There are no dress rehearsals with Sharon-Frances Moore

The Reset Podcast

Episode 126: There are no dress rehearsals with Sharon-Frances Moore

The Reset Podcast

Episode 133: Starting out & building from the group with Ryan Mason
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Ryan Mason, founder of Luxe Brand & BizzBuzz. Ryan is a great young entrepreneur who created a unique line of luxury shoe laces and along the way created a digital marketing agency to help other small business owners tell their stories online.  Find him here: Ryan just launched a great digital e-book on marketing strategy called The Digital Playbook:
October 30, 2020
Episode 132: Creating inclusive workplaces for the IDD Community with Laurel Rossi
Today's episode, I have a fantastic conversation with Laurel Rossi, who's Co-founder of Creative Spirit and CPO at Organic. We talk about her incredible career and why she co-founded Creative Spirit which helps people with IDDs get meaningful jobs at advertising agencies. We discuss how companies can get involved and support their employees as well as why this is an economic justice issue, especially for women of color. Find more about her here: Please Rate, Review & Share the Reset Podcast wherever you listen!! 
October 27, 2020
Episode 131: Now is the time to make that change, you've been thinking of with Randi Levin
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Randi Levin, who's a Transitional Life Strategist at Randi Levin Coaching. We talk about how she got her start, why she herself made a career transition and why she's so passionate about helping others find their way in their careers and life. Find her here: Love the Reset? WRITE a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen! SHARE it with your friends! TELL me who you'd like to hear on the show next
October 23, 2020
Episode 130: Embracing your badassery with Catherine Connors
Today's episode I have a great chat with Catherine Connors, CEO of League of Badass Women. She's a Canadian philosopher, author serial entrepreneur and previous executive at Disney. We have a great chat about what it means to lead with your own badassery, femininity and more.  Find her here: Love podcast - write a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen & share it with friends !
October 21, 2020
Episode 129: Effectively & passionately finding your voice with Robyn Hatcher
Today's episode is a great conversation with Robyn Hatcher, founder of SpeakEtc. We have a great conversation about how she got her start, how she teaches people the art of public speaking. We talk about code-switching, how to speak effectively for your zoom meetings & being in the moment .  Find her here:
October 16, 2020
Episode 128: The heart, science & soul of Product Development Arne Lang-Ree & Giles Lowe
Today's episode, I have a fantastic conversation with Arne Lang-Ree & Giles Lowe, co-founders of Spanner. We talk about product development, what their process is, how they select projects and why they do what they do. They also give great advice about getting into product development.  They have a remarkable career journey and it's a fascinating story. Find them here:
October 8, 2020
Episode 127: You always have to build your own path with Yolanda Lam
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Yolanda Lam, Global Head of Agency & Ads Partners at Pinterest. We have a chat about how she got her start, how she carved out her own way going from the agency side to the tech side at Pinterest. We of course talk about how and why people are flocking to Pinterest during the pandemic (myself included) as well as how the company is adapting as a result of covid. Find her here:
September 30, 2020
Episode 126: There are no dress rehearsals with Sharon-Frances Moore
Today's episode, I have as great conversation with Sharon-Frances Moore , founder of Shances. She's an etiquette coach, who has spent over 20 years providing people with the tools, planning and strategies to move effectively in the business world. It's imperative that young people, especially those of color learn that there are no dress rehearsals, you have to stay ready to be ready. You never know when you'll get called to that meeting, or private dinner (in person or on zoom). Find her here:
September 29, 2020
Episode 125: Tapping into your own power & make it happen with Isis Arias
Today's episode I have a great chat with Isis Arias, who's an incredible, Brand Marketer,  experiential genius and so much more. We talk how she got her start, her career at Complex, as well as why she created Pep Talk Tuesdays. We dig into why event people are literally the most creative people on earth and always know how to make it happen. Find her here: 
September 16, 2020
Episode 124: Understanding culture, means paying attention to the past history with Nic Allum
Today's episode I get a chance to chat with Nic Allum, who has been at the forefront of cultural marketing for over 30 years - she has seen it all. We talk, understanding culture, honoring the past sacrifices & struggles and acknowledgement, that none of this is new. We go deep into what reality TV has done to us, why it's important to have diverse voices everywhere and why it's not a fad, but our only future. Find her here:
September 14, 2020
Episode 123: Teaching students with empathy, Dr. Marc Kissel
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with my friend & awesome professor, Dr. Marc Kissel, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Appalachian State University. We talk about what it's like to be a college professor educating students during covid. Marc talks about his innovative approach to teaching anthropology and not grading his students. Empathy leads the way for everything. Find him here:
August 28, 2020
Episode 122: Understanding the data, so you can reach your customers, Ania Wieczorek
Today's episode, I have a great talk with Ania Wieczorek, Co-founder, Bowery Analytics. We talk about her unique career journey, what made her to take the leap and jump to start her own company. We also talk about the power of data, especially right now as we face this pandemic. You have get to understand, where your customers are and how to get more of them. Find her here:
August 27, 2020
Episode 121: What you actually have to do to be a successful WOC in tech, Susanne Tedrick
Today's episode I have a great chat with Susanne Tedrick, technologist and author of Women of Color in Tech. We talk about her career in technology and why she thought it was necessary to write her book as a blueprint for women of color in the tech industry. We talk about the real importance of networking and giving back to the those young women who are coming up. Buy her book here:
August 26, 2020
Episode 120: Bringing humanity to work, even virtually with rituals, with Erica Keswin
Today's episode I have a great chat with Erica Keswin, author of the bestselling  book, Bring your Human to work and the upcoming book, Rituals Roadmap. We talk about her career, how and why she decided to right this next book, while still in quarantine. We also talk the power of humanity in business, especially during this weird covid time. We talk about what happens when people just connect. Find more about Erica here:
August 25, 2020
Episode 119: Communities for women that are about our full lives, with Nina Lorez Collins
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Nina Lorez Collins, founder of the online community for women over 40, Woolfer. She has incredible story and had so many trailblazing careers in publishing, consulting in hospitals and more. We talk about the fact that women need community for their all parts of their lives. Find out more about Woolfer here:
August 24, 2020
Episode 118: Creating wearable tech to help alleviate stress, with Kathryn Fantauzzi
Today's episode, I talk with Kathryn Fantauzzi, who's CEO of Apollo Nueroscience.   It's a super timely conversation, about this incredible wearable that her company created to help alleviate stress as a therapeutic devise. We talk the founder journey, what it takes to create a wearable and how you get it off the ground.  This episode was recorded before covid hit. Find out more information here:
August 19, 2020
Episode 101: Putting out your ideas & making it work, with Rebecca Minkoff
Today's episode, we have an awesome chat, with the incredible Rebecca Minkoff, founder of the awesome brand that bears her name and the Female Founder Collective. we talk about her road to building a fashion brand, how she's managing in this climate and what made her start the Female Founder Collective. When women support each other, we all win. Find her here: Check out my course, the One Degree of Connection here:
August 19, 2020
Episode 117: The art and science of relationship building with Karima-Catherine Goundiam
Today's episode with Karima-Catherine (KC) Goundiam, who's the Founder of B2BeeMatch. We talk about navigating entreprenuership in Canada, what it's like to be a Black woman founder in that market. We also talk the power of networking and her new company, B2BeeMatch which makes strategic networking simple.
