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A podcast celebrating the music of The Smashing Pumpkins (and all related side projects), their fans and human connection through art. Hosted by Frank Garcia-Hejl and Patrick O'Brien. Wanna go for a ride?
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"Nothing Ever Changes" Demo Cassette Commentary

The Smashing Pumpkast

JUDAS O (w/ Matthew Legard)
Just in time for your Thanksgiving travels (or to keep you company as you actively avoid the family) it's time to feast on Judas O! Gather 'round the Pumpkast table as guest Matthew Legard (The Colourflies) helps us tackle this delicious b-sides collection and spiritual sister to Pisces Iscariot. We speculate on questions like: What's the meaning behind the titles "Marquis In Spades" and "Set The Ray To Jerry"? Is it a coincidence that the Iha songs are both track 5 on Pisces and Judas? And would the Pumpkins turn down Metallica’s "Some Kind of Monster" therapist? We also discuss the international espionage feelings of "Because You Are," The "Sparrow"/"Disarm" connection, "Waiting"'s "Spyro"-like sound, and Billy’s playful send-up of his own voice in "Rock On." All that plus the similarities between "Winterlong" and "Vanity" and the Willy-Wonka-Boat-Ride vibes of "My Mistake." We even make room at the table for Evan Dando's Mom. We're grateful for all you Pumpkinheads out there. Raise a glass of strawberry wine and crank this 'kast!  Sign up for our new Patreon! Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
November 24, 2021
To fulfill their contractual obligations, the Pumpkins' final (at the time) release was a compilation album entitled Rotten Apples: The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits, with some copies being sold with an additional b-sides collection entitled Judas Ø (a spiritual sister to 1994's Pisces Iscariot). In this episode, with help from our special guest Matthew Legard (The Colourflies), we'll be discussing the "Rotten Apples" greatest hits collection itself – then Matthew will also join us next time for our full episode dedicated to "Judas Ø."  Today we discuss the Pumpkins' influence on Matthew's music, his Pumpkins-inspired vintage clothing collection and how he even owns some choice gear once owned by Billy himself. We also chat about our feelings on "Best Of" albums (especially with bands like SP who have so many great songs), and offer theories on why "Real Love" was chosen to be one of the "new" tracks. All that plus the big questions: Which version of the "Untitled" video was better, and why no "Rocket" or "Thirty-Three"?! We also take a shoegaze detour and you KNOW we talk some Shrek.  Try not to be annoyed by a shortened Rhinoceros and Drown and pump up this ep of the 'kast LOUD! DONK-EYYY!  Sign up for our new Patreon! Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
November 10, 2021
BONUS: WPC Live at ZuZu's Recap (Early Years Shows, Oct. 2021) w/ Mandy Dayton, Melissa Moore and John LaMantia
[This episode is audio from our YouTube Zoom Roundtable video which you can watch in full HERE] Frank and Pat are joined by guests Mandy Dayton, Melissa Moore and John LaMantia who share their experiences attending one (or five) of the recent "WPC Early Years: 1985-1990" shows at Pumpkinhead hub/friendly neighborhood teahouse, Madame ZuZu's in Highland Park, Illinois. The place where you were born. We had a great chat with these fine folks about this intimate and revelatory set of shows in which Corgan told stories and played vintage gems like "Pictures Of Phillip," "First Curse" and "Mao Say Tongue #2." Enjoy! Sign up for our new Patreon! Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
November 3, 2021
It was to be the FINAL performance of The Smashing Pumpkins. An emotional night and return back to where it all started, the Cabaret Metro. While Frank and Pat weren't fortunate enough to attend the show, through the miracle of technology and a VERY crowd-noise-heavy bootleg, they transport themselves back to December 2nd, 2000 (two days before Pat's 17th birthday -- the very EDGE of 17...) to discuss this epic, four-plus hour finale of the band as we knew it. Your hosts discuss their highlights, Frank rants about talking during songs at concerts (again... and again and AGAIN), Pat confesses to robbing Sonic Youth blind of their precious jewels outside an empty parking garage, rare public political slams and Billy's competitive drive that possibly makes him the Michael Jordan of Alternative Rock. All that plus Frank works through his Daddy issues discussing the involvement of William Corgan, Sr. in this historic set (and how Rick Nielsen plays the proud papa well).  Imagine you're riding the rail watching your favorite band say "goodbye," contemplating throwing your dirty undies at Billy... and enjoy! You can listen to the semi-complete bootleg here (all copies of the show cut off the end of Silverf*ck) Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
October 20, 2021
BONUS: Riot Fest and Sea.Hear.Now recap w/ Pamela Fisher
[This episode is audio from our YouTube video which you can watch HERE.] Frank and Pat couldn’t make it to the long-awaited, triumphant return of The Smashing Pumpkins in concert (and live music in general, and moshing!?), but our guest field correspondent Pamela Fisher is here to share her experiences from both festivals. The good, the beard, the loud and the "QUIET!" Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
October 6, 2021
The Machina/Machina II Appreciation Episode
It's another listener appreciation episode! Today we (raindrops + sun)shower praise on Machina and Machina II! Pumpkast listeners share with us what they love about these once underrated but now appreciated and beloved albums.  Thanks to Kim Rosas, Stephen Patrick Kelly, Justin Reeves, Faith Tyler, Will Alexander, Tony Bacigalupi, David G., Scott from South Australia, Evangelina S. and Justin Wilson from Deprogrammed for submitting their thoughts/feelings! Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast TikTok: @smashingpumpkast Support us here! e-mail: Please rate and review us!
