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The RM0.02 Podcast

The RM0.02 Podcast

By Shaun Yap
Hey, I'm Shaun. The RM0.02 (aka 2 cents) Podcast is where I invite guests to talk about topics like personal development, entrepreneurship, content creation, and more. Join our conversations and share your 2 cents too!
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EP2 - Understanding self care with Minnie Chang

The RM0.02 Podcast

EP5 - Content creation & social media with Zac Lee
This week, I invited Zac, a self-made director and Founder of DOAM Studio to talk about how he quitted his job after making enough money to buy his first camera, made videos for free, then freelanced in the industry till he starts a production house for commercial ads. We've discussed authenticity in content creation and storytelling. The conversation still very much surrounds thoughts about turning 30 years old and it also got a little philosophical in the end where we discussed "if we'll eventually become the person we hate" and "what is the pursuit of life". Follow us @zaczaclee and @shaunyapco on Instagram!
March 25, 2021
EP4 - Adulting at almost 30 with Farah Fauzi
3 episodes in with The RM0.02 Podcast and I kept thinking what does this podcast mean to me and what do I have to offer? I'm just a guy nearing 30 years old and have this weird anxiety about adulting. That's when the bulb lights up! And I figured my peers are probably facing similar challenges that make it something worth talking about. In this episode, I've invited Farah Fauzi to find out if she has it figured out. Turns out, she thought she is not going to outlive her 30s πŸ˜‚ Nevertheless, we had a good conversation about where she is in life, her experience growing up with nine other siblings, and so on. Let me know if you find this episode relatable and if you'd like more of it!
March 11, 2021
EP3 - From building startups to running family business with Brian Soo
Six years ago, I attended my very first Startup Weekend and it changed the course of my professional career, not just the company I work at but more on how I view and approach things. It was also where I met Brian, who pitched the idea of Nomnom, where users swipe food photos to decide where to eat πŸ” , basically Tinder for food. In this episode, we walked through Brian's journey from first getting exposed to the startup scene, then trying to build something for himself, and how did he come to a decision to join the family business in a relatively boring (slow growth) industry. Follow Brian (@soohony) and me (@shaunyapco) on IG.
February 25, 2021
EP2 - Understanding self care with Minnie Chang
Growing up, my awareness of mental wellbeing was relatively low, partly due to the traditional Chinese culture I'm in. But in recent years, I realized the importance of self-awareness and taking care of my emotions. In this episode, I invited a high school friend of mine, Minnie who recently completed her Master in Counseling to talk about self-care, drawing boundaries, and shared something that's personal to me (towards the end). For more self-care content, follow on IG βœ… The Ultimate Guide to Receiving Mental Health Services in Malaysia: Also, follow me (@shaunyapco) on IG
February 11, 2021
EP1 - Building habits with Daniel Cerventus
With January approaching the end, I think it's time to check-in with the new year resolutions we've made. Instead of setting big goals to achieve this year, I've set 3 daily commitments: wake up at 5am, read, and create content. And to be honest, it's not going so well. In this episode, Daniel and I talked about time management, building habits, and winning small wins. I hope you'll enjoy this episode and find some of our RM0.02 (2 cents) helpful! πŸͺ΄ A reminder for you and me: It's ok that it's not perfect, as long as we're making progress. Follow Daniel (@cerventus) on IG Join the 40k strong FB Entrepreneurs Community: And follow me (@shaunyapco) on IG
January 28, 2021
I'm passionate about creating content but my pursuit for perfection has always made me stop short. That's why one of my resolutions for 2021 is to create as much content as possible to overcome the lack of execution and actualize my intent. The RM0.02 (aka 2 cents) Podcast is where I invite friends to talk about the topics I personally care about. It doesn't have a niche (yet) but if there's a theme, it'd most likely be mastering the art showing up and keep creating. Happy listening! Intro music produced, written, and performed by eckskwisit & Wowa.
January 28, 2021