August 13, 2020
Episode 116: How to be good advocates & allies in this moment & beyond, Megan Cunningham CEO, Magnet Media
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Megan Cunningham CEO, Magnet Media. We talk about how she got her start as one of the first production agencies to harness video before Youtube was cool. We discuss how Covid has effected our businesses and our storytelling, but also what it means in this moment to actually help amplify Black voices and use your talents for good to make meaningful and lasting change. Find her here:
August 6, 2020
Episode 115: Not turning back now, we are making the change NOW, with Leslie Short CEO, The Cavu Group
Today's episode I have an awesome conversation with the incredible, Leslie Short, CEO of the Cavu Group. She's an amazing entrepreneur, who was an incredible background as a ballet dancer, producer, head of marketing, Pastor and more. We talk about the moment we're in and how, there's no going back. We have to move forward and make meaningful change. Find her here:
July 30, 2020
Episode 114: Communities for women to powerfully connect with Kristy Wallace CEO, Ellevate Network
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Kristy Wallace, who's CEO of the Ellevate Network. We talk about what prompted her to join the organization and how she helped it pivot and adapt grow to be a huge organization and booming community. Women's professional networks are  so integral to business and life success. Find her here:
July 22, 2020
Episode 113: Managing remote teams and building diverse from day one with Kanchan Kumar, Co-Founder/CEO, Remitr
Today's episode I have a great chat with Kanchan Kumar, Co-Founder/CEO of Remitr. We talk about his innovative company and how they have been managing remote teams since their inception. When Covid hit, they knew how to adapt, but their culture was built to be open and empathic. We also talk about what it means to build a diverse company from the ground up and making a successful business value.
July 20, 2020
Take the leap & build a community, with Cate Luzio Founder/CEO, Luminary
Today's episode, we have a great chat with Cate Luzio, founder of Luminary, an awesome collaborative hub here in NYC and digitally around the world. We talk about how Cate went from a successful career in banking to launching Luminary the space and community in less than 2 years. We also talk how they were quickly able to pivot when Covid hit and create a new digital community that's helped them thrive. The importance of community now more than ever is imperative, for women at every stage of our careers.  Find her here:
July 16, 2020
Episode 111: Leading with the Culture in mind, Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Marketing, Unilever
Today's episode we have a great chat with Mita Mallick, who's Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Marketing at Unilever. Mita talks about how she got her start and how to lead with culture in mind. We have a deep conversation on what it means to be an ally, especially, when you're a non-Black POC. She shares a deeply personal story about what it means when people don't step up for their colleagues and what it means when they do. Find her here:
July 15, 2020
Episode 110: Getting your finances together as a small business with Galit Tsadik
Today's episode, I chat with Galit Tsadik, The FINancial Sharktress. We talk about the importance of getting your finances in order as a small business and how it's critical to your business success. We also talk about PPP loans, navigating during Covid, how to find a good bookkeeper, accountant and eventually CFO. Galit's got a great story as how she built this unique business by giving out financial advice on Twitter chats. Find her here:
July 2, 2020
Episode 109: Navigating the world of fundraising & philanthropy with Yolanda F. Johnson
Today's episode , we talk with Yolanda F. Johnson and Founder, YFJ Consulting & WOC. We have a great conversation about fundraising, non-profits, philanthropy and navigating that world as a black woman. We about why she felt the need to create WOC - Women of Color in philanthropy because having a community of women who are in your industry who understand your unique experiences is key to success. Find more information here:
June 30, 2020
Episode 108: Building, Pivoting & Black Hair, during the Pandemic with Regina Gwynn
Today's episode I chat with Regina Gwynn, who's the Co-Founder, TresseNoire Beauty & Black Women Talk Tech. We talk about how she went from corporate to entrepreneurship and never looked back. We Talk about why her company Tressnoire pivoted and how they are important resource now, for black women as we navigate our hair during this pandemic. We also talk about Black Women Talk Tech and why it's community is so important. Check out her company:
June 25, 2020
Episode 107: I can just make this happen with Melissa Mitchner
Today's episode, I have a great chat with #She4ALL pitch competition winner, Melissa Mitchner, Founder, The Bark Shoppe. Melissa is an incredible founder, built her savings, got inspired by a TV show, had and then just made it happen. Now 8 years later, her Dog Grooming business is thriving, in spite of Covid and she's on her way to creating some game changing products for the pet industry. She demonstrates what it means to #betonablackwoman. Find her here:
June 17, 2020
Episode 106: Black Trauma & the power of listening with Dr. Portia Hunt
Today's episode, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dr. Portia Hunt, Emeritus Professor at Temple University. We talk about Black Trauma, the power of listening, #BlackLivesMatter, healing, the protests and what we can all do to move forward. This is a difficult time for us all, and I hope this conversation leads to some positive action. About Dr. Hunt: Dr.Hunt a licensed psychologist and diversity consultant with more than 35 years of experience. Highly regarded in her field, she has provided diversity training and counseling to individuals and couples, schools and municipalities. As an expert in trauma care, Dr. Hunt has provided professional services in the aftermath of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, aided corporate executives impacted by 9/11, and assisted relocated survivors of Hurricane Katrina. She is executive director of the National Center for Family Recovery (NCFFR) located in Philadelphia, PA.
June 4, 2020
Episode 105: Take the chance, look how far you'll go with Tina Eskridge
Today's episode, we have a great conversation with Tina Eskridge, Sr. Marketing Director , from Microsoft. We talk about her starting out her experience working in the supply chain side for a number of companies, then switching over product marketing and now her senior marketing role at Microsoft.  We discuss the importance of taking on projects with intention that really matter to you and really being about to make an impact. Check out my online course, The One Degree of Connection Here
May 28, 2020
Episode 104: Volunteer, it helps others & you  with Edward Casabian
Today's episode, I have a great chat w/ Ed Casabian, who's created this amazing social impact project, Year Volunteer. We chat about his early days at Uber as one of the first employees at the NY office and helping it scale. We chat about the importance of volunteering, how NYC ranks as one of the lowest cities in the country for volunteering, which is shocking. We taped this episode before covid hit, but helping others now has a new spirit. Check out my online course:
May 22, 2020
Episode 103: Building a brand because you needed the products, with  Chris-Tia Donaldson
Today's episode I talk with Chris-Tia Donaldson, who's CEO of Thank God It's Natural. We talk about how she went from working at Oracle as a senior counsel to building a hugely successful brand, who's products are sold at Target, Whole Foods, Sally’s Beauty, CVS and Walgreen's. She's also a breast cancer survivor and we talk about how she was building TGIN, while going thru treatment. She wrote a fantastic book about her journey, This Is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me about Faith, Love, Hair, and Business Find more about her here: Check out my new course: The One Degree of Connection
May 21, 2020
Episode 102: Paving your own path to what you want to do, with Kay Hsu, Global Director, Instagram, Creative Shop
Today's episode, we have a great chat with Kay Hsu, Global Director, Instagram, Creative Shop. We talk about creativity, starting her career in politics and then moving to the US on the agency side. We discuss about the  importance of taking the leap,  jumping into opportunities and of course, pop culture, innovation & tech in the time of 'rona. Check out my online course:  One degree of connection:
May 20, 2020
Episode 100: You have to listen to culture, for real with Angela Brown
We have made it to 100 episodes!! I'm excited to have a fantastic conversation with Angela Brown from GSD&M, where she is an amazing Sr. Social Strategist. She worked on some amazing campaigns, most notably Popeyes the "ya'll good" tweet that launched millions of delicious chicken sandwiches. We talk about listening to culture, how no one is an overnight success and building your career is never a straight line. Be sure to check out my online course: One Degree of Connection
May 7, 2020
Episode 99: Today's a good day to launch an online course with Nancy Spears
Today is Launch day of my online course, One Degree of Connection in collaboration with GenConnectU! We have a very special episode with Nancy Spears, who's the amazing CEO of GenConnectU. We talk her incredible career and what prompted her to create an online e-learning platform. We will also talk about why I created my course and what we hope people will learn from it. There's a special discount inside the episode, be sure to take a listen. Find my course here:
May 4, 2020
Episode 98 - Episode 98: Amazing agencies are built with heart & smarts, with Leeann Leahy
Today's episode is with  Leeann Leahy, who's CEO of the VIA Agency. She has had a remarkable career in advertising and she talks about how she made her own way, knew the right time to jump to a new challenge and what it's like to run a top tier agency from Maine. We also talk about being a leader times of crisis & tragedy and be supportive .  She also definitely wins for youngest 1st job, as she was the Ivory snow baby at 6 months old. 
