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By The Virtual String
In the cosmic digital age, #growiththevs is our small initiative to empower businesses , creators and individuals. Whether its building a brand from scratch, breaking barrier, smashing stigmas or whether its struggling with strategies ,underperforming campaigns and differentiating between constructive criticism and negativity online.. We align and blend all elements of social media across industries And bring expertise of phenomenal people froM varied field at your disposal at no cost. Because why not, “Grow, Flourish & Conquer together”
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How to start a podcast | Monetise your podcast | Podcast content process | Popkast with Garima
Bringing to you a brand new and the final episode of Season 2 #growithTheVS with Kritika & Anjali. In today’s episode, we are talking about impactful & mind-altering conversations. We have with us someone who has been shattering stereotypes or as she calls it “stree-o-types” with her empowering & unapologetically badass podcasts and making brands, individuals, artists realise the power of audio, we have with us one and only the founder and host of @popkastwithgarima and the brains behind , a India’s first podcast marketplace company that in less that a year of its commencement was acquired by Sochcast, a topnotch audio platform. With her unpopular yet empowering and strong opinions, she has been unlearning those conservative norms, left an amazing job, started living her passion & flourishing at it with 300k plus podcast listens. Catch Garima Surana as she spills her secrets of Podcasting process, how to launch and monetise it & how to create and edit the audio content & every hack in between. Tune in now!
July 20, 2021
How to provide value as content creation |Measures against social stalking |Content creation process
Our guest on today’s episode is a mangaluru based creator, Satshya, who stands in solidarity with her opinions, works as content strategist at a tech startup , she blogs about food, fitness and makes the most fun and quirky educational content on language hacks and taboos. Satshya talks about her cooking videos, curating relatable and educating content, your professional work to the page that she runs to mobilise covid resources and she does all of it wholeheartedly. She precisely explains the effective measures that can be taken against social stalking. Her aim is to shun the narrow-mindedness deeply rooted in our system and open people to more ideas and thoughts. Her mantra is to walk with confidence and take the plunge, despite the criticism that will try to drown you like a gush of seawater. Tune in to the episode to know about the breakthroughs of her journey, know about her content creation process and how does she balance all of this together.
June 26, 2021
“You can heal your mind and body with mindful eating” ft. Ridhi Golechha | Mindful eating 101Guide |
In today’s episode of #growithTheVS, we are going to heal our relationship with mind and body. We have with us @ridhi She is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, from Colorado, USA, trained in rational emotive and cognitive behaviour therapy. Mindful eating relies on mindfulness, a form of meditation. Mindful eating is about developing awareness of your experiences, physical cues, and feelings about food. Ridhi elaborates on the how she heals and understand the wellbeing of mental and nutritional health of her clients and how these things work differently for everyone and leads to strong association between emotions, body and food. She talks about the ways how to cope, how to seek professional help from someone like her or for that matter how to get educated on a holistic level about mind body and nutritional techniques. Don’t miss out the game section in our final segment at the end. Stay Tuned. Website : Instagram :
June 18, 2021
How to be body positive & create funny content ft.Nandita | Rasode mein kaun tha spoof | Memes Trend
In this episode of #GrowithTheVS Season 2 we bring to you another amazing and talented guest who has created her own space on  digital platforms.   Nandita Shrivastava is a social media star, contestant of DID Super Mom, a captivating actress and creates quirky and wholesome content. And we can also address her as Kokilaben’s spoof character. She is an ultimate example of feeling beautiful in your own skin and defines how your passion can bring purpose to your life. She believes that once you are clear about which passions are leading you towards true purpose, you may feel called to start a purpose-driven passion project that benefits others. Bringing your purpose to life requires feedback in the real world, and having a solid plan to launch your passion project is vital to the fulfillment of your purpose. She is championing self love and body positivity & creates content that makes you laugh, her recipe to creating content is that she can adorably make people laugh through her hilarious content and comedy trends. She is also evolving to create a more wholesome and diverse content, taking a step towards normalising the reality of being human in all its glorious imperfections. If you are looking to kick off your mood with positivity and self-acceptance, catch her episode on our streaming channels & know some of her favourites in the play with The VS game at the end. Stay tuned & stay safe.