September 22, 2021
Well, we always get a little melancholy on the last day of summer... but the last day of MACHINA SUMMER never felt so cold! We conclude our discussion of the Machina II EPs with Alan Passman (When The Pain Starts), covering EP THREE (CR-03) aka "the alt/counter-versions EP." We talk about the epic bones of “If There Is A God,” the "1979" and Fountains of Wayne-like quirk of the alternate version of "Try, Try, Try" and the strange charm of this version of "Heavy Metal Machine." All that plus some appreciation for the DIY aesthetic of the EPs' artwork (we want a flame/drop shirt reprint, please!), and our own Glass-like greater meaning behind loving the Pumpkins. Though we may not have lost our virginity by the end of it, there's no denying it’s been One Crazy Machina Summer!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
September 5, 2021
Aaaand.... we're back! We continue our in-depth discussion of the Machina II EPs with Alan Passman (When The Pain Starts), covering EP TWO (CR-02). This installment takes us into the spiritual connection of "Soul Power," "Lucky 13" gets us going about Jason Takes Manhattan and we ponder a "Speed Kills"/Monuments To An Elegy connection. We also discuss the misguided criticism of the grandiosity of the band’s visual aesthetic, which versions of songs we prefer and the Machina II Acoustic Demos. All that plus one simple wish: For the next tour to involve Billy performing Madonna-style costume changes to showcase the fashion of the Pumpkins over the years. “Glass wrote this song!”  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
September 5, 2021
Fall is right around the corner, but Machina Summer ain't over yet! Today we're covering the Machina II EPs, starting with EP One (CR-01). Joining us to talk about all three EPs is musician, writer and longtime Pumpkinhead Alan Passman (author of When The Pain Starts), who tells us about the "Stand Inside Your Love"-inspired poem and artwork from his new graphic novel and what the song and band have meant to him over the years. In addition to lots of great insights on the Pumpkins and the Machina era, Alan reveals that he was an extra in the "Perfect" music video, making a plea to Billy/Santa Claus to release the “Perfect House Show" on vinyl. He also shares a paper towel-related interaction with Billy that didn't go so well.  We all discuss the satisfying wail of a Corgan and Iha solo, the Black Sabbath fog of "Saturnine" (and how that song title inspired Frank’s high school alternative band), and the thick, concrete-building sludge that is this version of "Glass’ Theme." All that plus bands that "ripped off" the Pumpkins and the joy of mishearing "widows" as "weirdos."  “If you can’t stand the heat, get off of Mickey Rourke’s sex grill." Enjoy! Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
September 5, 2021
MACHINA II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music
Released for free on the Internet (ever heard of it?) in September of 2000, The Smashing Pumpkins' sixth and "final" studio album, MACHINA II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music was an unconventional release, born of resistance from the record label to the idea of a grand Machina double album and an instinct to lean into the new phenomenon of digital file sharing rather than fight it. Despite its bootleg nature and sub-Pono audio quality (sorry, Neil) Machina II is chock full of fan favorites and steeped in a retrospective and introspective view on fame.  In this episode, Frank and Pat delve into the proper, official Machina II album (we'll cover all of the EP tracks in upcoming episodes), discussing everything from Billy’s throwback, child-like coo in "Innosense" to the stone-cold, undeniable spank-ass rock of "Dross." We also get into the the aerial view of the Machina project as a whole and pray to the Almighty Lord Santa for the deluxe reissue. All that plus Frank embraces a wrestling persona and becomes the heel when talking about "Home," and we answer big questions like: Which song reminds Pat of a clown funeral? Is this version of "Here’s to the Atom Bomb" a subtle nod to Courtney Love? And IS "White Spyder" the Pumpkins’ "Ace of Spades"?  We say it's natural/magic, kid!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
August 25, 2021
It's Part Two of our Machina/The Machines of God deep dive! In this episode we go deep into the maturation of the band's jangly, goth, pre-Gish sound into something thick and powerful, the 80's Pop Rock of "The Imploding Voice," and some seeds of CYR to come. We also discuss the Bowie Scary Monsters influence, the beautiful inspiration behind "With Every Light," and Frank's "Crying Tree of Mercury" and Gremlins association. All that plus some much deserved appreciation for the artist behind the Machina album art (and some cool custom skateboards on his website), Vasily Kafanov, our next tour wishlist and dreams of Katie Cole and Sierra Swan doing live backing vocals on some of these ol' tracks. We also ask the big question: Does Machina sync perfectly with The Never Ending Story?! No. It does not, but it’s fun to think it does!  Pale Scales cover used as bed music is by Exit Music. Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
August 4, 2021
