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The Smallstarter Business Podcast

The Smallstarter Business Podcast

By John-Paul Iwuoha
Tune in to John-Paul Iwuoha's unique podcast for practical tips, advice, and insights that'll improve your chances of starting, growing, or turning around your business. If you're an African entrepreneur, or you do (or plan to do) business in Africa, you'll love how John-Paul thinks and talks about strategy, exploiting business ideas and opportunities, market entry, sales and customer acquisition, growth, expansion, raising capital and funding, developing strong business systems, leadership, and hiring capable and loyal people on your team. John-Paul is a business transformation specialist who has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome tough business problems. He has been featured on CNN, The Huffington Post, Business Day, and several local and international media. He was named by LinkedIn as a Global Top Voice on Startups & Entrepreneurship.
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SBP 097: How To Repair A Business That Makes Money (Sales) But Is Not Profitable
It’s frustrating to run a business that feels like a leaking bucket.That’s the situation in businesses that make money from sales, but there’s hardly anything left as profit.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the common suspects in these kinds of businesses. I talk about how to look at your business data, and how to troubleshoot everything from sales, expenses, and overhead costs.You’re going to find this quite interesting.Happy learning!
June 10, 2022
SBP 096: The Art of B2B Sales: How To Sell And Do Business With Big Companies & Organisations
Big companies can make great customers. They have deep pockets. They’re less price sensitive, and they are more likely to work with you for the long term. That’s why B2B sales can be an important growth opportunity for your business.In this episode of the podcast, I explore the opportunities and considerations for targeting B2B customers and 5 practical tips to help you successfully land your first big client.You’re going to learn interesting stuff!
June 03, 2022
SBP 095: 5 Tips For Enduring The Psychological Stresses Of Building A Business
How do you deal with the mental, psychological and emotional stresses of building a business?Building a successful business is a marathon that takes a toll on your mind. That’s why you need endurance and coping mechanisms to support you.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore 5 effective mental exercises that can help entrepreneurs cope with stress.Sometimes, the problem is not the problem. It’s often the way you see the problem that’s the real problem.You’re going to learn a lot from this!
May 27, 2022
SBP 094: How To Start A Business In A Crowded Or Competitive Market
99.99% of businesses sell a version of a product or service that already exists.This means that if you plan to start a new business or launch a new product, you will likely be facing a crowded or competitive market.Crowded markets can be a big advantage and a huge opportunity for newcomers. However, they also come with dangers and risks you need to watch out for.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the nature of crowded markets, their upsides, and their risks.I also explore 5 specific strategies you can deploy to increase your chances of success when you enter a crowded or competitive market.Happy learning!
May 20, 2022
SBP 093: How To Make Customer Service Your Biggest Competitive Advantage (A Masterclass)
Many small and mid-sized businesses are failing at customer service.This is a big opportunity for you because improving how you serve your customers can become a strong competitive advantage for your business.This episode is a mini-Masterclass in how you can achieve this.You’re going to unlearn some of the misconceptions you may have about your customers, and how you can serve your customers in a way that makes them loyal, protective, and promoting of your business.This is a really exciting episode.Happy learning!
April 29, 2022
SBP 092: The 4 Types Of People Who Will Do Well As Employees In Your Business
You cannot build a successful business on your own. You will likely need the help of employees.But how can you tell the right kind of person to hire for your business?How much knowledge, skill, and experience should they have?What kind of personality should you be looking for?In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss the 4 types of people who will likely do well as employees in your business.Happy listening!
April 22, 2022
SBP 091: Vital Signs -- How To Make Sure Your Business Runs Well When You're Not Around
How can you be sure your business is in good hands while you’re away on travel, vacation, study, or just busy taking care of another business?In this episode, I’m going to introduce you to the interesting concept of “vital signs”.It’s an effective tactic that is used to great effect in hospitals around the world.And there is a lot you can learn from this and apply to your business.Remember, your ultimate achievement as an entrepreneur is to build a business that can thrive in your absence.The lessons you’ll learn from this episode will show you how it can be done.Happy listening!
April 15, 2022
SBP 090: Why Many Young Businesses Run Out Of Money And How To Avoid This Problem
Many young businesses fail because they run out of money.Some of these failed businesses had great potential and may have become successful businesses if only they survived a little longer.Fortunately, this is a fixable problem.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the most common reasons why young businesses fail and how you can avoid these situations.You’re going to learn a lot from this.Happy learning!
April 01, 2022
SBP 089: Self-funded Businesses vs. Investor-funded Businesses -- Which Is Better?
It’s boom time for startups around the world. Last year alone (2021), startups on the African continent raised over $4 billion from local and international investors.But do you really have to raise money from investors?Or should you continue running as a self-funded business and ignore the temptations to raise money from banks and outside investors?In this interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the pros and cons of self-funded businesses versus investor-funded businesses.You’re going to learn some great stuff from this.Happy learning!
March 25, 2022
SBP 088: Insights and Strategies for Raising Money for A Business -- with Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt!
Many entrepreneurs struggle with the challenge of raising capital to start, grow and scale their businesses.How to overcome this seemingly insurmountable obstacle?In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt! shares some interesting insights and strategies for overcoming this problem.During this interview, we explored a range of subjects, from the power of strategic partnerships to the secret sauce for funding proposals, and the unique benefits that failure can have over success in business.You're going to learn very valuable stuff from this.
March 11, 2022
SBP 087: Why Nice People Don't Always Succeed In Business And What To Do About It
Why does it often seem that ‘nice’ people are easily taken advantage of in business?And does this suggest that we have to be mean, nasty and brutal to win in business?The truth is, there are aggressive and domineering people out there who will take advantage of your “niceness”, generosity and patience.These people could be your customers, employees, suppliers, or investors.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I share my thoughts on how nice people get exploited in business and some specific ways you can handle these situations without losing your decency. 
March 04, 2022
SBP 086: The 6 Types of Businesses I Never Want To Do In My Life
Some businesses are just deadends by design.They may look exciting on the surface, but the reality is much worse than your eyes can see.After investing your time, money, and efforts in them, you’re very likely to regret your decision down the road. But what if you could identify these kinds of businesses in advance?That’s exactly what this episode is all about.Based on John-Paul’s experience and preferences, you will discover 6 types of businesses that are not worth your time and investment.You’re going to learn a lot from this.Happy listening!
February 25, 2022
SBP 085: The Amazing Power of Building Redundancy In Your Business -- 🔥 Hot Topic!
Surprises and change are a constant in business.If the ups and downs of the economy don’t shake you, your customers, employees or suppliers may disappoint or destabilize your business.Unfortunately, you cannot plan for most of these surprises and changes before they happen.That’s why you need to build redundancies into your business.In this episode, you will learn how to bake redundancy into 6 key areas of your business so you can get better at surviving surprises and changes when they happen.Happy learning!
February 22, 2022
SBP 084: How To Export Products From Africa To The World -- Insights from Maxwell Adew, Founder @ Kuueza
In this interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, Maxwell Adew of Kuueza shares his entrepreneurship story.You will learn how he stumbled on the painful problem that gave birth to the business idea that became his company, Kuueza.Maxwell also shares valuable advice and insights on starting a business, raising capital for business, and how to build a team of loyal and capable people to support your business.You're going to learn a lot from this.Happy listening!
February 14, 2022
SBP 083: "New Level, New Devils." Why You Should Be Careful What You Wish For In Business
Almost every entrepreneur wants to get to the next level of growth and success in their business.That next level could be to raise more capital, to make more sales, to build a bigger team, or to expand into more locations and grow the business.But for every new level, there will be new devils. For every new level, there will be new problems, challenges, and frustrations you must learn to deal with if you want to succeed at that level. In this episode of the podcast, I explore the wisdom of "New level, new devils," and why entrepreneurs need to be realistic about their expectations when it comes to growth and success. You're going to learn a lot from this.Happy listening!
January 28, 2022
SBP 082: Is It An Opportunity Or A Distraction? How To Resist FOMO and SOS In Your Business
Entrepreneurs love to find and chase new opportunities. It could be a new idea, a new product, a new strategy, or a new partnership deal.But how can you be sure that thing is really an opportunity, and not a distraction?Many entrepreneurs get sucked into distractions that cost them a ton of time, money, sweat, and tears.And that's why this episode of the podcast is important and timely.In this episode, you will learn three ways to distinguish between opportunities and distractions so you can always make the best choices. Listening to this interesting episode will save you a lot of future regrets.Happy listening.
