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Join musician Andrew Nault and painter Julia Luft each week for talks with artists both emerging and established. The Seed Cast explores and embraces all corners of art, the process behind it, and those who create it. Tune in every Thursday to join the conversation, follow us on instagram @theseedcast to stay updated, and shoot us an email at to say hello. You don’t have to make art to enjoy it.
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Highlight Reel #1
Hey all! Thanks so much for sticking with us for 30 weeks! Holy shit! We’re taking the month of June off to do some housekeeping, but for the time being we wanted to thank everyone that has been a part of this, guests and listeners alike. As a thank you and celebration, we put together a little sampler / highlight reel of some truly inspirational and fantastic insights our guests have blessed us with through the first 29 episodes. If this is your first time hearing of us, maybe this is a good episode to start with and try on for size! All of the clips and the respective episodes we mined them from are below. Cheers! See you all in a month! Episode 001 Abe Dubin @ 5:11 Episode 003 Heather Mcgrath @ 5:50 Episode 009 Phil Jamieson @ 6:46 Episode 010 Dom Civiello @ 7:51 Episode 014 Brendan Landis @ 10:10 Episode 016 Celia Woodsmith @ 10:49 Episode 017 Kinesha Goldson @ 11:50 Episode 018 Andrew Benincasa @ 13:19 Episode 020 Ari Sadowitz @ 14:00 Episode 029 Hannah Medeiros @ 14:42 Episode 021 Zach Comtois @ 15:42 Episode 022 Rick Maguire @ 16:34 Episode 023 Ben Baker @ 17:05
May 27, 2021
Episode 029 - Hannah Medeiros aka "Sad Girl Tattoos"
The Seedcast was lucky enough to catch up with tattooer and painter Hannah Medeiros. Currently working out of Torchbearer Tattoo in Providence, RI, Hannah does primarily black and grey work with a darker mood and undertone, living up to her moniker, “Sad Girl Tattoos.” This MassArt grad has been featured in various magazines, traveled for guest tattoo spots, and is highly coveted by a vast and loyal client base. In this episode we discuss how she developed her style and grew the demand around it. Hannah talks about the emotional strain that comes with the permanence of the medium, trading autopilot productivity for a more mindful, self-aware mode of working, and leaning into your sad moods and making them work for you. Follow Hannah and stay up to date on instagram @sadgirl_tattoos. Hannah’s Artist Picks: Elize Nazelie of Brilliance Tattoo, Emma Ruth Rundle, Roberto Ferri
May 20, 2021
Episode 028 - Jasper Herr
This week on The Seed Cast we chat with bladesmith and blacksmith Jasper Herr. Jasper started his journey with forging classes and workshops that created a humble fascination. Frustrated by the difficulty of the medium, he quickly became engrossed with what it takes to master it. Over the past few years Jasper has built his business around blades and metal work that are equal parts utilitarian and artisan. In this episode, Jasper walks us through the technical aspects of manipulating metal and the importance of cultivating relationships to both handmade objects and their makers. Peep more of Jasper’s work at and follow him on instagram @jasper_herr_ironworks. Jasper’s Artist picks of the week: Brenden Bohannon of Yallhalla Forge, Colin Ingalls, and Jamar Woods
May 13, 2021
Episode 027 - Jeri Evan
This week we are hanging out with Jeri Evan, illustrator and in-house designer at Brainfeeder Records. Currently based in Boston, Jeri is designing for artists like Flying Lotus and Thundercat with more under wraps, but soon to come via Brainfeeder and Adult Swim. In this episode Jeri sheds light on her early start as a fashion model and how it shaped her path to follow. We also dive into her unique image-making process, the remaining magic instagram has for artists, and the joys of making a creative mess. You can see more of her work at and follow her on instagram @jerievan Jeri’s artist picks: Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Brainfeeder Records
May 6, 2021
Episode 26 - Ben Cosgrove
This week we sat down with musician Ben Cosgrove. Based in Northampton, MA, Ben explores concepts of landscape, geography, and environment between the poles of folk and classical piano. He has attended numerous artist residencies including Acadia National Park, Schmidt Ocean Institute, and the White Mountain National Forest to name a few. In this episode, Ben sheds light on his choice not to attend music college, how landscapes inform his process, his personal definition and modifications of success, and how performing under his real name keeps him honest. Shortly after recording this episode, Ben released his latest effort, The Trouble with Wilderness. Be sure to grab a copy and stay current at and stay current on instagram @bencosgrovemusic. Ben’s Artist picks: David Shannon-Lier, Allison Cekala, and Max Garcia Conover