It was the end of The Smashing Pumpkins (for a while, of course). In 2000, the band announced their breakup and released what was to be their final album, Machina/The Machines of God. A loosely conceptual album that got buried in a time of TRL Teen Pop and Nü Metal, over the years Machina has gained the respect and admiration (we believe) it deserves. In Part 1 of our 2-part coverage of "Machina One" we discuss the high concept, Bowie-esque themes of Zero transforming to Glass, The Jekyll & Hyde nature of "The Everlasting Gaze", the Peter Hook hook of "Raindrops + Sunshowers" and the cream of the "radio, radio" songs crop that is "I of the Mourning". We delve deep into the many sonic layers of this deceptively beautiful, challenging album and explore how the band pulls elements from their entire history, circling back to their 80’s roots while implementing all the power and experience they accumulated along the way. Join us as we ponder the "Cherub Rock"/"Heavy Metal Machine" connection, the bittersweet feeling of "This Time" and this week's big thought experiment: Is Machina the daytime companion to The Cure's Disintegration? Think about it... All that and more plus Pat’s Romantic Teen Comedy epiphany with "The Sacred and Profane"! Pale Scales cover used as bed music is by Exit Music.  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
July 28, 2021
BONUS: Tales from the Arising! Tour
In this Bonus mini-episode, Pumpkast listeners who attended "The Arising! Tour" share their firsthand accounts. Thanks to Adam B., Julie R., David K., Zwee, Art A., Andrew R., Glenn G and Brian for sharing!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
July 18, 2021
The Arising! Tour: Behind The Scenes (w/ Peter Makebish)
DJ and Filmmaker Peter Makebish tagged along with the Pumpkins on their 9-date Arising! Tour and filmed every show – as well as lots of candid behind-the-scenes footage never before seen by the Pumpkinhead public. As he watched through the tapes, he realized he had a potential documentary on his hands. 20-plus years later, the footage MIGHT finally see the light of day.  Peter takes us through his history with the band, his approach to filmmaking and lots of memories from the tour, including giving Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs a haircut onstage during "1979." All that plus Billy on a water slide, "the fun bus," the Pumpkins' lasting legacy and Peter's hopes for his documentary to finally see a release. Party like it's 1999, gang! Enjoy! Special thanks to Adam Bramwell.  Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
July 10, 2021
The Arising! Tour & D'arcy's Exit (w/ Karyn Cooper of Chick-Lit Pod)
We're kicking off "Machina Summer" with a hot one! In 1999, The Smashing Pumpkins took a break from recording Machina: The Machines of God to embark on a nine-date US tour dubbed "The Arising!". It seemed like a triumphant moment in SP history, with Jimmy's return marking the first time all four original members had played together since 1996. The short, small-venue tour also gave the band a chance to debut new songs from Machina I and II and have some fun with re-imagined takes on old favorites. Sadly, it also marked the exit of bassist D'arcy Wretzky, the only original pumpkin never to return to the patch (thus far...). Joining us to discuss the tour as well as D'arcy's exit and lasting influence is Karyn Cooper from Chick-Lit Pod! We have a healing group therapy session with Karyn and later share a pretty stunning first-hand account from one of our listeners who was there.  It's part one of our two-part coverage of The Arising!, a fleeting, fraught, fascinating moment in Pumpkins history. Enjoy! Pale Scales instrumental cover by Exit Music.  Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
June 26, 2021
BONUS: Listener Huron John Joins Us For A Pumpkast Chat!
It's another installment of our listener chats, Pumpkinheads, and joining us this time is indie musician and artist Huron John! We discuss how his work is influenced by the Pumpkins, keeping the DIY ethos alive, and what it's like being a "Gen Z" Pumpkins fan (and the ridiculousness of these generational labels). We also delve into the inner workings of Spotify and the new gatekeepers of today's music industry, what Tame Impala and My Bloody Valentine have in common with the Pumpkins, and the rich tapestry that is Billy’s vision for the band.  We all relate on the idea of Mellon Collie training our young ears for a diverse musical palette, and Huron shares some SP memories like seeing the Pumpkins in Chicago with his Dad and visiting the record store to buy the Teargarden box set. All that plus the importance of physical media, more love for CYR and that feeling when art finds you in the right place and time. Hope that place and time for you and this episode is HERE and NOW because it's a great one! Check out Huron's brand new album Cartoon Therapy (and the boardgame-inspired vinyl release of it on June 17th)! (Recorded in March 2021) Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
June 12, 2021
BONUS: Listener Stephen Patrick Kelly Joins Us For a Pumpkcast Chat!
It's our first trip into chatting with Pumpkast listeners! Today we have musician and illustrator Stephen Patrick Kelly (The Heirs of the Supernova, Have Strat Will Travel, Shane Longshadow is Hungry) on the show to discuss how he came to SP, the diverse makeup of their fanbase, Pumpkin tattoos and the similarities Billy shares with Superman in The Justice League comics. We also discuss respecting Billy’s boundaries and a POC's place in the world today. All that plus Stephen’s band The Heirs of the Supernova and their new album Instruments for Declination.  Hopefully you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as we enjoyed having it. Thanks, Stephen!  Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
June 5, 2021
BONUS: Gish-Aversary at ZuZu's (w/ Field Correspondent Pamela Fisher!)