January 21, 2022
SBP 081: What It Actually Takes To Grow & Scale A Business -- Insights from Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt!
Growth is often on the minds of most entrepreneurs and business owners.How can you grow and scale a business to reach more customers, make more sales, and grab more market share?This episode of the podcast is a peek into a Mastermind Strategy Session from our exclusive Insiders community.During this session, Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt! Shares insights on the 3 key factors for growing and scaling a business.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
January 14, 2022
SBP 080: Is It Better To Be Feared Or Loved By Your Employees? This Is What I Think...
What's the best way to manage the relationship with your employees?Is it better if they fear you, or love you?In this interesting episode, I share my thoughts on how to handle the critical relationships with your employees.You're going to learn the upsides and downsides of using fear and love to motivate your staff.This is an episode that will get you thinking about your leadership style and how you manage the human resources in your business.
January 07, 2022
SBP 079: How To Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less -- Insights from Simon Severino of Strategy Sprints
Growing a business is tough for many people who own or run a business.But are there tested and trusted ways to boost the sales of your company? In this episode, Simon Severino of Strategy Sprints shares some interesting strategies for boosting sales and growth in a business.You're going to learn a lot from this.
December 31, 2021
SBP 078: How To Enter A New Market Or Find Customers For A New Product
 Some people claim that if you have a good product, customers will automatically find you.Unfortunately, this is not always true.The world is full of great products that cannot find customers.It’s hard to penetrate any market with a new product, especially when nobody knows you or your business.This is a common challenge faced by entrepreneurs who have a new startup or an existing business that has just introduced a new product.This episode presents a roadmap that can help you overcome this obstacle.You will learn the important questions and signals to watch out for that will lead you to the customers you seek for a new product.Happy listening!
December 17, 2021
SBP 077: 5 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring Anyone in Your Business
People provide leverage in business. That’s why to grow a business, you need to build a team.But building a good team starts with hiring.And when it comes to hiring people, it’s often easy to make mistakes. You may hire for the wrong purpose, or hire the wrong person, or hire at the wrong time.Unfortunately, these mistakes can be expensive. Hiring mistakes can lead to a waste of money, time, and energy.In this episode, you will learn 5 important things you should consider before you hire anyone to join your business.You’re going to enjoy this.
December 10, 2021
SBP 076: I Had A Burnout -- Important Life Lessons on Health, Wealth and Happiness
At a point in your journey as an entrepreneur, you will experience “burn out”.After several months or years of working hard on your business, you will likely experience some form of physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion.Entrepreneurs are often too focused on the business that we don’t pay enough attention to ourselves.In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my experience with burn-out and some important lessons I learned about life, health, wealth, and happiness.I know you’re going to learn a lot from this.
December 03, 2021
SBP 075: How To Know When It Is Time To Grow And Expand Your Business
Almost every entrepreneur wants to grow their business.Growth is exciting.Growth means a bigger business that makes more sales, has more customers, and is more visible and known by people.But guess what?Growth can kill a business if it’s not done well.In fact, if you grow your business too early, too fast, or too late, your business will likely struggle.So, when is the right TIME to grow and expand a business?The answer to this question lies in today’s episode of the Podcast.You’re going to learn the 5 important signals to look out for before you grow or expand your business.If you miss any of these signals, you might be growing your business too early or too fast.And if you already have these signals in your business, you may be missing a major opportunity to grow and expand your business.
October 15, 2021
SBP 074: The 6 Specific Ways To Quickly Improve The Profitability Of Your Business
Many businesses are struggling to survive.And most of these businesses make either very low profits, zero profits, or serious losses.How to improve profits in a business is a major headache for entrepreneurs.After paying suppliers, salaries, rent, and other expenses, there is almost nothing left for the owner of the business.And if this situation continues, it’s only a matter of time before the business crumbles.That’s why you should listen to this episode of the Podcast.It’s not enough to blame outside forces like the economy and your competitors for the low profits in your business.There are actually things you can do INSIDE your business to fix the profit problem.In fact, in this episode, you will learn 6 specific ways you can quickly improve the profitability of your business.This is not talk and theory.You can start applying these new changes in your business, starting TODAY!
October 10, 2021
SBP 073: The Strategic Types of Capital You Need To Build A Successful Business
Running out of money.It’s the top reason most businesses fail.According to CB Insights, up to 40 percent of failed businesses were due to lack of capital.And that’s for the US, Canada, and Europe.In developing markets like Africa, I can bet the number is much higher.But what makes a business run out of money?And why can’t some entrepreneurs manage this problem before it kicks them out of business?In this week’s episode, you’ll learn a lot about the 3 strategic types of capital that’s need to build a successful business.Each type of capital has a key role to play in the life of your business.And if you don’t know how to handle each one, your business is likely to run out of money.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
September 24, 2021
SBP 072: How To Get Better At Business Development & Networking -- Practical Insights from Cynthia Lareine
If people don’t know you, they can’t help you or do business with you.That’s why networking is so important in business.Through networking, many people have found investors, business partners, and very good suppliers and distributors.Unfortunately, many people are not so good at networking.Most people think networking is just about introducing themselves, shaking people’s hands, and giving out business cards.It’s not surprising that we end up with a lot of business cards, but don’t have any solid contacts.That’s why you need to listen to this.This week’s episode of the podcast features an interview with an expert in business development and networking.Cynthia Lareine is the founder of LGC Africa, a specialist business development firm.In this episode, you will understand the key difference between marketing, sales, business development, and networking.Cynthia also shares practical tips and insights on the “A-to-G” of good networking.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
September 17, 2021
SBP 071: How To Handle Angry Customers -- A Practical Example
Your customers are not always right.Sometimes, this is especially true for angry customers.How do you handle a person who insults you, threatens you, and may likely tell other people bad things about your business?In your career as an entrepreneur, you will likely come across this kind of person.But guess what?Angry customers are a special gift to any business.You know why? I’ll tell you.You see, most customers who are dissatisfied with your business will likely walk away in silence and then badmouth your business behind your back.Most of them will not confront you, or show any raw emotion like an angry customer would.That’s what makes an angry customer special.An angry customer confronts you with two interesting opportunities.The first opportunity is to get raw and undiluted feedback about something in your business that needs to be fixed.The second opportunity an angry customer gives you is a chance to prove your customer service skills and convert that anger into a positive emotion that works for your business.That’s why you need to listen to this.In this week’s episode of the podcast, I share a recent real-life experience with an angry customer in my business.
September 10, 2021
SBP 070: The 5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Kill A Business
A friend of mine recently shut down his restaurant business.It was painful to watch him go through it.I still remember how excited he was when he first started the business.I still remember his vision to expand the business into other cities in the country.I still remember how much time, energy, and money he sacrificed for that business.But it wasn’t enough.This is the unfortunate reality that many entrepreneurs have to face.Up to 80% of new businesses fail within 5 years.That’s a very high casualty rate.But we don’t always see them.They close down quietly, and cry and lick their wounds in silence.After almost a decade of working with entrepreneurs, here’s one interesting fact I have found:Many businesses fail due to self-inflicted wounds.Sometimes, it may not be the economy, or the government, or your friends who are to blame.Unfortunately, it’s usually the combination of bad decisions and innocent mistakes that bring down many failed businesses.What can you learn from this?In this week’s episode of the podcast, I share 5 of the most common mistakes that can kill a business.Sometimes, it is wise to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than from yours.The lessons in this episode should be enough for the wise.
September 03, 2021
SBP 069: Startup Strategy: Is It Better To Start Small or Start Big in Business?
Having an idea for anything is easy.But it is much harder to actually start.It could be a new business.A new product.Or a new sales strategy.So, what is the best way to start anything in business?Should you wait until you have all the resources you need so you can start BIG?Or should you start small even if you have all the resources you need?Most people prefer to start big.Big is beautiful.Big makes you feel important, attracts attention, and is good for your ego.That's why most people want to start big.But guess what, this can be a big mistake.Starting big can be very risky, can lead to big losses, and may attract the kind of attention that may hurt your business.That's why you need to listen to this week's episode of the podcast.What you're about to learn is not a popular opinion, but it's the truth.You're going to learn why starting small in anything in business can give you a mighty advantage.
