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Exploring the world of Ultimate in the stories of the people who play it.
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Sarah Meckstroth and Semi Pro Expansion

The Ultimate Podcast

Sarah Meckstroth and Semi Pro Expansion

The Ultimate Podcast

Ernest Toney and Return to Play
One of the newest members of the USA Ultimate board joins the show to talk about his new position, his idea of the future of ultimate and how his experience working to promote minorities in the legal cannabis industry could translate to USA Ultimate, both when it comes to increasing diversity and advancing as a business. Ernest also provides a high level overview of how the sport needs to adapt and grow to reach new audiences and position itself to accommodate new players.
January 28, 2021
Chris Lehmann and Spirit of the Game
Science Leadership academy founder and boys ultimate coach Chris Lehmann joins the show to talk about spirit of the game, racial bias and ways to increase diversity in the sport. 
August 3, 2020
Tayara Romero, Black Lives Matter and Coronavirus
This rising sophomore at Syracuse joins the show to talk about race and ethnicity in ultimate, her work with Discover Diversity and the importance of discussing a lack of diversity in the sport. Plus, Chris catches up on the what the community is doing in the fight for racial justice and cancellations caused by the coronavirus.
July 2, 2020
Sarah Meckstroth and Semi Pro Expansion
Minnesota Strike's and Drag'N Thrust's Sarah Meckstroth joins the show to talk about PUL expansion and some of the amazing experiences she has had in the sport. Plus catch up on the other new teams in the PUL and Boston finally getting an AUDL team to call its own. 
January 11, 2020
Carolyn Normile And Elite - Select Challenge
Get to know one of the newest stars on DC Scandal as Carolyn Normile talks her time on AMP, playing YCCs in Boston and why she chose to play with Scandal this year. Plus catch up on all of the results from Elite Select Challenge and Northwest Fruit Bowl ahead of the Pro Championships.
August 21, 2019
Anne Worth and U24 Recap
Hear from the Ultiworld Offensive Player of the Year and PUL Breakout Player of the Year Anne Worth as she talks about winning a gold medal in Germany and her favorite parts of the Premier Ultimate League season (12:49). Also get caught up with ongoing club action (1:24) and all three US gold medal teams at U24s (7:34).
August 1, 2019
Darryl Stanley And Club Season Preview
Hear from the coach of DC Truck Stop Darryl Stanley ahead of the upcoming club season about his expectations for the year, the depth of his competitors and why he continues to coach.
July 7, 2019
Shanye Crawford, Josh Feng And the Color Of Ultimate Game
Hear from two of the organizers and players in the Color of Ultimate game, showcasing and promoting diversity in the sport (7:10). Shanye and Josh break down the importance of the game and what they hope to accomplish through this event (18:30).
June 20, 2019
Mary Rippe And College Nationals Preview
Hear from one of the members of UNC Pleiades (11:23) as she prepares for college nationals, talks about her excitement for worlds this summer and reveals her role model for the game. Plus a D-III Nationals Recap (1:45) and a D-I Nationals preview (4:23).
May 24, 2019
Julianna Werffeli And College Regionals Recap
Get to know one of the up and coming stars in the women's club division and a former 2x national champion in college (16:55). Chris also breaks down all the action from college regionals (2:00, gives a mini preview on EBUC (8:36) and explains the new partnership with The Flatballer (36:16).
May 7, 2019
Angela Lin and PUL Opening Weekend
Ahead of the inaugural Premier Ultimate League season, get to know one of the founders and a former member of Atlanta Ozone.
April 19, 2019
Chris Wicus, Goose Helton and Stanford Invite
Two of the creators of GamePoint Performance join the show to talk about the world of training for ultimate athletes. Plus breaking down all the major results from Stanford Invite and FCS D-III Tune Up.
March 7, 2019
Nhi Nguyen and Commonwealth Cup
Hear from one of the members of the U-24 Women's National Team as she breaks down her first season without college ultimate and hopes to coach in the future. Plus catch up on all the action for a wet weekend at Commonwealth Cup and much more.
February 28, 2019
Jenna Weiner and the Transgender Ultimate Policy
Learn about the transgender ultimate community from one of the most vocal members of the community. Plus an inside look at the Nevada ultimate scene and some updates on major player movement in the AUDL.
