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The Teacher Education Podcast

The Teacher Education Podcast

By The Teacher Education Podcast
There aren’t many podcasts for a teacher preparation audience—that’s why we created The Teacher Education Podcast. It’s a space to share important stories and research across the country. We discuss topics like preparing candidates for certification, strategies fo improving teacher retention, tips for supervisors, and the latest research on teaching methodologies.

Each episode includes a pithy, in-depth interview with a teacher preparation professional. We know you’re busy, so we try to keep our podcasts under 20 minutes. It’s the perfect length for your work commute or work-out session.
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12: Advocating for Special Education with Dr. Jane West

The Teacher Education Podcast

15: Hard-Earned Recognition for the Pre-K Classroom with Tabatha Rosproy
Tabatha Rosproy, 2020 National Teacher of the Year, highlights the crucial role of early childhood education and the issues educators face in the pre-k classroom. 01:04  Introducing Tabatha Rosproy 02:28  Recognizing Early Childhood Educators 04:24  Preschool in a Nursing Home 06:49  Tips for Training Early Childhood Educators 11:36  Engaging Young Children Amidst the Pandemic 13:36  Facilitating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) 16:53  The Magic Wand Question 17:44  Lightning Round video with captions:
September 29, 2020
14: Good Schools for All Students with Dr. Grenot-Scheyer
Nearly 8% of the nation’s teachers graduate from California State University. That places a lot of responsibility on today’s guest, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Educator Preparation and Public School Programs for CSU, Dr. Marquita Grenot-Scheyer. 01:04  Introducing Dr. Marquita Grenot-Scheyer 02:05  How Special Education Has Changed Over Time 05:24  Preparing Candidates in Teacher Education 07:34  Closing the Diversity Gap for Teacher Candidates 12:31  Advice for Administrators in Teacher Preparation 16:30  Preparing for the New Normal Amidst COVID-19 17:08  Lightning Round Video with captions:
August 25, 2020
13: Building the Best STEM Educators with Dr. Anni Reinking
Elementary teachers have the responsibility to incorporate a STEM curriculum into their classrooms, but integration can be difficult. For some insight and ideas, I interviewed Dr. Anni Reinking. 00:57   Introducing Dr. Anni Reinking 03:28   Preparing Teacher Candidates for Diversity Within the Classroom 07:13   The Challenges of Integrating STEM Curriculum Into Elementary Settings 08:59   What STEM Should Look Like 10:43   Girls’ Interest in STEM Fields 13:32   3 Ways to Integrate STEM Into Your Classroom 17:13   The Magic Wand Question 18:39   Lightning Round Link to full transcript: coming soon Link to video: coming soon
July 21, 2020
12: Advocating for Special Education with Dr. Jane West
The current pandemic exposes and multiplies the challenges for special education and teacher prep programs. For some insight on this topic, I talked with Dr. Jane West. 01:04   Introducing Dr. Jane West 02:37   Special Education Teacher Shortages 05:53   Helping Students With Disabilities During the Pandemic 09:46   Reinventing Roles in Education 14:56   3 Ways to Better Prepare Special Education Candidates 21:16   The Magic Wand Question 22:40   Lightning Round FULL TRANSCRIPT:
June 23, 2020
11: 20 Years of Preparing Candidates Online: A Workshop with Dr. James Mitchell
With 20 plus years of experience preparing teacher candidates online, Dr. James Mitchell is an invaluable resource for teacher prep professionals looking to create a sustainable online learning environment for their candidates this fall. 00:40   Paradigms for Online Education 04:34   Tips to Support Candidates Online 06:04   Common Online Teaching Concerns 08:44   Equity and Accessibility in Online Courses 10:38   Fostering Teacher-Candidate Relationships Online 12:28   Preparing Teacher Candidates for Online Supervision 14:30   Debunking Online Education Myths 16:03   A Healthy Transition to Teaching Online 19:09   Q&A Session Link to full transcript: Link to video:
June 9, 2020
10: The Illusion of Strengthening Equity in Education with Dr. Paul Gorski
With all of the discussion, research, and effort around equity in education, are we making any headway? Dr. Paul Gorski provides teacher prep programs with ideas of how to strengthen their equity efforts. 01:22  How Equity in the Classroom Has Evolved 04:09  The Illusion of Equity in the Classroom 07:13  Entering Teacher Education With Integrity 10:23  Advice for Teacher Ed Programs 15:25  EdChange and the Equity Literacy Institute 16:43  Lightning Round Link to full transcript: Link to video:
May 26, 2020
9: Educators Rising Looks to Fill the Teacher Shortage