April 30, 2020
Episode 97: Leadership without BullSh*t, with Chris Hirst
Today's episode, I have a great conversation, with Chris Hirst, Global CEO, of Havas Creative. He has an awesome story how he built his career, and why he wrote the book, No BullSh*t Leadership.  We talk about how being an empathic leader, especially during this time of the pandemic, how we can be more open and vulnerable and that's a good thing. We also talk about Chris' amazing bread making skills. Find him here:
April 30, 2020
Episode 96 - Unlocking your purpose & soul, with Felicia Hinds-Clark
In our last episode as part of our #glowpodcastnetwork @glowvoices series, we have a fascinating conversation with Felicia Hinds-Clark, founder of Sakred Soul. We talk unlocking your purpose, how to understand your deeper consciousness and where to begin how to understand crystals and what they mean. It's a great conversation of how she went for working at one the biggest investment firms in the US to founding her our business to help other people. Find her here:
April 28, 2020
Episode 95: Figuring out the right insurance for your small business, Amber Wuollet
Next episode in the #glowpodcastnetwork series we chat with Amber Wuollet, who's the Director of Marketing at innovative insurance company, Bold Penguin. We talk about what types of insurance that you need as a small business owner,  why it's so important and what you need to do to in the cases you need to actually use the insurance. She also talks about how she balances commuting to another state weekly for work and being a working mom. Find her company here:
April 23, 2020
Episode 94: Wellness for women over 40 using, Eastern & Western medicine, with Michelle Aspinwall
Today's episode, which is part of the #glowpodcastnetwork series with Michelle Aspinwall, who's a coach & entrepreneur. We talk about  wellness, finding yourself after 40, peri-menopause, and building new products to help women navigate this part of life. She's built and amazing roster of products and helps women improve their sleep, mood, even their anxiety, using eastern & western medicine.
April 22, 2020
Episode 93: Making your mark by being fearless Jennifer Willey, CEO, Wet Cement
Today's episode we talk with Jennifer Willey, who's the CEO of Wet Cement. She teaches organizational leaders to be fearless. We talk about how she transitioned from being a CBO to creating incredible consultancy, where large brands and organizations to support women leaders and help men be strong actionable allies. She also talks about how the landscape of business has changed because of Covid-19 and how relationships still matter the most Find her here:
April 15, 2020
Episode 92 - Finding the path to get out of debt with Bernadette Joy
Today's episode, which is part of the #glowpodcastnetwork series, we talk with Bernadette Joy, who's a debt free expert. She gives great and practical advice about how to dig out of student loan debt. She talks about her own struggle to become debt free and why she feels it's important to share what's she done. She has an awesome new campaign, the 1 million mission to empower professional millennials to CRUSH their goals in life and money. Find her here:
April 13, 2020
Episode 91: Go & Travel, experience the world  with Janel Muhammad
This episode is part of the #glowpodcastnetwork series. We have a wonderful chat with  Janel Muhammad, who's the CEO of Destination Own, a luxury travel service and real estate company. It's not so much about travelling but making an investment in the incredible places you travel to. We talk about the dos & don't of travel and how she found her way to luxury travel on a budget.
April 8, 2020
Episode 90: Misfits, we are succeeding everywhere , Hunter Hindman
This episode we talk with Hunter Hindman, who's the Chief Creative Officer at the SF-based ad agency, ARGONAUT. We talk about Hunter, a self described Misfit, who has built an awesome agency that brand come to when they don't want to play it safe, but play it smart. He's built an agency that has been super adept at helping brands have a "comeback". He talks about how everyone has the capacity to be creative, you just have to be willing to help nurture it. 
April 3, 2020
Episode 89: Listening to your inner voice with Heather Carlucci
Today's episode is next is in our #glowpodcastnetwork series, and we have a fascinating conversation with Heather Carlucci, who's a Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive. We talk about how she went from being an award winning pastry chef and working in the restaurant industry for 20+ years and then fully embraced being a medium and medical intuitive. We learn about what that all means, how she works with the restaurant industry and people with medical issues.  Find her here:
March 31, 2020
Episode 88: Creating Masks for Doctors during #Coronavirus with Nancy Rhodes
This very special episode features, Nancy Rhodes, who's a shoe designer & CEO of Alternew. We talk about her journey to becoming a shoe designer and her new company, Alternew - where she matches seamstresses/tailors with the people who need them. As a result of the coronavirus she's decided to use her army of seamstresses to create masks for doctors. They have partnered with a bunch of hospitals and organizations to give the masks to across NY and the country. If you can donate money or fabric, they need that too: If you can't donate, please share across your social channels: More details here: We've had an INCREDIBLE outpouring of support and an EXTRAORDINARY response to our call for materials and sewing technicians as well as hospital staff and caregivers with IMMEDIATE needs. We realized we have no time to waste and need funds to get this executed in a meaningful way!   We have 70 sewing technicians and growing! We have materials to send out! We have delivery systems in place! We have the capacity to make at least 5000 masks per week and much more with your donation!  The first $5000 we receive will make 9,000 masks +$10,000 in donations will allow us to send 14,000 masks to hospitals and those in need. +$20,000 will make 28,000 masks +$25,000 will make over 35,000 masks and we have the infrastructure and capacity to make it happen! Please know that your family and your own financial health is paramount, but if you have the ability to give even a small donation, it could truly save a life! Please consider making a donation if you can! We need to provide people who can sew and are willing to help the access to resources at once, providing an opportunity to significantly contribute. And we need to get these face masks to the people who protect us. Let's get these masks made!! #bettertogether #smallactionbigdifference #nycfmi
March 24, 2020
Episode 87 - Healing, by writing your own story, with Dr. Rosenna Bakari #glowpodcastnetwork
This episode is part of my series with the #Glowpodcastnetwork, where I'm interviewing 7 fantastic women. First up, is Dr. Rosenna Bakari who is an amazing Author, Poet & Scholar. We talk about her incredible story, how she was one of the first people to help articulate language for sexual assault survivors and how she's written every single day for over 10 year to be a guiding light for survivors. She's also got a ton of self-care tips and how to write with purpose. Find her here:
March 20, 2020
Episode 86: The Future of Retail is complicated, Clair Carter-Ginn
On this episode, we chat with Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner at the Forecast Agency. She has an awesome story about how she got We talk about retail, the operations around fashion and where it's going. We also talk about how brands have to be smarter about how culture infuses everything they do.
