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The Reset Podcast is the brainchild of Laura Mignott, CEO of the cultural communications agency, DFlash. Each show, Laura brings on an interesting. game-changing, unique person from the worlds of business, marketing, advertising, media, tech, and more. Expect lots of laughs, frank talk & provocative solutions.
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Episode 137: Understanding Constructive Criticism and Leaving a Legacy with Asieya Pine

The Reset Podcast

Episode 264: Accelerating Positive Change with Tommaso Di Giovanni
In today's episode I am delighted and honored to have Tommaso Di Giovanni VP of International Communications (Market Activation and Support). We talk about his first job. We talk about his having really great bosses at PMI which helped him become more and better, and how everyone needs that. We talk about how PMI is working to make sure all cigarettes are being replaced by better alternatives, and how it is a disruption of the core of the industry. We discuss how interesting trying to help public health is and the policies different countries have. We talk about how we got the gift of time from the pandemic. We also talk about how important it is to set realistic time goals, because while it is good to work quickly, creating unrealistic expectations can lead to people getting stuck. We talk about 3 things Tom has learned in his move: 1. If you want to truly mobilize an organization you need to show the way by example. 2. You are better off if you teach people how to fish, instead of giving them fish. 3. If you want to change entrenched opinions you need to embrace resilience and repetition. When you see positive change give it a chance.  Tom would like you to remember if you really want to do something, you can do it. Connect with him here: LinkedIn:
August 02, 2022
Episode 263: Justice to Shelf with Brian Owens
Welcome to today's fantastic episode with Brian Owens, Senior Vice President, Commerce Strategy at VMLY&R. His first job was at Lockheed Martin, we talk about his really interesting evolution from there to where he is at now. We talk about bringing Justice to Shelf, and how we can help bring about equity and allowing innovation and creativity to lead the process. Less conforming and more creativity. We talk about how to open more economic growth by demystifying some ideas around and helping black owned businesses. We talk about what next steps Brian can be and is taking from Justice to Shelf, with BLK & Bold a coffee company. We talk about how different our country has become since January 1st 2020. We talk about working to help get solutions for everyone and making it equitable. Connect with him here: LinkedIn: Twitter:
May 19, 2022
It's Okay to Not Be Okay
I am so excited to have Dave Roter, VP at Snap. We hear about Dave's career, and how he got to a point where he raised his hand to hop onto social media. He got started at Twitter, did a stop at a content creator company, up until he joined Snap. Dave talks about how when he opened up about his mental health struggles, and how it is okay to talk about not being okay. We talk about how leaders need to be okay with people not being okay and help with talking about issues. Dave gives a great piece of advice that going for a walk without notifications on your phone can be so helpful. We both talk about the nervousness and different fears we have when it comes to public speaking and ways we have been working through that. Dave would like to ask everyone to engage in a mental health discussion. Connect with Dave on Twitter:
May 03, 2022
Episode 261: Having the Heart of an Entrepreneur with Gary Mittman
Welcome to today's excellent episode with Gary Mittman, CEO of KERV Interactive. We have a great chat about his life and career journey. He got to work alongside a lot of really famous musicians, got to run a night club in N.Y. went back to California and doing infomercials, and went to work on some internet companies. After seeing some new technology  brought to him by his friend they bought it and created a new startup. We talk about how Gary has gotten through a lot of struggles with his starting of his different companies, and how you need to have the heart of an entrepreneur to keep at it. We talk about how important family and friends are. Gary would like you to be a kinder, gentler society.  Check Out Gary's: Website: LinkedIN: and KERV Interactive:
April 12, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 260: Working for Social Impact with Danielle Kristine Toussaint
#29DaysofMagic Day 29! Today I am so delighted to chat with Danielle Kristine Toussaint, CXO at NewSchools Venture Fund | Author - Dare to Think Purple. We talk about her first job at a Dinosaur exhibition, which she got by having good connections. We talk about how Danielle has been able to land the next right thing for her by having a solid network and always pushing for change, even starting at 16 working at a nonprofit. We talk about how she helped produce a play, at just age 8, and with her parents taking her seriously and being so supportive she has been able to believe in herself from her own very concerted effort. We talk about how important it has been for both our lives to not put people in boxes, and instead remove the limits of how great someone can be. We talk about her book, why she wrote it, and a lot of the themes that are in it. We talk about how we need to have deeper conversations across lines of difference. Danielle shares about revenge procrastination, and a bit about what it is.  Buy her book: Connect out: Her LinkedIn: Her Website:
March 01, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 259: Helping Others Circumvent the Challenges You've Faced with Debbie Ellison
I am so delighted to have Debbie Ellison on day 28 of #29DaysofMagic! Debbie is the Global Chief Digital Officer of VMLY&R Commerce. We talk about her career journey, her time going to a school where she was recognized as top of the class, and how she got one of the four available spots in a computer science course. We talk about the, interesting issues of being female leaders in business and in technology. We talk about what Debbie does now for her job, one of the most rewarding times of her career, the real value of investing in workplace environment, having real conversations, and so much more! Connect with her on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 01, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 258: Succeeding, Delivering, and Family with Dee Poku-Spalding
Welcome to day 27 of #29DaysofMagic with Dee Poku-Spalding Founder and CEO of The WIE Suite. We talk about her upbringing in how she was told more or less to go into engineering, but decided to go into fashion instead! We talk about The Wie Suite, and it's work in helping women help push each other forward. We talk about how beneficial Wie has been and helpful even during the pandemic time, and their pivot to digital instead of in person things. We talk about her journey in learning to pitch her business better, how funding has gone, and how funding only one demographic has been not good. We talk about Dee running into a spot where she felt like she worked herself half to death, and how having a good community helped her out. Check out: The WIE suite's website: Dee Poku's Website: The WIE Suite's Social medias: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Dee Poku's Social Medias: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 28, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 257: Doing What You're Good At with Briahna Gatlin
