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Turnip Talk

Turnip Talk

By The Turnip of Terror
Long-form conversations with The Turnip of Terror himself on medieval history and reenactment, narrations of select articles, and other collaborations with other living historians.
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What Is a Reenactor?
The term reenactor can mean a number of different things, but when it comes to medieval living history and reenactment, what makes a reenactor a reenactor? Like and share if you want others to hear. Subscribe if you want to be alerted for more.  This podcast was made possible by the support of the community through Patreon. If you find this content valuable, consider joining on Patreon for as little as $1 per creation. Visit the website for primary content  Visit on Facebook Attribution: Château de Guédelon
April 15, 2021
Interview With Not Another Costuming Blog
I talk with Callie from Not Another Costuming Blog about wool, fiber, and fabric both as a historical curiosity, and how it applies to living history. 
December 15, 2020
So... A Turnip?
I have narrated one of my oldest articles detailing my thoughts on why I chose the turnip for my heraldry.
June 24, 2020
Pilgrim Progress Challenge Aftershow
Matt of The Agincourt Soldier and I discuss and review our experience with running the Pilgrim Progress Challenge. We also toss about ideas of what we plan on doing next year when we reprise the event. In addition, Matt talks about a fundraiser he is currently running raising money to help combat food insecurity in rural America. You can find more info about it on his Facebook page, through the Full Plates organization, or by contacting him directly at info
May 25, 2020