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The SuperFlight

The SuperFlight

By The SuperFlight Podcast
Welcome to the SuperFlight NBA Podcast, where your host Joe Borelli hangs out in his studio in Brooklyn, NY and interviews some of the brightest writers, podcasters and NBA personalities about their favorite NBA teams. If you want deep analytics and professional break-downs on all of the NBA, please redirect yourself to another podcast but if you're looking for some NBA fun, this might be the podcast for you!
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SuperFlight - 123 - AD Trade and The Podcast That Went Off The Rails!

The SuperFlight

SuperFlight - 133 - Don't Listen to Anything I Say with Shameek Mohile
Ok, I'll admit, I'm an idiot. I know literally nothing about anything. No really, you think I'm kidding? I thought the Lakers were going to be either the 8th seed in the West or miss the playoffs altogether, how's that for not knowing anything? You want more? Ok but I'm warning you, it gets ugly and kinda hilarious. I guess being funny might be better than being right? That's what I'm telling myself from now on and Sham is here to help me out! Follow Sham on Twitter @Shamshamgod and listen to Two Gods and a Goose podcast!
February 27, 2020
SuperFlight - 132 - Flying Solo Again!
Here we are again, me apologizing you to you for not being there for you, you begrudgingly accepting my apology and taking me back but only after I've bought you a dozen roses and a pineapple daiquiri.  That actually sounds disgusting, but you know what sounds great?? • All Star Talk • Kobe thoughts (sorry) • SIXERS!
February 19, 2020
SuperFlight - 131 - SOLO POD and The Sixers Win!
Well, you said you'd listen if I did a solo podcast so here it is! The Sixers won their opening night game against the Celtics and I have lots of thoughts. Plus a little basking in the fifty point loss by Kyrie. Enjoy!
October 24, 2019
SuperFlight - 130 - The Celtics Will Still Be Good
This week on the SuperFlight, James Holas a.k.a. Snottie Drippen and the other half of the Dunk Tales Podcast, joins me  to break down the Celtics upcoming season. We laugh, we fight, we talk about basketball, it's great! The NBA Season is upon us! Follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen
October 22, 2019
SuperFlight - 129 - Preseason Predictions
This week on the SuperFlight, Shameek Mohile of Detroit Bad Boys and @ Gods and a Goose Podcast, joins me to make our best predictions about who's going to win the awards, which teams will make it to the Finals and some fun, made-up awards that have no bearing on anything at all. It was a fun pod to do and it's going to give me great material to make fun of myself for later so enjoy! Follow Sham on Twitter @Shamshammgod
October 14, 2019
SuperFlight - 128 - The East Is Something
Michael Keith from The FUZZ NBA Podcast joins me to break down the Eastern Conference playoff teams. We spend way too much time on the Magic and Detroit and, well, really all of the teams outside of Philly and Milwaukee but hey, that's what makes this fun! I can't guarantee you'll learn anything but if you have an hour and a half, it's definitely worth the listen...and yes, I do say so myself. Follow Michael and Byron on Twitter @Michael_k_eith, @ByronJKnight and @TheFuzzNBA
October 6, 2019
SuperFlight - 127 - How The West Was Won with The FUZZ
It's been a minute, huh? Sorry I've been away but I'm back, reinvigorated and ready for a new NBA season and happy to run my mouth like I've never run my mouth before! That's right, no more network bullshit, no more writing in third person like I'm not the guy writing these horrible synopses. If you want very little depth of analysis, virtually no break-downs of X's and O's and as few statistics as I can find, you got it! But, I can guarantee we're going to have fun and that starts with the BRAND NEW EPISODE with Michael Keith and Byron James from The FUZZ NBA podcast. We're predicting the Western conference playoffs teams and it's the best conversation I've had in 6 months! So grab a beer or a coffee or a loved one and hang on, it's a wild ride! Follow the Fuzz on Twitter @TheFUZZNBA / @Michael_k_eith / @ByronJKnight
October 6, 2019
SuperFlight - 126 Detroit, Dumbasses and Dolan with David Fernandez
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, David Fernandez joins Joe to talk all about the Pistons surging and their outlook for the playoffs, who's responsible for the success and who they're gonna draw in the first round. Then, Joe and David dive into the Westbrook exchange with the dregs of society, the Dolan exchange with the pillars of society and if Morey is right about his thoughts on the East vs West. Enjoy! Follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantual and Inside the Cylinder Podcast
March 14, 2019
SuperFlight - 125 - The Blazers Are Slept On with Danny Marang
This week on The SuperFlight Podcast, Danny Marang from NBCSNorthwest and Blazers Edge joins Joe to talk a whole lot of Blazers. Joe and Danny break down the difference Nurkic makes on this team, the bench depth, the ways PDX is winning and how far they might go in the playoffs, and what the nuclear option will look like if the Blazers season ends with another early playoff exit. All this and some deep rooted Lakers hate talk at the end, so definitely stick around for the end cause it's great to hate on the Lakers! Follow Danny on Twitter @DMarang
March 2, 2019
SuperFlight - 124 - Giannis MVP and KD is Annoying
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Joe is joined by Ti Windisch of The Step Back to talk all about Giannis and the Bucks. That's right, Joe's finally getting on board with the probable MVP and discussing the chances that the Bucks go to the Finals. Of course, interspersed with that is the inevitable Sixers talk and Joe goes full "I hate the Celtics" for a moment. This, plus talk of the AD debacle, the All Star Draft and how Kevin Durant has become perhaps the most annoying person in professional sports. It's a fun one you don't want to miss! Follow Ti on Twitter @TiWinsisch
February 13, 2019
SuperFlight - 123 - AD Trade and The Podcast That Went Off The Rails!
Nothing like a little NBA trade talk to get Joe all worked up and forget what he's talking about. This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Shameek Mohile joins Joe to talk all about the Anthony Davis trade and a lot about the depressing Pistons too. Plus, this episode has more anecdotes than should be allowed in any one NBA podcast. If you like your NBA all over the place and talk of hot peppers, this one is definitely up your alley.  Follow Sham on Twitter @Shamshamgod and check out 2 Gods and a Goose podcast.
January 31, 2019
SuperFlight - 122 - The NBA All Stars with James Herbert
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins Joe again to talk about all the All Stars that are going to get snubbed this year, and the 24 that will actually make it. It's and inexact science and there are a lot of feelings of guilt but it makes for the best listening!  Follow James on Twitter and Instagram @OutsideTheNBA
January 23, 2019
SuperFlight - 121 - The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Vince Miracle joins Joe to talk about the second year emergence of De'Aaron Fox and the MIP chances for the newly automatic-from-three Buddy Hield. Will the Kings make the playoffs, why isn't Jaeger in conversations for Coach of the year, will Willie Cauley Stein discover who he actually is as a player? Listen to the pod and you'll find out. Plus, Joe and Vince have the debate about MVP and Thibs being fired all in one podcast, it's great! Follow Vince on Twitter @VMCENTER  #NBA #SacramentoProud #AllEyesNorth #Rockets
January 12, 2019
SuperFlight – 120 – The Sixers Sky Is Not Falling with Jimmy McCormick
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast Jimmy McCormick of ESPN joins Joe to talk all things Sixers Christmas Day game, if the sky is falling and some Colangelo talk too, cause who can get enough? There’s also some talk about the Spurs and Lakers without LeBron and if LBJ is finally breaking down. All this and a whole lot more! Follow Jimmy on Twitter @_JimmyMcCormick
December 29, 2018
SuperFlight - 120 - The Sixers Sky Is Not Falling with Jimmy McCormick
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast Jimmy McCormick of ESPN joins Joe to talk all things Sixers Christmas Day game, if the sky is falling and some Collangelo talk too, cause who can get enough? There's also some talk about the Spurs and Lakers without LeBron and if LBJ is finally breaking down. All this and a whole lot more!Follow Jimmy on Twitter @_JimmyMcCormick
December 29, 2018
SuperFlight - 119 - Memphis Talk with Keith Parrish
This week on the SuperFlight podcast, Keith Parrish from the Fast Break Breakfast Podcast joins Joe to talk all things Grizzlies and some Bulls nonsense as well. Will Mike Conley finally make an All-Star appearance? Will Jaren Jackson Jr, be a star for the Grizzlies for the next decade? Will the Bulls completely implode (as if that isn't already a thing). All this and so much more! Follow Keith on Twitter @Fastbreakbreak
December 13, 2018
SuperFlight - 118 - Way Too Much Talk About Fultz and the Sixers with Max Rappaport
This week on the SuperFlight podcast, Max Rappaport from the Step Over Podcast joins Joe to talk all things Sixers and the Markell Fultz saga. Seriously, this is a Sixers podcast this week - no real story in the beginning, not other teams discusses, just Sixers - but there is just so much to talk about so enjoy!Follow Max on Twitter @MaxontwitterFollow the Step Over Podcast on iTunes
December 6, 2018
SuperFlight - 117 - The SuperFlight / Super Hoopers Crossover Edition
This week on the SuperFlight, Matt Hill and David Futernick join Joe for a Thanksgiving feast of ridiculousness and hilarity in between. The previous sentence makes no sense and you'll love the podcast, just listen.Follow Matt on Twitter @tweetofmatthillFollow David on Twitter @davidfuternickFollow SuperHoopers on Twitter @TheSuperHoopers
November 21, 2018
SuperFlight - 116 - Of Course, It's the Butler Trade!