April 29, 2021
Episode 025 - Zach Kremer aka "Qwynto"
Denver, CO based illustrator and muralist Zach Kremer aka Qwynto sat down for a chat with us this week. Zach has participated in multiple mural festivals and has put his work on walls across Memphis, TN; Fort Worth, TX; and Denver, CO. In this episode, Zach shares his early start with drawing and how he later adapted it to paint, how to steal like an artist, how the training wheels in art school were greatly helpful, and how he navigates a job without a guidebook. Check out his work at and follow him on instagram @qwynto. Zach’s Artist picks: Matthew Velvet, Aryz, and Sainer
April 22, 2021
Episode 024 - Emily Herr
This week we were lucky enough to catch muralist Emily Yosway Herr. Based in Richmond, VA Emily has been designing and painting murals for 9 years and counting. She is very passionate about color, design, and stories tailored to fit the spaces they inhabit. Her efforts have been awarded with numerous grants, scholarships, and invitations to street art festivals and public art events. Emily gave us an inside look on the development of her expertise and what lies in store for her in the future. In this episode we discuss running to instead of running from; the balance between innovating how you work and having predictable, hireable work; and how she lets space, environment, and community inform her work. You can stay up to date on Emily’s happenings at and follow her on instagram @herrsuite. Emily’s Artist picks: Jasper Herr, Moonie Day, and Hamilton Glass of The Mending Walls Project
April 15, 2021
Episode 023 - Ben Baker
This week we sat down with Massachusetts based homie Ben Baker. Starting with the cello at age four, Ben worked his way through the gamut of classical performance, recently completing his Masters Degree at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He’s worked with many esteemed musicians including Steve Reich, Evan Ziporyn, Michael Gordon, Louis Cole, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. Since graduating from the world of classical music, Ben has been exploring how electronic music can expand his practice. In this episode we delve into the brain massage that lo-fi beats and sound loops offer; how sound relates to light, color and narrative; and Ben’s search for honest, fun, emotion-driven work. You can listen to his latest projects at the following link and follow him on instagram @ben_bakermusic. Ben’s Artist Picks: Twisted Pine, Out to Lunch Records, and Brazen Bison
April 8, 2021
Episode 022 - Rick Maguire
This week on the seedcast we were lucky enough to catch up with songwriter and musician Rick Maguire. Rick has been in a few bands before his current and widely beloved project Pile and has now been writing and releasing music under that name for over a decade. Originally from Boston and now splitting time in Nashville, Pile has been winning the hearts of the underground punk community and has since blown up out of the basement, making headlines of NPR, Spin, NME, Pitchfork, and countless others. In this episode Rick shares his initial spark with music, recording mechanics, and the importance of embracing growth from changing circumstances. Stay up to date on Pile’s happenings at and follow them on instagram @pilemusic. Ricks artist picks: Andrei Tarkofsky, William Bazinski, and PJ Harvey.
April 1, 2021
Episode 021 - Zach Comtois
Boston and LA based musician, songwriter, and guitarist Zach Comtois was kind enough to sit down with The Seed Cast this week. Zach has played for hundreds of thousands of people on stages all over the world. He has appeared on The Today Show, The Billboard Music Awards, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, and The iTunes Music Festival in London, just to name a few. He’s played with many esteemed artists including Keb Mo, Jesse Rubin, and was the performing guitarist for Britney Spears during her award winning Las Vegas Residency. In this episode Zach gives us a look at what a true obsession looks like and how the time spent practicing can pay off. He touches upon the forgiveness built into a 9-5 work structure, how the golden standard of gear isn’t always what's best, and why the barrier for entry in songwriting is the lowest it's ever been. Check out some of his shredding at and follow him on instagram @zachcomtois. Zach’s Artist picks: Billie Eilish, Jesse Rubin, and Ben Folds.
