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The Trauma Bond Podcast

The Trauma Bond Podcast

By Chas and Nicole

The Trauma Bond Podcast is hosted by Chas and Nicole

Think of this podcast as a verbal meme, memes are funny because they usually relate to unhealthy coping that we all do. Let us be your meme connoisseurs and join us on this journey of collective unhealthy coping.

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It's the little wins.
We took our first family vacation and survived! Well for now, Nicole is on the cusp of a 30 years of life crisis.  We've migrated platforms! If you have any trouble hearing this podcast where you normally listen, please send us an email:
June 09, 2022
Passed out on the floor.
This week we talk about all the fun of celebrating our 2 year anniversary and Nicole fulfilling her dream to be able to take care of Chas. Follow us on instagram and don't forget to subscribe!
May 19, 2022
All the signs were there pt. 2
We finally got around to finishing this email from a listener who struggled navigating through an addiction with her then boyfriend. This situation gets very intense. Support this podcast at —
May 05, 2022
A few less likes
This week we discuss our new show we love to hate 'The Ultimatum', although there are some similarities into our relationship. However, we know 2 years isn't quite long enough to declare an ultimatum. Support this podcast at —
April 20, 2022
All the signs were there pt. 1
Nicole finally showed up for a podcast recording. Still shaking off some rust so bear with us while we figure this out. We're back to reading emails and this one is a lot to get through so we're splitting it up into at least two parts. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast! Support this podcast at —
April 06, 2022
A dose of nostalgia
On this episode, Chas has a long time friend in town and they talk about stories from the past 20+ years that they've been friends. No Nicole on this episode, she couldn't make it to the recording.Support this podcast at —
March 17, 2022
I waited all week for this.
Nicole has some real dedication to this podcast, so much so she keeps stories / events to herself even though she really wants to share them just so she can share it for the first time on the podcast. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it worth it? I guess we'll find out. Follow us on instagram and subscribe on YouTube Support this podcast at —
January 27, 2022
Hanging on by a thread
We're back, again. It was obvious that you guys missed us so we put our fighting aside and come together to record a new episode. Support this podcast at —
January 13, 2022
You think I can afford a yacht?
Special guest episode! We got to talk to Dr. Nadine formally the wife of "The Wolf of Wall Street", yes, that wolf of Wall Street. Nicole was very excited for this interview so this was her first lead on an interview. Support this podcast at —
July 22, 2021
Maybe you shouldn't have a gun
This week it's just us! No official guest stories but a couple of stories by proxy. We're still trying to get a hang of this new schedule so we apologize for the long gap between episodes. Support this podcast at —
June 24, 2021
Guess we'll never live together
We're still trying to get a hang of this new schedule so we apologize for the late release. Trauma Tale entry from our favorite "Rachel" on behalf on her husband "Bill" and well let's just say we understand why his mom was the way she was in a previous email. Support this podcast at —
June 03, 2021
A little rusty
We're back! Finally after a several month hiatus we've returned. This episode shows just how long it's been since we've recorded a podcast and is like the first episode all over again. We apologize for the poor audio quality but we tried our best to make it at least listenable. The next one will be better, promise! Support this podcast at —
May 13, 2021
Good-Bye for now
Due to some circumstances in our personal life we're going to stop this podcast for the foreseeable future. Thank you to everyone who helped support us during this journey, we had a lot of fun! Support this podcast at —
April 01, 2021
You wear hoochie shorts
Chas and Nicole talk about childhood crushes and oddly a lot about sports. Nicole discovers in the event of a break-up her next bf has to be a Clemson fan because she’s too far invested in Clemson sports now. We also read an email about sabotage from a partner’s parent. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok: thetraumabondpodcast Subscribe on YouTube: Support this podcast at —
March 25, 2021
Are we fixed now?
This week we wanted to provide you all with some actual useful insight into potentially fixing your issues. Although we still believe laughing is beneficial to our coping we felt we should offer some alternatives. Enjoy this episode with our guest Riana Milne. Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok: thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
March 18, 2021
Love during lockup
This week we read a story about one listener's experience working in a prison which lead to dating someone in prison and the obvious red flag that they didn't see in that logic. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
March 11, 2021
Almost the end
Well, we almost didn't make it here. Nicole and Chas had a big fight last week while recording the podcast so that episode got thrown out and this one was created last minute. Last minute but still the typical love and banter, this time. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
March 04, 2021
Not enough red flags
This week we get another peek into Nicole's childhood trauma and see just how it is that she ended up the way that she is followed by some fundamental differences in the relationship. Chas once again is right about something and Nicole insists she's right, and of course a "Trauma Tale" to wrap it all up. We have a new website, check it out! Follow us on TikTok and Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
February 25, 2021
How do I fix myself?
In this episode, we take a good look into some of Nicole's insecurities & sexual complexes. We also read an email full of twists & turns that lead us on many tangents along the way, per usual. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
February 18, 2021
Together until we die.
If you're not already planning what you're going to take in the event of a divorce are you even in a relationship? Nicole doesn't think so. This week is our normal banter with a trauma tales story that could've easily turned into a story on the local evening news. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Send your stories to Support this podcast at —
February 11, 2021
It's cheaper to keep her
In this episode, Chas tells an actual "ghosting" story & Nicole talks about dating a schizophrenic... The 2 of us also read an email that's full of trauma. Support this podcast at —
February 04, 2021
She stabbed me twice
This week we are joined by Nicole's friend who has a terrible history of dating toxic women, including an ex who stabbed him, twice! Tune in to hear about why dating apps may not be the best way to go. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