Happy Gish-aversary, Pumpkinheads! This past weekend Billy and Jimmy celebrated 30 years of Gish with a live listening party/Q&A at the rockin-est tea house in America, Madame ZuZu's. Though your hosts couldn't physically attend, we were all over the livestream and are here to share our thoughts on what we loved about this special event. Craving some first-hand reporting from someone who was there in person? Pumpkast Field Correspondent Pamela Fisher (aka polkadotpam) was kind enough to "spill the tea" with her fist-hand account! Lots of great stuff to talk about including the announcement of the first archive release, "Live in Japan 1992." We're going crazy... buying all this new merch!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
June 2, 2021
Our very first return guest, Sierra Swan, is back on the ‘kast to discuss her new EP “Tangerines" (out early on Bandcamp and everywhere else on May 17th)! We inevitably talk Prince, parenting and the secretly-jacked genius of Danny Elfman, as well as the process of writing and recording the new EP, which includes the track "Peach" written by Billy Corgan. Sierra also gives Billy credit for reaching out to his fans about mental health on his Instagram -- or as she calls it, "Billy TV" -- and even teases some upcoming projects (solo and with the Corganator). All that and more plus fun Covid weddings, live concert dreamin' and WEED!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
May 14, 2021
The Adore Appreciation Episode
At the time, the reaction to post-Mellon Collie Pumpkins albums was a mixed bag amongst fans and critics. But here at the Pumpkast, we see value in these albums and we know you do too! For this episode, listeners share their stories of why they adore 'Adore"!  Thanks to Pam, David, Ness, Will, Mary, Evangelina, Omar, Simon, StarlytNite (sorry we said "StarlyNite" in the episode), Scott, Dan, Carlos, Jacob, Noni and Justin! We plan to do these for every post-Mellon Collie studio release, so be on the lookout for when you can submit your thoughts on Machina/Machina II, coming this summer! Follow us on the socials: Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
April 22, 2021
ADORE (Part 2)
In this second (and final) installment of our two-part coverage of "Adore," we go through A DOOR and ask the questions: Do Dusty and Pistol Pete live in the same world as "Ramona"?! Is "Shame" a secret sock hop song that would make a great pop-punk cover?! And did "Blank Page" throw a seed into the future, later blossoming as "Birch Grove"?! We also discuss how Cruel Intentions was the Moody Teen's American Pie, how "prettily" the epic "For Martha" unfolds, and an empowered, "owning-it" view of "Annie-Dog." We then delve into what WandaVision and Billy have in common and, believe it or not, The Cure comes up again. All that plus our quick thoughts on the Japanese Bonus track (and "Ava Adore" b-side) "Once In A While" and the infamous, omitted, Rick Rubin-produced track, "Let Me Give The World To You."  Be a sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shame if you missed this one, Sheila!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
April 7, 2021
ADORE (Part 1)
An album your boys love with all their hearts, it had to be split into two parts! That's right, Pumpkinheads, Frank and Pat are finally covering 1998's "Adore." This two-part exploration visits a dark time in the Pumpkins' history, during which Jimmy's exit and personal loss signaled the beginning of the end (is the beginning?) of the band as we knew it. While a polarizing album for Pumpkins fans at the time, the daring Adore – or in Billy-ism, "A Door" – has aged into one of the most beloved albums in the SP catalog.  In Part One we immerse ourselves in the emotional highs and lows of an album that feels like love, loss and a bleak, serene comedown from designer drugs. On our journey we visit the Roxbury Guys, take a detour into Yosemite Sam Elliot territory and work through our misguided judgments of the VH1 Fashion Awards association.  All that plus Frank attempts to read Billy's re-issue liner notes aloud and Pat discovers he's related to most of the Adore tracklist. We'd be crestfallen if you missed this one!   Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
March 27, 2021
Today on the Pumpkast, we hop across the pond (socially distanced via Zencastr) to chat with touring Smashing Pumpkins bassist and all-around great guy, Jack Bates!  Jack tells us about meeting Billy for the first time when Corgan sat in with New Order, and the journey from there to being asked to join the Pumpkins while on tour with his Dad's band Peter Hook and the Light. He also recalls all the work and rehearsal that went into the 'Shiny' tour, getting to take the piss out of fellow British football fans while touring with Noel Gallagher, and what it’s like playing with the greatest living rock drummer, Jimmy Chamberlain! Jack also shares his love of Dinosaur Jr., Eric Avery and Metallica, and gives a very important note to the current bassist in New Order. All that and more – plus the Pumpkins songs that are on Jack's live-setlist wishlist. By the end of this interview, you'll be buying your own Yamaha BB 1200S and cheering on Manchester United!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us!
March 10, 2021
EYE / LOST HIGHWAY SOUNDTRACK (w/ Special Appearance From Pod Like A Hole Podcast)
Today on the 'kast we turn our eyes (and ears) to the Smashing Pumpkins' (or just Billy?) track "EYE" from the Trent Reznor-produced soundtrack to the 1997 David Lynch film, Lost Highway. We delve into the surprisingly Shaquille O'Neal-based origins of "Eye," Lynch's initial rejection of "Tear," and give our two cents on the film and the rest of the twisted tunes from the soundtrack. Along the way, we'll tell tales of meeting Lou Reed while high on weed cookies, ponder why This Mortal Coil's gorgeous "Song to the Siren" doesn't make the final soundtrack and ask the big question: Is Hocus Pocus a good movie or a GREAT movie? All that plus our pals at the Nine Inch Nails/David Bowie-centric podcast Pod Like A Hole drop in to give their thoughts on "Eye." Is it any wonder we can't sleep? We're too excited for you to listen to this episode!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast e-mail: Please rate and review us! 
February 19, 2021
Today on the Pumpkast, we take a trip down south with James Iha's 1998 country-tinged solo album, "Let It Come Down"! While it was not a hit with critics or audiences, there is plenty to appreciate about this cozy gem. Frank and Pat discuss how James deliberately avoided a "watered down Pumpkins" album (and how they're not too proud to admit they probably would have been fine with that), and the album's impressive list of collaborators, including Nina Gordon, Adam Schlesinger and D'Arcy. We also delve into the contrast between James' trademark dry sarcasm and his penchant for earnest, sappy love songs, how there were stronger choices than "Be Strong Now" for the single, and Frank’s secret history as "The Walrus," a lesser-known member of KISS. It's a fun detour down Iha Lane to those heady, pre-Adore days in Pumpkinland. Hallelujah, we're in love with -- well, we're at least glad we gave a good listen to -- this album! Follow us on the socials! Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Please rate and review us!
