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Awaken The Spirit Within You

Awaken The Spirit Within You

By The Spirit Within U
A daily guide to finding your heaven on earth. Hear Karen Campbell owner of The Spirit Within U website, Licensed Practitioner of Science of Mind, Certified Transformational Coach share with you spiritual principles and self help tools you can use to center your mind, body, and spirit.

This Podcast is for anyone who shares a belief that "I AM more than my human body."
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My Story On Becoming Me
I share my journey into self-discovery as I learned to embrace my uniqueness. My hope when you listen to my story you will know your not alone in your feelings of not feeling like you belonged or fit into the norms of society.
September 22, 2019
Introduction to Awaken The Spirit Within You
Each day I will be sharing different spiritual tools you can use to support yourself from the chaos of life.  Join me, your host Karen Campbell to share and discuss what do you do daily to support your growth.  
September 17, 2019