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The TravQue Show

The TravQue Show

By The TravQue Show

From his infamous skits to his diverse range of fictional characters, The TravQue Show highlights Trav and all his diverse personalities. From his unique perspective, Trav navigates the ins outs of a variety of cultural topics such as: social issues, sports, music and more, leaving the listener both informed and highly entertained.

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Mental Health Wellness: Weekend Vibes

The TravQue Show

Investment Advice For the Culture feat. Jordan Awoye
Have you ever been strapped for cash before? Or have you ever wondered how other people earn money through investing in the stock market? In this episode, TravQue brought on his good friend Jordan Awoye (@jordanawoye), an investment advisor and managing parter of Awoye Capital, to share critical tips you need to know before you start investing.  Don’t forget, new episodes roll out every two weeks! Connect with @TravQue on Instagram and share your ideas on what topics you want him to cover next!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
September 04, 2020
No Friend Zone (They Know Better)
Sometimes when guys take a girl out on a date, they believe they’re in the beginning stages of a fruitful relationship, but in reality, all they’ve earned is a one-way ticket into the ‘friend zone.’ In this episode, TravQue and his close friend and actress, Rosy R. (IG: @itsrosy) shared a different outlook on dating through a woman’s perspective. Be sure to follow @TravQue and @Fueledbyculture on Instagram to get the latest information about the show! New episodes to be released every other week!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
August 21, 2020
Mental Health Wellness: Weekend Vibes
Fueled by Culture is proud to introduce the newest installment to our network, The TravQue Show! Hosted by TravQue, Internet personality, entrepreneur, and actor, Trav shares his personal stories and unique perspectives on a variety of cultural topics while leaving the listener both informed and entertained.  In our first episode, TravQue walks both himself and listeners through a mental health check. Have you found a healthy outlet for your pent-up emotions throughout this global health pandemic? Check out how Trav and his good friend, Cedra Starks, have learned to manage their emotions during this unprecedented time.  Stay tuned for future episodes to be released bi-weekly. Follow @TravQue and @Fueledbyculture on Instagram for bonus content!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
August 06, 2020