January 28, 2021
BONUS: LAUREN ENGLISH From the 1979 and Perfect Music Videos
It's the 25th Anniversary of the release of the "1979" single, so what better way to celebrate than by talking to one of the ACTUAL cool kids in the iconic video, LAUREN ENGLISH?! Lauren reminisces with us about how she was discovered and cast in the video, how fun it was to roll in a giant tire, and her experiences simulating a teenage party that was not such a simulation after all. She also discusses her connection to James Iha and Marilyn Manson, what she's up to nowadays and the real-life mishap involving tapes on the roof of a car that was later referenced in the "Perfect" video. It was a really great conversation and we think you Pumpkinheads will love it. Thanks to our pal Alex Scordelis for helping us produce this episode!  Follow us on the socials! Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Please rate and review us!
January 24, 2021
The End is the Beginning Is The End / The Beginning is the End is the Beginning / The Ether's Tragic / The Guns of Love Disastrous
Happy New Year, Pumpkinheads! In honor of something no one's been able to do in forever, we kick off 2021 with the first-ever "Pumpkast Goes To The Movies!" Grab your popcorn and nippled Bat-Suits because we're talkin' the underrated Pumpkin gems from the soundtrack to 1997's Batman & Robin (plus single b-sides & demos). Frank and Pat discuss the bridge between Mellon Collie and Adore and how the seeds of CYR may have been sprouting even back then. We also bat-gab about the EITBITE music video, some other tracks on the soundtrack, Mr. Freeze's "cool" puns and a secret collab between Billy and Trent Reznor that sounds like the B-52s? All that plus Electronica's 90's rise, Billy viewing Missy Elliot and Wu-Tang as the future of music and the art of still being stoked on the Pumpkins even when your friends jump ship. Even Howard the Duck peeks his beak in for a second. Its 2021! Go as Joe, Bat-heads! Follow us on the socials: Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Please rate and review us!
January 13, 2021
The Aeroplane Flies High: Tonight, Tonight / Thirty-Three EPs
As we land the plane on this most turbulent of years, we also conclude our sonic flight over The Aeroplane Flies High – with the "Tonight, Tonight" and "Thirty-Three" EPs. Frank and Pat talk the cohesiveness of the "Tonight, Tonight" EP and the surprisingly pleasant hodgepodge of songs that is "Thirty-Three." In the process we touch on the darker side of the song "Tonight, Tonight," Country Shoegaze, and how remastered versions of beloved works can sometimes lead to "Jedi Rocks." We also get another underrated gem from James, crack the Tom Selleck code and reminisce on how the Pumpkast is our own blue heaven! You'll be "happy as a turtle" listening to this one. Putting it out to the Universe: 2021 is the year Frank & Pat direct a Pumpkins video. Make it happen, cosmos!  Follow us on the socials: Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Please rate and review us! 
December 30, 2020
The Aeroplane Flies High: Zero EP
Frank & Pat are back with Part 2 of 3 of our Aeroplane Flies High deep dive. In this episode, we'll be covering the super-sized single that's actually an EP: ZERO. This one deserved its own episode because we're breaking down every single clip included on the riff boneyard known as "Pastichio Medley."  We also discuss being part of the Pepsi generation, Sharpie clothing and the unsung genius of Corgan's proficient guitar licks (and how the Guitar God himself, Eddie Van Halen, blessed him). All that plus Mark McGrath in Spades and Chris Gaines' possible connection to the Zero character. Wanna go for a ride?!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
December 15, 2020
The Aeroplane Flies High: Bullet with Butterfly Wings / 1979 EPs
Frank and Pat finally reach the beginning of the end of the Mellon Collie era with the 1996 b-sides box set The Aeroplane Flies High! In Part 1 of our 3-part coverage of everyone's favorite hypnotic CD suitcase, we'll be tackling the "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" and "1979" singles (both of which contain some of our all-time favorite SP b-sides). We draw parallels between The Cars' and The Pumpkins' underrated influence on today's music, give more love for The Cure and ponder how "Ugly" is a secret metal song. All that plus hot takes on which James Iha tracks should have made the Mellon Collie cut and more Wayne's World references than necessary! Schwing! Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
December 2, 2020
The clocks have all hit zero and the new double album "CYR" is finally here! Frank and Pat give their quick first impressions of the album (covering the non-single tracks since we already covered the singles in other Bonus eps). We'll be doing a deep dive episode into the full album and "In Ashes" later next year (since we're trying to go chronologically), but for now, these are our initial thoughts. Enjoy!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
November 29, 2020
Multi-hyphenate, multi-talented musician Katie Cole joins us to discuss her vital role in producing and crafting the supporting vocals on the new SP album, CYR, her early days in Australia, and how putting your desires out into the universe can pay off big. We also talk about the huge impact her mother had on her appreciation of music, working with legends like Glen Campbell and what it was like touring with Billy Corgan and playing with the Pumpkins on the In Plainsong Tour and beyond.  Even her cat even makes a cameo! And Frank & Pat take a page from Katie's book and put THEIR own Pumpkast desire out into the universe for 2021!  You can follow Katie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And pick up her music and merch on Bandcamp.  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
November 24, 2020
BONUS: "Dulcet in E" and "Purple Blood"
Frank and Pat get giddy about CYR being less than a week away and give their quick thoughts on the new singles "Dulcet in E" and "Purple Blood" while also teasing some upcoming episodes! A pear or a candle, one thing's for sure IT'S the Smashing Pumpkast!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
November 22, 2020
SPOSE (Marcy Projects and the Infinite Sadness)