March 25, 2021
Episode 020 - Ari Sadowitz
This week on the seed cast we sat down with musician Ari Sadowitz of Model Decoy, Rare Futures and QuQu. This New Haven based musician has scored comedic web series, licensed original music to major networks, co-founded his own record label and artist collective, and most recently started a podcast, “Witz End.” In this episode we discuss diversifying your creative consumption, stressing the element of play in music-making, and the human aspect of imperfect time-feel. Ari also talks about his latest project, QuQu, starring his 3 year old daughter Juniper. You can check out the happenings of Model Decoy at, QuQu at, and listen to the first episode of Witz End at Ari’s Artist picks: DD Walker, Mike Jones aka The Whole Thing When He Got There, Kay Sadowitz, and Autumn Sadowitz.
March 18, 2021
Episode 019 - Stephanie Chang
This week we’ve got New York based photographer and consultant, Stephanie Chang. With an extremely long list of esteemed clients, Stephanie has worked with Levi’s, Nike, Starburst, and Redbull just to name a few. Since 2013, she’s been invited to photograph at New York Fashion week and has had extensive experience in concert and live event photography. In this episode we discussed how she went from studying computer science to dedicating her life to photography. Stephanie touches upon how she continues to challenge herself by experimenting in her personal work, the importance of spacing out your energy to protect your well being, and why Disney villains are far more complex, inspiring and just plain better than princesses. Check out more of Stephanie’s client work at and follow her on instagram @stephbcphoto for a taste of her personal work. Steph’s artist picks: Jordan Piantedosi, Erin Robertson, Eleanor Arbor, and Crystal Araiza
March 11, 2021
Episode 018 - Andrew Benincasa
The Seed Cast is pleased to welcome animator and artist Andrew Benincasa to the show. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Andrew has been featured on NPR’s First Look, On the Media, HarvardX, and Alain de Botton’s School of Life. He has also attended residencies at Yaddo, St. Anne’s Warehouse, the Orchard Project, TAC, and Holes in the Wall Collective. In this episode we tackle a lot of topics concerning fantasy, mythology, allegory, and individual interpretations of such. Andrew shares how a need to communicate sparked his art, how he believes the world is ready for new stories and myths to take place of historical and religious authorities, and how the element of time and the live artist not only emphasize the importance of story, but the drive to tell it. You can check out his work at and follow him on instagram @andrewbenincasa. Andrew’s artist picks: Käthe Kollwitz, Leo and Diane Dillon, and Ursula Le Guin.
March 4, 2021
Episode 017 - Kinesha Goldson
This week on the Seedcast we were super psyched to have creative director Kinesha Goldson. After working as a public relations coordinator for PUMA, owning and operating her own food truck, and becoming a Miss Universe Jamaica finalist, Kinesha now wears many hats at VRSNL. Owning the titles of creative director, producer, and social media strategist, Kinesha walks us through her process of using her own personal style to produce editorial content showcasing luxury streetwear brands including Jimmy Choo, Versace, Adidas, and Rick Owens, just to name a few. In this episode we covered a lot of ground including her journey through job limbo, the intersection of business and art, and how she curates creative teams full of people that lift each other up. You can check out her work in action at and keep up with Kinesha on Instagram @klizgold. Kinesha’s artist picks: Ally Schmaling, Alex Duncan aka ADIV, and Natasha Ferguson aka Maad
February 25, 2021
Episode 016 - Celia Woodsmith
This week, The Seed Cast is pleased to welcome Celia Woodsmith, a Grammy nominated vocalist, songwriter and performer. Over the past 14 years Celia has released 10 albums between her contributions to SAY Darling, Avi & Celia, and most recently, Della Mae. Since 2011, Celia and Della Mae have performed in 19 countries with the US Department of State’s Cultural Diplomacy program, “American Music Abroad.” This week Celia sat down with us to chat about the life changing events that lead her to pursue her career, how songwriting is a way of sifting through human emotion to empower others, and how Covid has, in a way, brought her closer to her fans. Stay up to date on Celia’s happenings at and follow her on instagram @celia.woodsmith. Also make sure to check out what Della Mae is up to at and on instagram @heyheydellame Lastly, you can sit in on Celia’s "Pretty Songs for a Sunday" on Della Mae’s facebook page Celia’s Artist Picks: Maya de Vitry, Courtney Hartman, and Phoebe Hunt.