January 17, 2019
Brittany Kaplan, Lili Gu and The Sky is Red
Get to know two of the creators of The Sky is Red as they discuss how they found the sport, their goals in creating this film and why they continue to stay involved with the ultimate community. We also cover some storylines about the upcoming Premier Ultimate League, including the announcement of its latest franchise.
January 10, 2019
Domenica Sutherland and AUDL Update
Texas Melee's Domenica Sutherland joins the show this week to talk about her fifth year of college, defensive footwork and the importance of discussing mental health. Also an update on the state of AUDL franchises.
December 21, 2018
Tulsa Douglas and Nationals Picks
Get to know one of the best D-III college players in recent years and a member of Boston Brute Squad as she gets ready to compete at Club Nationals. Plus, learn more about her approach to mental toughness and where she can trace it back to.
October 17, 2018
Tom Kennedy and Club Nationals Overview
Get to know one of the earliest pioneers of the sport of ultimate, playing and promoting the game on the west coast starting in the 1970s. Since then, Tom has gone on to help push the boundaries of the sport and continues to stay involved in the community with his work for Ultimate Peace, looking to solve conflict in the Middle East through ultimate. Music: I Still Believe (Instrumental) - Frank Turner
October 12, 2018
Elana Schwam and US Open Preview
Hear the story of one inspiring member of Boston Brute Squad as she explains her path to joining the elite women's team and how she leaned on them when she fought her own battle with Melanoma. Plus, get a preview of the upcoming US Open Championships. Music by Harsh feat. Jacob Wayland
August 2, 2018
Sergio Ramirez and WUCC
Hear from captain of Mexico's Fenix Ultimate about the team's expectations entering WUCC and the moments he looks forward to most in international competition. Also get caught up on all that happened at WUCC in Ohio, with some stories from my trip! Music by Harsh feat. Jacob Wayland
July 26, 2018
WUCC Preview with Akshat Rajan
AK and Chris ramble on previewing WUCC 2018 on their long drive from New Jersey to Ohio. Check it out for some fun predictions and discussion about the tournament!
July 17, 2018
Charlie Hoppes and WUCC
For part two of the interview with Charlie Hoppes, we talk about the unique nature of coaching at a Christian school and how mental health is viewed in our country today. Plus get a recap of the wild weekend at the Pro Elite Challenge. Music by Harsh and
July 12, 2018
Charlie Hoppes and Pro Elite Challenge
Hear from the coach of Philadelphia Patrol about the program he helped build in the city that has set the team up for long term success and learn some tips on how to start coaching. Plus, a preview of the first leg of the Triple Crown Tour, including insight from Hoppes on his team's chances in a loaded pool. Music by Harsh
July 6, 2018
Valerio Iani and Social Emotional Learning
Hear part two of Valerio Iani's interview, this time focusing on Social Emotional Learning. Also some big announcements and an update on some early season club tournaments. Music by Harsh and
June 28, 2018
Valerio Iani and D-III College Nationals
This week, I chatted with the founder of Oakland Ultimate to discuss his introduction to ultimate in Europe and the future of youth ultimate. Plus a wrap up of D-III College Nationals and a preview of D-I College Nationals. Music from
May 24, 2018
Ryan Belline and YULA
Hear from the coach of one of the top youth programs in the country on his view on referees, gender equity and YCCs. Also catch up on some major college and high school action from around the nation. Music from
March 24, 2018
Evan Lepler and Beau to New York
Tune in to hear from the "voice of ultimate" as many call him. Evan Lepler talks about the future of the AUDL, the league boycott and his own ultimate history. Plus, catch up on all the action from Stanford Invite. Music from
March 9, 2018
Codi Wood and Stanford Invite Preview
Hear from one of the growing names in college ultimate about his experience as a grad transfer and winning a gold medal for the United States. Also get set for a big weekend of college ultimate focusing mostly on Stanford Invite. Music from
March 4, 2018
Trent Dillon and Santa Barbara Invite
Listen in to hear the former Callahan Award winner discuss his stance on the AUDL boycott, which goes way beyond just gender equity and his experiences playing internationally. And get caught up on the Santa Barbara Invite in the college division. Music from