March 6, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 85: Black Women are AMAZING,  with Queen & J
In our final #29daysofmagic series, we have the incredible Queen & J, creators & hosts of the fantastic, Tea with Queen and J, Podcast. We have an awesome conversation around how and why they started the podcast, what it means to be womanist race nerds, how they run the largest black podcast event in the country & so much more. We talk pop culture, misogynoir, supporting black women led businesses, podcasts and a little bit of everything.  Find them here:
February 29, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 84: Guiding healthcare startups globally,  Rashida Bobb
Today's #29DaysofMagic guest is #29DaysofMagic is Rashida Bobb, Principal at Bricks Health. We talk about her awesome journey from deciding at the last minute not to go to medical school, to building a health care career on the operations side. We also talk about her decision to give up her career in NYC, and try out the startup world in Berlin and then be greatly successful.  We also discuss how the career road isn't always as we planned, but we always find our way home. Find her here:
February 28, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 83: Sit at the table & speak up, Amani Duncan SVP/Head of Music, MTV
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Amani Duncan, SVP/Head of Music at MTV. She is the definition of a rainmakier, from interning at Def Jam being persistent enough to get a full-time marketing director. Then becoming the 1st black woman to run all of Music at Virgin Records, then ran all the marketing at Sean Combs Enterprises, then pivoting oldest guitar company in the world and turning them into a powerhouse & more. Now, she heads up music at MTV and re-envisioning the way artists connect with their fans. Also, because she's not busy enough,  she wrote her first book in 5 days and it will be full of wisdom, stay tuned in 2021 for it, it's called, Girlfriend, No Need To Ask. How'd she do all this, she sat the at table and then spoke up. Find her here:
February 27, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 82: Listening, is at the heart of your career, Courtney Oliver
Today's #29DaysofMagic guest is Courtney Oliver, Sr Director of HR at ViacomCBS. We talk about how she  started out with her resume in a bin at a job fair  and a year later, getting a call that would change the course of her life. She talks about the importance of listening to people in your career, not everything requires your response and often times, deeply listening gives you the chance to learn more. When she thinks of HR, she always thinks of the Human, part first because that's what matters most. She's also working with Career Contessa and mentoring people on the next steps in their careers. Find her here:
February 26, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 81: Building your Intrapreneurial career, Zoe Bogan
Today's #29daysofmaigc guest is Zoe  Bogan, from  KPMG, where she does Corporate Development. We talk about what it means to build a career inside of a large association and asking for what you want to get to the next level.  We talk the importance of not just allies but sponsors within corporations. She talks about her new role that enables her to run a new program for KPMG to help women, BIPOC founders get the financial tools to run their business successes. Find her here:
February 25, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 80: Putting your whole self into your work, Sheereen Miller-Russell
Today's #29DaysofMagic guest is Sheereen Miller-Russell, GVP, Ad Sales & Partnerships,  at OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network. She talks about her incredible journey starting out as a teenage working in customer service at her local newspaper to Time Inc, MTV and now OWN. We speak on the importance of storytelling of the varied multi-layered black women and how OWN has laser focused on that to great success. We also talk about what it really means to bring your whole self to work and be empowered to do so. Find her here:
February 24, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 79: Never stop building & creating, Esosa Ighodaro
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Esosa Ighodaro, the Co-founder of Nextstar & Black Women Talk Tech. We talk about her planning her life till she was 70, only for that to change when she entered the startup world. We also talk about why BWTT was founded and the needs that it serves to help black female founders and other under represented founders. The BWTT conference is 2/27-2/29 here in NYC. As a special to our audience, here's a discount to the conference: Use code: Laura25 - for 25% off tickets
February 23, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 78: Creating a life by design, not by default, Marcia Cole
Today's #29DaysofMagic guest is Marcia Cole CEO, Ivy Digital & Life Coach. We talk about how she fell into becoming a magazine editor, creating some of the most iconic album covers for music acts for from the the 90s & early 00s.Then pivoting while under the dryer, to create an agency that would serve Fortune 500 brands, even introducing social media to them. If that's not all, she's also become a life coach where she helps people design the life they want.  Her GIVE: a complimentary coaching session. Connect with her below:
February 22, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 77: Being Brave & Going for it, Jasmine Spraglin Sr. Strategist, David & Goliath
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Jasmine Spraglin Sr. Strategist at the agency,  David & Goliath. Jasmine is a force of nature that led the strategy for the incredible Kia Motors, Super Bowl ad, with NFL star, Josh Jacobs], for her first Super Bowl campaign. She tells the story of how she went from selling appliances at Sears to becoming a senior strategist.  She was intentional about the types of advertising she wanted to work on and developed her own path so that she could do that. It's a uniquely brave and fearless journey and she's got even more goodness to come.  Her Super Bowl spot:
February 21, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 76: Beauty, Faith & Purpose, Camara Aunique, Professional Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur
Today's #29daysofmagic is the incredible Camara Aunique, Professional Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur. We talk about how she went from working at MAC makeup counter to being the makeup artist for celebs like Ava DuVernay, Angela Bassett & more.  We have a deep conversation around faith, volunteerism and knowing who you are. We also talk about the business side of being a professional makeup artist and the importance of building other branches of business.  She recent launched, CamaraAUniqueBeauty, a lash line, that's easy to use for every woman, specifically for women, who may have lost lashes because of an illness.   Find her here:
February 20, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 75: Dance fuels & heals your soul, Big Tara, Art-tivist
On today's episode is on Feb.19th, it's my birthday and also my awesome  birthday twin #29daysofmagic guest, Big Tara. She's an awesome art-tivist, who is an B-girl & dance teacher who's taught around the world. She talks about how she introduced pole dancing in South Africa, helped women find their freedom thru hip-hop dance, one of the few black women, who is a b-girl and her incredible dance crew,  The Anomolies. We also talk about our February 19th birthday's make us unique and lead with empathy.  Find her here and wish her a happy birthday!
February 19, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 74: Making the arts accessible for all, Dupe Ajayi
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Dupe Ajayi, who's an incredible intersectional marketing strategist at The Shed, here in NYC, an incredible venue that brings together established and emerging artists in fields ranging from hip hop to classical music, painting to digital media, theater to literature, and sculpture to dance. Dupe is in charge of making the space accessible to all and has done an incredible job. Currently, if you're a resident of NYCHA housing or have a NYC ID, you're able to come to the performances for free. She's continually building programs to set the standard to make these spaces much more diverse and inclusive, because the importance of art, museums and design to kids is paramount. Find her here: Info for The Shed: Help: Ticket Access Program: IDNYC:
February 18, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 73: The art of costume design, with Charlese Antoinette
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Charlese Antoinette, an amazing costume designer. She has built a phenomenal career, starting out assisting well known designers and now, being an in-demand costume designer, for multiple hit shows on Netflix and just wrapped her 1st big budget film, leading the costume design team. She's built a black designer database, so that local designers can be easily found. She also is determined to inspire the next generation, by creating an awesome sewing program at Boys & Girls club in Cleveland. And since she's not busy enough, she is launching a new "Ask Charlese"  platform, where you can Ask her Anything on Mondays. Find her here:
February 17, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 72: Creating Pathways for Entrepreneurs Amanda Spann, Entrepreneur & Author
Today's #29daysofmagic guest is Amanda Spann, who's an incredible entrepreneur, author and badass, We talk about how she became an entrepreneur,  coach, podcaster, brand builder & more. We also talk about her new accelerator, where she's helping entrepreneurs to build their own business and apps, within 12 weeks. Find her back:
February 16, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 71: Choosing to Build your business, with Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker
In this #29daysofmagic episode, we talk with  Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker, Principal, Raymond Whittaker Design. We talk about how after having 15 meetings in one day, she decided it's time to go out on her own.  She has been a long time, strategist, executive coach, facilitator and now offers those services to companies & organizations. On top of all she does, she launched a non-profit to help women in business making less that 55k a year, get free executive coaching . Because we know, often times having that guidance from a coach in so important to build your career.  Find her here:
February 15, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 70: The craft of curating, with Malika Pryor
This #29daysofmagic guest, is Malika Pryor, Sr Director of Education & Programs at Detroit Historical Society. She has an awesome story,  she went from a being lawyer to becoming a running communications for a curator in the Bahamas,  building educational programming in museums in the US,  all while she's raising 5 kids. We talk about her new exhibition that will be honoring her incredible 93 year old grandmother. We also talk about how she found healing after three miscarriages.