February 18, 2021
Episode 015 - Meg Thompson
This week we sat down to have a chat with Chef Meg Thompson, the head pastry chef at Boston’s SRV. Getting her start as a cook at the Country Club of Brookline, MA, Chef Meg worked her way to assistant pastry chef and went on to open Steel & Rye as head of pastry. After taking her talents to Townsman, she was named Best Pastry Chef in Boston in 2016. Chef Meg has since developed the bread and pastry program at SRV for four years and counting. In this episode we discussed how she balances the managerial and creative demands of an executive position, the unique camaraderie that comes with working in the industry, and how she developed her unique style of showcasing vegetal flavor profiles on a dessert menu. You can stay up to date on the happenings at SRV at and follow Chef Meg on instagram @megallysa Chef Meg’s artist picks: Brian Mercury of Puritan and Co., Adam Mandel, and Matt Staffieri of Mas Golf Course Construction
February 11, 2021
Episode 014 - Brendan Landis
This week on The Seed Cast we sat down with long time homie, Brendan Landis. Currently based in Queens, New York, Brendan has collaborated on many musical noise projects but primarily focuses his efforts on solo endeavors Hey Exit and Anura. For Brendan, these projects function as vessels for explorative experimentation, allowing him to define his music on his own terms. In this episode we discussed Brendan’s unique approach to using found objects as instruments, how genre categorization is purely a capitalist mechanism, and the importance of “letting your freak flag fly.” You can check out his most recent releases at and stay up to date on his happenings at Brendan’s artist picks: Andrew Weathers and Gretchen Korsmo of Full Spectrum Records, Josh Tabia (Cop Funeral) and David Drucker (Painted Faces) of Already Dead Tapes, and Eliza Swan of The Golden Dome
February 4, 2021
Episode 013 - Jeni Magana
This week on The Seed Cast we met with musician Jeni Magana. Currently residing in LA, Jeni is a touring bassist for Mitski, Lady Lamb, and Laura Cortese. As a solo artist, she released two records just this past year; You are Not a Morning Person and Breathing. With a passion for multiple mediums and the belief that art informs art, Jeni also turns to photography to harness her creativity. In this episode we talk about her exploratory process, the benefits of not having a plan, and her ability to manage the guilt of not creating. You can listen to her latest projects at and also follow her on instagram @maganarama. Jeni’s artist picks: Katie Von Schleicher, Tōth, and Blaze Mckenzie
January 28, 2021
Episode 012 - Joe Ledoux
This week we sat down with Magical Artist Joe Ledoux. Currently based in Boston, MA, Joe blends skateboarding, animation, and magic, transforming a medium of entertainment into an artform. Joe is a member of the McBride Magic & Mystery School of Las Vegas and has performed at museums, colleges, and galleries. Most notably with Le Grand David, which held the Guinness World Record for the oldest consecutively running magic show in the world. In this episode Joe talks about how he used magic and performance to push past his shyness, what it means to build a friend-base instead of a fanbase, and how his magic is driven by concept. Check him out on his website at and follow him on instagram @joeledouxmagic Joe’s Artist picks: Jeff McBride, Ralph Bakshi, and Rodney Mullen
January 21, 2021
Episode 011 - Harris Paseltiner
This week on the Seed Cast we met with musician Harris Paseltiner of Darlingside. Currently based in Boston, MA, Harris exhibits his talents on cello, guitar, and vocals in this harmonious group of four musicians. Described by NPR as, “exquisitely-arranged, literary-minded, baroque folk-pop,” Darlingside just celebrated their 10th anniversary as a group this past year with the full-length album release of Fish Pond Fish. In this episode, Harris gives some beautiful insight into how he thinks musically, addressing both the emotional and technical stages. We discussed his textural synesthesia, the writing process of the most recent Darlingside record, and how the pandemic has left an imprint on the final result. You can stay up to date on Darlingside’s latest happenings at and you can follow them on instagram @darlingside. Harris’s Artist picks: Andrew Benincasa, Ben Cosgrove, and Úlfur Hansson.