On today's Pumpkast we have a great chat with Rapper, producer and die-hard Pumpkins fan SPOSE about the making of his recent Jay Z/Smashing Pumpkins mashup album, "Marcy Projects and the Infinite Sadness,” and how it kept him creative and sane during the pandemic. We also discuss his early life and deep connection to the Pumpkins (including his early HTML SP fan site "By Starlight"), and the life-changing moment of his surprise hit "I'm Awesome." All that plus John Steinbeck rap, "Dross" appreciation, 90's music talk and more! 'Spose you better check it out!   Follow us on the socials:  Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast  Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
November 17, 2020
The incredible, multi-talented musician SIERRA SWAN joins us on the Pumpkast to talk about her work on the upcoming SP album, CYR, her musical family tree, her diverse resume of past collaborations (including touring with Gary Numan and Ringo Starr), and the story of how her years-long friendship with Billy began via Courtney Love at Linda Perry's studio. She also offers sage advice for anyone facing rejection in their field of work, and we even have time for a three-way Prince love-fest (though not the kind that probably went on at Paisley Park)! Sierra rules and we were so honored to have this great conversation with her. Enjoy! (Recorded in October 2020) Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
November 10, 2020
BONUS: A "Ramona" and "Wyttch" Halloween
HAPPY HALLOWEEN, PUMPKINLAND! Frank & Pat give their quick 'n' spooky thoughts on the new singles "Ramona" and "Wyttch"! We also talk about the "Ramona" video, the upcoming David Bowie tribute show, new merch for the MCIS anniversary, the Movember Billy solo acoustic performance and Pat throwing his hat in the ring for the Archive artwork project. All that plus Frank makes an important correction about his use of the word "grunge." Hope you all "Go as Joe" this Halloween!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review the show!
October 31, 2020
BONUS: Mellon Collie/Machina Double Album Sequel Announcement and More!
Frank & Pat give their super quick thoughts on the recent news of a Mellon Collie/Machina Double Album Sequel, the proposed high concept Mellon Collie era themed tour and the status of the Machina reissue. We also discuss Billy's announcement of this news and how his ominous tone at the beginning made us nervous. We briefly discuss the Zoom interview with Daniel P. Carter,  we give props to Papa Jimmy killin' it in interviews and our thoughts on The Smashing Pumpkins: The Characters, The Creation, The Concept.  We're just gabbin' some quick empty junk thoughts. Enjoy! Also, thank you for listening! We've hit 11k plus listens and we literally could not have done it without you! We're extremely grateful, Pumpkinland!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
October 26, 2020
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness: Twilight to Starlight
Just in time for the 25th Anniversary of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Frank & Pat delve into Disc 2: "Twilight to Starlight"! This time they're joined by comedian, actor, producer, author and good friend,  DC Pierson (Stay for Dinner, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), who discusses his history with and rediscovery of the tracks off of this iconic blue CD. We go deep on songs that are scary but rule, the Mountain Dew rush of "1979," and Regis & Kathie Lee inspiring "Thirty-Three."  All that plus songs tailor-made for Chino of the Deftones, Gene Shalit lateral segues... and is the "King of the Horseflies" actually Trent Reznor?   If Siamese Dream were an epic movie, Mellon Collie would be a majestic Broadway play. Billy Babe-Ruths this concept and knocks it out of the park with "Twilight to Starlight," capping off a stellar double-album that became an instant classic. Coil this 'kast 'round your bumblebee ears!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
October 24, 2020
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness: Dawn to Dusk
Frank & Pat finally tackle the 1995 diamond-status double album juggernaut, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness! We start our coverage with disc 1 of MCIS: Dawn to Dusk, in which Frank and Pat break down their history with the album, a listener shares a theory of Billy's frustration fueling his ambitious grandeur, "Zero" becomes Alternative Music's Superman, and certain lyrics make for awkward car rides with Mom.  All that plus Star Woman's sexy secret, the spiritual sequel to "Love Stinks," little masks for your dog and more!   Let this episode keep you company on those empty party afternoons!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
October 13, 2020
BONUS: "Anno Satana" and "Birch Grove"
In this Bonus MIni-Episode, Frank & Pat give their quick thoughts on the latest singles "Anno Satana" and "Birch Grove"! We also tease some upcoming episodes!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
October 11, 2020
Frank & Pat welcome actor, director, producer and not-so-secret Pumpkins fan MELISSA JOAN HART to the 'kast to discuss her history with the band, how her favorite musicians in real-life became her characters Clarissa and Sabrina's favorites as well, and that time she went clubbing with Billy Corgan and Courtney Love after a Late Night with Conan O' Brien appearance. We also talk being a kid actor in the 90s, how her working class roots led her to learn other sides of the business, and the time Robert Smith signed her ex-boyfriend’s cast. All that plus MTV Cribs, Picasso and more!  Check out Melissa's upcoming Lifetime Christmas movies: 'Feliz NaviDAD'!, Dear Christmas and Once Upon a Main Street, and her dark comedy short MUTE. Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
September 29, 2020
BONUS: “Confessions of a Dopamine Addict” and “Wrath”
Frank & Pat give their quick 'n' dirty thoughts on the new singles “Confessions of a Dopamine Addict” and “Wrath,” discuss the awesome SP clothing from Huf and decide to save their DEEPER thoughts on the full “In Ashes” experience until the whole thing is released.  It’s a quick trip into the owl's drug cove, but we hope you enjoy it! Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkins Please rate and review us!