February 14, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 69: Finding & sharing our stories Starr Rhett Rocque
Next #29daysofmagic guest is Starr Rhett Rocque, Freelance Journalist, Author & Content Creator. We have a great conversation on what it takes to be a successful freelance journalist in this day and age. We talk about how she got her start, writing her first book and what it means to be able to write for incredible publications like, Fast Company, Complex and bringing a diverse perspective by sharing our stories on their pages. Find her here:
February 13, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 68: Putting yourself first & securing your seat, Minda Harts
This #29DaysofMagic episode, has the incredible, Minda Harts, CEO & Author of the Memo LLC. We talk about Minda's game changing, best selling  book, The Memo,  which gives you an honest, inside look as some of the difficult experiences that are unique to black women in the workplace as well as ways non-POCs managers, co-workers, can be true allies & sponsors. We also talk about why business networking is key for black women's success. Yes, you do have to go to the happy hours!  Find her here:
February 12, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 67: Guiding the way for agency talent, with Tasha Gilroy
This episode of #29daysofmagic is with Tasha Gilroy, Tasha Gilroy, Global Director, DEI Talent & Partnerships, VMLY&R.  We talk hiring and nurturing talent at ad agencies, and being a source for guidance and leadership to younger employees. She also talks about why she has stayed within an agency organization for over a decade and how she keeps evolving and learning. Find her here: 
February 11, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 66: The beauty of storytelling thru film with Dominique Spooner, Director, Producer & Writer
Today's #29DaysofMagic guest is Dominique Spooner, a dynamic Director, Producer & Writer. She's already got a show she produced running on #PBS, has filmed from NYC to South Africa and writes every day. She's an awesome triple threat, who's not even 30 yet! She gives great advice on the tools you need to just get started shooting video content & why it's all about how your eye tells the story you create. Find her here:
February 10, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 65: It's Your Wellness that matters, with Yoli Ouiya, Wellness & Sustainability Expert
Today's #29Daysofmagic episode is with Yoli Ouiya (#QueenofGreen) an incredible Wellness & Sustainability Expert. We talk, plant-based eating & living, Impossible burger vs. Beyond burger,  Yoli's days as a vegan chef, also methods for us eat healthier that are manageable. We also chat about sustainable living and not just talk about it, but actually doing it. We talk about the huge importance of self-care, especially how it has to be a way of life, not just a once in a while part of our lives. Find her here:,, and
February 9, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 64: The soul of songwriting, with Amma Watt, Songwriter & vocalist
This #29daysofmagic episode, we have a great conversation, with songwriter & vocalist, Amma Watt. She has an incredible story starting out singing from a young age and becoming a successful songwriter & vocalist. We talk the business of the music industry and the importance of getting your "paperwork" right. She gives great advice on how she's been able to build a career that leads her to create songs for commercials as well as tour around the world. Find her here:
February 8, 2020
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 63: Knowing when to talk away, with Adia Betts
Next #29DaysofMagic, episode is a great conversation with Adia Betts, Sr. Copywriter at VMLY&R. We talk about dealing with microagressions, & racism at ad agencies and when to stand up for yourself and walk away. It's an honest perspective about the ad industry and will give you perspective about why black women especially leave agencies.  We also talk about what it feels like to go to a place where you're supported an empowered and how your work can thrive on those environments. Find her here:
February 7, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 62: Being loud is your strength, Essence Revealed, Author, Teacher & Burlesque Performer
We talk with Essence Revealed, who's incredible story starts out with 2 degrees from NYU, then to being a teacher & real estate agent, during the week and stripping at the same club in the movie Hustlers and more for 10 years. She then tells of the art of storytelling through burlesque, of which she was crowned a queen, In Italy.  She now also works Self Actualization Strategist for sexual violence survivors helping them to defeat fear & finally finish passion projects. She gives incredible  advice in her new book on you too can find your voice.. Find her here: Website: The Book: SM: IG: @essencesas
February 6, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 61: The heart & art of hosting, with Jodine Dorce
On this episode of #29DaysofMagic series, we talk with host and event production, extraordinarie, Jodine Dorce. We have a great conversation about how she built a career as the go-to host & curator of events, all across the world, as well as being an awesome event producer. We share some event war stories and what it means to lead a crowd of strangers. Give/Ask - Connections, she's got them and is happy to share and is always looking for more!
February 5, 2020
#29DaysofMagic -Episode 60: Telling the stories of the Black Atlantic with Akisa Omulepu
In this episode for #29daysofmagic, we talk with Akisa Omulepu, director and documentarian. We talk about how this native New Yorker, went from math teacher to producer of TV segments in the middle of terrorist attacks in Kenya for CNBC. Akisa, talks about how that moment changed the types of stories she would tell and that telling the unique, multi-faceted stories of the Black Atlantic has become her life's work. Find her here: @ABrandNewWorld
February 4, 2020
#29DaysofMagic Episode 59: Breaking down the women's health with Dr. Wendy McDonald
We talk with the incredible OB/GYN, Dr.Wendy McDonald, aka Dr.Everywoman. We breakdown a bunch of health myths, black maternal maternity, why you still need to get tested for STIs and more. We also talk the importance of "seeing it & being it" , with only 2% of doctors being black women, Dr. Wendy aims to inspire young kids of color. She shares how she finds time for herself, while delivering babies, raising her kids and her husband, who's also a doctor, needless to say she's busy. Check out all her incredible articles & Youtube explainer videos: Truth Hurts parody:
February 3, 2020
#29dayofMagic - Episode 58: Know your healthcare rights with Adimika Arthur, Executive Director, HealthTech for Medicaid
In our next  episode in the #29daysofmagic series, we chat with Adimika Arthur,  Executive Director, HealthTech for Medicaid. We talk her about her incredible road from being a clinical epidemiologist, to angel investor to healthcare activist. Her non-profit, HealthTech for Medicaid, is helping bridging the gap between healthcare tech and the needs of people on Medicaid, which 1 in 5 Americans is on. Her life's  work is changing the trajectory of quality and duration of life for vulnerable populations, many of whom represent communities of color. Follow her here: @AdimikaA
February 2, 2020
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 57: Every brand has a story, with Nakita M. Pope
This is the 1st episode of my series #29daysofMagic, where I'm interviewing a Black woman in business a day during black history month. We have a great conversation with Nakita M.Pope, Chief Chick, of Branding Chicks. We talk about her incredible journey as a creative director at agencies and then building her own. We talk storytelling, strategy, encouraging the next generation of creatives and more.
February 1, 2020
Episode 56:  Passing the torch & running with it, with Lisa Bridge
This week's episode features Lisa Bridge, CEO of Ben Bridge Jewelers. She's a third generation entrepreneur in the family business, Ben Bridge Jewelers. We talk about her unlikely path to becoming the company's CEO, how to consistently innovate in a long standing business. We also talk about the importance of customer  experience and how companies can consistently grow by holding true to it s core values. www.
January 27, 2020
Episode 55:  Stepping out of comfort zones w/ Jed Meyer
This week's episode we talk with Jed Meyer, Managing Director, North America, Ebiquity. In this episode we talk about taking chances and stepping out of your comfort zones. Jed, when given the chance to take up and move his family to China for work, went for it and learned a ton. We also talk, data, privacy and creating a culture of giving. It was a fascinating conversation.
January 21, 2020
Episode 54:  Finding the warrior within, with Svitlana Zavaialova
This week's episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Svitlana Zavaialova, who's a Kung Fu visionary, creator of the Wu Woman Martial Movement style. We talk about her class on Wu Warrior meditation, which is the most unique meditation I've ever done. How how find that inner warrior within, so that you can break through areas of your life that block you on your way and how you can over come it. We also talk about her incredible journey here, starting with growing up Crimea, Ukraine, studying in China, female warriors and so much more . It's an awesome conversation.  Find out more here:
January 14, 2020
Episode 53 - Born to Be Bold & Free, with Mahogany Phillips
Kicking off the New Year & Season 3, with a great conversation with trans activist & entrepreneur, Mahogany Phillips. She helped changed the law so that trans people could get facial feminization surgery, covered by Medicaid - because it's a matter of life and death. She shares her journey from Ohio to modeling in South Africa. We talk safety, natural hair, mental health and spiritual freedom. She's the subject of the incredible documentary, Born to Be - that highlights her pre and post surgical journey. I was honored to have her on the show to share her journey. Follow Mahogany here The Born to Be documentary is currently on the film festival circuit, from NYFF to Palm Springs. 
