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The Security Disciple Podcast

The Security Disciple Podcast

By The Security Disciple Podcast
This Podcast is to discuss Technology, Data Protection and, Cyber Security topics in laymen terms to inform the public and business owner. To demystify information technology to the basics. The Podcast will have special guest experts, tech-related or not, to come to provide their expertise and insights.
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EP-007 WGS - Small business cyber security tips part 2 - Ransomware
In this week's episode, we wanted to continue our discussion on small business cybersecurity and what you need to be aware of. 
September 15, 2020
EP-006 Small business cyber security tips part 1 - Backups and virtual sessions
In this week's episode, Our CEO Seth Melendez wanted to share insight into a Small Business Cyber Secuirty. 
September 8, 2020
EP-005 Seth Melendez Interviews CEO Brian Christiano
In this week's episode, our CEO Seth Melendez Interviews CEO Brian Christiano! Brian is the owner and CEO of Bold Worldwide an international marketing firm that has worked with major brands like Jennifer Lopez and Pepsi. Tune in to hear some of the major topics affecting the industry today. 
August 27, 2020
EP-004 Security Disciple Podcast Special Edition - What is B.C.D.R?
Seth Melendez President WareGeeks Solutions Episode 4 What is B.C.D.R? It stands for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and is a process and technique used to help organizations return to normal operations during a disaster. Remote workers mean cyberattacks and data loss are on the rise. Was having remote workers part of your initial B.C.D.R. plan? Coronavirus and its impacts may be new BUT for us, helping business owners initiate and implement B.C.D.R. plans to keep their employees, business, and data safe is what we've been doing since before 9/11. Call us. We can help you. Stay safe. Stay aware.
March 26, 2020
EP-003 The Security Disciple Podcast - Marie Thelusma-Chase Director Boxwood Learning Center
Seth Melendez President WareGeeks Solutions Episode 3 Special Guest: Marie Thelusma-Chase Director Boxwood Learning Center Boxwood Learning Center Email Phone 908-241-6862 Mission To create a learning environment for supporting the whole child by way of tutoring, mentoring, and career exploration.  We work to expose young people to careers in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  Lastly, we provide supportive guidance to youth until they graduate from college or post-secondary programs.
March 25, 2020
EP-002 The Security Disciple Podcast
Seth Melendez President WareGeeks Solutions Episode 2 Special Guest: Michael J. Ficara Michael is always looking to share these experiences and is a highly engaging speaker at many events across the  United States. Mike finds great joy in coaching and mentoring high achieving business leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives looking to take their organization to the next level. Teamwork and self-motivation are something that is important to him and the team at  The MAGS Group. Together they have taken several ideas their clients created and turned them into competitive products in their space, along with taking existing businesses and allowing them to see massive growth and stability through a variety of techniques. The MAGS Group, LLC Phone: 954-459-0176 Fax: 954-680-0165 E-mail: 12240 SW 53rd Street Suite 512 Cooper City, FL 33330 #cybersecurity #securityawareness #lawyer #darkwebscan #WareGeeks  #dataprotection #passwordprotection #healthcare #accountants  #humanfactor #unioncountynj #roselle #businessmanagement
March 25, 2020
EP-001 The Security Disciple Podcast
Hosted by: Seth Melendez President WareGeeks Solutions Episode 1 Special Guest: Yigal Behar President & CEO 2Secure Corp Cybersecurity Services We know how difficult it is to find room in your budget for cybersecurity. You haven’t heard about anyone close to you falling victim to hacker attacks, but do you really want to wait ‘til it’s too late? Start preparing now by reading a free copy of our eBook: “Digital  War: The One Cybersecurity Strategy You Need to Implement Now to Secure  Your Business.” It will shed light on the dangers lurking online, so you don’t end up facing costly consequences like losing valuable business and client data. Get started with the proven strategies we’ve listed on the eBook  -- for FREE ! All you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll send a  copy to your email! #cybersecurity #securityawareness #lawyer #darkwebscan #WareGeeks  #dataprotection #passwordprotection #healthcare #accountants  #humanfactor #unioncountynj #roselle #businessmanagement
March 25, 2020