January 14, 2021
Episode 010 - Dom Civiello
This week we sat down with illustrator, designer, and educator, Dom Civiello. Currently based in Boston, MA, Dom has work featured in American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators, 3x3 International, and Creative Quarterly. In addition to his many accolades, Dom also teaches Illustration courses at New England College and Maine College of Art. In this episode we take a look into his researched based image-making process, the importance of understanding design principles, and how he promotes experimentation and exploration in his classroom. You can look at Dom’s work @dom.hq on instagram and on his website Dom's artist picks: Dallin Orr, Danny Schwartz, and Kirk Wallace
January 7, 2021
Episode 009 - Phil Jamieson
This week we had the privilege of chatting with musician Phil Jamieson, guitarist and co-founder of the band Caspian. Based in Beverly, MA, Caspian has been touring and releasing records since their 2005 debut, You Are the Conductor. Most recently they released On Circles and also paired with Audiotree to capture a live performance featuring The Losander Chamber Orchestra. In this episode, Phil shares the mechanics of creating a Caspian record, the liberating lack of rules in early post-rock, and the feeling of collaborating with producers. Stay up to date on Caspian’s latest happenings at and follow Phil on instagram @philipajamieson. Phil’s artist picks: Jake Woodruff of Defeater, Will Benoit, and Mike Repasch-Nieves of SOM and Junius.
December 24, 2020
Episode 008 - Ariel Tobing
This week we sat down with illustrator and artist Ariel Tobing. Presently living in Philadelphia, PA, Ariel has done a number of promotional designs and illustrations for local restaurants including Poi Dog, Hale and True, and Frizwit at Musi. His work tends to be autobiographical by nature, involving the use of photographic source material paired with text to exhibit the complexities of loss. In this episode we address the correlation between creatives and kitchen work, the benefits of inviting and actively pursuing mistakes, and the pros and cons of knowing too much about your craft. You can follow Ariel on instagram @scumbag_arl Ariel’s artist picks: Zack Chomz, Krista Perry, and Peter Schjeldahl.
December 17, 2020
Episode 007 - Mirza Ramic
This week we met with musician Mirza Ramic. Originally from Bosnia, Mirza has had his fingerprints on a number of projects including, but not limited to, Arms and Sleepers, Saigon Would be Seoul, ERA CT NOD 1, and The DXFXWXU Collective. Just this year alone Mirza has had over seven music releases all while running two record labels, Future Archive Recordings and {int}erpret null. In this episode we dive into the sheer amount of energy it takes to produce all of the projects under his umbrella. We also touch upon the importance of being scrappy, the misadventures of nearly 2,000 shows, and avoiding regret by following what you love to its exhaustive state. You can follow him and his many pursuits on instagram @armsandsleepers @saigonwouldbeseoul @idcbackwards @dxfxwxu @futurearchiverecordings @interpretnull. Mirza’s artist picks: Andrew Nault of Lesser Glow and drab, Barry Jenkins, and Dubravka Ugrešić.