I am so excited to have Briahna J Gatlin on for day 26 of #29DaysofMagic ! Briahna is the CEO & Publicist of Swank Public Relations. We talk about her first job in journalism, and she got to a spot where she just started her job out of need. We talk about what Swank is today. We talk about how important it is to do things that you are good at. We talk about how important it is to save your money, and starting therapy right away. We talk about some great self care tips. And more! Connect with her on: Twitter: SwankPR Twitter: Instagram: SwankPR Instagram: LinkedIn:
February 26, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 256: Sharing Out with Heather Odom
Welcome to day 25 of #29DaysofMagic with Heather Odom, Carolina for All Business Development Manager. We talk about her first job in helping other peoples, and how she still is helping people for her job today. We talk about the huge importance of word of mouth advertising and personal experience. We talk about the exhaustion that people are feeling from the push of vaccines, and how Heather and her nonprofit are still trying to create opportunities to demystify issues. We talk about some of the silver linings of big issues of life, some good life advice, and so much more! Heather would like you to share out what has positively reinforced you to others. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Carolina4all Facebook:
February 25, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 255: Slowing Down to Plan with Jasmine Powers
In today's #29DaysofMagic I get to interview Jasmine Powers, CEO, Jasmine Powers Multimedia LLC. We talk about her first job, and how it has led into what she does now.  Jasmine shares some first steps about data and analytics to start making money, when to call Jasmine for rolling out new apps, a lot of well known pitfalls to be on the lookout for, and much more great advice! We talk about how important it is to encourage and support young people and entrepreneurs that they can do this. We have such a great conversation about all sorts of entrepreneur things, and so much more! Jasmine would like you to, "Install the Facebook pixel and every other tracking and conversion pixel you can on your web properties so you can get line of sight into your data." Connect with her on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Her Website:
February 24, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 254: Nowhere is Perfect with Tricia Okin
Welcome to day 23 of #29DaysofMagic! We have such a great conversation with Tricia Okin, Founder of Tricia Okin Studios. We talk about her incredible career journey, and how her 'job title' has evolved a lot over the years, going from print, to webpage, to so much more. We talk about the opening of genuine empathy. Tricia talks about her time living in and around west Europe where she has noticed that people, when realizing that she is an African American treat her different than before when thinking that she was just from Africa. We talk about her childhood, her family escaping a coup that happened in Nigeria. We talk about how different upbringings bring about different people and mentalities, and different doesn't mean better, different just means different. We talk about Tricia beginning to make art again, and so much more! Check out Tricia Okin's most recent project with Linda Secondari LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:
February 24, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 253: Professional AND Family Life with Ama Gordon
Today is day 22 of #29DaysofMagic, and I am so excited to have Ama Gordon, CEO & Founder, Global Fertility Connections Corp. We talk about her life journey, working in many different spots. She talks about what Global Fertility Connections does, starting with egg freezing, and all the recommendations and information that they provide. We talk about the high cost of doing egg freezing. We talk about how important talking about egg freezing when people are younger is, that way you can have both a career and being a mother. Ama shares how running into rejection allowed her to start her company, going from ideation stage to market. Ama shares such a wonderful wealth of information that black women especially need to hear right now.   Ama would like you to give yourself 30 minutes to think about fertility and family building. Learn about Global Fertility Connections and where you could be on your fertility journey:
February 22, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 252: Not Needing the Approval of Others with Karen Donaldson
Welcome to day 21 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I am so excited to have Karen Donaldson, who is a celebrity communication, body language, and confidence coach. She got her first job as a dance choreographer, and at just 16 she was running a dance studio. She shares her story where she had, while going through trials of people at high school deriding her for being pregnant her senior year, and she decided to start not caring what other people think. She shares her career journey of speaking confidently and inspiring and coaching others to speak confidently as well. We talk about the importance not being stuck in comfortability, or in other people's expectations. We talk about self care, that needs not the approval of anyone. We dole out so much good advice in this episode you'll need to take a listen.   Remember this, "The words and actions of others never define, unless you allow them to. You define you," - Karen Donaldson "Not everyone is for me," - Karen Donaldson Confidence Disruptor:
February 21, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 251: Changing Challenges with Tahira White
Welcome to this amazing day of #29DaysofMagic! Today I have an amazing conversation with Tahira White, Co-Founder/President of 19th & Park. We talk about her first job, as we always do at the start of the podcast, her career journey  up to co-founding and becoming president of 19th & Park. 19th & Park is a Creative and Execution Agency. She had an amazing time getting over 10 million dollars in revenue in just the last five years, from start up to now. We talk about various challenges they have, advice Tahira has for her 18 year old self, things that she does for her self care, and more! Check out "Sapiens" by Yuval Harari: "Challenges never go away, they just change," -Tahira White Check out ways to connect with her: Website: Twitter: LinkedIn:
February 20, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 250: Never Too Big To be Grounded with Jovanca Maitland
