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The Two Things You Shouldn't Talk About

The Two Things You Shouldn't Talk About

By The Two Things You Shouldn't Talk About
Have you ever heard the old saying "You should never talk about religion or politics" and wondered - why not?

Welcome to The Two Things You Shouldn't Talk About, where we talk about all the juicy stuff relating to Religion, Politics, our beliefs, and how they all work together in today's world.

This podcast promotes no agenda or ideology - we only seek to further understanding of all the different, complex and interesting views that people hold.
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S2 E10: SAMUEL SEY (SLOWTOWRITE) on Critical Race Theory, Abortion and the Pursuit of Truth
For our Season 2 Finale, I am joined by blogger Samuel Sey, also known as Slowtowrite on social media. We discussed his experience growing up as an immigrant from Ghana in a single parent household in Canada, and how fatherless and the welfare system negatively affect black families. We also discussed his work as a pro life advocate, and whether or not Critical Race Theory is helpful or harmful for the church.   THE TWO THINGS NETWORK:
March 29, 2021
S2 E9: PHILIP ZACH on Faith, Art and The Music Industry
On this week’s episode we’re joined by musician and producer Philip Zach. We discussed his time on the road touring with Remedy Drive, the creative heart of God, what Art and Music means in the digital age, and his journey towards reconciliation with his brother after leaving the band they formed together.    Philip Zach is a musician and record producer from Lincoln, Nebraska. A founding member of Remedy Drive, he toured full time, playing over 200 shows a year around the world for nearly a decade. He is now the Executive Producer and owner at The Grid Studio, and also does photography and graphic design.  THE TWO THINGS NETWORK:
March 29, 2021
S2 E8: Valentine Furniss - From Mormonism to Christianity
On this episode, Valentine Furniss discusses her experience growing up as a Mormon, and her decision to leave the LDS Church to become a Christian. We also talk about whether Christians and Mormons can be in fellowship, and some of the differences between the two faiths.   THE TWO THINGS NETWORK:
March 29, 2021
S2 E7: Austin Roberts and John Carosiello on Free Will, God’s Plan and The Gift of Prophecy
Austin Roberts is a Bible teacher and staff member at YWAM Rostrevor, a base with a focus on forgiveness and reconciliation.   John Carosiello is the Lead Pastor of CITG (Church in the Gardens) in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also the host of Testing The Prophets, a YouTube channel that looks at popular prophecies and holds their prophets to account based on empirical evidence.   Testing The Prophets:  
March 13, 2021
S2 E6: JIM PFAFF on Capitalism, Conservative Politics and the Church
On this episode I am joined by Jim Pfaff, former congressional Chief-of-Staff, political advisor and host of Against Nice.  We discuss capitalism and the Bible, the state of conservative politics, and differences between church culture in the US and the UK.  Check out their podcast on their website below:
March 7, 2021
S2 E5: LIBERTARIAN CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE - Freedom, The State and The Bible
This week, Doug Stuart and Dr. Norman Horn from the Libertarian Christian Institute join me to discuss what the Bible says about topics such as Liberty and the state, and whether or not left-wing measures such as the minimum wage actually do more harm than good.  Their new book, Faith Seeking Freedom, is available now on Amazon. 
February 18, 2021
S2 E4: THE SUBSTANCE PODCAST TEAM on Discernment, Theological Differences and Politics in the Church
On this episode we are joined by Philip, Trevor and Vincent from The Substance, a podcast aiming at being Biblical, Thoughtful, and Human, and engaging the culture without the culture war. We discuss the need for Christians to be discerning when learning, how to handle theological differences with our brothers and sisters, and how to talk about politics in a healthy way in church settings.   THE TWO THINGS NETWORK:
January 17, 2021
S2 E3: BAILEY MULLENS on Podcasting, Knowing God and Being Created Curious
Bailey Mullens is the host of Created Curious, a podcast that explores life through conversations, ideas, and stories. Their goal is to piece together an understanding of reality and learn how to lead a God glorifying life.
January 13, 2021
S2 E2: JARED WILLIAMS on Financial Planning, Charity and Christian Investing
Jared Williams is the founder of Biblical Wealth Solutions, a Christian financial advisory firm where he and his team help families achieve financial freedom using Biblical and non-wall-street investments, so they can have the freedom to do what God has uniquely called them to do.   Jared is also the host of The Biblical Wealth Podcast and the Building Biblical Families Podcast.     Check out their website below - Jared has recorded a special message for our listeners:
January 13, 2021
S2 E1: LUKE SOUCINEK on Education, Christian Private Schools and Inspiring the Next Generation
On this episode we were joined by Luke Soucinek, a history teacher who works at Covenant Community School in Lake City, FL. He discusses his experience working at a Christian private school, as well as his observations about the education system and how he inspires children in his class.
December 29, 2020
Episode 10: ANN WIDDECOMBE on Brexit, Socialism and Why She Became Catholic
On Episode 10, Ann Widdecombe joins us to talk about Brexit, and why she called Nigel Farage to join the Brexit Party, why she opposes socialism and collectivism, and why she left the Church of England to become a Catholic.   Ann Widdecombe is a former Brexit Party Member of the European Parliament, and Conservative Party MP. She also served as Minister in Prime Minister John Major’s Government. She is also a popular TV personality, having taken part in TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing.
December 29, 2020
Episode 9: WILL WITT on "The Religion of Green", Conservative Politics and Engaging with Leftists
On this episode of The Two Things Podcast I am joined by Political Activist, Filmmaker and PragerU Influencer WILL WITT. We talk about Conservative politics, how to change the minds of leftists, and his new film "Religion of Green".
December 29, 2020
Episode 8: Presidential Candidate Shawn Howard
Shawn W. Howard is running for President of the United States in 2020.  He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, having previously served as Chief Investment Officer for a publicly traded bank. In his own words; "Politicians in Washington only cater to the extreme left and right of their parties. As an Independent, I will listen to both sides of every argument and make fair and reasonable decisions based on the information before me. With a centrist political viewpoint, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans and help bring people together. "
October 8, 2020
Episode 7: All Things Libertarian with Q. the Abolitionist and Kevin Lee
Q. the Abolitionist and Kevin Lee are Christian Libertarian podcasters - Q. is the host of Unshackled Liberty, and Kevin is host of The Kevin Lee Show.  On this episode, we discuss Libertarianism and Christianity, and views on a range of topics such as Taxation, the Military, Government and Healthcare.   Check out their shows below:   Q. THE ABOLITIONIST:  Unshackled Liberty Podcast -  Twitter:   KEVIN LEE: The Kevin Lee Show -  Twitter -   THE TWO THINGS NETWORK:
October 8, 2020
Episode 6: Rev. Dr. David Coulter - Bringing God to the Front Lines as an Army Chaplain
Rev. Dr. David Coulter is a Church of Scotland minister who served as Chaplain General and head of the British Royal Army Chaplains' Department from 2014-2018.   JOSH:
October 5, 2020
Episode 5: John Carosiello on Testing Prophets, Hearing God's Voice and Spiritual Gifts
John Carosiello is the Lead Pastor of CITG (Church in the Gardens) in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also the host of Testing The Prophets, a YouTube channel that looks at popular prophecies and holds their prophets to account based on empirical evidence. Testing The Prophets:   JOSH:
September 22, 2020
Episode 4: KYLE MANN (The Babylon Bee) discusses Christian Satire, Fact Checking and Fake News
Kyle Mann is the Editor-in-Chief of Christian satire website The Babylon Bee. He also hosts their podcast with Ethan Nicolle.  KYLE:   JOSH:
September 11, 2020
Episode 3: CORKY FRENCH - Police, BLM, and Being a Chaplain
Corky French is a Police Chaplain working with Williamson County, Franklin and Nolensville Police departments in Tennessee, and the Founder and Senior Minister at Community Outreach Ministries.    Other COM programs include AFFIRM (A Friends and Families of Inmates Resource Ministry), working with Williamson County Jail, Outside the Lines, which ministers to high school athletes in public schools and Ezrah Connection, a program that works to help support caregivers.   JOSH:   PLEASE NOTE: At 55 mins, I incorrectly said "The death of Jacob Blake" instead of "The shooting of Jacob Blake"
September 10, 2020
Episode 2: DR. PAUL DJUPE - How Religion Affects Views on Politics, Trump and Covid-19
Dr. Paul Djupe is a political scientist at Denison University specializing in religion and politics, social networks, gender and politics, and political behavior. He was the coeditor of Politics & Religion (2011-2016) and blogs primarily for   JOSH:
September 10, 2020
Episode 1: Alex Atwell on Faith, His "Controversial" Music, War, and Peace and Reconciliation
Alex Atwell is a Northern Irish missionary working with YWAM. He is also a musician, releasing music about political and societal issues from a religious perspective.   Find him on:  Spotify -  Alex Atwell  Youtube -
September 10, 2020