January 9, 2020
Episode 52 - Womens health matters - getting the right information, Dr. Taraneh Shirazian
On this episode we talk with #WOI Winner, Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, who is a licensed OB/GYN at NYU Langone, founder of Mommy Matters, a series of products that help expectant moms & new moms, with the issues no one talks about & the founder of the non-profit, Saving Mothers, that helps pregnant women around the world & locally, deliver their babies safely. We talk fibroids, doulas, freezing your eggs & more.www.mommymatters.comwww.savingmothers.orgThis week's episode is sponsored by Masterclass - buy one all-access pass and get another for free, check out
December 17, 2019
Episode 51 - Creating spaces where you can be vulnerable, with Anne Devereux-Mills
On this episode, we have a great conversation with Anne Devereux-Mills, founder of Parlay House & serial entrepreneur. We talk about her journey from advertising executive to Parlay House, where she creates incredible communities of women across the country. We chat about the importance of safe spaces for men & women to be vulnerable and honest.
December 13, 2019
Episode 50 - Why People wear, What they wear, with Kim Jenkins
This week's episode we have an awesome conversation with Kim Jenkins, Lecturer at Parsons, New School of Design & starting in January Associate Professor at Ryerson University. Kim is most notably known for being hired this year by Gucci for helping them address cultural awareness and sensitivity. We talk about the moment of reckoning for fashion brands to be aware and adapt to this new world of #cancelculture #digitalboycotts & more.This week's episode is powered by Masterclass: •For a limited time, when you buy one Annual MasterClass All-Access Pass for yourself, you’ll get another one to gift, for FREE! Go to MASTERCLASS,COM/RESET to get started with this limited time offer. Happy Holidays!
December 10, 2019
Episode 49 - Getting your business WMBE certified with Diana Benjamin
On this episode, we talk with Diana Benjamin, founder of New Genesis Pathfinder. She spent years working for the city, helping companies get their women & minority owned statuses, so they can unlock projects that are available in the city & state of NY. Now, she's started a fantastic firm to help even more people who need help navigating these way too complicated process for certification. Reach out to her here:
December 6, 2019
Episode 48 - Fighting for Democracy in Maldives, with Abbas Adil Riza
This week's episode is unique as I chat with Abbas Adil Riza, who's the spokesperson for the opposition party in Maldives. When we think of Maldives, we think of the beautiful beaches and those amazing villas in the ocean. Yet, it's also an Islamic democracy and there are protests happening to preserve that democracy. It's a fascinating conversation that has interesting parallels we can all learn from.
December 3, 2019
Episode 47 - All about Music, Pop Culture & everything in between with Saidah Blount
This week's episode we have a fantastic conversation with Saidah Blount, Senior Manager, Global Brand at Sonos. We talk all things music, pop culture, skin care and more. She has an incredible story and a unique path to getting to her incredible success. It's a jumbo episode because we just had so much fun chatting!
November 19, 2019
Episode 46 - Making your own way with Judy Jackson
New episode is UP! We sit down with Judy Jackson, Global Head of Culture at WPP. Judy has a remarkable story and how she navigated the agency world, with a core mission to help people find their way. We talk diversity, inclusion, and the importance of just listening to people in business.
November 12, 2019
Episode 45 - Figuring out what you're good at with David Eastman
New episode is UP! We have a great conversation with agency veteran David Eastman, CEO at BSSP. We talk about how we went from an aspiring actor to an agency CEO. David talks about the importance of finding what you're good at instead of finding your passion. We also talk about East coast v. West agency life.
November 8, 2019
Episode 44 - Connecting brands to consumers with authenticity & humor with Val DiFebo
This week's episode features, Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch NY. We talk about her incredible journey and career at Deustch. She talks about how she brought mindfulness and fitness classes into the office, well before it became trendy. We talk about brands who don't take themselves too seriously and instead use humor to connect like the Popeyes, Chi-fil-a sandwich wars.
November 5, 2019
Episode 43 - I Know Why You’re Single, Sis , with Nadia Stanley
This week's episode we have a great conversation with entrepreneur & author, Nadia Stanley. We talk about her quick and powerful book, I Know Why You're Single, Sis. We talk about trying to balance the busy world of entrepreneurship, along with finding someone to walk that crazy road with you.Buy her book here:
October 25, 2019
Episode 42 - Following the culture by, tracking the trends with Terry Young
This week's episode features Terry Young, founder * CEO of the innovative agency/consultancy, Sparks & Honey. We talk about their unique and innovative approach to tracking trends, their culture briefings, which have become an industry staple.Catch Sparks & honey live stream on Tuesdays/Thursdays:
October 18, 2019
Episode 41- Music curation feeds your soul & your brand, with DJ Hesta Prynn
This week's episode, we have an awesome conversation, with Julie Potash Slavin, aka DJ Hesta Prynn. We talk about how she got her start, being a female DJ and how she's carved out an incredible niche as a music curation strategists, for some of the leading brands in the world. We also talk about the importance of meditation and finding some type of balance.Check out some of her awesome playlists here:
October 11, 2019
Episode 40 - Building, pivoting & protecting your data with Cary Lawrence
This week's episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Cary Lawrence, Co-Founder/GM at SocialCode. We talk data, APIs, privacy on social media, as well as building a company, pivoting and staying power in an ever changing market.
October 4, 2019
Episode 39 - The art & science of business transformation, with Justin Thomas-Copeland
This week's episode is a fantastic conversation, with Justin Thomas-Copeland, CEO of Rapp New York. Justin has an incredible story, from growing up in England to becoming is a global business transformation leader. He's the man you call when your agency needs to be turned around. He's done it everywhere from Russia to Belgium to NYC. He also has an impeccable shoe game.
September 25, 2019
Episode 38 - Hacking the advertising agency process, with Andy Nathan
On this week's episode, we have a great conversation, with Andy Nathan, CEO of the Fortnight Collective. We chat about hacking the old agency process and how they built this unique process of a brand marketing accelerator. They do this awesome sprint, called AdHack, where they do the whole the strategic and creative development process, in two weeks.
September 12, 2019
Episode 37 - Popeyes, Black Twitter, & how it really gets monetized
This week's episode, we have a great conversation with Gary J. Nix, of the The BRANDarchist. We talk about the Popeyes chicken sandwich, how Black Twitter blew it up and what that really means for brands and monetizing their intersection with culture.Follow Gary:@Mr_McFly
August 29, 2019
Episode 36 - How to find the right people, for the right job, with Andrew O'Dell
This week's episode features, Andrew O'Dell, CEO of the agency Pereira & O'Dell. We talk building an agency from the ground up, hiring & building a team and creating a unique work environment that inspires the best creativity.
August 22, 2019
Episode 35 - Our Images tell our stories, in Africa & beyond with Dr. Stacie Graham
On this week's episode, we speak with Dr. Stacis Graham, founder of Colour Balance Images, an incredible photography platform that employs photographers from all over Africa and beyond. We talk about what it means to have images photographed by the locals and providing jobs. We also talk about the misconceptions around Africa, female founders and how she hopes to help change those perceptions.
August 14, 2019
Episode 34 - Helping brands to discover their Truth, with Erik Herskind
On this week's episode, we have a great conversation with Erik Herskind, CEO of GoDo Discovery. We talk about how his company guides brands to find their vulnerabilities and discover their truth. We also discuss the trend of the giant consulting companies are acquiring agencies, and how that is actually creating strategic opportunities, for companies like GoDo. And since he's from Texas, we also have to talk BBQ.