In day 19 of #29DaysofMagic we interview Jovanca Maitland, founder of JANE Events Consulting. We talk about her start being a camp counselor, going through working retail, and buying the things that go into stores and is now in doing events. We talk about how while she was working at Macy's she learned more about events and learned that celebrities were launching products at Macy's. Jovanca shares about her time at Essence, where everyone is a part of the family. She shares a story about getting recorrected and how she had to humble herself to make the project work well. We talk about how important it is to say no to doing everything, because you can only carry so many mountains. When you say 'no' you are choosing yourself. Jovanca would like you to consider asking for help more often, even if it's just to get another set of eyes on a thing you're working on, so that you can be better. "The Curse and the Blessing is that you always make it work," - Jovanca Maitland Website: LinkedIN: Instagram:
February 19, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 249: The Path is not Tomorrow with Natasha Aarons
Welcome to today's episode of #29DaysofMagic! We get to have Natasha Aarons, Director of Marketing, Caviar at DoorDash. She has had such an amazing path, where she has marathoned through so many great experiences which she shares with us. She spent time working in the music industry, doing tech, and many different things. She's worked at Google, Apple, and so many fortune companies. She talks about many of the valleys that she has gone through and defining the boundary between mental health, personally and working life. We talk about how important it is to put on your oxygen mask first, and more! "You can't squeeze water from a rock," -Natasha Aarons Check out the Caviar App: Reach to Natasha on LinkedIn: Instagram:
February 18, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 248: Radical Self Care with Dr. Natasha Williams
#29DaysofMagic day 17! It is a delight to have Dr. Natasha Williams, clinical psychologist, best selling author, and speaker. We talk about her journey, where she came from wanting to be a psychologist, learning a lot from how caring her mother was. She shares about how she has learned that psychology has at times done a disservice, and how she began to dive more into learning about psychology holistically. We talk about how important it is to realize that you don't need to be every women. We talk about the how very important it is set aside time to care for yourself, and how much better preventative measures are, especially for mental health, and so much more! "Mental health is whole health," - Dr. Natasha Williams Join the Radical Self Care Membership: Check out her website: Check out the Miracle Question Worksheet: Instagram: LinkedIn:
February 17, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 247: Learning to Reinvent Yourself with Brooke Stachyra
In today's #29DaysofMagic, day 16, we have the amazing Brooke Stachyra, recovering Journalist and Grown-X Women Founder, who talks about her first three jobs, where she learned a lot of valuable skills. She got into the NBC, got a job at NBC News and went to People Magazine for 13 years. Brooke talks about experiencing reinventing herself when getting laid off from People's magazine, and a lot of other things that went on at her life at the same time. Brooke talks about how she went back to school in the summer of 2020, to help teach English as a second language. We talk about generation X how they are the analog and digital generation. We talk all about Brooke's life journey, a lot of advice she has learned along the way, and so much more! "Be open to new people, and new experiences," - Brooke Stachyra Check out Grown-X Women's Instagram:
February 16, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 246: The Importance of Supporting Each Other with Myrna Orvam
Welcome to day 15 of #29DaysofMagic where we have Myrna Orvam, program manager of NY Project Hope and Mayor of Martha's Vineyard. In this episode Myrna shares about her journey to becoming a program manager as well as what it looks like to step into a new career at 50 as a crisis counselor. She also shares about NY Project Hope which was created in response to covid 19 to get resources to those who don't have access to common items or knowledge; and more! Connect with her here: Twitter: Instagram: Check out NYProjectHope:
February 15, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 245: Career Must Haves with Trish Lindo
Welcome to day 14 of #29DaysofMagic with Trish Lindo, Senior Creator Manager @LinkedIn. We talk about how she got her first job at the GAP once at university. Then she shares her really interesting career journey to get to where she is now, she was a production assistant for a while, then she went freelance, worked at many different shows and things, up until she segued into digital media, she helped relaunch, and has done so many amazing things, and is now working with LinkedIn to help creators.  We talk about the necessity of getting a LinkedIn account and being up to date, in order to grow your community and your potentials for earnings. Trish shares some of the best tips of LinkedIn, and that LinkedIn is a generous platform, and so much more! Connect with her on: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:
February 14, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 244: The Economies of Stories with Joy Donnell
In today's #29DaysofMagic we get to chat with Joy Donnell, Co-Founder, CIME (The Center for Intersectional Media and Entertainment). We talk about her career journey, where she started modeling, and went start stories. She talks about how she started to learn more about the economies of stories, and led to her producing of CIME. Joy shares the ideas of creating good communities and support is crucial and important for help. We talk about how important social media has become in this time. We talk about how shaping a good narrative is very important, how Joy grounds herself within herself at the beginning of the day, and so much more! Check out CIME: Check out here new book: Check out her socials: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Check out CIME and SuperJoy socials Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
February 13, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 243: Finding your Outlet with Crescent Muhammad
Welcome to day 12 of #29DaysofMagic! Today we interview Crescent Muhammad who is the Managing Director, CUP LA; Creator & Co-Host, The Madness Collective. We talk about her journey from the Buckle, to where she is now. She talks about going to college doing some theatre classes, some of her mental health issues, how she got help, starting her talk show, working with a diversity and inclusion nonprofit. We talk about Crescent's show, "The Madness Collective," that talks about current events and helps to give a break from the crazy. We talk about some of the craziness in the world, we talk about how great Southside the TV show is especially truth in story telling, and so much more! Check out the Madness Collective on YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
February 12, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 242: OutRaised From Striving to Thriving with Sharon Lee Williams