Can teacher academies help solve the current teacher shortage? Lennon Audrain shares his perspective, research, and experience with teacher academies and Educators Rising. 01:01  Educators Rising and Lennon Audrain 04:06  Are Teacher Academies Helping the Teacher Shortage? 08:19  3 Ways to Modernize Teacher Academies 12:01  Clinical Practice and Pre-Collegiate Teacher Candidates 13:18  Partnering with Teacher Prep Programs 18:14  The Magic Wand Question 19:15 Lightning Round Link to full transcript: Link to video:
May 12, 2020
8: Navigating edTPA with Dr. Lisa Barron
As more and more programs and states adopt edTPA standards, teacher preparation professionals are thrown into the proverbial deep end. To help you navigate those edTPA waters, we interviewed Dr. Lisa Barron. 00:49  Introducing Dr. Lisa Barron and Austin Peay State University 05:20  Challenges in Teacher Preparation Programs 07:20  The Early Learning Teacher Residency Program 09:49  Impacting the Teacher Shortage 11:42   edTPA Implementation 13:21  Advice for Piloting edTPA 15:17  The Benefits of edTPA 18:55  The Magic Wand Question 19:58  Lightning Round Link to full transcript: Link to video:
April 28, 2020
7: Equity in the Classroom with National Teacher of the Year, Rodney Robinson
What should equity in the classroom look like? For some perspective, we interviewed the 2019 National Teacher of the Year, Rodney Robinson. 01:26  Coronavirus and Educational Inequities 02:51 Sylvia Robinson 04:49 Know Your Students 07:34 The School-to-Prison Pipeline 12:39 Teacher-Student Relationships 14:40 Equity and Teacher Preparation Programs 17:04 Diversity in the Teaching Profession 21:00 3 Ways to Build Equity in the Classroom 25:17 The Magic Wand Question 26:50 Lightning Round Link to full transcript: Link to video:
April 14, 2020
6: Challenges of Online Learning with Tierney Barcarse
Teaching online this semester? Tierney Barcarse shares her experiences and tips for teaching online courses to prepare teacher candidates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 00:42 Teacher Preparation in Hawaii 02:35 Challenging Supervisions 06:18 A Solution for Remote Supervisions 08:50 Tips for Teaching Online Courses 15:15 Online Learning in Teacher Preparation 16:46 The Magic Wand Question 17:55 Lightning Round 19:22 Career Advice for Teacher Preparation Link to full transcript: Link to video:
March 31, 2020
5: Why We Stay: Teacher Retention with Suzanne Beasterfield
Teacher retention is a perennial topic these days. In order to better understand why certain teachers stay, we chatted with Suzanne Beasterfield about her research. 00:45  Introducing Suzanne Beasterfield and Idaho State University 03:23 A Pilot Study on Teacher Retention 06:16 Suzanne’s Findings 11:09 Higher Education’s Role in Teacher Retention 13:57 Administrators and Teacher Retention 15:27 Gender Insights and Future Research 17:18 The Magic Wand Question 17:45 Lightning Round Link to full transcript: (coming soon)
March 17, 2020
4: Talking CAEP with Dr. Christopher Koch, President of CAEP
Today we talk all things accreditation with CAEP’s president Dr. Christopher Koch. He shares some useful CAEP tips and his perspective on accreditation in the United States. 0:42 Introducing Dr. Christopher Koch and CAEP 02:55 The Makeup of CAEP 04:21 Challenges and Looking Forward 07:00 CAEP vs. Other Accrediting Bodies 08:46 Resources and Advice 17:30 The Magic Wand Question 18:43  Lightning Round CAEP Website: Link to full transcript:
March 3, 2020
3: 100 Years of ATE with ATE President Dr. Christie McIntyre
The Association of Teacher Educators is turning 100! We sat down with ATE president, Dr. Christie McIntyre, to discuss ATE’s legacy, current policy initiatives, and the exciting future of micro-credentialing. 0:36 Introducing Dr. McIntrye and ATE 2:56 Today’s Modern ATE 5:43 Teacher Performance Assessments 8:37 Micro-Credentialing in Teacher Preparation 13:25  The Magic Wand Question 16:42 A Playbook for State Leaders 18:26 Lightning Round 19:57  ATE Annual 2020 Meeting ATE Website: Link to full transcript:
February 14, 2020
2: You Can't Handle the Feedback! with Dr. Jennifer Jordan and Dr. Amy Broemmel
Can preservice teachers handle hard feedback? Dr. Amy Broemmel and Dr. Jennifer Jordan say they can. These two professors from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville explain the roles of hard feedback and autonomy to foster professional development in teacher candidates. 1:37 The Role of Supervisors and Feedback 7:07  Diversity at The University of Tennessee 9:58 The Enrollment Problem 13:54 Teacher Preparation Ten Years in the Future 14:53  The Magic Wand Question 18:13  Lightning Round Read the Full Transcript:  Watch the Video:
February 4, 2020
1: A Perfect Match: Interns and Mentors with Dr. Michelle Adler
A little matchmaking may save you time in the long run. Dr. Michelle Adler, the Elementary Education Program Chair at Wichita State University, shares her strategies to strengthen candidate relationships with faculty and mentors. 2:02  Welcome to Wichita State University 3:14 Matching Interns and Mentors 7:42 The Enrollment Shortage 10:28  Building Relationships With Candidates 12:30 Teaching Strategies 13:48 The Role of Technology in Teacher Prep 15:52 The Magic Wand Question 17:50 Lightning Round Link to Full Transcript: Link to Video:
February 4, 2020