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By The Shrimp Society
The Shrimp Society is the Web3 community for builders & creatives. Hear advice from builders in the space, practical insights from doers, and the stories of the people making it happen.
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Sunday Dinner #2 - What the future of NFTs mean for artists (Matheus Gomes)
On our second episode of The Shrimp Society Sunday Dinner we talk to Matheus Gomes, our NFT artist. Mat is an architect by trade, and the creative director of Red Waves Media & Record Label. We talk about his story, his creative process, and how he sees NFTs changing the creative industries.
November 21, 2021
Shrimp Uni 001: Crypto & NFT Law for Dummies (w. Lawyer Jonathan Dunsmoor)
On our first episode of the Shrimp University, we had lawyer Jonathan Dunsmoor break down some of the basics of NFTS, crypto, and Web 3 from a legal perspective. This included the law behind DAOs, where he sees regulations going, and what Web 3 means for the future of government.
November 16, 2021
Sunday Dinner #1: The 23 Year Old CTO of the Largest Bitcoin Miner in the US (Ashton Harris)
On our first episode of The Shrimp Society Sunday Dinner we talk to Ashton Harris, the founder and CTO of Whinstone, the largest bitcoin mining facility in America. We talk about how he got into Bitcoin, his story of starting and scaling his company, and his thoughts on the future of crypto.
November 14, 2021
SSNFT #0: Getting rich in NFTs (without getting lucky)
In the first episode of The Shrimp Society NFT podcast, our project lead Bryan Early tells his story of how he first got into the NFT space. Throughout his story Bryan shares lessons he's learned along the way, his framework for evaluating projects, and his thoughts on how NFTs are changing the internet forever. 
October 20, 2021