Welcome to day 11 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I am so excited to have interview Sharon Lee Williams Care Coach, Actor, Musician, and Author. We talk about her life starting in Montreal, aging out of the foster system, getting a job, and going to try out for a show, where she got in, even though she didn't believe that she could make it. Sharon talks about her time in show business, how she had a really freeing experience, and how she went from being a stage coach to now doing care coaching. She shares what she's doing with her program "OutRaised," and how she is seeking to help young women that are aging out and or have just aged out of the foster care system.  Be on the lookout for her book, "Licks and Wails,"  Check out her website Connect with her on Facebook: Instagram:
February 11, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 241: Helping People Do Better Be Better & Feel Better with Deneen Andrades
Welcome to this great episode of #29DaysofMagic, where we get interview Deneen Andrades, Author, Speaker, and Life Transformation Specialist. We talk about how she got a start in high school being an accounting clerk, her career journey, and where she is at now. Deneen Shares some of her life story where she realized needed help, and how when she went through depression she was able to put together seven stages of hope, which she starts to spell out in her life story. Deneen shares about her journey to starting her business of helping people, what she does for self care, and so much more! The meditation journal, three things you're thankful for, and three things you want to accomplish, is what Deneen would like you to try. Reach out to Deneen if you want to work with her in coaching or speaking All her socials can be found here: Or here: FB: Insta: LinkedIn: YouTube: Twitter: Website:  
February 10, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 240: She Will Rise with April Reign
Welcome to #29DaysofMagic day number nine! I am thrilled to have April Reign, Creator, #OscarsSoWhite and Co-Founder, We talk about how April started the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, and how they were able to start conversations about diversity and inclusion. We talk about how consumers and actors and actresses are making changes to increase diversity and inclusion not just on the screen, but with all the people behind the cameras, running the lights, creating the costumes and all the behinds the scenes. We talk about how very important it is to get a supreme court justice who can speak to the lived experience of black women. We talk about how amazing it is that younger folks are choosing joy in their jobs and most of their lives. "Be more judicious in your choices and be more thoughtful," -April Reign Check out and sign the petition Also follow the #shewillrise hashtag on social media Connect with April here: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
February 09, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 239: Date Like a Woman with Kai Nicole
In day eight of #29DaysofMagic we get to interview the very interesting Kai Nicole, author of "Date Like a Woman." We talk about her incredible career, starting as the youngest lifeguard at YMCA, going to Harvard University and Howard University School of Law, and while working in tech she had decided to write a book. We talk about how Kai was able to expose a cult, and has been helping black women who have been victimized financially, because of the pressure that says she is not enough and needs to get a husband. We talk about so many more great tips about dating, and ways to think about the sexism and other pressures on women in regards to dating, and so much great advice! "If you're not happy, adding a person into your life is not going to make you happy," - Kai Nicole Shoot a DM to Laura about the offer for "Date Like A Woman,"  by Kai Nicole. Connect with Kai Nicole or get her book here: IG Date Like A Woman: IG Kai: Facebook Date Like A Woman: Twitter Date Like A Woman: Twitter:
February 08, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 238: Creating Circles of Encouragement with Rozie Kennedy
Welcome to another amazing #29DaysofMagic episode! Today's amazing guest is Rozella (Rozie) Kennedy, Creator of the Brave Sis Project. Rozie shares her life experiences getting broken, and working to pick herself up and create a journal to help her get back together. She started working, and Kickstarted at 300% raised. "Who we are often times is who we always were, it's just what around us that gets in the way from who we get to be," -Rozie Kennedy Book giveaway: Be on the Lookout for a Brave Sis adult activity book coming out in March 2023. Connect with Brave Sis Project and the Vindication Gallery on Instagram:
February 07, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 237: Engaging Community with Yoga for Good with Latressa Fulton
Welcome to day 6 of #29DaysofMagic! We have an amazing conversation with Latressa Fulton, who graduated with a Bioengineering degree and minor in African American studies, and went on to get a masters in public health. She developed Move and Groove Yoga because of wanting to help give back. Integrating yoga with live music, partnering with the Jazz Museum, Latressa has been finding ways to help bring things to help communities make small improvements. We talk about her ways that she has pivoted to help the live musicians and people doing yoga during this pandemic. "Give yourself some grace," - Latressa Fulton Check out Latressa's Website: Check out Move and Groove Yoga Website: Instagram: Twitter:
February 06, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 236: Behind the Curtains of Fashion with Stephanie Oge
In today's #29DaysofMagic we have a great conversation with Stephanie Oge, Founder and Textile artist of SOGÉ STUDIO. We talk about her story, what SOGÉ studio does to sell the art that gets onto fabric. She tells some of the process of getting the different artworks prepared and onto fashion. We talk about up and coming fashion, how Stephanie worked as a fashion designer for various sportswear brands and moved from there to starting her own studio, and she helps us understand more of the background behind the getting art onto fashion. Stephanie highlights importance of a gratitude book is so important. Check out Stephanie's Instagram: Also Check out: Soge Decor: Instagram: Soge Studio: Instagram: Facebook:
February 05, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 235: Just Be a Healthy Adult with Rosenna Bakari
Welcome to day four of #29DaysofMagic where we have Dr. Rosenna Bakari with us again! Two years ago, she shared about her non-profit program to empower adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and her journey teaching and writing every day as an author. Today, she shares about how that program motivated her create the non-profit, to pursue entrepreneurship as an empowerment expert. Now, motivated by the motto of "personal development is professional development," she helps others move obstacles from their lives to create the life they want, as well as organizations as they figure out how to start. We also hear her goal to normalize conversation about mental health and wellness in addition to mental illness and what that looks like.  Buy a SIGNED COPY of her best-seller: The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide  At her website: Join one of her Healing Challenges of 2022 on her website! Follow "RosennaBakari" on IG, FB, LI, and Twitter.