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins Joe to break down the Sixers trading for Jimmy Butler. There's also a nearly teary farewell to Robert Covington and Dario and a little prognostication about what might come. Plus some Knicks, Rockets and Milwaukee talk in there for good measure. Follow James on Twitter @OutsidetheNBA
November 13, 2018
SuperFlight - 115 - The Australian Players Episode with Michael Keith
This week on the SuperFlight podcast, Michael Keith from the FUZZ NBA podcast joins Joe to talk way too much about LeBron James, Philly's current woes, the Cavs disfunction and run down the NBA Australian starting five. It's a fun episode with a lot of laughs so join the fun!Follow Michael on Twitter @Michael_k_eith
November 8, 2018
SuperFlight - 114 - Concern Trolling and Clowning Around
This week on The SuperFlight Shameek Mohile joins Joe to talk about hair cuts, dog shit and Halloween and then some stuff about NBA basketball. Joe's takes are kinda insane this week but hey, it's Halloween and he regrets nothing!Follow Sham on Twitter @shamshammgod 
November 4, 2018
SuperFlight - 113 - Fights Galore with Justin Rowan
Welcome to another edition of the SuperFlight podcast in which Joe had Justin Rowan guest on the pod to break down all of the biggest happenings. Including the Chris Paul and Rondo fight, the Cavs and Thunder's underwhelming start to the season, the Pelicans hot start and Raps v Celtics. Plus, it wouldn't be an SuperFlight if Joe didn't inadvertently talk about the Sixers and Markell Futz. It's a short but good one so stick around!Follow Justin on Twitter @Cavsanada 
October 23, 2018
SuperFlight - 112 - The Season Preview Pt.2 - The Top 16
The wait is over, the NBA is back tomorrow night and the second part of the SuperFlight Season Preview is here. It's very lightly edited so all of Joe's half-baked ideas are included and idiocy abounds! You're going to love it! Follow James on Twitter @OutsideTheNba
October 15, 2018
SuperFlight - 111 - The Season Preview Pt. 1 - The Awards
In this special 2 part SuperFlight, Joe is joined by CBS's own James Herbert to talk all about the upcoming season awards as they predict they'll happen. They don't touch on all of them but they do talk about ROY, MIP, MVP, DPOY and 6th Man which, means you should dedicate an hour of your life to the NBA gospel as told by the SuperFlight. AMEN!Follow James on Twitter @OutsideTheNBA and on CBS Sports
October 12, 2018
SuperFlight - 110 - The All Over The Place Preview with Dave DuFour
It's preview time in the NBA again and here to help Joe kick off the "which teams do you find most exciting" NBA preview is Coach Dave DuFour. Joe and Dave talk about a vast array of teams, some you obviously suspect like OKC and some you just will not see coming. It's all fun and games until Joe gets everything wrong... then it's just hilarious. Give a listen!Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFourNBA
October 5, 2018
SuperFlight - 109 - The Season Is Fast Upon Us!
Welcome to another edition of The SuperFlight Podcast, where Vince Miracle joins Joe to talk about the ridiculous Jimmy Butler saga, some of the most notable things about media day, the Mavs chances at the playoffs and Kings talk! Yes, Vince and Joe talk about Harry Giles chances at becoming the ROY, Marvin Bagley III's chances at being any good, De'Aaron Fox's chances at taking a leap and how the kings might finish the season. It's a good conversation with some laughs and a lot of befuddlement by Joe, as is typical. Dig in!Follow Vince on Twitter @VMCenter
September 29, 2018
SuperFlight - 108 - It's a Piston's Party with David Fernandez
Yeah, it's that time of the year right between end of summer and beginning of the NBA season where there is nothing going on. In these lean times, Joe likes to call his friends and ask how bad their teams are going to be this year and this week's pod is no exception! Joining Joe this week is David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder and Detroit Bad Boys blog, to break down the hiring of Dwane Casey as head coach, if Blake can stay healthy and why there are so many guards on the team. It's fun and informative and there's als some thoughts on the Sixers hiring Elton Brand as GM at the end. Also, the answer to the question is cartographer. Dig in!Follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantual
September 20, 2018
SuperFlight - 107 - The Knicks Season Preview with David Futernick
Well, the summer is almost over, which means it's time to talk about the Knicks again! This week David Futernick joins the show to talk about the David Fizdale hiring, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson and David's affinity for Trey Burke. There's way too much bad audio and way too much of Joe laughing but if you can deal with all of that, it's a fun episode with some good laughs. Enjoy!Follow David on Twitter @davideftuernick
September 15, 2018
SuperFlight - 106 - There Is Nothing Going On Here with ESPO
Welcome back to another SuperFlight in which the summer is great and there is no NBA to talk about! Greg Esposito joins Joe to talk all things nonsense and Manu retiring as well. Somehow, amidst absolutely nothing to talk about, Joe and Espo are going to waste about 40 minutes of your time and you're going to love it! Follow Greg on Twitter @ESPO
August 31, 2018
SuperFlight - 105 - We're Only Human with James Herbert
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins the pod to talk about all the dumb things both Joe and himself predicted for the 2017-2018 NBA season. They start from the beginning of the season with the NBA Draft, work through the regular season and some of the most interesting team dynamics and finish with some award winners and the Zhaire Smith news and what it means for the Sixers. It's lots of fun so listen and enjoy!Follow James online on Twitter @Outsidethenba
August 9, 2018
SuperFlight - 104 - Offseason Ongoings with Ben Golliver
This week on the SuperFlight, Ben Golliver of The Open Floor Podcast and seasoned Sports Illustrated writer, joins Joe to talk about some of the most interesting offseason trades and NBA storylines. They start out with some thoughts on Kevin Durant opening up about his feelings during the USA Basketball training camp and how he might be a little upset with CJ McCollum, then move on to OKC, Melo, HOU, Kawhi and Toronto, before finishing up by throwing a little shade at the Wizards. It's a good episode so you should definitely think about 40's si-fy robots and listen to the show!Follow Ben on Twitter @BenGolliver and at the Open Floor Podcast:
July 28, 2018
SuperFlight - 103 - SuperFlight Summer Fun with Host Shameek Mohile
It's summer time people and here to host the SuperFlight is Shameek Mohile from the Two Gods and a Goose Podcast to talk all things summer and NBA nonsense! Sham is taking over this week as Joe drinks too many beers and rambles about nothing...and some Sixers stuff. It's a really fun episode that you should definitely check out!Follow Shameek on Twitter @Shamshamgod and on Two Gods and a Goose podcast
July 18, 2018
SuperFlight - 102 - NBA Mock Draft Top 5
This week on the SuperFlight, Joe is joined by Greg Esposito (PHX), Vince Miracle (SAC), James Herbert (ATL), Keith Parrish (MEM) and Dave DuFour (DAL) to pick the top five players in this year's draft. It's a fun "let's play GM" episode full of prospect talk, crazy trades and lots of laughs. It was easily one of the most fun and exhausting podcasts yet. Follow Greg on Twitter @EspoFollow Vince on Twitter @VMCENTERFollow James on Twitter @OutsidetheNBAFollow Keith on Twitter @FastbreakBreakFollow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFour
June 20, 2018
SuperFlight - 101 - NBA Draft 101 with Phil Boileau
This week on the SuperFlight Joe takes a jaunt down memory lane and tells a tale of close encounters, but if you want to skip that, just jump to about the ten minute mark where Phil Boileau joins the show to break down the top ten NBA Picks. There's a few surprises and a bunch of nonsense but a whole lot of fun. Follow Phil on Twitter @SportingPhil and @pressbasketball
June 14, 2018
SuperFlight - 100 - It's the 100th Episode and Twitter Is Amazing! - With James Herbert
Welcome to another edition of the SuperFlight in which Joe is celebrating the 100th Episode of the podcast with the most exciting story in MODERN HISTORY! One Bryan Colangelo has completely gone off the rails and James Herbert joins Joe to break as much of it down as possible, cause there's a lot there. James also helps Joe figure out if the Finals are worth watching and something about a Ball offspring. It's a fun one so stick around!Follow James on Twitter @outsidetheNBA and at CBS Sports
June 1, 2018
SuperFlight - 99 - The Suns Are Finally Number One!
