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The SEO Rapper Podcast

The SEO Rapper Podcast

By Charles Lewis
An entertaining mix of digital marketing information and hip hop intended to educate small business owners about online marketing best practices.
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Reputation Management
Chuck reviews an article on Sprout Social by Brent Barnhart called, Reputation Management: How To Stay In Good Standing With Your Audience.  He also released a rap song and video called Reputation Management. Learn More.
April 01, 2022
PPC Performance Improvement
On this episode of The SEO Rapper Podcast, we'll discuss pay-per-click and how to improve the performance of your campaigns.  I located an article on Search Engine Watch called, "Nine tactics to improve your PPC campaign performance in 2020" by Roman Daneghyan.  He highlighted a few of the benefits of using PPC like how ads can improve your brand awareness, and also boost sales.  Watch the ppc performance improvement video at The SEO Rapper website.
September 11, 2021
Define Your Target Audience
It is imperative that you define your target audience when doing any type of marketing, especially digital marketing.  When creating content, ads, graphics, or whatever…you want to be sure it speaks to the people you are targeting.  Over the years I’ve had countless conversations with business owners about their marketing strategies, and most don’t mention the target audience.  They focus on tactics, platforms, and different types content.  All of that is necessary too, but who is using those platforms and what type of content resonates with them is key to best performance.  The reality is, most entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to define a target audience.  I’m about to show you how.
March 30, 2021
Improve Your Content Performance
On this episode of The SEO Rapper Podcast, I’m talking about Content Marketing…more importantly, how to improve your content.  I have an article that was posted on the the Content Marketing Institute by Julia McCoy called 6 Things To Improve Your Content Performance.  I reviewed and highlighted what stood out to me. I also tried to summarize it, lyrically, which you’ll hear at the end of the podcast.
February 18, 2021
YouTube SEO Best Practices
Chuck reviews an article on SEJ called YouTube SEO: 10 Best Practices To Get Started by Brent Csutoras.  He reviews the article in his own special way, and of course, drops a new YouTube SEO rhyme at the end.  Watch the podcast at
January 29, 2021
10 Basic SEO Tips
Charles Lewis, aka The SEO Rapper reviews an article posted on the Moz Blog by Cyrus Shepherd called, 10 Basic SEO Tips To Index & Rank Faster.  He broke it down, and then rapped about it.  See the transcript and links to the 10 Basic SEO Tips article here. 
January 16, 2021