February 04, 2022
#29DaysofMagic Episode 234: Promoting the Unseen with Latoya V Smith
I am so excited to have Latoya V Smith, owner and CEO of 3S Tech & Talent. We talk about Latoya's young start doing a job at just 13! We talk about her unique upbringing, and her love of school. We talk about her amazing life journey, what her company is doing so much faster than these massive companies. We talk about her interest and getting involved in the coast guard, not even allowing not knowing how to swim stop her from joining. We talk about how helping set up people with proper accessibility really creates more opportunities for everyone.  Reach out to Latoya about 3S Tech & Talent's online *PAID* internship.  "Standards plus Strategy equals Success," -Latoya V Smith  Check out: Her Instagram: 3STechandTalent's Website: The company's LinkedIn: Her LinkedIn:
February 03, 2022
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 233: Values and Missions with Donna Smith Bellinger
Welcome to day two of #29DaysofMagic! For this episode we have the remarkable Donna Smith Bellinger, professional speaker and author, and Sales manager of DS Bellinger Consulting LLC. We talk about her career journey and life story, and it is an absolute movie, book, and a Netflix series. We talk about how important it is to create a mission statement for your company, and even your life. Donna gives some amazing advice on how to communicate your value so that you can help your sales.  Donna talks about the four types of follow up calls: 1. Introduction 2. Reintroduction 3. Appointment 4. Invitation Which you are going to want to take note on. We talk the difference between peddlers and professionals and so much more! "...It's not the transaction, it's the testimony," - Donna Smith Bellinger Connect with her here: LinkedIn: Instagram: Her Website: Ask her some questions: Fearless conversations Facebook Group:
February 02, 2022
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 232: Strategy Versus Implementation with Dr. Latoya Jordan
Welcome to year three of #29daysofMagic! For today's episode we interview Dr. Latoya Jordan, Founder and Chief Consultant of Lead by Design Lab. We have an amazing conversation about her journey to getting her doctorate and the results of working in a corporate world. We talk about helping develop different people and how important it was that a company is values based. Dr. Jordan gives some of the best tips about how to be prepared to work through the jumps from management to executives, doing professional moves, and some specific advice for black women. We talk about the differences between strategy and implementation.  "Bring some fun into your first meeting with people," - Dr. Latoya Jordan. Check out "Expect to Win," by Carla A. Harris: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
February 01, 2022
Episode 231: Seeing and Fixing Problems with Rachel Francine
I am super excited to have Rachel Francine, Co-founder and CEO of SingFit. We talk about lessons she learned from her dad, specifically in the innovation side of business. We talk about how Rachel was one of the first women leaders in tech, and how at one of her first jobs she learned the importance of seeing all aspects. We talk about how necessary it is to do the work to, and how you won't always be "crushing it." Rachel shares her story about revenue generation and investment with SingFit. We also talk about how important it is to look at the problems that might appear in the next 10 years relating to aging and future studies.  Check out SingFit's website: Caregivers/speech therapists/occupational therapists: contact SingFit at
January 11, 2022
Episode 230: Black Still Matters with Pepper Miller
I am so excited to have the legend Pepper Miller, thought leader and market researcher. We have an amazing conversation, starting with the same question we always have, going on five years for this podcast; and we discuss her first job. We talk about how her first job led to her understanding different types of insights. We talk about how she shares that people are different, and black people are a diverse group of people. We talk about understanding that differences exist, and that that is not just to help marketing, but also to help people become better at being friends. We talk equality, and how being proud to be black is not anti-white. We talk about how important it is to acknowledge differences and similarities.  Pepper would like you to practice more empathy, and open-mindedness, so that you can think about and understand someone else's point of view, so that equality can be upheld. Buy her books: Black Still Matters in Marketing What's Black About It? Connect with her here Her Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:
January 04, 2022
Episode 229: Personality for your Pups with Stella Yang
In today's amazing episode I talk with Stella Yang, founder and creative director of Tuxie Luxie, Elevated chic for petite pups. We talk about Stella's work and her creating her company. We talk all about how your pups having clothing helps give them personality, and help them keep warm. We talk tips on getting your dogs to wear clothes. We talk about the challenges of being detail oriented, the art of navigating different personalities, and so much more! Check out Tuxie Luxie: Connect with her here: Her Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
December 14, 2021
Episode 228: Putting People First with Lonn Shulkin
Welcome to today's great episode with Lonn Shulkin, the CEO at BAM Strategy. We talk about his first job, his unpaid internship with a sports team, and his not liking the working for sports so much that he switched to working for a marketing team, and eventually got to BAM. We talk about what makes Lonn stay at BAM, even though in our industry people normally bounce around from agency to agency. We talk about how much everything has changed over the last year and is still different from COVID. We talk about Careiosity™ and so much more. "Take time to put others first," -Lonn Shulkin Lonn Shulkin's Links: BAM site: LinkedIn:
December 07, 2021
Episode 227: Stretching Your Imagination with Amélie (Lee) Lamont
Today's amazing episode with Amélie (Lee) Lamont, one of the most incredible and fascinating people I've ever gotten to know, and is running a creative design practice called by amélie. studio. We talk about Amélie's life and creative life story. Amélie's many jobs, great thesis for graduate school, and many more beautiful things. We talk about how imagination can be used to help set people free. We bond over a shared growing up experiences, how we both were high performers in school, and so much more. "Move slow and keep it together," -Amélie Lee Lamont Anyone looking for a human centered copywriter, reach out to Amélie.  Amélie Lamont's Links: Website: Studio:
December 01, 2021
Episode 226: Making Meaningful Change with Tristen Norman.