Just in time for your Memorial Day Weekend, here's a fresh new SuperFlight! This week long time friend of the podcast, Tim Tompkins joins the show to talk about the Suns winning the number one pick, some crap about the NFL, managing an ABA team and daft picks! Plus, there's a little talk about the playoffs, Chris Paul's injury and what the offseason might hold. Check out the Suns Solar Panel podcast and follow Tim on Twitter @RadioTimNBA
May 26, 2018
SuperFlight - 98 - Sleepy Disappointment and NBA Playoffs
Welcome to the SuperFlight podcast, where Joe just woke up and has the worst opening ramble of all time! It's actually kinda funny in a delirious and completely disjointed kinda way. After that, Ashwin Kamath joins the show to talk about the Dwane Casey firing, the Sixers unexpected but somewhat expected early exit, the Cvs and Celtic, the Warriors and Rockets and the T-Wolves. It's a fun conversation as usual so give a listen!You can follow Ashwin on Twitter @Gheedota and on Ridin' The Pine Podcast
May 12, 2018
SuperFlight - 97 - Pretty Much All Sixers with Jon Hill
This week on the SuperFlight Joe is joined by Jon Hill of the Super Hoopers podcast to break down the Sixers season, the Monday night loss to the Celtics, Hinkie versus Colangelo and some LeBron and general NBA playoffs...but mostly Sixers talk. If you're a fan of Boston, you might want to skip this episode but if you love to hate, you're going to love this episode. Also, Joe meant to cut out all the stuff where he totally forgets the simplest names but forgot, so if that kinda thing is for you, you're definitely going to love this episode. Stick around and enjoy!Follow Jon on Twitter @JHillNahMean and on the Super Hoopers every week on Almighty Baller Network.
May 3, 2018
SuperFlight - 96 - NBA Playoffs and James Herbert in the Beginning
Welcome to another episode of the SuperFlight podcast, where this week, Joe is joined by James Herbert of CBS Sports to talk about the playoffs. They touch on every series and spend a particular amount of time on the Pelicans sweep of the Blazers and forecast where the Blazers might go from here. Joe also talks to James about how he got his start in sports and if you listen all the way to the end, Joe gushes about this Sixers team. It was a really fun episode to make and hopefully it's even more fun to intake. Enjoy!
April 23, 2018
SuperFlight - 95 - The Cavs and The Playoffs with Justin Rowan
This week on the SuperFlight Joe talks to Justin Rowan immediately after the Cavs loss to the Pacers with his reactions and what we can expect of LeBron's team from here. It's a quick but fun episode so hang out and enjoy!Follow Justin on Twitter @Cavsanada and The Chase Down Pod, Real Ball Insiders and SB Nation's Fear The Sword.
April 16, 2018
SuperFlight - 94 - The 5 Stages of Pistons Grief with Shameek Mohile
Well, the Pistons are out of the playoffs and Sham is here to help Joe break down exactly what happened to their seemingly promising season. Joe and Sham touch on injuries, the Blake trade and the five stages of Pistons grief, plus there's plenty of talk about Kyrie's season ending surgery and Kawhi's potential trade destinations. It's a fun show so hang out and give a listen!Follow Sham on Twitter @Shamsammgod and at Piston Powered 
April 6, 2018
SuperFlight - 93 - The Rockets Take Flight with Salman Ail
This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Joe talks to Salma Ail of Red Nation Hoops about all things Houston. Will the Rockets make it to the Finals? Will Harden lose the MVP? Is he secretly a really annoying player to watch and does Joe also secretly hope Harden doesn't win the MVP cause it would be hilarious? The answers to all these questions are just a listen away! Plus, Salman and Joe talk about the Nuggets, Sixers, Jazz and a whole lot more. Enjoy!Follow Salman on Twitter @RedNationHoops and check out the Red Nation Hoops podcast on Almighty Baller
March 28, 2018
SuperFlight - 92 - Way too much Lakers talk with Matt Hill
Well, the podcast is a little late this week but it's definitely work waiting for. Matt Hill joins the podcast this week to talk all things Lakers and go around the league a little bit. But, before any of this happens, Joe has a very interactive question for the SuperFlight friends that you can only answer by Twitter (or Give a listen, you might really enjoy it. Then, Matt helps Joe make sense of Julius Randle, Lonzo and the Lakers gang and what their future might look like. It's a fun conversation so hang out, put the headphones on and enjoy!You can follow Matt on Twitter @TweetofMattHIll and download The Super Hoopers podcast on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts.