August 27, 2021
SBP 067: The Subtle But Important Difference Between A Customer And A Fan
Every business is looking for customers.The more customers you have, the better for your business.But there is a problem with customers.They can easily leave you.Make a small mistake. Increase your prices. Or delay their orders.And some of them will leave you.They will leave you for another business that sells cheaper.Customers will buy from you ONLY IF it makes sense.That's why fans are better than customers.A fan will buy from you and stick with you even when it doesn't make sense.Even when you make mistakes, raise your prices, or delay their orders.They may complain, but they will likely come back.That's the key difference between customers and fans.A fan doesn't just buy from your business, they actually believe in it.They love your brand, your personality, your vision, and your values.That's why every business needs to look beyond customers.That’s why every business needs to convert its customers into fans.
August 09, 2021
SBP 066: 11 Intelligent Ways To Prevent Theft and Fraud in Any Business
Growth is a beautiful thing in any business.When you grow, you make more money, serve more customers, and hire more employees.But there’s something else that comes with growth.It’s called complexity.As your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to monitor everything.It becomes harder to monitor everybody that works for you, especially their actions and decisions.As a result, it can become easier for theft and fraud to happen in your business.That’s when you need a system of controls to help you.Controls will be your eyes and ears in the business even when you’re not physically present to monitor things by yourself. Without good controls, the owners of big and complex companies like Amazon, Dangote and Coca-Cola would not be able to sleep at night.This is why you need to listen to this fascinating lesson.You’re going to learn 11 intelligent and creative ways to prevent theft and fraud in any business.The things you’re about to hear will stick with you for a long time.
August 02, 2021
SBP 065: What To Do When Your Employees Gang Up Against You
Most businesses depend on employees to function.But as your business grows, your employees will become key stakeholders.And they may start to ask for more.They could ask for higher pay and more privileges.Or more rights and improved work conditions.If you don’t handle these grievances, your employees may start to gang up against you.And trust me, they can frustrate your business in so many ways.They can reduce their productivity or refuse to work.They could bad mouth your business to customers, distributors and suppliers.Or they could go on social media and foul the brand and image of your business.That’s why you should pay close attention to the lessons in today’s episode of the podcast.You’re about to learn the major causes of employee tension and why they could gang up against you.You will also understand the most effective ways to resolve such situations if they ever arise in your business.
July 24, 2021
SBP 064: The 6 Types of Advisers Every Entrepreneur Should Have
You see it everywhere.On social media, in magazines, and in casual gossip.We like to talk about successful entrepreneurs, how much money they have, and where they rank on the Forbes list of billionaires.We tend to see these people as successful INDIVIDUALS.But no single individual can build a fortune or a successful business entirely on their own.They had to rise on the shoulders of others.They usually surround themselves with a small circle of sound and trusted advisers.These advisers are often in the background and most people like you and I may never know their names.But they are always there.These advisers influence key decisions, give important insights, and provide support in times of challenges and crisis.And if you want to achieve your big dreams in business, you need your own circle of trusted advisers.Finding these people will take time. And for me, personally, I’m still building my circle.That’s why you should listen to this week’s episode of the podcast.
July 16, 2021
SBP 063: How To Keep Your Job And Run A Business At The Same Time
Can you love your job and still be a successful entrepreneur?It's very possible.In fact, some people prefer it this way.They don't want to give up the fulfillment, steady income, and professional achievement that comes from a full-time job.But on the other hand, they want to do something about their passions and business ideas.Is it possible to eat your cake and have it?Like I said before, it's possible.But it can also be very hard.Dividing your attention between a full-time job and a growing business is a difficult balance.And very often, it's common that people who don't know how to handle this balance can suffer serious physical, emotional, and financial stresses.If you know somebody who is trying to juggle a job and a business, they're really going to learn a lot from this episode.
July 09, 2021
SBP 062: 5 Sales Strategies That Have Helped Me Well in Business
Every business needs customers to survive.But like most people, I didn’t have any customers when I started my business years ago.I had to find the first client.And then I found the second, third, fourth client, etc.Till today, I still have some of my early clients who have stayed on with me.We have become friends and will remain so for a long time.That’s why I need you to listen to this.In this week’s episode of the podcast, I share 5 sales strategies that have helped me well in business.You may find something here that could help boost your business.Some of these strategies I learned by trial and error.And some of them are the result of a deep understanding of my target market.I’m sure you’ll learn something from this.
July 02, 2021
SBP 061: How To Grow Your Business With Other People's Money
Many of the world’s most successful companies have one secret power.They know how to use OPM.Coca-Cola uses it.ExxonMobil uses it. And several other multinationals love to use OPM.OPM = Other People’s Money.Many of these businesses know how to use their market power to leverage other people’s money to run and grow their businesses.And if they can do it, you can do it too.In this episode, I tell you why this strategy works so well.And I also share with you 5 common sources of OPM that most businesses can use but don’t use like they should.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
June 25, 2021
SBP 060: How To Be A Better Negotiator -- Insights from Ayuli Jemide
The ability to negotiate well is a very powerful business skill.It can save you a lot of money.And it can also make you a lot of money if you know how to use it well.In business, you have to negotiate with people all the time.These people could be your customers, employees, suppliers or distributors.They could also be your business partners or investors.That’s why you need to master negotiation skills if you want to really succeed in business.Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with an expert business negotiator.In the last 30 years, Ayuli Jemide has negotiated several multi-million dollar deals.These deals include Heineken’s purchase of 5 breweries in Africa and an $80 million funding deal for a major manufacturing business, among others.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, he shares several interesting insights on negotiation.
June 18, 2021
SBP 059: Products or Services -- Which One Makes A Better Business?
There are only 3 ways a business can make money in this world.It can sell products.It can sell services.Or it can sell both.But is there any advantage in selling a product instead of a service?Or is it easier and more profitable to sell services instead of products?This is a question most entrepreneurs must consider before investing time, energy, and money into a business.And if you already have a business, will your next revenue stream come from a new product or a new service?In today’s episode, you’re going to learn some interesting things about the two types of businesses.What you’re about to hear could change how you think about your business and what you’re offering to your customers.
June 11, 2021
SBP 058: How To Find, Hire & Keep Good Employees in Your Business
There are two things that can kill a business.The first is capital or funds.Many businesses die early because they can’t access the funds they need to grow or scale the business.But when you have the funds you need, the problem is solved.The second thing that kills businesses is a much more stubborn problem.That thing is staff or human resources.Finding good people that will build and grow your business is a major headache for many entrepreneurs.Also, managing people is really difficult.But there are those businesses that have cracked the code of finding, hiring and keeping good employees.And in today’s episode, you’re going to learn 6 tricks that I got from one of those entrepreneurs who has cracked this code.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
June 04, 2021
SBP 057: Should You Sell On Credit To Your Customers?
Should you give credit to your customers?I was training a group of entrepreneurs recently when this question came up.Credit is a very divisive topic for business owners.Some entrepreneurs love giving credit because it has helped to build their businesses.Some have lost money to customers who never paid back.And some others have a strong policy against giving credit to customers.Credit is a double-edged sword.If you manage it well, it can help to significantly boost sales and customer retention.But if you don’t manage it well, you could end up with a lot of unpaid debts.So, how should you make the decision to give (or not to give) credit to your customers?That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in today’s lesson.What you’re about to learn could make a big difference in how you run your business.
May 28, 2021
SBP 056: How To Make Money From Your Knowledge And Time
Knowledge is money.People will pay for what you know.People will pay for what you can do.And that’s why most of the highest earners in today’s world make their money from knowledge.Lawyers, doctors, investment bankers, consultants, computer programmers, sales professionals, etc.All these people make money from specialised knowledge.But not all knowledge is valuable enough to be paid for.You need to know something that can save people money, pain, mistakes, inconvenience, or regret.But there is a problem.How do you charge for the knowledge you have?How do you package what you know in a way that places a premium on your time and access?Some people have unique and valuable knowledge but they don’t know how to exchange it for money.And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in today’s episode.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, you will learn how to package your knowledge into 3 types of services that you can charge different prices for.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
May 25, 2021
SBP 055: A "House Brand" versus a "House of Brands"
Can you hate a company and still give them your money?It happens all the time.Take Facebook for example.Some people don’t use Facebook.They prefer Instagram or WhatsApp instead.But Facebook doesn’t care.It owns both Instagram and WhatsApp and will still get your time and money.Another example.Some people don’t like Coke because of its high sugar content.They would rather buy Eva bottled water or one of the Chivita fruit juices.But guess what?CocaCola doesn’t care.That’s because CocaCola will still get your money because it owns both Eva and Chivita brands. But there’s also another interesting trick.Richard Branson has built “Virgin” into one of the most successful brands in the world.As a result, he can launch a new and unknown product and quickly make a lot of money just by sticking the Virgin name on it.He has done it successfully with an airline, a bank, gyms, book publishing, and travel companies.Africa’s richest man -- Aliko Dangote -- also follows the same strategy.Almost every product in his empire carries the “Dangote” name -- from cement, sugar, salt, and pasta, to the new refinery.So, how come?How come companies like Facebook and CocaCola use different names for their products?And how come entrepreneurs like Branson and Dangote prefer to use the same name on all their products?It’s not a coincidence.It’s a deliberate strategy.And you’re about to learn how this strategy works in today’s exciting episode.