In today's awesome episode I get to chat with Tristen Norman Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images. We talk about her life, and how she is always going to be the best at whatever she does. We talk about how she got to a creative spot even without a heavy art background. We define what insights are for a company. We talk about 8 different lenses of identity to help not stereotype in visuals. Tristen's amazing view on leaving a place better than she had found it has led to her helping out in DEI in all of her areas of work, even without having an official role in DEI. Tristen would like you to check out the podcast Women at Work. Check out the Open Source research done by Getty and Citi: Connect with her on LinkedIN:
November 23, 2021
Epsiode 225: More Meaningful Connections with Marjorie Spitz
I am so excited to have Marjorie Spitz President of the Small Business Division at Balance Integration Corporation. We talk about Marjorie's amazing career journey, and how she has gotten to work with getting small businesses to grow. We bond over a shared experience of working and feeling healthy while not being healthy at all. We talk about going through the journey and not being afraid to change as you go through life. We talk about how important it is to keep your relationships healthy. Don't forget to be good to people. Remember to not just ask "How are you?" but really ask "How ARE you?" Get in touch with Marjorie to get help walking through some things Check out Marjorie at Mojo Healht and Wellness Connect with her on LinkedIN
November 17, 2021
Episode 224: This Requires Working Hard with Jason Fairchild
Welcome to today's great episode with Jason Fairchild CEO and Co-Founder of tvScientific. We talk about how crazy it is that he started out his career being a door to door insurance salesmen. We talk about how the door you knock on is not typically where the inputs come from. We talk about Jason's journey from working at the beginning of how paid internet works, and is now working at revolutionizing TV advertising. We talk all about tvScientific and how it is really changing the advertising game on TV. We talk about subscription fatigue, working hard at something you really like, and how the most teaching moments have come from failures. Fail early, fail often, and learn from those failures. We talk about how important having a routine is. If you have a product or service that you are looking to advertise consider tvScientific If you would like to have a dialogue you can reach out and talk with Jason. Connect with him here: LinkedIN Twitter
November 09, 2021
Episode 223: Earning It and Actively Listening with Jenifer Herrmann
In this amazing podcast we get to chat with Jenifer Herrman EVP, Marketing, and New Business Development at Evergreen Trading. We talk about how she got started as a receptionist at a very entrepreneurial place. We talk about her time working around and then for the NBA. We talk about how Evergreen helps supply chain issues. We talk about smart and innovative partnerships that Jenifer gets to work at helping create. We talk about how important it is to have people around you that believe in you and can give you the "wings to fly" is instrumental in your growth. Jenifer has an "Open door policy," Jenifer wants to open up the opportunity for you to connect to her via LinkedIn Say "Listened to the Laura said that I could reach out,"  "Work for a person, not for a company," - Jenifer Herrmann
November 02, 2021
Episode 222: Finding Some YOLO Opportunities with Rachana Bhide
Today we have a great conversation with Rachana Bhide, Leadership Psychologist and Broadcaster. We talk about her career journey starting in an office and going then to college to study psychology specifically in work place dynamics. We talk about her choosing to spend her time, after the pandemic hit, to make sure it was a year where she explored different parts of herself, especially her creative space. It is where she began writing through the eyes of Fonty an ambitious elephant in New York. We talk about a positive psychology while not being positive to the point of toxicity. We talk about finding some YOLO opportunities even though difficult decisions are going to have to be made. We talk about hustle culture and the shift to seeing rest positively. Check out Fonty Tales and find joy in connecting with animals: Check out her LinkedIN: and her Twitter:
October 26, 2021
Episode 221: A Listen First Approach with Joe Agoada
Welcome to today's uplifting and encouraging episode with Joe Agoada, CEO at Sostento,  a nonprofit working at the "frontline of public health, specifically right now working on the opioid crisis and coronavirus pandemic." We have such an amazing conversation about how to help our healthcare workers, the importance of getting vaccinated, and helping the local people who want to get vaccinated to be vaccinated. We talk about the importance of meeting people where they are so that we can be getting people to where they need to be so that we can be more proactive in future events. We talk all about the Free and Charitable Clinics, and how important they are for helping get the unvaccinated but willing vaccines. You have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth. Check out Covid Finish Line Check out Sostento's Website Connect with Joe on LinkedIn Check out Joe's Podcast "Lets Break Good,"
October 19, 2021
Episode 220: Empathize with Those in The In-Between Spaces with Doni Aldine
Welcome to today's wonderful episode with Doni Aldeen, Editor in Chief of CULTURS Magazine! We have a really awesome conversation about culture and how for Doni, growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in 5 continents and 7 cultures has influenced her career, her approach to new life circumstances and overall ability to relate to others. We chat about the importance of staying very open to others perspectives while maintaining a strong sense of your own identity. She also shares how she ended up moving to Colombia during the pandemic and the awesome benefits that have come from recognizing how to feed her soul.  Get a FREE digital or paper copy of CULTURS magazine today! By checking out CULTURS website and scrolling down for the pop up. Follow CULTURS Mag on Instagram! 