March 17, 2018
SuperFlight - 91 - Draft Prospects and Hot Topics with Phil Boileau
It's really early to start talking about draft prospects but in an effort to brush up on the upcoming NBA class Joe taps the mind of Phil Boileu of Press Basketball to get some educated information. It's a fun conversation about who's going to be good and which teams should just lose their right to draft altogether. Then Joe and Phil talk a bit about the Cavs and if they can get it together and more gushing about the Sixers from Joe, as usual. Hang out and join the fun!You can follow Phil on Twitter @SportingPhil and @Pressbasketball
March 7, 2018
SuperFlight - 90 - The Grizz, the Wolves and So Much More with Keith Parish
This week on the SuperFlight, Joe is joined by Keith Parish of the Fastbreak Breakfast podcast to talk all about Jimmy Butler's injury, the Memphis Grizzlies and some playoff positioning. There is a whole lot to learn on this one so plug in some headphones and enjoy!You can follow Keith on Twitter @Fastbreakbreak 
March 1, 2018
SuperFlight - 89 - Playoff Positions! with Dave DuFour
In one of the most ridiculous conversations that has ever taken place on the SuperFlight, Dave DuFour joins Joe to break down playoff positioning in the NBA. This is easily one of the best conversations to ever be recorded on the Flight and you're going to love it. Joe and Dave kick it off talking about art, wine and their own personal basketball skills and end up just talking about why basketball is the best sport. If you've read this far you should remember to leave feedback and let us know if this was a classic or just two guys having way to much fun talking about everything. Anyway, enjoy!You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFour and follow Dave's show, subscribe, rate and PLEASE review the SuperFlight here:
February 14, 2018
SuperFlight - 88 - The Wiz with CT Schwink and Duncan Roth
For your listening pleasure, this podcast it completely unedited. That's right, you get to hear Joe talk about basketball with as much eloquence as an otter in heat. And, here to help him are the the Zarcast guys, Duncan Roth and CT Schwink, to break down all of the Wizards highs, lows and everything in between. It's a fun conversation with two really smart Wizards fans. Enjoy!Follow Duncan on Twitter @UncleDuncleFollow CT Schwink on Twitter @CTSchwinkFollow the Zardcast on Twitter @ZardCastAnd subscribe, rate and review the SuperFlight on iTunes right here: a special bonus -
February 8, 2018
SuperFlight - 87 - Blake Trade and The Pistons with David Fernandez
This week, after a really long lay-off, Joe's back with David Fernandez to talk all about the Pistons trading for Blake Griffin, from a very Pistons perspective. Joe and David get into what this means for the team, for the future, for Van Gundy and David's feelings. About 45 minutes later they talk about Greg Monroe to the Celtics and Nicola Mirotic to the Pelicans and Joe forgets everyone's name, which is always fun. Stick around, it's a good time.Follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantual, on @InsideTheCylinder and at Detroit Bad BoysSubscribe, rate and review the show
February 4, 2018
SuperFlight - 86 - Lakers, Sixers, Fights and More! With Matt Hill
Sorry guys and gals, after 3 scrapped recording in the last two weeks you're going to have to deal with some poor audio quality from Joe. Just hang in there, it's still descent content. This week, Matt Hill from the SuperHoopers joins Joe to talk about the Lakers, fights and guys who just annoying to watch on and off the court. There's talk of Lonzo ball's potential, if Fultz will ever pan out, KCP's arrest and how unwatchable he is and fights they would love to see. Even if the audio is terrible, the conversation is great. Give a listen and enjoy!Follow Matt Hill on Twitter @Tweetofmatthill and on The Super Hoopers Podcast
January 20, 2018
SuperFlight - 85 - Midseason Slumps and Horrible Diets with Shameek Mohile
Man, it is cold outside! But Joe's back to keep your ears blazing hot with his ridiculous stories and absurd NBA takes, and here to help him break this stuff down is Shameek Mohile. Joe and Sham get into the Pistons slump and what they can do while Reggie is injured and about the emergence of Reggie Bullock,  but it's also cool that Joe got to rub the Sixers win in Sham's face in real time! Then they move on to the Cavs and talk a bit about the Kyrie article that dropped on ESPN this week before finally throwing some dirt on Houston and Harden's recent melt-downs just before getting injured. Then, to wrap it all up, Joe and Sham have the HOTTEST take about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard and discuss the worst diet in history. It's a great time so give a listen!You can follow Sameek on Twitter @shamshammgod, on Real Ball Insiders and Piston Powered. Subscribe to The SuperFlight on iTunes at
January 7, 2018
SuperFlight - 84 - The Bulls Are Winning? With Tyler Pleiss
"Twas the week before Xmas and all through the pod, Joe's talking about Bulls wins with a guy from a Blog. This week, on the glorious return of the SuperFlight, I talk to long time friend of the podcast, Tyler Pleiss. We break down the Sixers loss to the Bulls, Mirotic's return to the court and the winning streak, broken faces, unsung hero's and a bunch of other random stuff. This is my holiday gift to you so enjoy!You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss 
December 21, 2017
Just this one time, the SuperFlight is going to be hijacked by THE DUNK TALES PODCAST. It's a brand new show with James Holas a.k.a. Snottie Drippen and Joe Borelli a.k.a. your favorite campfire philosopher and host of the SuperFlight. Going forward these will be two separate podcasts but we wanted to debut it here in order to gain a little traction and let you know what's going on. Don't worry, the SuperFlight is not going anywhere but the DUNK TALES is going to be all NBA and a whole lot of fun! Follow us both at @SnottieDrippen and @JoeBorelli and on the Almighty Baller network. 
December 15, 2017
SuperFlight - 83 - Sixers vs Pistons with David Fernandez
Boy, that was some game the other night, huh? If you're a Sixers fan listening to this podcast it's going to be right up your alley. If you're a Pistons fan listening to this podcast, there's still plenty to enjoy.  Friend of the show David Fernandez joins Joe this week to talk about the game and the amazing strides the Pistons, in particular Andre Drummond, have make this year. Once that's all over, they dive slightly into what's going on in OKC and what the team can do to correct the losing ways. There's a lot of fun stuff in this one so enjoy! On a side note, be sure to listen to the opening of the pod for the Joe Borelli guarantee and let's get some iTunes reviews going!You can follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantula and on Inside The Cylinder on the Almighty Baller network.
December 4, 2017
SuperFlight - 82 - Clippers Talk with Aaron Fischman
Aaron Fischman of On The NBA Podcast joins Joe this week to talk about the Clippers struggles and where they go from here. Will the Clippers trade DeAndre? Will Blake be able to figure out the fourth quarter woes? Will Doc be back next season? Will the Clippers rebuild and what would that mean for the fan base? All of these questions will be answered plus what's up with Kawhi and can the Wizards keep winning without Wall? It's a fun conversation, have a listen.You can follow Aaron on Twitter @ByAaronFisch and On The NBA Beat Podcast, right here on the Almighty Baller network.
November 28, 2017
SuperFlight - 81 - Way Too Early All-Stars with Tim Tompkins
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let's talk turkey (it couldn't be helped) about the All Star team. This week Joe has a story for you and then Tim Tompkins joins Joe in some awesome nothing-about-basketball talk, so if you want to skip all the fun and go right to the All Star talk, go right to the 28 minute mark. Then Joe and Tim get into a debate about how many Sixers are going to make the team, the Wiggins vs Covington debate, the who's better Simmons or Embiid debate and if DeRozan is actually a great player, They spend way less time on the West but it's fun nonetheless. You're going to love this pod.You can follow Tim on Twitter @RadioTimNBA and at The Drive and Dish Podcast and The Suns Solar Panel podcast, right here on the Almighty Baller network. 
November 22, 2017
SuperFlight - 80 - The Celtics Win with James Holas
SuperFlight in the house! It's a bit delayed but better late than never, right? So, the Celtics beat the Warriors last night and James Holas breaks the game down for Joe with the pride of a father who just witnessed the birth of his team of adult sons. Then Joe takes a turn gloating about Embiid, Covington's new contract and a bunch of other nonsense. It's a good one, enjoy!You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and on
November 18, 2017
SuperFlight - 79 - Bledsoe Finds a New Salon - with Greg Esposito
Well, it's been a minute but Joe's back and ready to talk nonsense for about ten straight minutes. After that, Greg Esposito joins the show to talk about the Eric Bledsoe trade and what it means for the Suns, Bucks and the All Star team. This and so much more coming at ya! Enjoy.You can follow Greg on Twitter @Espo and on the Suns Solar Panel podcast on ABPN
November 9, 2017
SuperFlight - 78 - Oh, Oh, It's Magic..and Cavs and MEM, BOS, MIL and Halloween! - With @SnottieDirppen
Happy Halloween everyone! Joe's back to break down some NBA stories and share a Halloween story as well. Tonight, James Holas is back as well to break down exactly what's going on with the Cavs and if the Magic and Pistons are for real and tell you about how he feels about trick-or-treaters. Also be sure to tweet at James and let him know he needs a new mic. It's a pretty SPOOKY pod, enjoy!You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and on 
November 1, 2017
SuperFlight - 77 - Trouble in AZ and Early MVP - With Dave DuFour
Another week of basketball, another bunch of crazy, awesome things happened. Dave DuFour is here to break down the craziness in Phoenix to the chances of a Giannis MVP, and everything in between. Plus, Joe and Dave talk about how to really enjoy life and plumbing. It a lot of fun, enjoy!You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFourNBA and at RealGM and 
October 24, 2017
SuperFlight - 76 - Insult to Early Injuries - with @SnottieDrippen
We're just days into the NBA season and we have a plethora of injuries and James is here to talk about how bad the Celtics might be without Gordon Hayward. Well, there's that an a whole lot of swerving all over NBA topics cause Joe has a hard time keeping things together when he's drinking whiskey. It's fun and you'll enjoy it so listen to it!You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and at
October 20, 2017
SuperFlight - 75 - Embiid, Whiteside and Twitter debates with Max Rappaport
Well, Joe's favorite holiday is fast approaching and he's got a story about being a ten-year-old jerk, you're gonna love it. After that, Max Rappaport of the Step Over Podcast comes on the show to discuss Embiids contract extension, the budding rivalry between Hassan Whiteside and Embiid, Andrew Wiggins contract, and who's a better player - Wiggins or Covington. They wrap the whole thing up with some talk about the Makelle Futz injury and what's going on with his shot. Enjoy!You can follow Max on Twitter @MaxRapport 
October 17, 2017
SuperFlight - 74 - The Knicks with David Futernick
If you're looking for a really dumb short story, have a listen to the beginning of the episode it's pretty dumb and indicative of the life experience of one Joe Borelli. After you've had your fill of nonsense, Dave Futernick of TV, Film and The Super Hoopers, joins the podcast to talk more nonsense, but this time in the form of the New York Knickerbockers. It's a great conversation with a brilliant and typically tortured Knicks fan. Enjoy!You can follow David on Twitter @DavidFuternick and on a television somewhere
October 13, 2017
SuperFlight - 73 - Season Predictions with @SnottieDrippin
Oh boy, the season's almost here! It's like Christmas in October or Halloween in, well, October! James Holas joins Joe again this time around to talk about the Embiid signing, the awards for MVP, Most Improved, 6th Man and a few random awards you don't want to miss. Hang out, it's gonna be fun~You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippin and at 
October 11, 2017
SuperFlight - 72 - The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle
Woah, time really slips by quickly doesn't it. One day you're doing 14 podcasts in a row and the next thing you know, it's Saturday and the whole week has passed without doing one. Well, you're in luck cause the SuperFlight is back with Vince Miracle and ready to talk all about the Kings! Does Buddy Heild have any future? Will D'Aaron Fox scare Lonzo away every time they play? Can Bogdon win ROY? All of these questions will be answered, plus you'll hear the most epic stalling session ever by the end of the pod. Oh, and Joe also forgets everyone's name again. Stick around, it's a fun one!You can follow Vince Miracle on Twitter @VMCENTER and on The Kings Court Podcast. 
