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The Undefined Podcast

The Undefined Podcast

By Jared Palmer & Ken Wheeler
The only engineering podcast with a 2 drink minimum! Full stack developers Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler have peer-to-peer conversations with world-class engineers about software development.
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Moving the Web Forward with Sunil Pai
Sunil Pai is a Software Engineer at Facebook, React team member, and the creator of - Glamor. He joins us on The Undefined to talk about the state of the web, the past, present, and future of text editors and IDEs, how he learned to code, and how our community needs to evolve to survive. Featuring Sunil Pai – Twitter, GitHub Ken Wheeler – Twitter, GitHub, Website Jared Palmer – Twitter, GitHub, Website Links Stop writing code - Sunil's talk at React Europe 2018 The “Something” Statements - Sunil's talk at React Rally 2018 Visual Basic Neopets Adobe Flash Atom Editor Visual Studio Code List of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft TypeScript Prettier - Opinionated Code Formatter VSCode IntelliCode Extension - AI-assisted productivity features for Python, TypeScript/JavaScript and Java developers VSCode Color Picker Extension (aka "Fady Gradient "F**ker) Framer X Glamor - Sunil's CSS-in-JS library for react et al JSS Atlaskit by Atlassian - Atlassian's official component library Salesforce's Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) Sketch Symbols Glamor's CSS selectors (e.g. ":hover") JSX spec Vue-loader Scoped CSS React Hooks - They let you use state and other React features without writing a class. "My Coding Journey" - Revel Carlberg West @ ReactNYC React createClass Create React App - Set up a modern React web app by running one command. - CodeSandbox is an online editor that helps you create web applications, from prototype to deployment. AWS
March 14, 2019
The Future of JavaScript Tooling with Sebastian McKenzie
Sebastian McKenzie is a Software Engineer at Facebook and creator of Babel and Yarn. He joins us on The Undefined to chat about the ups and downs of open source software, what it's like to work at Facebook, and a brand new toolchain he's working on that blurs the lines between JavaScript transpiler, bundler, and framework.
February 12, 2019