May 14, 2021
SBP 054: The 4 Types of Businesses Most Entrepreneurs Have
What kind of business do you want to build?The Indians and Lebanese, for example, are famous for building legacy businesses.The father builds a business that his kids can inherit and continue after he’s gone.As a result, they start getting their kids involved in the business from an early age.In America and Europe, the taste is different.Many entrepreneurs, especially in tech, prefer to build a business they can sell for a lot of money.The goal is to build a valuable business that allows you to retire early.But for entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, they will never retire early or sell their companies.These kinds of entrepreneurs are building their business for a very different reason.So, what kind of business are you building?In this week’s episode of the podcast, I explore the 4 major types of businesses that most entrepreneurs build.The kind of business you build will determine the kind of funding or capital you can raise.The kind of business you build will influence your business strategies and the key decisions you make in your business.You’re going to learn a lot from listening to this.
May 07, 2021
SBP 053: How To Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for Your Business
I know some businesses that have never spent a single $$ on marketing.Still, they keep getting more customers.How’s that even possible?How do they do it?It’s the oldest marketing strategy ever created by entrepreneurs, but it still works very well even till today.It’s a marketing strategy your competitors will find hard to copy.And even if they had all the money in the world, they still can’t buy it with money.It’s called word-of-mouth marketing.There is nobody who can sell you better than your satisfied customers.Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of making ambassadors out of their customers.That’s why I’m exploring this topic in this week’s episode.You will learn the 5 big benefits of making sales through referrals from your existing customers.I will also tell you three things you can quickly and easily do that will make your customers do your marketing for you.There’s a lot to learn in today’s episode.
April 30, 2021
SBP 052: Tricky Clauses To Watch Out For In Contracts With Investors
It's a wonderful feeling.After working so hard on your business, you have finally raised money from an investor.It feels so good to have big money in the bank.Now, you can stop worrying about paying rent and salaries, and focus on growing the business.But there is a problem.There's a contract you signed with the investor.It was a 16-page contract.And it contained several clauses and terms you really didn't understand.But you were too excited to bother because you have been struggling to raise money for a long time.As a result, you signed the document and shook hands with the investor to seal the deal.After almost of decade of working on deals that involve both entrepreneurs and investors, I've always noticed something very interesting:Entrepreneurs always focus on the money.But investors always focus on the contract.As a result, some entrepreneurs take money without knowing how much power and control they have lost in their company.Last year, after raising millions of $$$, two (popular) entrepreneurs in Nigeria got fired from their companies.Yes, they were fired by their investors.And that's why you need to listen to today's episode of the podcast.You're about to learn some interesting things about the tricky parts of investor contracts every entrepreneur needs to understand.
April 16, 2021
SBP 051: How To Create A STRONG Competitive Advantage For Your Business
“I will give you a better price.”This is what many entrepreneurs say when they want to convince a customer to buy.By offering a lower price, you can beat the competition, right?But there’s a problem.Pricing is easy to copy.Most of your competitors can see what you’re doing and lowering their prices to attract customers too.And as a result, all of you are competing on price.If you sell for $100 today, the other shop down the road will sell for $90.And if you come down to $85, they will beat you to $80.But the question is, how low are you prepared to go?And this is why low prices alone are not a sustainable way to create a strong competitive advantage for a business.Low prices alone do not always keep loyal customers.Your customers will only stay loyal until another business can offer them prices that are lower than yours.That’s why you need to listen to today’s lesson.I’m going to show you how to create a strong competitive advantage for your business that is hard to copy.If you can combine good pricing with one of the 5 options I’m about to share with you, you will get better at attracting customers who will be loyal to you.
April 09, 2021
SBP 050: The Amazing Power of Discipline, Consistency and Patience in Business
Good things take time.But we now live in a generation that sees patience as weakness and stupidity.We now live in an age of fast food, fast money, and fast results.Most people don't want to wait. We want the rewards right now.But building a valuable business takes time.It takes discipline, consistency, and patience.And for entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business that creates value over the long term, this is a very difficult time.Today’s lesson is about you.Most people don’t want to do difficult things these days. If it’s hard, most people will avoid it.And that’s exactly what gives you the advantage.The competition for hard and difficult things is far less.Entrepreneurship is a marathon.And marathons are won by endurance, not speed.If you believe very strongly in the potential of your business, give it time.In today’s episode, I talk about the amazing power of discipline, consistency, and patience in business.You’re going to learn something from this.
April 02, 2021
SBP 049: How to Get Out of Debt When Your Business Owes A Lot of Money
What do you do when your business owes a lot of money?You took money from people close to you. And you also borrowed money from the bank.You asked for that money because of the belief and confidence you had in the potential of your business.But then, some things went wrong.The market changed. The product didn't sell as much as you expected. Or some unexpected misfortune hit your business.And now you're owing a lot of money.You feel a deep sense of personal shame, embarrassment, and disappointment.You're afraid of taking phone calls from your creditors, and you have started avoiding them.You're feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. You can't sleep. And you're starting to slip into depression.What do you do when your business is neck-deep in debt?This is a situation many entrepreneurs are going through, especially after the COVID-19 crisis.And today, you're going to learn some very interesting insights about how to get out of debt when your business owes a lot of money.
March 26, 2021
SBP 047: Timeless Principles for Building A Strong Brand for Your Business
Can a small business have a strong brand?These days, “branding” is one of the fastest ways to make an entrepreneur or business owner spend money.The industry is booming, and it’s not surprising we have a lot of branding experts these days.But branding is a two-edged sword.If you understand the value of branding and use it to your advantage, a strong brand can significantly boost the profile of your business.But if you don’t get it, you can lose a lot of money trying to “brand” your business.So, when is the right time to start building a brand for your business?What are the signs that prove that a business has a strong brand?And what do most of the top brands in the world have in common with the military, religious groups, and sports fans?What you’re about to learn will change how you see branding forever.
March 12, 2021
SBP 046: The 10 Things Investors Want To Know Before They Give You Money
Raising money for a business is hard.Some people have been rejected by banks and investors so many times they’ve lost count.Still, every day, deals are being closed.And that’s because one of the key ways investors and banks make money is by giving money to entrepreneurs and businesses for interest or return.But that doesn’t mean getting their money is easy.The reason is: investors and banks are obsessed and influenced by ONE thing.That thing is called “risk”.Investors want to be sure that they’re going to make money (and not lose money) by investing in your business.And it's YOUR JOB to convince them.But what does it take to convince an investor or bank that you’re a safe investment?What do they look out for in a pitch, proposal, or business plan?You're about to find out.What I’m about to teach you can significantly improve your odds of raising funds for your business.In this episode of the podcast, I’m going to show you the 10 things investors look for before they invest in a business.
March 05, 2021
SBP 045: The Power of Channels -- How To Make It Easy For Customers To Find You
You have a very good product, but nobody is buying it.The few people who have tried your product say you’re far better than the competition.They say your product is better, more effective, and more affordable than other products out there.But if the product is so good, how come nobody is buying it?You feel invisible.Why would you have such a good product but it feels like nobody knows you exist?You’re so frustrated.You’ve reduced the price, improved the features, and even spent some money on Facebook advertising.Still, the sales are disappointing.Can you guess what the problem might be?In my experience, it may have something to do with “channels”.Channel power is the reason products like Coca-Cola can be found everywhere you look.You’re going to learn some interesting stuff from this.
February 26, 2021
Special Feature: John-Paul Iwuoha speaks with Andrew Evans on the Ace Weekly Podcast
In this special feature episode, I had the chance to speak with Andrew Evans on his amazing Ace Weekly Podcast.Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who is doing a lot of great work in promoting the mission of entrepreneurship.I am honored to have shared the stage with him as we discussed several important topics about Africa, entrepreneurship, COVID and its impacts on the continent, and my thoughts on the future of leadership.You're going to enjoy this episode.