October 7, 2017
SuperFlight - 71 / FUZZ NBA Crossover - Eastern Conference Playoffs
It was a raucous Saturday night with Michael Keith and Byron James of the FUZZ NBA podcast. They joined Joe to talk about the potential playoff bound teams and a bunch of nonsense in between. Enjoy!You can follow Michael and Byron on Twitter @Michael_k_eith and @ByronJKnight
October 2, 2017
SuperFlight - 70 - OMG OKC, Westbrook! With @SnottieDrippin
Hey, Westbrook signed the biggest deal in NBA history! Also, people need to stop farting on the subway! Then James Holas joins Joe to break down the Melo trade and OKC's outlook for the season. It's a good time so hang out and give a liste.You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippin and at 
September 30, 2017
SuperFlight - 69 - What Can I Say, I'm a Sixers Fan - with Spike Eskin
It's a quick opening this time cause it's Media Day in the NBA and Spike Eskin from the Rights To Ricky Sanchez joins the show to talk all things Sixers. Before they get into that, Joe's asks Spike about his dislike of celery and they talk briefly about Joe's second favorite subject, running. Then, it's on to Ben Simmons chances at ROY, Embiid's health, Fultz fit on the team and so much more. Stay put, it's gonna be fun!You can follow Spike on Twitter @SpikeEskin and The Rights to Ricky Sanches, everywhere you download podcasts. 
September 25, 2017
SuperFlight - 68 - Jazzin' It Up with @SnottieDrippen
Man, this is a good one! First, if you wanna hear about life's little moments that just seem to pop out of nowhere to make you happy, listen to the opening. If you're in a hurry and don't care then skip to the 7 minute mark. After that, James Holas joins Joe again to break down the Jazz upcoming season and constantly call Rudy Gobert by his alternate name Rudy Gay. Don't ask. The guys talk about Donovan Mitchell, Gobert versus Hayward as the best player on the team last year and what to expect moving forward. Also, James thinks Jokic is a demigod. Come listen in!You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen 
September 23, 2017
SuperFlight - 67 - Suns and Stuff - with @RadioTimNBA
So, this week Joe has some really innocuous self-perpetuated dialogue about nothing but traveling to Pennsylvania to go to a wedding, If you want to skip this and get to the part where Joe has more innocent dialogue about quitting smoking, meatless Monday's and forgetting things, skip to the 6 minute mark. After Joe and Tim are through talking nonsense the do a deep dive into the Suns upcoming season, Devin Booker's chances at being a superstar, TJ Warren being a fun player with upside and a whole lot about Josh Jackson. Stick around it's a lot of fun plus, Joe has to mix in some Sixers talk cause he just can't help himself. You can follow Tim on Twitter @RadioTimNBA and The Drive and Dish Podcast as well as The Solar Panel on The Almighty Baller Network!
September 20, 2017
SuperFlight - 66 - Just Horsin' Around with @TweetofMattHill
Oh, you're going to love the story this week. Yes, it's a few years old but it's a good one. If you want to skip right to NBA talk, jump the the 8 minute mark. This week, Matt Hill of the Super Hoopers joins Joe on the podcast to talk everything Lonzo Ball and the Lakers. It's a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and actually kinda mean (sorry Lonzo) at times. Give a listen!You can follow Matt Hill on Twitter @TweetofMattHill and at The Super Hoopers on the Almighty Baller Network
September 16, 2017
SuperFlight - 65 - Detroit Pistons Preview with @The_Fernantula
It's football time but who cares, David Fernandez is on the SuperFlight to talk about the Pistons! Joe and David break down the upcoming Pistons season, if Reggie Jackson will be healthy, what Avery Bradley brings to the team, Stan Van's position in the front office, how many Diet Coke's he drinks in the morning and lots more. Stick around, it's a good one!Follow David on Twitter @InsidetheCylndr and @The_Fernantula 
September 10, 2017
SuperFlight - 64 - PDX'in It Up - With @DMarang
Mercy sakes alive! There is nothing going on in the NBA, well, except the pre-season preview of the Portland Trailblazers. This week Dan Marang of Blazers joins Joe to break down the Blazers off-season and upcoming NBA season. They talk about Dame's chances to make the All-Star game, if Nurkic will be a solidifying presence and get them into the playoffs, Neil Olshey's re-up with the team and all about really large humans. Stick around, it's gonna be fun!You can follow Dan on Twitter @DMarang
September 9, 2017
SuperFlight - 63 - The Bulls, a.k.a. Who Are These Guys? With @Tyler_Pleiss
What, a second episode this week? You got it! Tyler Pleiss, friend of the show and Bulls blogger, joins Joe to break down the upcoming Bulls season, have a few beers and laugh at the dumpster fire that the Bulls have become! Is there any hope for the season? Did they pick the right guy in the draft? Will Cameron Payne be the dancing king he was brought to Chicago to be? Listen along and find out!You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss and on SB Nations's Blog A Bull 
August 31, 2017
SuperFlight - 62 - To Trade Or Not Trade Kyrie, That Is The Question - with James Holas
Vacation is over and Joe is back with a disgusting story about birds and bowls but if you wanna skip that and get to the good stuff, skip to the 4 minute mark. This week James Holas visits the show again to break down what in the hell is going on in Cleveland and Boston and preview Boston's upcoming season. There's lots of winding conversation, as is typical for the show, and even a heated debate about having too many good players. Give a listen and enjoy!You can follow James on twitter @SnottieDrippen and on ABPN at The Bod Pod
August 26, 2017
SuperFlight – 61 – Kyrie, WTF? With James Holas
Summer, it is the best time to be a fan of the NBA, apparently. So many things are happening and James Holas joins Joe to help break it all down. From Kyrie to Chris Paul, Paul George, racist fans and analytic egg-head twitter, this episode has everything you've ever wanted in a podcast. Enjoy! You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen
August 2, 2017
SuperFlight – 60 – Oh, Summer League… with Ashwin Kamath
Man, it has been a minute, right? Joe's back this week with three hilarious stories of fights, throwing things into traffic and traffic court. But, if you wanna skip all that and hear about what Summer League is really like, skip to the 12 minute mark of the podcast when Ashwin Kamath, A.K.A. Ghee, of the Ridin' The Pine podcast joins the show to talk all things Summer League and why you should go next year. Hang out and give a listen as Ghee expounds upon and waxes poetic about the joys of summer NBA! You can follow Ghee on Twitter @GheeDota
July 19, 2017
SuperFlight – 59 – Offseason Madness with Coach Dave DuFour
So here's the deal, the MTA can be scary as hell. Give the first 9 minutes a listen if you want to know why, but if you want hear about the crazy off-season so far skip that part and listen along as Coach Dave joins Joe this week on the SuperFlight. The show starts with some draft recap and the happy's and sad's of NBA Draft night, then pretty quickly moves to talk of what's to come for the free agent bonanza. Plus, if you don't know how to shoot a basketball you might just learn something in the process. The craziness is upon us, enjoy!