January 28, 2021
Now we're toxic!
In this episode, we talk about a joke that went too far & opened a huge box of insecurities for both Chas & Nicole. We also discuss the dating struggles of a single parent. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast. Have a crazy, funny or toxic story to tell? Send it to us! We're always looking for new stories to read, send us an email at or checkout if you're interested in coming on the podcast Support this podcast at —
January 21, 2021
The Break-up Text
Chas' friend stops by to talk about a long term friendship turned sour then somehow Chas gets gained up on by the two girls about his "commitment issues" and as things usually do, it goes too far. Support this podcast at —
January 14, 2021
Real life 90 day fiance
Happy new year! Chas and Nicole break their New Years resolution before it even starts. New year same bickering, and a special trauma tale that sounds like it’s directly out of the TLC handbook. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok: @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
January 07, 2021
2020 sucked but it wasn't a TOTAL waste! We gave you guys this hilarious podcast so... You're welcome! Here is a wrap up of some of our favorite stories from our past episodes. & For all you newbies wondering what we're all about, here ya go! Support this podcast at —
December 31, 2020
Orgasms will do that to you
Our final episode of 2020! Maybe. As always this episode starts with a bit of bickering about how Nicole does nothing for the podcast but takes a turn into actually finding things she can do. No guest this week so we read some Trauma tales and struggle together to get through it. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Email us your stories: Support this podcast at —
December 17, 2020
Two birds, one bone
We have a friend of Chas' come on and talk about trauma in her life that Chas got to witness first hand. We also get down to the root of some other trauma and life choices. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
December 10, 2020
Sisterly Love
Nicole's sister stops by to talk about how the most traumatic thing that ever happened to her was her older sister being born with plenty of stories to back it up. Send us your stories! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
December 03, 2020
Everyday, run of the mill.
Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode we give some updates from previous episodes and talk about our terrible experience at a winery for Nicole's birthday and how we almost broke up recently. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok: @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
November 26, 2020
The Love Contract
This week we're joined by a guest who's been with the same guy for 10 years!?! We talk about hardships with that and dig into some past relationship trauma. Support this podcast at —
November 19, 2020
Guess I'm in the Army now
Chas gets together with a couple of his veteran friends and exchange stories from basic training, deployments and active duty life. 22 veterans commit suicide every day, 8,030 a year. If you are struggling with PTSD know that you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Foundations mentioned in the podcast: Operation Rally Point The Murph Challenge Heroes First Foundation Paws 4 Vets Support this podcast at —
November 11, 2020
Hot Mess Express
Nicole gets banned from Facebook for making death threats, Chas talks about how he got stalked by a girl on the internet via a radio station and how all his friends turn him in and we read our very first "Trauma Tale", a new segment where we read email entries from people since getting people in studio seems to be an issue. Support this podcast at —
November 05, 2020
Chas' cousin comes to visit and unplanned they end up recording a podcast episode without Nicole. Needless to say Nicole was less than happy. Chas and his cousin talk about life growing up in a very religious family in the south suburbs of Chicago. Want to be on the podcast? Visit to learn how! Follow us on Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
October 29, 2020
Not wife material
Nicole has a dream that Chas broke up with her because she wore pajama's during a podcast recording. Chas talks about getting into fights in school and together we discuss some ins and outs in our relationship. Follow us on instagram @thetraumabondpodcast Support this podcast at —
October 22, 2020
That's when things get wet
This week we talked to a friend of Nicole's and hear about all the drama between her and her roommate of just a few months and really dive into where her trauma may have started at a young age. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us! Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast Twitter @traumabondpod Support this podcast at —
October 15, 2020
Squeeze the rubber on
This week we talk with a long time friend of Chas', Marissa. Marissa tells us all about her struggles with online dating and what lead her to trying a match making service that costs thousands of dollars.Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on social media!Instagram: @thetraumabondpodcastTwitter: @traumabondpodSupport this podcast at —
October 08, 2020
Morning Delight
We're back! You guys asked for more episodes of just Chas and Nicole and now you have it. We're working on a new schedule to provide more episodes of just the two of us and changing up our format a little. Follow us on Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast and on Twitter @thetraumabondpod Support this podcast at —
October 05, 2020
My first American girlfriend
In this episode we talk with one of Nicole's friends, Fadi. We talk about his first experiences in the U.S. with girls as well as a threesome that went too far. Follow us on Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast and on Twitter @thetraumabondpod Support this podcast at —
October 01, 2020
Face down in the pool (bonus content)
We had so much to talk about in this episode that we talked for almost 2 hours. The bulk of the important stuff was in the main episode but there were some good and funny parts we didn't want to leave out so enjoy 20 minutes of more content. Support this podcast at —
September 25, 2020
Face down in the pool
On this episode we do a deep dive into Chas' traumatic experience with his ex when he had two friends come visit from out of town. We also get the perspective of his neighbor at the time and close friend, Chris. Support this podcast at —
September 24, 2020
He came all over my sheets
We have our first guest! This episode has a lot of sex talk in it and that's just how we all are when we're around each other. Lesya talks about some online dating as well as propositioning Nicole several times and some previous sexual encounters. Support this podcast at —
September 22, 2020
Almost too trusting
Episode 1! We've officially started our podcast. In this episode we break down how the format of the podcast will be moving forward. We also go into what our relationship is like and some of our earlier trauma/funny stories. Follow us on Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast.Support this podcast at —
September 17, 2020