February 8, 2018
Charlie Eisenhood and AUDL Women's Teams
Listen in to the founder of Ultiworld Charlie Eisenhood as he talks about his passion for journalism and the origins of the ultimate news site. Also catch up on a wild week of news in the AUDL with women's teams and a new partnership with the Euro Stars Tour. Music by
January 25, 2018
Holden Cookson and the United Ultimate League
Listen in to learn about a well-traveled ultimate player talk about his adventures playing in England, Ireland, Mexico and Maine, occasionally quitting his job to make it happen. Also, get caught up on the newly proposed professional ultimate league set to start play in 2019. Music from
January 19, 2018
Eileen Murray and U-24 Worlds
Here from the new coach of the New York Empire on why she is choosing to stay in the AUDL. And get caught up on the U-24 World Championships being played in Perth, Australia and a glimpse of the upcoming college ultimate season. Music from
January 11, 2018
Mike Denardis and AUDL Franchise Relocation
Hear from an AUDL owner in the midst of the boycott as well as his view on the future of college ultimate. Plus, catch up on the new locations for AUDL franchises. Music from
January 5, 2018
Tiina Booth and the AUDL Boycott
Hear from one of the most accomplished youth ultimate coaches ever and the founder of the National Ultimate Training Camp, Tiina Booth. Plus catch up on the state of the AUDL boycott. Music from
December 16, 2017
Gwen Ambler and The Sky is Red
Hear from a former Fury and Riot player, now coaching in Seattle. Gwen Ambler talks about inequality, her failed attempts to retire and which title was the best one to win in her career. Also catch up on some AUDL news and learn a bit about The Sky is Red. Music from
November 17, 2017
Claire Chastain and Varsity Ultimate
Talking to one of the most top club players in the country about gender equity, coaching and the growth of ultimate. Plus, catching up on club awards and some big news for youth ultimate in Vermont. Music by
November 9, 2017
Marques Brownlee and Club Nationals Recap
Youtuber and pro ultimate player Marques Brownlee joined the show to talk about the state of the Philadelphia Phoenix, diversity in ultimate and the grassroots of his channel, MKBHD. Also an overview of all of the finals at Club Nationals with a breakdown of who is headed to worlds. Music from
October 26, 2017
Ben Sadok and Club Nationals Preview
Former Callahan nominee and member of the U-24 national team Ben Sadok joins the show to talk about the origins of Boston Dig, his quick rise to stardom and the story behind his unique nickname. Also get one last preview before club nationals start. Music from
October 18, 2017
Lindsey Hack and AUDL Awards
Hear from the coach of Chicago Nemesis Lindsey Hack as she gears up for club nationals and recap the AUDL awards handed out to end the season. Music from
October 16, 2017
Jonah Wisch and Club Nationals Pools
Sitting down with a member of the U-24 Men's National Team who also runs his own Ultimate Training program WischFit. Get caught up on all of the match ups in pool play at Club Nationals as well. Music from
October 5, 2017
Sarah Davidson and Club Regionals Recap
Sitting down with the 2017 Ultiworld D-III Women's Defensive Player of the Year Sarah Davidson to talk about why she got into playing and the Ultimate scene in the Northwest. Plus, a recap of all of the major results from Club Regionals in all three divisions. Music by
September 27, 2017
Anthony Nunez and Club Regionals Preview
Listen to one of the most successful coaches in youth Ultimate talk about why he still loves the game and how he manages coaching on so many different levels. Find out which club regionals will be worth following across all three divisions. Music from
September 20, 2017
Akshat Rajan And Club Sectionals
Get to know one of the top videographers in the world of Ultimate and get a wrap up of all the major teams competing at Club Sectionals. Music from
September 14, 2017
Sadie Jezierski And Pro Flight Finale
Listen to one of the best college Ultimate players in the country talk about why she loves Ultimate and the significance of gender equality in the sport. Also, get caught up on all of the major results from the Pro Flight Finale.
September 7, 2017
AUDL Wrap-Up and Pro Flight Preview
Recap the exciting AUDL Championship weekend and get caught up in the women's, mixed and men's club divisions as the postseason approaches on the first episode of The Ultimate Podcast. Music from
August 29, 2017