July 1, 2017
SuperFlight – 58 – NBA Mock Draft-alooza with The FUZZ NBA
Oh man, this draft day is going to be so good and back by popular demand to discuss all thing NBA Draft are Michael Keith and Byron James of the FUZZ NBA podcast! Everyone's favorite Aussies drop a like to talk to Joe this week about the Sixers and Celtics trade and project exactly how the lottery will go down this year, as they play NBA GM. Joe's voice is a little unnerving this week due to illness but hey, ya can't keep a good man down! So join Joe and the FUZZ for some serious nonsense and lots of fun! You can follow The FUZZ NBA on Twitter @TheFuzzNBA or anywhere you find your podcasts.
June 18, 2017
SuperFlight – 57 – The End Is Near – with Dave DuFour
OMG, are these Finals over yet? Coach Dave DuFour joins Joe on the podcast this week to talk about Game 4 and what everyone is hoping will be the last game tonight...right after Joe tells you what it's like to live with the ghost of a dead turtle for 20 years. If you don't care about turtles, just forward to the 8 minute mark. So sit back, grab a beer, watch the finals and enjoy this podcast. You can follow Dave on Twitter @CoachDaveDu4
June 12, 2017
SuperFlight – 56 – The Sixers off-season – with Jon Hill
Wow, these Finals, huh? This week on the SuperFlight, Jon Hill of Super Hoopers NBA Podcast, joins Joe to talk about the finals and all things Sixers. They get into a conversation about LeBron's greatness, the possibility of a Warriors sweep, and who's going to win the series, then spend the rest of the episode breaking down their favorite team the Sixers. There's some Hinkie hot takes, some draft conjecture and lots of distain for one center who might still be on the team. Have a listen! You can follow Jon on Twitter @JHillDahMean
June 5, 2017
SuperFlight – 55 – Lord, We Were Born Rambling Men – with Tim Tompkins
Happy Memorial Day everyone! This week, Tim Tompkins joins Joe to talk about playoffs, draft picks, the finals and a little bit about R.E.M.. They're all over the place and it couldn't be more fun. Enjoy! You can follow Tim on Twitter @radiotimNBA
May 29, 2017
SuperFlight – 54 – The Lakers Keep Their Pick – With Daman Rangoola
Keep net neutrality! That's the topic for the week and it's a short one so if you don't care about watching whatever you want, free information or this podcast (yes, this is a guilt trip), than fast forward to 6:00. After that, Daman Rangoola joins the show again to discuss the All NBA Teams, the Lakers getting the #2 pick in this year's lottery and Lottery conspiracy. Hang on to your hats, it's a good one! You can follow Daman on Twitter @Damanr
May 22, 2017
SuperFlight – 53 – Still More Playoffs – with Greg Esposito
If you like 80's movies and soundtracks you should really listen to the first 8 minutes of this weeks show, as Joe breaks down one of his favorite new bands. After that, Espo joins the show to talk about the playoffs, the inevitability of the Warriors and Cavs showdown, the Boston and Washington series and why both teams can consider this season a success, something about really expensive shoes and more about the NBA draft lottery. If you like the Suns you should check that last bit out. Hang tight and enjoy the ride! You can follow Greg on twitter @Espo
May 16, 2017
SuperFlight – 52 – More Playoffs – with David Fernandez
Ever wonder what it's like to ride the NYC Subway? Well, Joe lay's it out for you in glorious detail this week on his opening ramble but if you just want to hear about the NBA skip to 8:30. After that, David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder podcast comes on the show to talk about the Warriors potentially sweeping the Jazz and where the Jazz go from here, the Rockets and Spurs matchup, Cleveland being so done with Toronto and Washington vs Boston. Hang out and give a listen! You can follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantula and @InsideTheCylndr
May 8, 2017
SuperFlight – 51 – The Raptors Are Coming, Hooray, Horray! – With J.E.Skeets
This week, after Joe takes you on a joyous ride through life as an adjunct instructor in graduate school (fast forward to 8:40 if you want to skip this part), J.E. Skeets of The Starters drops a line to talk all things Raptors. For those of you who don't care about running, skip the first part but this is probably Joe's favorite subject these days. After that, Skeets gives his thoughts on the ESPN layoffs, podcasting and all things Raptors, plus a bit about some Western conference matchups and where the Clippers go from here. Enjoy! You can follow J.E. Skeets on Twitter @jeskeets and The Starters on NBA TV nightly.
May 1, 2017
SuperFlight – 50 – What The Bulls?! With Tyler Pleiss
Oh the Bulls, I mean really, what can you say? Oh, Joe and Tyler Pleiss of Blogabull have plenty to say about this playoff series. After Joe gives his weekly insight into his boring, yet somehow unceasingly odd, personal weekly adventures (9:30) Tyler Pleiss drops a line to talk all things Bulls, from last night's game to the future of the franchise and then more playoffs in general. It's a lot of fun so hang out an enjoy! You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Peliss
April 24, 2017
SuperFlight – 49 (again) – Playoffs and Really Random Things – with Tim Tompkins
NBA Playoffs! Yes, it's already started by the time you download this but who cares, NBA PLAYOFFS! Oh, there's also this opening about being a drunk teen in a band but if you want to skip that story and get right into the already outdated playoff talk skip to the 9:43 mark. After that, Joe has Tim Tompkins on the show from the Drive and Dish podcast to talk about some of the most interesting first round playoff matchups they can't wait to see and some random things about having a podcast, in general. Give a listen! You can follow Tim Tompkins on Twitter @RadioTimNBA
April 16, 2017
SuperFlight – 49 – The Race To The Bottom – with Daman Rangoola
Ready for some nonsense about puppies and dogs? Well, listen to the first 6 minutes of the show, if not, skip to the 6:23 marker and get right into the basketball with Joe and returning guest, Daman Rangoola. This week, while everyone is busy talking about playoff seeding and matchups, Joe and Daman talk about the race to the bottom of the league and what that means for the Lakers specifically. Joe also talks about it distain for DLo's demeanor and goes down a Hinkie rabbit hole, a year after he left the Sixers. They finish up with some ROY talk (it has to be Embiid) and why Brogdon will probably get it over Saric. It's a great listen for your Monday commute, enjoy! You can follow Daman on Twitter @DamanR
April 10, 2017
SuperFlight - 47 - Westbrook as MVP with - Chris Axmann
This week, after Joe talks about mice in the fridge and a certain TV show he no longer watches (that he might start watching again), Chris Axmann joins the podcast to talk about Russell Westbrook and the MVP race. Be warned, Joe and Chris talk a little politics to open the show, so if you don't want their perspective on this, skip to the 12:30 mark and save yourself the anger of liberal musings. After that, there's talk about what "value" actually is, Nurkic's injury and well wishes for his former team, Melo's day's being numbered in New York and possible trades and a much of other random stuff. After they're done talking about the NBA, Chris makes a really BIG announcement about the network that you might be interested in. This episode was easily as much fun to make as it will be to listen to so enjoy! You can follow Chris Axemann on Twitter @AlmightyBallin and on the ABPN network at
April 3, 2017
SuperFlight – 46 – Houston, We Have Playoffs! – With Salman Ali
After giving his nonsensical ramblings a week off last week, Joe's back with more ramblings about art and almost accidentally maiming a celebrity! If you want to skip this part, forward to the 7 minute mark in the podcast. After that, Salman Ali of Red Nation Hoops joins the show to talk about all thinks Houston Rockets, James Harden's MVP chances, 6th man award, Coach of the year and how far the Rockets will make it in the playoffs. Give a listen, it's a blast! Follow Salman on Twitter @RedNationHoops and
March 27, 2017
SuperFlight - 45 - The Cavs and MVPs - with Michael Keith
Well, no opening dialogue to worry about this week everyone, Joe decided to stick to the NBA instead. This week, Michael Keith from The FUZZ NBA podcast joins the show to talk about about the Cleveland Cavaliers, their terrible defense heading into the playoffs, LeBron's MVP candidacy, playoffs and MVP's in general. Enjoy! You can follow Michael Keith on Twitter @ohbuckvintage and @TheFUZZNBA
March 19, 2017
SuperFlight – 44 – Let’s Go ‘Round The League – with James Holas
Boy, Joe says a whole lot of nothing this week in the opening ramble. If you want to skip that nonsense and get right to the good stuff, skip to the 8:39 mark. After that, James Holas joins the show to talk about some of the most exciting teams in the league...and the Pelicans. From Miami to Milwaukee, Dallas to Denver, they go around the league and discuss who's making it and who's not. Joe and James wrap it up with the Boston Celtics and why Isaiah Thomas is judged more harshly than most and the fact that even though no one is likely to get by Cleveland, it's still a great season. So, enjoy! You can follow James Holas on Twitter @JHolasHoops and on the ABPN at The Truth Podcast.
