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The Story of Mom

The Story of Mom

By Shelly Slocum 989737
After 1.6 million years, becoming a parent is still the most intense personal evolution that anyone will go through in their life. The Story of Mom is a podcast about that evolution. Shelly Slocum is a former doula, childbirth educator and mother of two (intelligent, beautiful girls) who uses her curiosity and contacts from the birth world to unearth what parenting really means today. During each episode, Shelly digs deep into the unique story of wonder, agony, joy and growth of a parent and talks to an expert about tools that can aid us on this journey. If you’re a parent, considering it, or
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Down Syndrome: Facing the Hard Truth

The Story of Mom

Down Syndrome: Facing the Hard Truth

The Story of Mom

Season 2, Ep 2 - Memory (in regards to Epigenetics)
Now that we have a better understanding of Epigenetics (see the previous episode), Shelly interviews Dr. Marcelo Wood (UC Irvine), a professor in the department of neurobiology and behavior. He runs a research program that focuses on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms of memory. What should parents be thinking about in regards to protecting their children's memories? How should parents be approaching the importance of memory? This episode digs into our marvelous brain and how our memories impact us.
December 19, 2019
Season 2, Ep. 1 - Intro to Epigenetics
This season is all about unpacking the pressures around modern parenthood. On this episode Shelly interviews Dr. Anne West (Neurobiologist at Duke University) about what Epigenetics is and why it's important. They discuss the impact parents can have on thier children and how nothing we do (good or bad) is set in stone.
December 12, 2019
The Story of Tiffany Gray: Emotionally-Available
Shelly talks to Tiffany Gray, who has a huge following on Instagram (@thegraygang) where she journals about raising 5 children. Tiffany walks us through where she was before motherhood and her relationship to loosing her freedom in becoming a Mom. Tiffany shares how she built closeness between her daughters and how she stayed open to having more children.
January 25, 2019
Heng Ou & Jessica Zucker: Post Traumatic Growth
Hen Ou (Founder of Motherbees) shares her triumphant story of coming into herself after the birth of her 3rd child following an unexpected separation from her husband to build her beautiful and healing company called Motherbees. A company that offers food delivers for women post partum. Heng’s business centers around healing women in ways that would’ve healed her during her post partum periods. She has also written a cookbook about food to feed mothers postpartum called “The First Forty Days.”
January 18, 2019
Domino Kirke & Phyllis Klaus: Healing Trauma (from Birth)
Shelly talks with Domino Kirke (musician and co-founder of Carriage House Birth) about her transition into motherhood and how it lead her into a career as a birth worker. Domino digs deep into the career of being a birth worker and her journey of how one unlocks trauma and supporting women as a doula (and our children as parents). Before Domino’s story Shelly talks with Phyllis Klaus (LMFT and Co-Founder of DONA) about how to heal trauma from birth (and trauma from anything else).
January 11, 2019
Chris Kushner: Healing from Kids
Shelly speaks with Chris Kushner about her story of becoming a mother of her son. Followed by the surprise pregnancy of her daughter that later led to her discovery of breast cancer. It’s a beautiful story of accepting what is in front of you and finding gifts and opportunity. Shelly also talks with Zainy Pirbhai (LMFT), founder of Los Angeles Family Therapy about the healing power that comes from playing with your children.
January 4, 2019
Mothers and Daughters: Speaking Up for Your Needs
Shelly talks to Lennon Parham and her mother Leslie Parham about their own transitions into motherhood. Leslie talks about her path to becoming a working mom while raising Lennon, how the women’s movement affected her and her role as a grandmother. Lennon discusses her balance of work with motherhood and the role of comedy in her own home. But, before the interview with the mother and daughter team, Shelly speaks to a Mother/Daughter Expert, Rosjke Hasseldine.
December 14, 2018
Consequences: Taking Responsibility for Your Behavior
How parents handle consequences can be very individual and yet it is a very important topic. To get another perspective on, Shelly talks with her best friend Leah about how she’s handling consequences at home with her children (and she handles motherhood so intentionally and beautifully).
December 7, 2018
Down Syndrome: Facing the Hard Truth
Shelly brings you the story of how Loreni Delgado found out her son had down syndrome after he was born. Loreni transitioned into motherhood while also transitioning into this unexpected life of raising a child with special needs. The experience has shaped Loreni and continued to open her heart. Shelly talks with expert Akal Khalsa, a prenatal yoga teacher and maternity nurse, about how to handle talking to patients about a tough diagnosis.
November 30, 2018
Survival Mode
Shelly interviews podcaster, writer, mother, friend Elizabeth Laime. Elizabeth shares the depth of her transition into motherhood that include losing her own parents, facing medical issues with children and you will get to hear in detail how she gave birth to her son in her car. Shelly welcomes expert Dr. Francine Lederer to the show who talks through survival mode in motherhood and reminds us all that survival mode or not, we are all going through our own issues.
November 16, 2018
Shelly talks to Ana Paula Markel (founder of Bini Birth, The Business of Being Born) about her transitions into motherhood. Ana Paula started in Brazil as a single Mom at age 21 and later had 3 more kids after meeting her husband and moving to Los Angeles. In the middle of all of those transitions Ana Paula would find herself building a career as a doula and childbirth educator, becoming a well known expert and leader in the birth world.
November 9, 2018
Connection with Ben Lee and Ione Skye
Shelly talks to a couple, musician Ben Lee and actress/director Ione Skye, about their journey into parenthood. Ben and Ione were married after Ione had her first daughter Kate and soon after their daughter Goldie joined the family. They talk through the role of being a step father and the transition of being a single mom into new family. (YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE FROM THIS).
November 2, 2018
The Forever Letting Go
Shelly sits down with Rebekka Johnson (Glow) and discusses how her path to becoming a mother was not at all what she thought it would be. It took longer to conceive than she expected and she wasn’t where she thought she would be career wise at that time. Now Rebekka has a 4 year old son who has Asthma. Shelly also interviews Childbirth Expert and Doula, Ana Paula Markel, (The Business of Being Born, Bini Birth) about hiring a doula or not hiring a doula.
October 26, 2018
A Mother is Made
There are many ways to become a mother. In this first episode of The Story of Mom, Shelly talks with soap writer and mom, Mandy Beall, about how she adopted her daughter and later had a biological son. She also speaks to Jenni June (a sleep expert) about how to get through sleep regression (especially with a 4 month old baby).
October 19, 2018
Introducing The Story of Mom
The Story of Mom - coming soon from Campfire Media. Subscribe now.
October 8, 2018