October 14, 2021
Episode 219: Being a Difference Maker with Mac Conwell
Welcome to today's episode with Mac Conwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Rarebreed Ventures. Rarebreed Ventures is working to help founders who need money the most. We talk about his unique story, and how that has led to his unique fund. We talk about how he got to start funding companies in Maryland and how it led to him getting to work finding amazing black founders and really getting his plan redirected away from chasing lots of money, to creating a fund to help out new founders. We talk about what raising a fund is. Remember that Ventures are not personal, and you need to be specific when submitting a proposal. And, when submitting a proposal check out for creating a video for your proposal. Block out time on your calendar to relax and rest, and don't stop doing it. The best way to contact Mac is via Twitter LinkedIN Rarebreed Check out these books: Check out Spundle, The "Blow dryer that Defies the rules."
October 09, 2021
Episode 218: Inspiring Others to Make the World a Better Place with Jon Morris
Today we have a great conversation with game changing business leader Jon Morris founder and CEO of NOWHERE and creative director at The Windmill Factory. We talk about his career journey, how he came from doing sports, to acting, to CEO where he is today. He worked with Cirque Du Soleil to create a new at the time very immersive experience. Working with Cirque Du Soleil he began to learn to create new and innovative experiences, trying to find what is new. We talk about how pushing the boundaries has led to being stuck and getting help from others is super valuable. NoWhere is a 3D Environment that is accessible by browsers where your video feed is able to travel around and many different conversations can be had thanks to spatial audio. Check out NOWHERE here and click Sign up  to host to be invited to the ambassador program: Manufacturing Sublime Experiences
September 29, 2021
Episode 217: Owning What is Yours with Carla B. Parris
Welcome to today's amazing episode with Carla B. Parris, entertainment and sports lawyer, and host of Business of Carnival web and TV series. We talk about where Carla got her start, working in communication and media. How she went through a number of random jobs, and being able to bring them into her own practice. Carla explains what carnival really is, and explains how to create intellectual property, and it's importance, especially for Caribbean countries and culture. We talk about so many more things, great things, challenging things, and much much more! Check out Business of Carnival LinkedIn Reach out to Carla, if you're interested in working on more diverse spaces.  Check out her YouTube Channel
September 15, 2021
Episode 216: Exposing Women's Vocal Expression with Dana Rubin
In today's episode, I get to have an awesome conversation with Dana Rubin, Founder of the Speaking While Female Speech Bank and the consultancy, Speaking While Female. Dana shares all about how her experience during a college summer job introduced her to explanatory journalism which opened her eyes to this passion she had for journalism and speech. After noticing the shocking lack of recognition for women's expertise shared through speeches, she was driven to help women get their creativity, ideas, voices, and authority heard and recognized more in pop culture. Speaking While Female welcomes men, but focuses on women and empowers them in workshops to speak out knowing women are qualified, have knowledge, and that knowledge belongs in the world.  Dana shares about her archive created on her website that's filled with +2500 speeches from powerful women in today's world and in history. Let's battle the crisis of confidence and help women's voices become heard! Check out her newsletter and support her kickstarter for her website: 
July 14, 2021
Episode 215: Leading with Empathy with Kimberly Walker
Welcome to this amazing episode with Kimberly Walker, Senior Director Field Visual Merchandising at DICK'S Sporting Goods. We talk about her really cool navigation through her career through the retail landscape. We talk about how she started in the field of retail and went into the more corporate area of retail, and the lessons she took from the field into corporate. We get to talk about the importance of building and fostering a good team, what Visual Merchandising is and a bit about how it is done, and why she chose to go to DICK'S Sporting Goods away from Sears. We talk about how important it is to be connecting with people and teammates, and being a servant leader. We talk about how DICK'S Sporting Goods has been changing and responding in light of the last year, really working to see if their house is on fire, and putting that out to then be able to help the neighbors.  Kimberly wants to ask you to please reach out to those that may be less fortunate than you and to be helping people, mentor someone, and be there to lift someone up. And I fully agree, I could not have said it better. Connect with her here: LinkedIN Check out DICK'S Sporting Goods Home Page: I&D Initiatives:
July 11, 2021
Episode 214: Putting Member's Health First with Joseph Quinones
Hello and welcome to today's episode with Joseph Quinones, General Manager at Soho House & Co's Dumbo branch. He got started working at American Apparel where he became a model because, which did a bit of foreshadowing of Joseph's other modeling work. We talk about the high importance of putting member's health and safety first, prioritizing sustainability and so many more great things.  Joseph's ask for the Audience, and really for the Allyship is that you consider the words you are using so that you can help change the narrative day to day.  Connect with him here:
June 30, 2021
Episode 213: Navigating the New Dating Scene with Talia Goldstein
Welcome to today's episode with Talia Goldstein, Founder of Three Day Rule, a matchmaking company. Listen in as we have a fantastic conversation about love relationships and everything in between! Talia shares how her knack for setting up her coworkers became a passion in caring for others which became her own matchmaking company. We also talk about the developing trend of online dating over the years and more specifically, the pandemic; how quarantine and covid has influenced people to prioritize love and date more intentionally. WIth more than 10,000 interviews a year, the matchmaking business is crazier than before, so checkout Three Day Rule and connect with Talia on Instagram! Sign up for free at the Three Day Rule:  Connect with her on Instagram: 
June 25, 2021
Episode 213: Breaking Expectations by Being Selfish with Naketa Ren Thigpen
Welcome to today's awesome episode with Naketa Ren Thigpen, Balance and Relationship Advisor. We get to have a fantastic conversation about what it looks like to be selfish in a way that allows you to be fueled before "breastfeeding the world." Naketa shares from the perspective of a former licensed clinical social worker, trauma specialist, human behavior expert, and sexologist to offer the best advice about relating to your significant other, friends, and most importantly, yourself. She gives practical steps and questions to consider when feeling drained by life. We also get into what it means to break the expectations instilled by society or even yourself in order to truly care for your mental, emotional, and social health. It's a packed episode, folks, take a listen. Join the Certified Selfish Facebook group:  Follow her on Instagram!  Connect with her on LinkedIn!  Buy her book! 
June 23, 2021
Episode 211: Creating Better Futures of Work with Surabhi Lal
Welcome to today's fascinating episode, where I have a great conversation with Surabhi Lal, Adjunct Professor NYU Wagner, SL Collaborative Ventures, and CliftonStrengths Coach. We talk about her amazing journey and how it has led her to where she is helping create good leaders. We talk about the situation of everyone potentially coming back to offices, whether it is all online, all in office, or hybrid. We talk about how important it is to be getting community input, and co-creating a better organization. We talk steps for creating a successful time coming back to the office,  trusting yourself in finding the next best step for your career or jobs.  Check out her Sips and Leadership show: Connect with her here:  Her Website: Instagram: LinkedIN:
June 16, 2021
Episode 210: Shifting Gears to Online Markets with Melissa Berrios
Welcome to today's episode of the Reset Podcast! Today I have an amazing conversation with Melissa Berrios, an online marketing specialist. We talk about how she went from spending 13 years in civil engineering and noticing her creative side dwindle away to really diving into the marketing scene and becoming an online marketing specialist. We also get to hear about the importance of being present in the ecosystem of media and how having both a content and visibility strategy can lead you in the right direction. Melissa also shares a bit of advice on accepting imperfect action in your work.  Connect with Melissa on Instagram : Or on her website :
June 09, 2021
Episode 209: Meaningful Mentorships with Chris Royer
Welcome to today's very special episode, which means the world to me, where I get to finally have such a great conversation with my mentor, Chris Royer, President at CRC, Halstonette and Halston Archivist. Without her I would not be the "bosslady" that I am now. We get to hear about her great journey thus far, we talk about her hilarious job interview with Halston, the legendary Halston, "China Trip & more of her incredible memories of working with him. We talk about her time at Revlon as a pioneer in the licensing industry, running your business and so many more great pieces of advice and stories.  "Let the creative from inside come out," -Chris Royer Connect with her at: Instagram: LinkedIn:
June 02, 2021
Episode 207: Asking Great Questions with Steven Seghers
Welcome to today's episode with Steven Seghers, CEO at the Hooray Agency. We talk about how he got his start, and basically jumped right into his career path for this past almost thirty years. We talk about how he focused the business and worked to get the left and right brain to be working together. We talk about a whole bunch of great stuff, what the Hooray Agency is looking to do. We talk about how the world is yearning for a revival and there is a plan and hope. We then get to talk about biking and basketball. If you want to go for it, go for it. Connect with Him Here:
May 22, 2021
Episode 208: Healthy and Accessible Relaxation with Danielle Sunberg and Ted Moskovitz
In today's episode I have a great conversation with Danielle Sunberg and Ted Moskovitz Co-founder and Founder of AMMA Healing. We talk about how Danielle felt something missing from working at a law firm, and led to her quitting after a huge case win, and just sort of felt something was wrong. Ted also went through a journey of discovering himself and looking into how to improve "the human OS."  We talk all about AMMA is using unique ways to extract supplements naturally, and that the company focuses on empowering people and not teaching that there is something wrong with them. Take agency in your health and wellness.  Check out AMMA Connect with her here: Check out her website: Email: Connect with him here: Check out his website: Email:
May 20, 2021