December 10, 2020
Episode 006 - Matt Darcy aka "Bananamasher"
This week we met with photographer Matt Darcy, aka “Bananamasher.” Currently based in Boston, MA, Matt has photographed countless aggressive concerts from the pits of Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Kilswitch Engage, Slipknot, and many more. Searching through the obscure corners of the US, Matt is fascinated with documenting dark, abandoned, decaying buildings and landscapes. During our chat we touched upon his latest projects, “1,454 Miles,”  a series of photos documenting his in-progress redlining of the White Mountains, and “Death of a Memory,” which exhibits forgotten buildings left to decay and overtaken by their natural surroundings. Matt addressed the dangerous lengths he's willing to go to get "the shot that no one else has" along with the importance of keeping locations undisclosed to avoid the inevitable tourist trap. You can follow him on instagram @bananamasher and see his recent works and prints for sale at Matt’s artist picks: Reid Haithcock, Sylvaine, and Steph Byce.
December 3, 2020
Episode 005 - Steve Kim
This week we met with artist and illustrator Steve Kim. Currently based in LA, Steve has been featured in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and American Illustration and has shown internationally across Korea, Italy, London, Amsterdam, Krakow, Liechtenstein, and throughout the US. In this episode we discussed his approach to constructing both conceptual and commercial work, creating a positive artist's community on Discord, and following creative passions and pleasures that solve artistic problems even while not making art. You can follow him on instagram @stvkmco and check out his extensive collection of work, interviews, and his inclusive discord at Steve’s artist picks: OVERWERK, Francisco Galarraga, and Sam Barlow.
November 26, 2020
Episode 004 - Adam Paquette
This week we met with painter Adam Paquette. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, Adam has created more than 200 cards for Magic the Gathering on top of co-founding the international Legendeer artist community. In this episode, Adam put a lot of words to some conceptual abstracts many artists have more than likely encountered. We touched upon his immersive research with movement, how he has navigated strong footing in both commercial and personal work, and the rarity in maintaining honesty and integrity whilst creating a larger body of work. You can follow him on instagram @adampaquette and see his extensive work with Magic Cards at Adam’s Artist picks: Vincent Desidario, Sterling Hundley, Alexander Carrillo.
November 19, 2020
Episode 003 - Heather McGrath
This week we met with photographer, director, and co-founder of Parachute Studios, Heather McGrath. Currently based in Boston, MA, Heather has worked with a variety of high profile clients such as Forbes, Sony, and The New York Times. In this episode the three of us discussed the importance of letting your work evolve with your life, finding strength in femininity, the magic of leading a creative life, and how listening to your gut and leaning into confidence can take you far. You can follow Heather on instagram @heathermcgrath and learn more about her work at Heathers Artist picks of the week: Frank Ockenfels III, OJ Slaughter, Ally Schmaling, and Steph Larsen.
November 12, 2020
Episode 002 - Kate Wildman
This week we met with interdisciplinary artist Kate Wildman. Currently based in Boston, MA, Kate has attended artist residencies in New England and Denmark and has shown in various galleries all across greater Boston. In this episode we discussed her recent exhibition of The Unborn Selves of the Invisible Pleasure Plane at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston. We also touched upon the frustrating myth that people need to academically understand art to enjoy it, the unseen labor of artists, and how art institutions can both drive and limit creativity. You can follow her on instagram @k8_wildman and view her breadth of work on Kate’s Artist picks of the week: Anthony Peyton Young, Kim Barnes, and Henry Kunkel.
November 5, 2020
Episode 001 - Abe Dubin aka "Orange Man"
This week we met with skateboarder Abe Dubin, aka Orange Man. Currently based in Pittsburg, PA, Abe is known for his easily recognizable monochrome wardrobe and his signature “frankenboards.” Having just released a full-length film with FancyLad Skate Co, Secrets of the Clown Box, and his own ebook of illustrated poems, The Skatepark of my Heart, Abe sat down with us to redefine what it means to be a pro-skater. In this episode we discuss skateboarding as both an art form and a punchline, fighting your inner consumer, and the performative aspects of his orange persona. You can follow him on instagram @abedubin and check out his latest work at  Abe’s artist picks of the week: Clyde McPhatter, Matt Tomasello, and Chagall.
October 29, 2020