August 6, 2019
Episode 33 - Designing the life that you want, with Darrah Brustein
This week's episode, we have a great conversation with serial entrepreneur and author Darrah Brustein. We talk the power of saying no, using connections to help design the life you want and how mindfulness is so helpful to entrepreneurs. We also talk her series that she launched with Deepak Chopra and how that happens because you have to be open to the right opportunities when they come your way.
July 26, 2019
Episode 32 - The tech may change, but it’s still about creativity, with Tim Smith
This week's episode, we have a great conversation about the changing world of marketing and advertising, with Tim Smith, President of the agency, Chemistry. We talk about how he has seen the industry drastically change in some ways since the 90s, but how it still comes down to creativity, no matter what new tech you use. We also talk about what it's like to successfully grow by merger and acquisition. There's also some great tips about living and working in Atlanta.
July 19, 2019
Episode 31 - Making politics easier to understand, with Walter Powell
This week, we have an awesome conversation with the founder of Politiscope, Walter Powell. We talk how we went from a top NFL receiver with the NY Jets to founding a tech company, that seeks the average user to understand what congressional bills actually mean. About PolitiscopePolitiscope exists to instill confidence in voters by educating them with factual, reliable, and easy-to-understand political information in a central location.
July 12, 2019
Episode 30 - Staying ahead, by constantly innovating, with Christoph Bornschein
This week, we talk with innovative co-founder & CEO of TLGG, Christoph Bornschein. Christoph was basically born innovating and building companies. It's a fascinating conversation where he shares, how he has been at the forefront of gaming, working with leading brands like Mercedes, BMW & more, by thinking about what's the next place, companies should go.
July 3, 2019
Episode 29 - Connections & Real Solutions, to help female entrepreneurs to scale, with Jen DaSilva
This week's episode, we talk with, Jen DaSilva, President of the agency, Berlin Cameron. We talk her career at the agency where she's been nearly 20 years and also the creation of LLShe, a new division to help female founded brands actually scale. We also talk about her unique skill of connecting people, hint, it harkens back to a game we all used to play when we were kids.
June 26, 2019
Convo Episode 28: Being Brave - Leading & Managing Teams at Adobe UK
This week, we sit down with Toccara Baker & Dawn Osbourne, two outstanding women from Adobe, who are based in England. Each of these women has had a unique road to success. They talk about what it's like to work for a huge company that embraces diversity, helps you grow and calls on you to be brave.
May 30, 2019
Episode 27 - Moving at the speed of culture, with Michael Ridley
This week's episode features, Michael Ridley, head of business development at the agency, The Community. We talk about his incredible journey, growing up in the Cayman Islands, living and London and ultimately working in Miami for one of the leading cultural agencies in the world. He talks about how brands can move at the speed of culture first when building campaigns.
May 22, 2019
Episode 26 - What does it take to make a Founder, a Leader , with Steve Kelner
This week's episode featured a great conversation with Steve Kelner, from Ascent Leadership Networks. We have a fascinating conversation about what makes a founder, a leader. Steve is regarded as one of the best leadership experts in the world, creator of some of the most widely used assessment tools for founders and executives. How Steve got this career is so interesting. We recorded this episode at the #Inbound18 conference in Boston, MA.
May 8, 2019
Episode 25 - Marketing & Management, what it really takes with Yoli Chisholm
This week's episode, features Yoli Chisholm,VP Marketing, at Sprinklr. We talk about her awesome life story, growing up in Canada, answering an ad in a newspaper to get her career started to working in some of the biggest companies in the world, like Ebay & Microsoft. She's been a #bosslady Intrapreneur, growing and leading teams and inspiring women to Crush it in Corporate for over 20 years. Check out her book: Crushing Corporate:
May 2, 2019
Convo Episode 24: A talk with the Fly Female Founders
This is a special episode where I chat with my fellow board members of Fly Female founders:Carol Tuite, Miki Nogchi, Nancy Ruzow, Laurel Cudden, Sweta Vikram & Felicia Stingone. We talk about why our organization lifts up women and empowers us
April 24, 2019
Episode 23 - For love of shoes, the artistry of design, with Sarah Sclarandis
This week's episode is with the fantastic, shoe designer, Sarah Sclarandis, founder of Sclarandis shoes. We talk about her singular focus as a child to become a shoe designer, going to school in Italy, working for some of the biggest brands in the world and then going out on her own to make the shoes she wanted to wear. It's an incredible story and it's on one of my favorite topics, so we have a wonderful conversation.Find Sarah's shoes here: www.sclarandis.comFollow on Instagram: @sclarandis
April 17, 2019
SXSW Episode 22- Finding out your Why, with Addie Conner
This week's episode which was recorded at SXSW, features a great conversation with Addie Conner, Co-founder & CEO of 42 Birds, Partner, & CIO, Decoded Advertising. We talk about in business and in your life, how do you find your why! We have a great conversation about how and why she decided to start a product company, 42 Birds, while running her current agency Decoded and how remaining curious is the key to finding success. Connect with Addie: @addieconner @42birdscork @decodedadvCheck out 42 Birds: https://42birds.comDecoded Advertising:
April 10, 2019
SXSW Episode 21- Blockchain, Banking & Balance, with Sophia Lopez
On this week's episode, recorded at SXSW, Laura talks with Sophia Lopez, Founder at Kaleido, a ConsenSys business, which game changing, blockchain company that leading banks are using. We talk about how she came to become a founder after years leading tech projects at IBM and what it's like on the other side of the business. Sophia, also talks about raising 4 kids as a single mother, and how she balanced it all.
April 3, 2019
Episode 20- Blockchain, The Next Everything, with Stephen P. Williams
In this week's episode, Laura, talks with Stephen P. Williams, a 12 time author & entrepreneur, about his latest book, Blockchain, The Next Everything. We talk about how the uses for blockchain can go from manufacturing, to helping disadvantaged communities as well as what it means business. We also talk about how having faith, the power of meditation, and a belief in something, is of paramount importance when you're an entrepreneur. Follow Stephen:@stephenwilliams Stephen's Book is out now, here's where you can buy it:
March 27, 2019
SXSW Episode 19 - Smart Growth - Where are we going with social? with Angela Yang
This week's episode comes live from SXSW, where Angela Yang, Group Director of Connections at the agency at T3, breaks down, what's happening next with social media and the concept of smart growth. What's happening with our data, how brands and agencies are responding, are just a few of the topics we cover. We also talk about the importance of diversity in hiring being the change you want to see. Of course, since we're in Austin, we discuss Angela's recommendations for the best tacos! Follow Angela:@AngelaCYangHer Agency T3: @T3thinktankTaco recommendations:Taqueria Los Jaliscienses - places.singleplatform.comVera Cruz -'s -
March 20, 2019
Episode 18- SXSW #Bossladies - The Sheriff of Blockchain, with Anne Ahola Ward
BONUS EPISODE: In honor of International Women's Day, we're coming live from SXSW 2019 and a great chat Anne Ahola Ward, CEO of Vertitoken Global. We breakdown Blockchain and the importance of data security. We also talk about what it means to speak up, stand up for yourself, especially in male-dominated industries. We talk about the best ways to support other women & the how can be actionable allies. We also shout out some of Anne's favorite #BossladiesCheck out Anne:
March 8, 2019
Episode 17- Biz Dev Breakdown - How to sell effectively, with Krystle Watler
This week's episode, features Krystle Watler, US Head of Business Development at Vitrue. We talk about how she went from Goldman Sachs, to ad agencies, fell into business development, got an executive sponsor and built her career to now she's a fierce #bosslady. We also delve in to what what it means to take a break from work, and how when you do that in your career, you can come back even stronger.
March 6, 2019
Episode 16 - Survival - Freelancing & Fighting Cancer, with Kassia Graham
Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) invites bold & brave entrepreneur Kassia Graham, US Content Lead of Cannaclusive & 2 time cancer surivor. We have an honest conversation about what it's like to be a freelancer while going thru cancer treatments. Kassia, bravely shares her experience, how she dealt with insurance, family and maintaining self-care. It's something that every entrepreneur, freelancer and employer needs to hear. I was honored to speak with Kassia.