February 12, 2021
Special Feature: John-Paul Iwuoha speaks with JLD on the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast
I've listened to the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast for almost 7 years and I'm a big fan of John Lee Dumas.Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast that has featured many of the big names who work with entrepreneurs and people who are working hard to change the world.It was an honour to share the stage with JLD. It was a great opportunity to share my voice and message with his millions of followers.In this special feature episode, I talk about why global entrepreneurs need to have Africa on their radar. I also talk about specific business opportunities in Africa that are leading to innovative ideas and solutions on the African continent.You're going to enjoy this episode.
February 12, 2021
SBP 043: How to Turnaround A Business That No Longer Makes Money
How do you turn around a business that no longer makes money?Sometimes, the problem is with the external environment.It could be that your market has changed, or your competitors have gained on you, or it could just be that your customers have moved on because they want something you don’t offer.Sometimes, the problem is internal.The fault could be with your cost structure, margins, waste, or deliberate fraud and sabotage from members of your team.In this episode of the podcast, I share the 7 areas I typically look at when I work on turnarounds.What you’re about to learn will allow you to diagnose and pinpoint the problem without breaking things.Happy learning!
February 05, 2021
SBP 042: How To Handle Rejections As An Entrepreneur
Human beings don’t handle rejection very well.For most people, rejection is emotional.We feel insulted, angry, and heartbroken when other people push us aside like we don’t matter.But when it comes to business, rejection can be a huge blessing in disguise.And every smart entrepreneur understands this.You will often face rejection when you try to sell your product.You will face rejection when you try to apply for a bank loan or approach potential investors to give you money.You could face rejection when you try to convince suppliers or distributors to do business with you.In fact, it’s almost impossible to succeed in any business without facing a series of rejections.That’s why you need to get better at how you deal with rejection so you can exploit it to your advantage.You’re going to love this.
January 29, 2021
SBP 041: How To Use The Right Message To Sell Anything
Nobody can read your mind.That’s why what you say, and how you say it, matters.This is especially true when you’re trying to communicate your ideas or trying to convince someone.Sometimes, it’s what you say and how you say it that makes a customer buy your product.Sometimes, it’s what you say that makes a person agree to become your supplier, distributor, or employee.And when it comes to pitching to investors, what you say can make a big difference between getting their money or walking away empty-handed.That’s why 'messaging' is so powerful.If you know how to craft the right message for what you want to sell, you may not need to have a big marketing or advertising budget.
January 22, 2021
SBP 040: Should You Give Away Free Samples of Your Product?
Email is free. How come?If you’re reading this, it’s likely you don’t pay a dime to Google or Yahoo for mail services.Yet, both are multi-billion-dollar companies.If you watch YouTube, it’s free.If you use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, that’s free too.If you backup your photos and files online, it’s likely you use a free service.But why?Why do most of today’s most successful companies give some of their products and services for free?The answer:“Free” is a very powerful sales strategy.It’s a strategy that can significantly attract paying customers, boost your sales, and grow the size of your business.And that’s why most top companies use it.You need to listen to this. 👇In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain how the concept of ‘free’ works.You’re going to learn the 5 reasons why giving away a sample of your product or service actually favours you.But there is a right way and a wrong way to give away free samples.That’s why I share the 4 specific strategies most top brands use, and the most common mistakes to avoid.You’re going to love this.
January 15, 2021
SBP 038: The Amazing Power of Doing Small Things in Business
Happy New Year!I’m very grateful for the gift of a brand new year.If anything, last year reminded me that life, good health, and family are the most important assets any human can have.As you prepare for 2021, I’d love to share an important lesson with you.And I need you to pay close attention to it.The amazing power of small.The month of January is notorious for big promises, big goals, and New Year resolutions.And because it’s the first month of the year, the level of optimism is super-high.But this year, I want you to try something different.I want you to try a strategy that has helped to build many of the big brands and multinationals that rule the world today.I want you to try this because January 2021 is a VERY special month.It marks, not just the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade.And the next 10 years could make a lot of difference in your life and business.The truth is, one year is too short to make any real, big difference in your business.But one decade will.That’s because life and business is a marathon.And to succeed in any marathon, you need the ‘amazing power of small’ to work in your favour.It’s not a popular strategy.Most people know it but are not patient to use it.But this year, I want you to try it.And you’ll be very surprised at how powerful small things can be.
January 01, 2021
SBP 037: Why Are You An Entrepreneur?
How can you tell if someone is a real friend?How can you really tell if you love someone, or something?There is only one way to find out:You have to test it.Friendships have to be tested to prove their worth.You will only know your real friends when you are low and desperate for help.It’s the same thing with love, loyalty, and faith.It’s also the same thing with entrepreneurship.So many people are in love with the idea of entrepreneurship.But why exactly did you become an entrepreneur?WHY?The year 2020 has been a big test for almost every entrepreneur.It’s a year that has tested our faith, love, and loyalty to business and entrepreneurship.In the end, it’s mostly those people who have a strong purpose that will come out stronger.That’s why you need to listen to this.In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain the concept of “purpose” and how it helps to increase your chance of success in business.You’re going to learn a lot from this!
December 18, 2020
SBP 036: How Smart Entrepreneurs Plan for A New Year (Part 2)
Have you set a trap before?I still remember the first time I set a mouse trap as a little boy.I put in a small piece of bread and then set the trap in a corner of the house where I had seen the mouse a couple of times.A trap is an amazing invention.Once a trap is set, you don’t have to do any more work.You can go to sleep and the trap does the rest of the job.And in the morning, I had achieved my goal -- I caught the rat!There is an important lesson here.Many people set their goals for a new year as if they’re setting a trap.They set their goals and then go to sleep.And this is exactly why most goals are never achieved.That’s why you should listen to this.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I look at the 3 big things you need to do to achieve your goals.Each one has a big role to play.Each one will boost your chances of achieving your goals.And each one will give you the control you need to get the future you want.You’re going to learn something from this.
December 11, 2020
SBP 035: How Smart Entrepreneurs Plan for A New Year (Part 1)
Every new year comes with great expectations.We want to do better than we did this year, and be better than we were this year.That’s why every smart entrepreneur I know consciously plans for the new year.Planning makes you better prepared for opportunities and challenges.Planning is a tool used by serious people.Planning is what makes dreams come true.In short, without a plan, all you have is a hallucination.But there is a right way and a wrong way to plan.And it starts with what’s going on inside your head and how you see yourself within your current circumstances.That’s why you need to listen to this.In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I reveal the #1 most common quality I’ve noticed in people who hit their goals.Without this quality, all your planning will be a waste of time.I also talk about the 2 key questions you should ask yourself as you plan for the new year.You’re going to learn a lot from this!
December 04, 2020
SBP 034: John-Paul gets interviewed on the Timitude Podcast 🔥
In this exciting episode of the podcast, I get interviewed by Tim Noxsinz of the Timitude Podcast.In this episode, I explore several topics that range from my personal career choice and the factors that influenced me into entrepreneurship.  I also talk about my move from engineering into business and finance, and then into full-time entrepreneurship.Other topics I talk about include the real reason we have a lot of unemployment in Africa, why our education systems don't work, the three stages of business where most entrepreneurs face the biggest challenges, and why everyone should pursue their dreams to avoid the deep feelings of regret that come in old age.You're really going to enjoy this episode. 💪
November 27, 2020
SBP 033: 5 Interesting Business Opportunities in Africa in 2021
I have a quick question for you.Here it is:How are you planning for next year?In my experience working with entrepreneurs, I’ve realised there are two types of people in this world.There are proactive people.And there are reactive people.How people approach a new year can tell you a lot about who they are.Are you ready for 2021?Will you be proactive and prepare in advance?Or will you just react to whatever 2021 throws at you?2020 has been quite a rough year for many businesses.And many of the things that caused the crisis this year still haven’t gone away.That’s why you need to keep your mind and eyes open.Especially when it comes to business opportunities.That’s why you should listen to this.In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss 5 interesting business opportunities to keep in mind in 2021.These business opportunities didn’t suffer as much during the crises of 2020.And they’re likely to continue flourishing next year.