March 14, 2017
The SuperFlight / Debate-A-Bulls Crossover Extravaganza!
Well, you're in luck everyone, Joe's back for his second podcast of the week! If you want to skip Joe's weird diatribe about chivalrous behavior and passing judgement skip to the 8:00 minute mark of this episode. After that, Joe talks to Jordan Maly of the Debate-A-Bulls A Team podcast about the past, present and future of the Sixers and Bulls and how they're almost ready to gather an angry mob to protest their respective front offices. Give a listen! You can follow Jordan on Twitter @JordanCMaly and @debatabulls. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
March 2, 2017
SuperFlight – 42 – Oh Portland, Where did we go wrong? With Dan Marang
Joe Borelli is real jerk. Wanna know why? Listen to the first 5:38 of this episode and you'll know. After that, Dan Marang of Blazers Edge and Trailing Blazers podcast joins the show to talk about the future of the Trail Blazers, and if they should actaully be aiming for the playoffs or if the should call in the tank immediatly. Joe and Dan also talk a bit about the parallels between the Blazers injuries of old and the current Sixers injury problems, the Noel trade and who the Blazers should keep between Dame and CJ. It's a fun, informational episode any fan of the NBA would enjoy. You can follow Dan Marang on twitter @DMarang and @TrailingBlazers Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
February 28, 2017
SuperFlight – 41 – What took so long, Lakers? with Daman Rangoola
First, if you don't want to hear Joe ramble about drawing and finding his passion for antibotics, you should forward this podcast to 11:00. After that, Daman Rangoola joins Joe to talk about the Lakers and the jaw dropping events that have taken place in the last 24 hours. They also end up talking a little bit about Jalil Okafor (37:00) and about the DeMarcus Cousins trade (39:00) and how badly they feel for Kings fans, sorry guys. So hang out and enjoy! You can follow Daman on Twitter @damanr and check him out on 16 Wins a Ring. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
February 22, 2017
SuperFlight / Inside The Cylinder crossover
Sorry everyone, Joe's been laid up sick most of the week but he was healthy enough to jump on Inside The Cylinder with David Fernandez and Joey Mack this week. Have a listen as they talk about the state of their favorite teams, the Sixers and Pistons and all of the highs and lows that have been the 2017 NBA season. If you want to skip Joe's quick ramble this week, just forward to 6:06 in the pod and enjoy! You can follow David and Joey on Twitter @InsideTheCylindr or right here on the ABPN Network. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
February 18, 2017
SuperFlight - 39 - The Wonderful Wizards of Wall's - with Gary Jones
This week Joe tells a New Year story and some childhoood memories, then (9:47) Gary Jones from the Zardcast drops a line to talk Wizards. Is John Wall the best point guard in the East? Can they give the Cavs a run for their money in the playoffs and is Scott Brooks really a good coach? All this and so much more! Give a listen! You can follow Gary on Twitter @thegaryjonez Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
February 8, 2017
SuperFlight – 38 – Big Names, Big Problems – With Chris Axmann
This week Chris Axmann joins Joe on the SuperFlight to talk about some potential Carmelo Anthony trades, whether or not LeBron should be blasting the front office in the media for not getting him enough help, and as always, the train wreck that is the Chicago Bulls. If you want to get right to the NBA stuff and skip Joe's rambling thoughts about nostalgia just jump to 11:57 in the pod and save yourself some time. Either way, it's a good one this week, filled with lots of laughs and some actual NBA talk as well. You can follow Chris on Twitter @AlmightyBaller and subscribe to all of the podcasts on ABPN. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
February 1, 2017
SuperFlight – 37 – OMG, the Sixers! With Derek Bodner
The Sixers are on a real hot winning streak and they have Joel Hans Embiid to thank. Derek Bodner of Sixers Beat, guests on the SuperFlight this week to talk about Embiid's historic rookie season, TJ McConnell's game winner, Robert Covington's much improved defense and if The Process will be better than The Answer. So, join in and listen as this NBA podcast goes completely off the rails and has a Sixers field day. You can follow Derek on Twitter @DerekBodnerNBA. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
January 21, 2017
The SuperFlight Podcast – 36 – Midseason Madness! With Tim Tompkins
It's everything crazy this week on The SuperFlight Podcast and guest Tim Tompkins of the Drive and Dish Podcast, joins Joe to talk about some of the most insane stories half-way throught the season. From T-Wolves and Blazers to Rose and Rondo, you're going to need a mental health check-up by the time they're done. So grab some headphones or a boomin' stereo and give a listen! You can follow tim on Twitter @radiotimNBA and @driveanddishNBA and subscribe to their podcast on iTunes et all. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
January 15, 2017
SuperFlight – 35 – All Stars all FUZZ NBA
This week Joe joins Byron James of The FUZZ NBA podcast to talk about NBA All Star voting, potential first-timers and the ongoing wager between the FUZZ and SuperFlight about Joel Embiid's potential all start bid. If you're a fan of all stars and Aussies, this episode is definitely up your alley! You can follow Byron on Twitter @TheFUZZNBA and check them out at Enjoy! Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at
January 9, 2017
SuperFlight - 34 - Take that Step! With Daman Rangoola
Are you ready to hear about some of the most exciting and surprising rising stars in the NBA? Well, right after Joe gives you his glowing review of one of his favorite new albums, he's got ya covered! Guest Daman Rangoola or 16 Wins A Ring and The False Hypothesis Podcast, joins Joe this week to talk about some of the most exciting players in the NBA and a little bit about the Lakers and Sixers in general. Grab some headphones and listen as Joe and Daman discuss Porzingis, Giannis, Embiid and more.
January 7, 2017
SuperFlight NBA Podcast Ep. 33: David Fernandez and NBA New Year Resolutions
Happy New Year everyone! Joe's back after a bit of a holiday layoff, with guest David Fernandez of Detroit Bad Boys and now Inside The Cylinder Podcast. After the usual ramble about the holidays and general nonsense, Joe and David talk about New Years resolutions for some of the most interesting teams in the league. Be safe out there and Happy New Year!