February 27, 2019
Episode 15 - The Breakthru, being WOC in VC, with Marcia Mitchell
Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) chats with badass VC, Marcia Mitchell of FFVC. Marcia shares her amazing career from the trading floor to high fashion runways, getting a masters along the way, then now as a VC. We talk about the importance of being in the room, making strategic investments to go to conferences and making an impact when you're there. We also discuss what it takes to become a VC and what she's looking for in founders.Find her on social
February 20, 2019
Episode 14 - Getting a Patent ain't easy but Janet Bashen has one
Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) invites trailblazing entrepreneur Janet Bashen, CEO of the Bashen Corporation, on to the show to share her amazing founder journey. We talk how she went from flipping burgers to becoming the first black woman to obtain a tech software patent. We dig deep into how to get government contracts (and keep them), finding a unique niche and getting back up, each time you get knocked down.
February 13, 2019
Episode 12 – Resetting Leadership From A Mindset of Abundance With Leslie Waller
Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) invites CPG marketing whiz Leslie Waller on to the show to share the evolution of her career, going from a teenager hocking credit cards over the phone to the leader of a hot new firm The Blue Opal. They touch on tips for asking for and getting what you want, the importance of partnerships and mastermind classes and how to present from a place of abundance. Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 11 – Smashing Our Collective Black Mirror With Social Media Expert Mary Pryor
Social media gadfly Mary Pryor sits down with host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) to cut through the BS around social media. In a world where famous people are paid to tout products on Twitter, wherefore authenticity? In addition to coaching us on how to be mindful in the social world, Laura and Mary discuss the importance of Black Twitter as a cultural force. At the end of the day, it all comes down to: Put your phone down.Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 10 – Sitting with Pioneering Tech Entrepreneur Avis Yates Rivers
Tune in to hear host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) in conversation with Avis Yates Rivers, a real life ‘Hidden Figure’ and 30+ year entrepreneur. Starting out as a saleswoman for Exxon in the 80s – selling the first information processors and fax machines - Avis evolved into an entrepreneur over the next 32 years and never looked back. Her key advice: take the time to debate and decide whether to be an entrepreneur. They also cover her amazing initiative #SitWithMe and how to encourage careers in technology for women and people of color. Buy Avis’s book: Necessary Inclusion: Embracing the Changing Faces of Technology follow her on Twitter: @SitWithAvisCredits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 9 – Resetting Funding with Early Stage VC Sumeet Shah What are today’s VC’s looking for?
For today’s show, host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) is joined by venture capitalist Sumeet Shah (@PE_Feeds), Principal at Brand Foundry Ventures. Sumeet relates his colorful path to the VC world, and the early stage firm’s focus on the consumer sector. With keen honesty and insight, he addresses the VC world’s focus on younger founders and its attempts to embrace more diversity. And if that’s not enough, you’ll hear about his superior meatball game as well as a recent foray he has undertaken to visit diners across the country and interact with folks from all walks of life.Not to mention a shoutout for Lower East Side NYC joint Whitman’s cheese-stuffed burgers.Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York City
February 8, 2019
Episode 8 - Deciphering What's Next With Marketing Pro and Podcaster Mike Street
Digital marketing pro – and podcasting pundit – Mike Street (@MrMikeStreet) joins host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) to dissect best practices for digital/social marketing, from uncovering your audience to incorporating elements of fringe culture. The discussion touches on opportunities for people of color, how to get paid for doing good work…even an impromptu review of this year’s CES. Check out Mike’s podcast “Smart Brown Voices” in all the usual places, it’s great.Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 7- Resetting Health Advocacy with Brooklyn Allergy Mom Heidi Bayer
This time around, show creator and host Laura Mignott (Founder, experiential marketing agency Digital Flash) welcomes Heidi Bayer, creator of the Brooklyn Allergy Mom blog ( - @bklynallergymom) and Chairman of the Board of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. They discuss how to be the best advocate – and parent – for kids with food allergies; the sad genesis of Chicago’s advancements in this area; and how to effect change on a state-by-state basis. They also touch on Heidi’s ‘day gig’ as CEO of The episode features the track “Smog Cutter” by the James Carney Group ( – led by Heidi’s talented, multi-instrumentalist/composer husband. Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe RokSpecial episode music: “Smog Cutter” by James Carney Group
February 8, 2019
Episode 6 - After this election, Act local with lobbyist Safeena Mecklai
For the sixth episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes NYC lobbyist Safeena Mecklai, AVP at Capalino & Co. Today, in light of the earth-shattering election results, we discuss how to reset local politics and get involved at the grassroots. Safeena gives tips on joining community boards and notes some organizations you can donate your time and money to. For more information about Safeena, follow her at @safeenaleilaCredits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 5 - Get your legal act together, with Matthew Moisan
For the fifth episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes Matthew Moisan, Principal at Moisan Legal P.C. -- our first male guest! This is a must-listen for any folks starting their own small business as we cover the ideal way to interact with a lawyer and a whole host of “start up” questions. We also talk about what’s happening in the NY tech scene with unicorns, financing and the outlook for 2017. For more information about Matthew, follow him at @MoisanLegalPCCredits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 4 - Rethinking Diversity with Mary Scotton
For the fourth episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes Mary Scotton, Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce. We have a frank discussion about diversity in the business world and how to go beyond your personal comfort zone to evolve your network and opportunities. For more information about Mary, follow her at @rockchick322004Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 3 - The Disruption of Cause Marketing with Felicia Stingone
For the third episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes Felicia Stingone, CMO at Grind, to discuss how to reset non-profits and the profound impact technology has had on the sector. Whether it’s your profession or a passionate side project, cause marketing is evolving in fast and surprising ways. For more information about Felicia, follow her at @BrooklynviewCredits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 2 - Technologies to Ward-off Death Bed Regrets with Charlie Oliver ( founder of Tech2025)
For the second episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes Charlie Oliver, CEO of Served Fresh Media & Tech2025, to discuss how brands can reset technology education. They discuss how class, race, age and location affect our interactions with technology, and the implications for our lives. Be sure to take Charlie’s quiz on what tech you can’t live without, and find out more about her workshops, events and posts at, and on Twitter at @JoinTech2025.Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode 1 - Resetting Influencer Marketing with Gemma Craven
For the debut episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (CEO, experience communications agency DFlash) welcomes Gemma Craven, SVP, Director of Social & Mobile at McCann Erickson, to discuss how to reset (and perhaps rename) “Influencer Marketing.” They discuss how to find authentically engaged influencers, what the implications are for the impending FTC crack down on fake ads, which companies are doing it right, and, of course, the Kardashians. Be sure to follow Gemma’s Instagram, which features amazing street art she captures on her runs throughout Brooklyn - @Gemsie This episode is sponsored by Bose, whose wireless QC35 noise-cancelling headphones are a key to our success! Credits:Creator and host: Laura MignottProducer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fmMixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NYAdditional production: Bang Studios in New York CityOriginal Theme Music: Probe Rok
February 8, 2019
Episode #13 - Resetting Diversity & Inclusion at Inkwell Beach Cannes with Adrianne C. Smith
After a bit of break, we are back with Season 2 of the Reset Podcast. In our first episode of 2019, Laura speaks with Adrianne C. Smith, founder of the Cannes Can Diversity Collective and the Inkwell Beach Cannes. We talk about what it means to actual creative real diversity initiatives that lead to outstanding results, because Adrianne, doesn't just talk about, she makes real magic happen.For more information about the Cannes Can Diversity Collective: Adrianne on social for updates here:@adriannainsta - @cannesdiversitycollective - @inkwellbeachcannes
February 6, 2019