November 20, 2020
SBP 032: 7 Important Risks To Consider In Every Business
Business is all about risk.That’s what makes us entrepreneurs.People who have a low tolerance for risk choose a stable and predictable income.It’s called a salary.It always comes in at the end of the month.And that’s why most people prefer it.But if you choose to build a business, you’re taking a risk because there are no guarantees on how much money you could make.You could make a lot of money -- bigger than any salary anyone can pay you.Or you could make nothing.That’s exactly what risk is.Risk is the likelihood of not getting the outcome you want.So, if you plan to succeed in business, you need to take risk seriously.More importantly, you must know how to IDENTIFY and MANAGE risks very well.Those entrepreneurs who don’t have this skill usually fail several times and learn the hard way.That’s why you need to listen to this episode. 👇In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the 7 MAJOR RISKS you must consider in business.It doesn’t what kind of business you have -- or plan to start.These 7 risks can cause significant [negative] impact on your business and cause you to lose part or all of the money you’ve put in.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
November 13, 2020
SBP 031: The 6 Demons You Must Defeat To Succeed In Business
The year 2020 is gradually reaching its end.And it’s been a very harsh year for many businesses.Many have lost customers.Many have lost employees.And many were shut down.On a personal level, it’s also been very rough for entrepreneurs.Some are in deep financial trouble.Some are faced with loans they’re struggling to pay back.Some have lost their self-confidence and self-belief.And some are trying to deal with heavy negative emotions that range from fear and self-doubt, to anger, frustration, and depression.As a result, many entrepreneurs are losing the fight.And that’s why many people just can’t wait for a new year to come.But guess what?A new year won’t automatically change the situation.You have to fight for the change you want.Before the new year comes, you need to win the fight that’s happening inside your head.Your biggest enemy is not the economy, the government, or your competitors.Your biggest enemy is the limits you’re putting on yourself.That’s why, to win in 2021, you need to be mentally and emotionally fit.You need to overcome those mental obstacles that will hold you back from exploiting new opportunities, trying new strategies, and taking creative action to recover from your losses in 2020.I call them “The 6 Demons”.Don’t worry, they have nothing to do with ‘spiritual forces.’ 😊That’s why you need to listen to this new episode I just recorded.I discuss the 6 biggest mental roadblocks you need to overcome to recover and succeed in the coming year.
November 06, 2020
SBP 030: Interesting & Practical Ways To Improve Profits In Your Business
After working so hard in the business, a lot of entrepreneurs are not getting paid.The landlord gets the rent for the office.All your employees get their salaries.And all your suppliers have been paid.But you get very little or nothing.After all the risk you’ve taken.After all the money, time, and energy you’ve invested in the business.And after all your creativity and innovation to serve your customers.You’re the least paid person in your business.It’s time to do something about it.Sometimes, the problem is not sales or getting new customers.Sometimes, the problem is profit.Profits are a sign of the health of a business.And a business that doesn’t make good profits is not sustainable and will not last.On top of that, it can be very frustrating to run a business, make sales, and still have nothing to show for it.That’s why you need to listen to this episode.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I break down the problem of profits and show you how to analyze your business to find where your profits are leaking away.I also share 5 specific ways you can improve profits in your business.It doesn’t what kind of business you have or what country you’re in, this episode will hit you in several interesting ways.
October 30, 2020
SBP 029: When Is The Right Time To Fire An Employee From Your Business?
How do you know when it’s time to fire an employee from your business?Firing people is tricky for many entrepreneurs. It’s an uncomfortable situation that some business owners prefer to ignore and avoid.The problem is, your business will suffer if you continue to keep an employee who is not a good fit for your company.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain the 3 main reasons to fire an employee and the four important factors to consider when you fire a person.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
October 23, 2020
SBP 028: How To Choose A Very Good Business Partner
When it works, business partnerships can achieve amazing feats. Magical things can happen when two or more bright people contribute their ideas and resources to build a business. It's no surprise that some of the most successful companies in the world today are products of business partnerships.Google, HP, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and several others are shining examples of the power of business partnerships.But choosing the right person as your business partner is a seemingly small decision that can have very major consequences for your business.A business partnership is like a marriage.When it works, it can be the best thing that ever happened to you.But when it doesn't work, it can hurt or crash the business you've struggled to build.And it can destroy some lifelong friendships and important relationships.Like divorce, getting rid of a business partner can be a very expensive and frustrating experience.That's why you should be careful who you choose, and how you choose a business partner.That's why you need to listen to this.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I reveal the 4 critical qualities a good business partner should have.I also share the common combinations of entrepreneur personalities that make very good business partners.Whether you're thinking of choosing a business partner or you're already in the middle of choosing one, you're going to learn a lot from this.
October 16, 2020
SBP 027: The 4 Major Types of Income Every Entrepreneur Should Have
Every entrepreneur wants to make money.We all want to get rewarded for our ideas, our creativity, our smarts, our hard work, and for the risks we take.But still…Some people work harder and longer in their businesses than others, but still make far less money than others.Some entrepreneurs take more risk, but end up with far less returns?Why does this happen?Why is income not always proportional to effort and hard work?Why do the rewards we get sometimes not measure up to the risks we take?Here is the simple answer:All income is not the same.In my experience, there are 4 types of income an entrepreneur can make.And each type of income has a different risk profile, but all are important for the long-term stability and success of an entrepreneur.I wasted a lot of my early years in business chasing only one type of income.And despite all the hard work and risks I was taking, there wasn’t much income to show.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I reveal the two big factors that influence income.And then I go into detail to explain each of the 4 types of income and the important things you should consider.You’re going to learn a lot from this.
October 09, 2020
SBP 026: Two Powerful Ways To Convince People To Buy From You
How do you convince people to buy what you're selling?Many people use logic.Most people target the head.Maybe if you show people the benefits of using your product, you can convince them to buy.But guess what?Logic does not always work.And I'll give you real examples.Have you ever seen a CocaCola advert that shows the benefits of drinking Coke?Have you ever seen a perfume ad that talks about the chemical formulas used to make the product?Have you ever seen a Rolex advert that says anything about the utility of wearing a watch that only tells the time?So, how come?How come all these very successful businesses make a lot of sales without actually focusing on the thing that they sell?Here's the secret:It's all about emotion.That's why you need to listen to thisIn this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss the two most powerful emotions that influence and convince people to buy.If you're not applying these tips in your sales, then you're likely missing a lot of opportunities.You're going to learn a lot from this.
October 02, 2020
SBP 025: How To Really Know If A Business Idea Can Make Money (Part 2)
A business idea is worthless unless you know how to exploit it.Many times, it's not the business idea that matters.It's what you can do with it that really matters.Have you ever wondered why so many people have good business ideas, but only a few people actually go ahead to start the business?Having the business idea is easy.Seeing the market opportunity is easy.Making big plans and talking about how much money you can make and how fast you will grow is easy.The hard part is actually doing it.That's why most banks and experienced investors usually invest in the entrepreneur and not really in the business idea.They know that a quality entrepreneur has a better chance of transforming an average business idea into a big-time success.Execution is king.That's why you need to listen to this.In this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I focus on the final part of a big question:How can you really know if a business idea can make money?In this episode, I focus on the "Execution" factor and the 6 important criteria that show if you have what it takes to exploit a business idea.You're going to learn a lot from this.Click the link below to listen to the episode:SBP 025: How To Really Know If A Business Idea Can Make Money (Part 2)Happy learning!
September 25, 2020
SBP 024: How To Really Know If A Business Idea Can Make Money (Part 1)
How can you tell if a business idea has the potential to make money?Some business ideas sound fantastic, but they're not realistic.Some business ideas look good in your head and on paper, but are unlikely to work in real life.So, how can you tell if what you have is a feasible idea and not a fantasy?What you're about to learn can save you a lot.It can save you the disappointment and frustration of starting a business that is destined to fail.It can save you the embarrassment and debt of losing the capital you've raised from friends, family, investors, or banks.Make sure you listen to this.In this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss the 4 key EXTERNAL criteria a business idea should satisfy in order to make money and succeed.This episode is only Part 1 of a 2-part series on this very important topic.Happy learning!
September 18, 2020
SBP 023: How To Pay & Motivate People To Work for You And Build Your Business
It takes more than one tree to make a forest.That's why you need help.You will likely need help to grow your business to its full potential.You may need people who have the skills and experience you don't have.You may need people who have the access, contacts, networks, and strategic relationships that you lack.These people could be business partners, co-founders, or employees.However, to attract and keep really good people, you have to be able to pay (reward) them well so they stay committed to you.But how can you pay if you're just a new business, a young startup, or a financially-troubled business?Here's the secret:There is a way to pay and motivate good people to work for you and help build your business even if you can't yet afford their salaries.That's why you need to listen to this week's episode of the podcast.This episode features an interesting question from Victor Hiram in Nigeria.He's working on an e-Commerce business and I share an interesting strategy he can use to hire and retain good people to work for him (or with him) to achieve his vision for the business.You're going to learn a lot from this.