January 2, 2017
SuperFlight – 32 – Trevor Magnotti and the Cavs
Merry Christmas Everyone! Joe's back with guest Trevor Magnotti of FanSided The StepBack and Fear the Sword. Joe starts off with a little antic dote about running in the cold and then calls Trevor to discuss all things LeBron and the Cavs chances at repeating as NBA champs. If you like goodbyes, chaffing and 80's spoof videos, this episode might just be for you. Enjoy friends!
December 20, 2016
SuperFlight – 31 – With Michael Keith from The FUZZ NBA Podcast
That's it, Joe is losing his mind. After recording, then deleting, then recording again in an ever-so-slightly less volatile tone, Joe finally had his opening. Then, after calming down and gathering some thought, Michael Kieth of The FUZZ NBA podcast stopped by from Sidney, Australia to say hi and talk about the NBA! Joe and Michael talk some Aussie NBA players, Embiid and Ben Simmons and why Nerlens Noel is better than MCW. It's been a long time since someone came to the studio to visit, so excuse the frantic, allover the place pace. Have a listen! You can follow Michael on Twitter @TheFuzzNBA
December 6, 2016
SuperFlight – 30 – with Tyler Pleiss and Everything Bulls
Well, here we are again! Joe's back this week with special guest Tyler Pleiss of SB Nations Blog A Bull, to talk about some Bulls and their hot start - last night excluded. They get into Wade's leadership, Butler's chances of becoming an MVP and whether or not Rondo will tear the team apart. All this, plus Joe gives you his opinion on some new music and why you should listen! Enjoy friends! Follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss and check him out on Blog A Bull at SB Nation
December 2, 2016
SuperFlight – 29 – Big Men and Thanksgiving with Daman Rangoola
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week's podcast comes just in time to escape the undoubtedly crazy conversation that we're all going to have this year. So, pop on some headphones and find a nice dark corner, and listen to Joe talk about the resurgence and evolution of big men in the NBA! Daman Rangoola joins the show again this week from sunny LA to talk about NBA centers and the surprising Lakers hot start. Follow Daman on Twitter @damanr and check out the False Hypothesis podcast and website. Happy turkey activities!
November 23, 2016
SuperFlight – 28 – With Sandy Mui and the Nets
Well, it's been a crazy and somewhat depressing week but Joe rallies to bring you some stupid opinions on the election and how to stay up-beat. After his rant, Joe is joined this week by Brooklyn Nets blogger, Sandy Mui to talk all things Nets and Brook Lopez's new three point shooting skills. You can follow Sandy on twitter @sandymui1134 and check out her writing at
November 16, 2016
SuperFlight – 27 – Relax, It’s Only Four More Years!
Hey everybody! Joe's back and more excited than ever to have some NBA to talk about. This week, return guest and friend of the podcast David Fernandez joins Joe to talk about OKC's hot start, the Lakers winning games and news around the league. It wouldn't be a complete podcast if they didn't also talk about the Pistons and Sixers. So listen in and take your mind off this crazy election. Follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantula and at SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys.
November 9, 2016
SuperFlight – 26 – 12 Crazy Predictions for the Upcoming NBA Season
Well, don't blame me, you asked for it. Here's the first official SuperFlight NBA season predictions. If you think this is ridiculous feel free to Tweet the show. Happy NBA!
October 26, 2016
SuperFlight – 25 – with David Fernandez and everything Pistons
Well, we're two days away from NBA! This week Joe talks with Pistons blogger David Fernandez about the Pistons upcoming season and how young all of the Pistons are! You can follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantual and on SB Nation as David Fernandez. Enjoy!
October 25, 2016
SuperFlight – 24 – with NY artist and Suns fan Dave Pierce
This week Joe talks with New York artist and Phoenix Suns fan David Pierce, about the upcoming Suns season, predictions, hopes and dreams. If you like the Suns and want to hear about how much it sucks to get so close to winning the championship but never quite making it, you've come to the right place! You can follow Dave on Twitter @dpiercemedia and at his website
October 21, 2016
SuperFlight – 23 – with Spike Eskin
This week Joe talks to Spike Eskin of Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast about the Philadelphia 76ers upcoming season. We talk about Joel Embiid and his supernatural abilities and half-marathons! You can follow Spike @SpikeEskin and his podcast @RTRSpodcast on Twitter. See you next week!
October 9, 2016
SuperFlight – 22 – With Daman Rangoola
Welcome back to The SuperFlight Podcast! This week Joe has a very special guest, Daman Rangoola, to talk about all things Lakers and their upcoming season. You can follow Daman on twitter @damanr and his writing on Enjoy!
October 2, 2016
SuperFlight – 21 – Media Day
Welcome back to the NBA! It's media day around the league and The SuperFlight Podcast is stoked! Joe gets into a few things happening around the league and then goes off the deep end on the Sixers volatile big man situation. Hope you enjoy!
September 27, 2016
SuperFlight – 20 – With Brooklyn Artist Steph Costello
It's a beautiful Sunday in Brooklyn and Joe has a very special guest on the podcast, Brooklyn artist Steph Costello. Steph's work can be found at or on Twitter @Stephrok1. If you want to hear about cross-culture between the NBA and the art world, have a listen. You can follow the show @SuperFlightpod on Twitter, email, listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.
September 11, 2016
SuperFlight – 19 – Just Checking In
Joe's flying solo this week and it's been a while! Pardon the lag while he shakes off the rust and brings you some thought on the state of the NBA...mostly the Sixers. It's a short one this week but more to come soon so enjoy! You can follow on Twitter @superflightpod, you can download on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Google Play and on the website at
September 8, 2016
SuperFlight – 18 – Uptick In Dick Pics – More NBA Offseason
Welcome back to us! It's been a few weeks but the guys are back and laughing more than ever! Mike talks about patriotism and random city smells, while Joe works on his radio voice and wonders about being punched in the face. It's a bunch of laughs and a whole lot of random thought, enjoy! Follow us at @superflightpod SoundCloud Stitcher Google Play and iTunes
August 9, 2016
SuperFlight – 17 – It Puts The Process On Its Skin: More NBA Offseason
This week is a very short session cause we're flat out of things to talk about. You can follow @superflightpod on Twitter iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Google Play or
July 26, 2016
SuperFlight – 16 – Sandy Pickle – the NBA offseason
Welcome to the summer edition of the SuperFlight podcast, in which, the guys talk about very little that's happening in the NBA right now. Sometimes, you just have to talk about the summer in the city and sandy pickles. You can contact us on Twitter @superflightpod Email at And follow along on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Google Play
July 17, 2016
SuperFlight – 15 – Dancing With Mr. Coldstone: NBA Free Agency
This week, Joe and Mike talk about free agency moves around the NBA, and there are many! They wrap up with some chat about bands reuniting and other weird stuff. Tweet at us @superflightpod Email Follow on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play and iTunes
July 11, 2016
SuperFlight – 14 – NBA Free Agency and Conspiracy Theories
Well, it's just about free agent time in the NBA and the guys have some takes on who goes where. They didn't have time to get a Random Wrap-Up in, unless you count conspiracy theories about why the Cavs won the NBA Championship. Happy 4th of July, it's free agency time! If you want to get in contact you can reach us at,, on Twitter @superflightpod or download on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud or Google Play
July 1, 2016
SuperFlight – 13 – A New Fan Low
This week Joe and Mike have an extra long discussion about the finals, the draft, trades and everything in between. They wrap it up with some Brexit nonsence and general summer absurdity. If you want to get in touch you can email us at, visit the, on Twitter @superflightpod or download on Stitcher, Google Play or iTunes.
June 26, 2016
SuperFlight – 12 – Jakob! Polo! – The 2016 NBA Draft
Welcome to the first annual SuperFlight NBA Draft Moctacular™, in which Joe and Mike do a deep dive into the upcoming draft. There's also a quick Finals preview and the Random Wrap-Up will make it's triumphant return next week, we're taking summer suggestions! If you want to get in touch or send us your questions, you can find us at @superflightpod on Twitter, or simply leave a message on Soundcloud or rate us on iTunes.
June 20, 2016