September 27, 2020
BONUS: "CYR" Album, "In Ashes" Animated Series Announcement Reactions and More!
SO Much to cover in this Bonus Mini-Episode! Frank & Pat give their reactions to the latest countdown clock reveal! New DOUBLE ALBUM entitled "CYR" due out November 27th and an Animated Series to coincide with the album release, as well as some other cool tidbits. Lot of goodies to cover on this quick n' dirty episode. Enjoy, Pumpkinheads!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @ smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
September 19, 2020
PISCES ISCARIOT (w/ Ryan Parrish)
Frank & Pat cover the 1994 b-sides and rarities collection that feels like a proper album, PISCES ISCARIOT. And joining us to talk about this non-album is Ryan Parrish (of the bands Celebrity, Hopesfall, In Parallel). We discuss how this was an important Pumpkins release for all of us, how we worried about parents hearing certain lyrics, Glam Rawk, Iha Country Western, Pee Pee Bugs, Cheeky Corgan, Dan Aykroyd joining Hopesfall, Morning Pages lyrics for "Spaced" and so much more! 8-bit bed music by PipeFrit005 Follow us on the socials!  Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate & review us!
September 15, 2020
Fruit Bats' Eric D. Johnson Talks New Siamese Dream Cover Album
Frank & Pat welcome Eric D. Johnson (aka Fruit Bats) to the Pumpkast to talk about his brand new, full-album cover of Siamese Dream – out now on Turntable Kitchen! We had a great time talking to Eric about growing up in Chicago and watching the Pumpkins break big, what Siamese Dream means to him, and his approach to re-imagining the iconic album. We also discuss the Pumpkins' unique Midwest mysticism, the nexus of alternative radio and bonehead classic rock, and the freedom of having a "big tent" of musical influences. All that plus the boys dole out their first Pumpkast Seal of Approval (spoiler alert: this album is the recipient!). Apologies for the few moments of crackly audio. Enjoy!  You can also check out Fruit Bats' most recent releases here.  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us! 
September 1, 2020
BONUS: "Cyr" and "The Colour Of Love"
Frank and Pat recorded this quick (not so quick) bonus ep today (8/29) to give their first impressions on the new singles "Cyr" and "The Colour Of Love"!  Follow us on the socials!  Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
August 30, 2020
BONUS: Countdown Clock Speculation!
Been a while with one of these, but we're back with a Bonus Mini-Episode and we're doing some quick off the cuff speculation on the new countdown clocks on the SP website and socials! What could it all mean?! I mean, we kind of know, but still! It's fun to speculate. Also, some listener shoutouts and a correction/apology regarding our commentary on Disarm in the Siamese Dream episode.   Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us!
August 25, 2020
Today on the Pumpkast, Frank & Pat cover the 1993 Smashing Pumpkins opus Siamese Dream! It's only fitting that a deeply earnest and personal album gets a deeply earnest and personal episode from the lads of the 'kast. That's not to say there aren't some laughs along the way! All that plus Butch Vig Guitar Maps, The Artist's Way success stories, secret segues, stuffy British censors who love Andrew Dice Clay, the ONE TRUE way to spell "Mayonaise" and SO much more! In a dream we are connected... by our love of this incredible album! 8-bit covers by Kain 128 Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate & review us! 
August 18, 2020
Lull EP
(Warning: Naughty language!) Today on the Pumpkast, Frank and Pat discuss 1991's LULL EP. We share some interesting Rhinoceros facts, discuss how Billy was pre-Punk'd by the label, explore alternate-potentially-problematic lyrics and reminisce about Commander Keen. You outta know, Uncle Joey! Put on those masks and pump this 'kast!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate & review us! 
August 4, 2020
You've been Daydreaming about it for months and the big day has finally come: for Frank and Pat to gush about GISH! Mustard lies, misheard lyrics, Fallon-esque rambling praises, LSD "strains," and the early days of Billy's D'ifficulties with D'Arcy. We dive deep into the Pumpkins' official album debut, from the recording process to the cover art to the little bell necklace Billy wore to bust ol' Butch Vig's chops. SEE YOU there!   Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review on iTunes! 
July 21, 2020
Pre-Gish Official Releases
(Recorded in May 2020) Frank battles a sinus infection while Pat shows off his Foley skills! In this episode of the Pumpkast, we cover the Pre-Gish official releases: Light Into Dark, I Am One (Limited Potential) single, Tristessa (Sub Pop) single and 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! So much to cover in this episode: Ignoffo, baby! The Pumpkins connect with Butch Vig, Billy's prominent "SEE YOU!" in I Am One, Sub Pop snubs and groovin' on catchy covers of semi-obscure classic rock gems while visions of Machina box-sets dance in our heads! Ho, Ho, Ho! MERRY PUMPKAST! Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review us on iTunes!