September 11, 2020
SBP 022: 6 Ways To Handle The Pressure And Stress of Building A Business
Every business starts with a ‘honeymoon’ phase.That’s the period just before and after you start your business. It’s a period filled with excitement, confidence, and passion.You’re excited because you finally created something out of that idea you’ve always had.You’re confident because the future looks very bright.And you feel a lot of passion because you’re finally doing something you love.But then…The honeymoon period ends.And then the reality of building a business starts to hit you.You realize there is a lot of work to do.There’s a huge pile of tasks, deadlines, and commitments.And, in fact, some things are not working out the way you planned.And you’re under a lot of stress and pressure -- financial, physical, mental and emotional pressures.And gradually, you start to feel less excited about your business.You start to have doubts and feel less and less confident about the future.Even your passion too has dropped.This is a situation every entrepreneur goes through.And if you’re building a business, you know exactly how it feels.I have personally experienced it several times.In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore 6 ways I personally deal with the pressures and stresses of building a business.These are tough and uncertain times.Many entrepreneurs are struggling internally as they deal with the harsh and uncertain business environment.That’s why you need to listen to this episode.
September 04, 2020
SBP 021: How To Build A Solid Business Model for Your Company
Two people can have the exact same business idea.But it’s the person with a better business model who will likely succeed.That’s why business models are so powerful.But what exactly is a business model?What does it mean?Here is a good example:AppleThis month, Apple became the first company in the world to be worth more than $2 trillion.Yes, that’s TRILLION.Apple is a successful company because of the gadgets it sells -- iPhones, iPads, iMacs, etc.But guess what...Apple doesn’t own a single factory that makes phones or gadgets.It’s part of Apple’s business model.And that’s what makes a good business model so powerful.Every business model has 3 important partsIn this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain each of the 3 parts that make a successful business model.By changing at least one of these 3 parts, you can create a unique advantage for your business.Your business model affects how efficiently your business operates.Your business model affects how much profits your business can make.You're going to learn a lot from this episode.
August 28, 2020
SBP 020: 5 Types of Difficult Customers And How To Deal With Them
If you want to last long in business, you have to master the art of dealing with customers.Especially your difficult customers.If you don't handle them well, your difficult customers can become enemies of your business.And in these days of social media, it's very easy for your enemies to pull you down.They could badmouth your brand and cause you serious damage. And they could "de-market" your products and services, causing you to lose potential customers.So, how do you deal with your most difficult customers in a way that neutralizes them or brings them on your side?To find out, you need to listen to this week's episode of the podcast.You will discover 5 of the most common types of difficult customers, and how to effectively deal with them.I also share my own personal experiences dealing with each type of customer and some of the important lessons I have learned. You are going to enjoy this.
August 21, 2020
SBP 019: 7 Things to Consider Before Taking Money from an Investor or Bank
About two months ago, I got an email from one of my clients.It had a PDF attachment.He was about to sign a deal with a potential investor who had agreed to invest $50,000 in his leather products business.After months of searching, he was very excited that the money he had been looking for was finally within his reach.This email was to get my advice on the content of the attached contract before he signs it.The investor's deadline was just about 24 hours away.He badly needed the money.I didn't have to read beyond the 2nd page of the contract before I replied to his email.My reply was very short:"Don't touch it."A lot of entrepreneurs take the wrong money.As I often say, "All money is not the same."If my client had signed that deal, he would have paid heavily for it.The terms of the deal were too restrictive; they gave too much power to the investor and left too much risk to the business owner.In essence, if my client had signed that contract, he would have changed from 'entrepreneur' to 'employee'.That's why you need to listen to this episode of the podcast.In this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the 7 most important things you need to consider before taking money from anyone -- your friend, an investor, a bank -- anyone.You're going to learn a lot from this.
August 14, 2020
SBP 018: The Best Way To Share Equity With Business Partners or Co-founders
HP, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble are examples of great businesses that were started and built by business partners and co-founders.When two or more bright people come together to contribute resources, great things can happen.While business partnerships are powerful, they can also be a two-edged sword.In many cases, conflict and disagreement between business partners and co-founders can tear a business apart.And one of the biggest causes of problems is ownership -- how much equity a business partner or co-founder owns in a business.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I share a powerful strategy for sharing equity in a business in a way that is so fair that it totally reduces the risk of conflict.
August 07, 2020
SBP 017: Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs
Yes, it's shocking. But it is true.Research now shows that up to 50 percent of entrepreneurs are likely to have at least one mental health breakdown in their lifetime.That's according to Michael Freeman, a psychiatrist and psychologist at USC.Separate results by another researcher and psychotherapist, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, confirms this. But he puts the number at 80 percent.All these findings confirm the high mental and psychological pressures of entrepreneurship.This is a VERY serious issue.It is also an issue many people are not comfortable talking about.But let's not deceive ourselves.This is a very serious issue.Starting a business is hard. And running a business and keeping it alive is even harder.And sometimes, it feels like 24 hours is not enough time in the day to do all the work that needs to be done.Take control of your time.One secret to handling stress is to take control of your time.Without this, entrepreneurship can easily overwhelm you.With so many problems to deal with on an almost daily basis, you need to learn to prioritize what you do with your time.If not, you're going to be overwhelmed.And when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it's easy to fall into the hands of mental fatigue and breakdown.That's why you need to listen to this week's episode.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss simple but very effective techniques for managing your time so you don't get overwhelmed and stressed out.This is an important issue you need to take very seriously.
July 31, 2020
SBP 016: The Simple Rules I Use To Choose Between Business Opportunities
Time is money.It's something I've always heard since childhood. There is even a very popular old song in my country about it.But what does it really mean?I didn't realize what time=money really meant until I started running my own business.People are pained when they lose money. But when we lose time, it's not really a big deal.That's why when we consider business opportunities, we typically look at how much money we can make, and not how much time it may cost us.That's why some people earn $10 per hour while another person earns 100 times more for the same hour.All of us have 24 hours in a day.What makes the difference is how much money you can squeeze out of your time.In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, you will learn the 6 key factors you need to consider when you're choosing between business opportunities, and why you should pay more attention to time.I also share the 3 criteria I personally use to evaluate business opportunities before deciding on one to pursue.Don't forget to share this episode with your smart friends.
July 24, 2020
SBP 015: Trying To Grow Your Business? You Need To Hear This
Growth is a beautiful thing That's why almost every entrepreneur is looking for new ways to grow their business.Growth brings in customers. Customers bring in sales. And sales increase the size and likelihood of profits.On top of the financial benefits, growth is good for the ego. Growth often attracts a lot of public attention, admirers, and media recognition.But when most people think of growth, they think of more marketing, more advertising, better branding, and more sales.They think of Instagram and Facebook ads, or how to get more links through LinkedIn or get featured in a popular magazine or television show.Did you know?What many entrepreneurs don't realize is that growth can actually kill a business if it's not done right.I have seen it happen several times.A company starts well, has a lot of potential, and starts growing. Customer demand is soaring.And all of a sudden... "BOOM!" ... it crashes.What happened?There's a lot of pressure growth can put on the backend of a business. And if you're not ready for it, growth can crush your business.In this week's episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain the 3 big and notorious factors that can kill a growing business from the inside.It's more painful when a business with potential crashes and burns.That's why a lot of entrepreneurs don't like to talk about the experience.So, if you're thinking of growing your business, or you are currently in the middle of growing yours, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.Don't forget to SHARE this episode with your smart friends.
July 17, 2020
SBP 014: 5 Strategies for Setting the Best Price for Your Product or Service
Pricing can be a gamechanger in a business. It is one of those small changes you can make in your business that can yield surprising and outsized results.A lot of businesses are leaving money on the table because their prices are much lower than they should be. Some other businesses are struggling to make sales because their prices are sending the wrong message to the market.Pricing is one of those few levers in a business that can be used to significantly influence the behaviour of your customers and improve your financial performance. And sometimes, all it takes is one small tweak.Without even changing the looks or features of what you sell, using the right pricing strategy can help to boost your sales, optimize profits, and position your product in the mind of the customer.But what is the secret to setting the best prices?But setting the right price for a product is part art, and part science -- there is no single almighty formula. But there are proven strategies you can use to get the results you're looking for.In this exciting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the contentious problem of pricing in a way that makes sense to my 5-year-old boy by using real-life examples of pricing strategies of brands and businesses you already know.Every business is not the same and yours may need a unique pricing strategy. That's why you need to pay close attention to the content of this episode.Happy learning!