July 7, 2020
"Moon" Demo Cassette Review
(Recorded April 2020) Frank & Pat conclude their demo cassette reviews (remotely) by covering 1989's "Moon" demo! Lots to break down in this one. Ignoffo lays down an organ jam for Baby Billy that's "groovy, baby!" The Pisces Iscariot original pressing that got away! Ye Olde Pumpkin Merriment! Drunk Drivin' Soul Asylum/Candlebox Lovin' Uncles! Rigged McDonald's Contests! Christian Slater-Nicholson! Mustard Lies! Defensive Alternative Band Track Titles! All that and MORE! Just remember you can always "Go as Joe." #GoAsJoe Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast 
June 23, 2020
BONUS: Once in a While... We'll Have More Bonus Mini-Eps
We're pumping the breaks on future Bonus Mini-Eps for a bit to focus on personal matters, but the full episodes will continue on a bi-weekly release schedule.   In this Bonus Mini-Episode:  Black Lives Matter, Frank answers some Listener Feedback (including favorite non-original 4 lineup), My Mistake: "Silvercrank" edition, Popper Plays Porcelina, Saving For A Custom Van: A Tribute to Adam Schlesinger, Frank & Pat's Pumpkin Pick of the Week and a Preview for next week's episode "Moon Demo"!  Links from this episode: Black Lives Matter Saving For A Custom Van The Discographers Podcast Rivals: Smashing Pumpkins vs Pavement Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Please rate and review if you can! 
June 18, 2020
"The Smashing Pumpkins" Demo Cassette Review
(Recorded April 2020) Frank & Pat review The Smashing Pumpkins' 1989 self-titled demo cassette "The Smashing Pumpkins"! If only we had a time machine to go back and see those early Pumpkins shows (and do nothing else with the time travel technology)! We apologize for the less than perfect audio quality, we're still figuring out the best way to record remotely during these COVID times.  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
June 9, 2020
"Nothing Ever Changes" Demo Cassette Commentary
Originally recorded Feb 2020, this is a stand-alone re-release of our commentary and analysis of one of the Smashing Pumpkins' first demo cassettes, Nothing Ever Changes. Clean me out, Billy! Special thanks to YouTube users: Geroge17xx, acmslp, free8bit, Wasp Kap and Fuegoman96 Follow us on the socials!  Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
June 8, 2020
The Smashing Pumpkast: Pandemic Mixes Vol. 1 (No Past. No Future. Very Little Sun.)
It's our first quarantine lockdown episode (Recorded April 10th)! A lot of technical aspects of recording remotely were unknown, so we used this episode to make sure we could record future eps and thankfully, it worked like a charm. Frank & Pat make their own 14 track Pumpkins mix and break down what they chose and why. The guidelines for the mixes? It had to be on Spotify (so we could share with the listeners) and that it only stuck to Smashing Pumpkins only (no solo or side projects). Hopefully you all enjoy this fun little ep before we dive back into the demo cassettes!  Follow us on the socials: Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast Frank's Pumpkin Mix Pat's Pumpkin Mix
June 5, 2020
BONUS: "I'm Not a Fan of Normal TV"
In this Bonus Mini-Episode Pat shares some BIG news! Frank covers some listener feedback and questions, a perfect "My Mistake," Frank & Pat's Pumpkin Picks of the Week and a preview of next week's full episode!  Warning: Elements of this mini-episode might give you "paws."  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
May 27, 2020
Mellon Collie Memories with Lauren Adams / "Nothing Ever Changes" Demo Cassette Commentary
This episode serves up two hearty chunks of Pumpkin meat! First we talk to special guest Lauren Adams (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Modern Family, Drunk History) about her Catholic confirmation retreat, vividly linked in memory to a CD copy of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. In the process we cover everything from dead bunnies to Sinéad O'Connor to the state of the Catholic church in Buffalo, NY. Next, Frank and Pat provide commentary and analysis while listening to one of the Smashing Pumpkins' first demo cassettes, Nothing Ever Changes.  Special thanks to YouTube users: Geroge17xx, acmslp, free8bit, Wasp Kap and Fuegoman96 Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
May 19, 2020
BONUS: Rick Didn't Produce Cotillions, Dummy!
It's another Bonus Mini-Episode! Listener feedback! Pumpkins songs Johnny Cash could have covered! Corrections from last week's episode!  Other music pod recs! Other music we're digging! Frank's Pumpkin Pick of the Week! Preview of next week's episode! AND MOOOOORE!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!  Follow us on the socials! Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
May 12, 2020
Pumpkast Field Trip: WPC Live In LA
It's a Pumpkast FIELD TRIP! Frank and Pat venture out for an intimate (and ornery) William Patrick Corgan solo show at the Lodge Room in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Highlights include: The "3 Billy Rule" for concert seating, "Glass and The Ghost Children" with Jeff Schroeder gives goosebumps, Linda Strawberry and Meena Ysanne, and Billy gets a little miffed Re: D'arcy... Frank and Pat break it all down! (Recorded in November 2019) Special thanks to YouTube users: cramx3, Chad C, Fuzzy Legends Archives and Pamela Fisher. Follow us on the socials!  Twitter: @PumpkinsPodcast Instagram: @smashingpumpkast
May 5, 2020
BONUS: "eBay Keeps Getting On Me For That"
In our first Bonus Mini-Episode, Frank (w/ the occasional pop-in from Pat) teases next week's episode, reads a listener message, the hosts share their "Pumpkin Picks Of The Week" & more!  Follow us on Twitter @PumpkinsPodcast, on Instagram @smashingpumpkast
April 29, 2020
Episode Zero
Episode ZERO! An introduction to The Smashing Pumpkast, a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to our favorite band, The Smashing Pumpkins. Frank and Pat break down what the band means to them, what to expect in the show's future(Embrace), and the series of events that led to the Pumpkast's inception. Email us with questions or feedback at, follow us on twitter @PumpkinsPod and on Instagram @smashingpumpkast. Wanna go for a ride? 
April 11, 2020