July 10, 2020
SBP 013: How To Choose A Good Name For Your New Business or Product
How important is the name of a business?Does it make any difference what you call your business or name your products? Will anyone really care?You will be surprised.Choosing a good name for your business or products brings in much more than commercial benefits. It has strong psychological benefits too.Like a child whose future is unknown, NOBODY knows what your business could become tomorrow. That includes you.That's why you need to carefully consider the name of your business and products. And remember, once you've chosen a name, it can be very expensive to change it later, especially when that name has become fixed in the mind of the market.In this episode, you're going to find out the 5 most important qualities every good business name has -- from Google and Apple, to IBM, CNN and Toyota.And more importantly, I'll also share with you the 5 critical things you should remember to do as you choose a name for your business.
July 03, 2020
SBP 012: Should You Quit or Keep Your Job To Start A Business?
What do you do when you have a good, well-paid job, but still feel an unstoppable itch to express your entrepreneurial potential? Can a job and a business co-exist, or do you have to choose one and leave the other? Should you keep your job and run your startup as a side business, or should you quit your job and go full time with your business?Whether you're doing it for additional income, to become your own boss, or to create an impact in society, making the transition from "employee" to "entrepreneur" is a decision that requires careful consideration before you make your move. And once you've made up your mind, timing becomes critical.If you move too early, you could lose a vital and stable source of income and your young business may suffer. On the flip side, if you move too late, you could get hooked on the tranquilizing effects of a salary and become trapped in an endless cycle of procrastination.In another interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the key factors anyone should consider before making the decision to start a side business or go full time with their new business. He also discusses the important signs to look out for if you plan to keep your job, or quit it to face your business full-time.
June 26, 2020
SBP 011: Top Reasons Customers Don't Buy & What You Can Do About It
You're excited. After weeks of planning and strategizing, your business or new product is now ready for launch. After all the time, sweat, and money you've spent developing your concept, the day to earn your big reward has finally come. And sometimes when you're idle, you can't fight the urge to open the calculator app on your phone to work out again the sales and profit figures you expect to hit.And then the moment arrives. You're finally open for business and ready to make sales. But there's a problem:They see the product. They touch it. They ask for the price. BUT they don't buy.Why do potential customers -- the people you had in mind when you started your business or built your new product -- not respond positively when the time comes to bring out their wallets and give you money?In another interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the big 5 reasons why people don't buy, and practical ways to resolve this problem and get the sales you're looking for.
June 19, 2020
SBP 010: How To Sell More And Make More From New And Old Customers
A customer at hand is worth two or more in the wild. The first time a person or company spends money on your product or service is a monumental event in your business. Still, many entrepreneurs miss opportunities for additional sales from existing customers and leave a lot of money on the table because they're too focused on attracting new customers.Another big mistake some businesses make is to treat all customers the same by selling them the same standard product or service. We often make this mistake because we assume that every customer is only focused on the product and the price. The hard truth is a proportion of your customer base is willing to spend more money on your business if you can offer them value that justifies a higher price.In another exciting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul explores 3 factors that differentiate all your customers, and 5 effective ways you can sell more and make more from your new and old customers and they'll be so grateful for it.
June 12, 2020
SBP 009: How To Know When It Is Time To Shut Down A Business
Making the decision to shut down a business is one of the hardest and most emotional decisions an entrepreneur will ever make. After all the time, energy, passion and money you've poured into the business, some entrepreneurs delay or postpone the crucial decision even when they know the business has become a sinking ship.While shutting down a business is tough, living with the mental, physical and financial stresses that come with running a failing business is much tougher. And sometimes, making the hard decision when you still have time could help you cut losses and save face.But how do you handle the personal pressure to close down a business? What are the typical warning signs to look out for so you can fix small leaks before they become big leaks that sink your business? And how exactly do you handle disappointed customers, employees, suppliers, and distributors?In this interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul confronts this difficult and embarrassing topic that many entrepreneurs don't seem to talk about.
June 04, 2020
SBP 008: What To Do When You Have A Business Idea But No Money
Lack of funding is one of the big reasons why many people with ideas and dreams cannot act on them. But really, is lack of capital a valid reason or just an excuse in disguise? How can aspiring entrepreneurs and passionate people with bright ideas get past the funding problem?In this interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores 3 simple but very effective ways to get around the funding problem.If you've been stuck on a big idea or dream for a business, project, or cause, this episode of the podcast will open your eyes to options and alternatives you can explore to finally birth your bright ideas into the world.Important topics discussed in this episode:How to frame the problem of funding so you have a better chance of finding a solutionWhy capital is hardest to raise at the idea stageThe real reason most blue-chip companies started from humble beginnings.How to tell if your idea is too big for the person you are today and what you can do about itHow to redefine your funding needs so you focus on the things that you really need to transform your ideaHow to increase your chances of persuading other people to support your ideas with funding
May 29, 2020
SBP 007: 3 Powerful Ways To Carve A Niche For Your Business
What exactly is a niche and why should you think very seriously about carving a niche for your business?Is it better to be a generalist in business or a specialist? In starting or growing a business, should you try to grab a little bit of everything and capture a big share of the market, or is it better to focus and specialize in one core area or niche?In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the concept of niches and why they're important, especially for new businesses or companies considering a turnaround.Important topics discussed in this episode:Why most big blue-chip companies started in a nicheThe powerful growth strategy that niche businesses can exploit3 big and invaluable advantages of carving a niche for your business3 simple but very effective ways to carve a niche in any marketInteresting clues that can help you discover a niche in almost every market
May 22, 2020
SBP 006: How I FINALLY Overcame My Fear Of Selling
Selling is a superpower skill. The ability to sell, persuade, and influence other people is the most important skill any human can have. If you're good at selling, you're very likely to go far in life, business, relationships, politics, or any sphere of your existence you choose to excel in.In this interesting episode, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the fears, limiting beliefs, and psychological obstacles that held him back from expressing his ability to sell.If you're struggling with sales, the revelations in this episode could dramatically change your views about selling, and why you should try hard to be the best salesperson you could ever be.
May 15, 2020
SBP 005: How To Attract Investors And Banks To Fund Your Business
There is a lot of capital floating around in the world today. Still, many entrepreneurs on the African continent struggle to attract funding to start, grow, or turn around their businesses. Why do many entrepreneurs think funding is scarce when, in reality, the opposite is true?In this eye-opening episode, John-Paul Iwuoha discusses 5 important areas that could significantly increase every entrepreneur's chance of raising funds to achieve their business dreams.
May 04, 2020
SBP 004: Is Capitalism The Best Option For Africa?
With a population of 1.2 billion people that is expected to double by 2050, Africa's future is threatened by two dangerous realities: growing poverty and a widening gap between the rich and poor. What is the best way for Africa to create enough wealth to eradicate poverty and distribute the wealth equitably to close the gap between rich and poor?In another interesting episode, John-Paul analyzes the major economic systems for creating wealth, and how the continent can tweak capitalism to serve its unique interests.
May 04, 2020
SBP 003: Why You Need A STRONG Mission And Vision For Your Business
It's in almost every business plan you will ever see. You're likely to find it hanging on the wall in the lobby or behind the receptionist's desk in every company's head office. But exactly how much value can a strong mission and vision bring to a business? In another interesting signature episode, John-Paul shares real-life examples of how big brands and successful companies use a strong mission and vision to significantly increase the value of their business in the eyes of customers, employees, suppliers, and the general society.
May 04, 2020
SBP 002: The #1 Reason Many Businesses Are Not Making Enough Money
Despite growing sales, happy customers, well-paid employees, and satisfied suppliers, many businesses and entrepreneurs are broke. A big reason for this is how entrepreneurs treat profit in their businesses. After paying everybody else, most entrepreneurs are left with crumbs or 'paper profit'.This interesting episode presents an unconventional but very effective way to turn around the profitability of a business in a way that adequately rewards entrepreneurs and business owners for the time, energy and risk they invest in building businesses. 
May 04, 2020
SBP 001: How Smart Entrepreneurs Survive and Thrive in Times of Crisis
The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest existential threat of our generation (so far). The global economy has tanked, unemployment is rising, oil prices have reached all-time lows, and uncertainty is thick in the air.Is there any way out this? This must be the apocalypse, the end of the world, right?The truth is, every crisis comes with two things -- problems and opportunities. The sad thing is most people are too focused on and handicapped by fear to notice the opportunities. In this episode, John-Paul Iwuoha shares the universal principles that define every crisis and how entrepreneurs can confront the widespread fear and panic, and step aside from the crowd to see what everyone else is missing. He shares interesting strategies for identifying the unique opportunities that are usually hidden in times of crisis. 
April 23, 2020