June 12, 2021
How to be a Mom & Lifestyle Bloggers & key to a work-life balance ft. Umang Baid | Blogging Tips
In this episode of #GrowithTheVS interview season 2 we have with us, Umang baid from new jersey is a mom, fashion and lifestyle blogger, has a 9-5 job, thats not it, also runs an event start up, and above all lives her life to the fullest. In the interview we talk about her journey, understand how essential it is for her to spent quality time with your family especially her daughter aanya as well as constantly hustle on the professional front so how has she normalised juggling between mom roles, job roles and not to forget her passion ? She also explains how she keeps up with consistency of creating the endearing content, & how to analyse whether its keeping up with the trends and staying relevant all the time. She believes everyone has their own style of parenting and there’s no wrong way to do it. But do watch her what she has to say when asked to smash a parenting taboo. And don’t miss the end, the games section is the most fun part. Know it all about Umang Baid.
June 4, 2021
How to Leverage Social Media as an Artist ft. Sankriti Shankar | Instagram Reels |Social Trolling |
Sanskriti Shankar is a homegrown, independent singer and a singing coach and someone who belives in breaking the stigmas and empowering the women around her. She was launched as 'Indian Music Lab Artist Of The Month' on Sony Rox and Sony Mix , she has also written and sang two songs Tu Woh Aadat and Taare Aayenge. In the interview we are talking about her unparalleled candidness on social media, how she leverage that as an extension of her career. She explains why its important to defy odds, be your rawest self on instagram, and not trying hard to fit in, the online world sometimes put others down, criticises and even gives certain label but its vital to not let anything affect you and live life at its face value. Follow us @ the below mentioned channels: Instagram: Podcasting channels: #GrowwithTheVS is an initiative by The Virtual String ( Kritika & Anjali Sethia) In the cosmic digital age, grow with the vs is our small initiative to empower businesses , creators andindividuals whether its Building a Brand from scratch, breaking barrier, smashing stigmas or whether its struggling with Strategies underperforming Campaigns and differentiating between constructive criticism and negativity online.. We align and blend all elements of social media across industries. And bring expertise of phenomenal people froM varied field at your disposal at no cost. Because why not, “Grow, Flourish & Conquer together”
May 28, 2021
Friends Reunion Madness| Friends characters still making big money| Highest Paid TV Actors
Friends is still as humorous as it was two decades ago.   One of the reasons why Friends is a legendary show is because it shows the struggles of early adulthood in a way that is eminently relatable to the younger generation and the rawness of the 6 characters rachel ross phoebe monica chandler and joey that we relate to Ever since the show has attracted a “cult following” with the comedy being discovered by a new generation of fans on Netflix. It is impressive how all of their jokes always crack people up still to this day without being out-dated and cringe-worthy. Friends may have ended 16 years ago, but the cast of the NBC sitcom is still making the big bucks. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends made its debut in September 1994, running a decade that consisted of 236 total episodes. But do you know that The cast of Friends still stands as some of the highest paid tv actors of all time. The production still makes large amount of money from reruns of the show and tge cast still get paid around $20 million a year each. This is a result of royalties made by the contracts they agreed upon in the past. The number might be surprising, but considering the on-going interest through syndication, the number is justifiable. The publicized contract details have also revealed that the pay rate Because Friends” is a cultural and emotional phenomenon that never seems to end!
May 28, 2021
How to become a master in sales both online and offline?- Sell Like Hell
Listen to Swastik Nandakumar spilling beans on mastering sales and how he failed number of times before and learned from his mistakes to be where he is today. Change your limiting beliefs about Sales Selling is about helping people solve their problems. Once you make this mindset shift, everything becomes so much easier. “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” — Steve Jobs Failure can show us what isn’t working in a career or goal and allow us to try to change that and to improve ourselves. It can also show us what does work and what we should keep doing. For example, if you try a certain business strategy and it fails it can teach you that you need to try a different approach because something about what you were trying wasn't working. Failing can also show us what’s really important. We don’t necessarily know what we want until something goes wrong. Stop overthinking and become an action taker Stuck in a rut? Thinking doesn’t help. The only way to get out of a rut is by taking massive action.
May 21, 2021
How to make your passion a medium to blog and earn ft. Archit Agarwal
Hello we are back with another episode of #growwiththevs.. this time not only will we share the wisdom but we are gonna have a little fun game with the guest. here’s a one to one little something from us to you.. while running a business , dealing with n number of clients in a day, mind us yall.. its so important to break the stigma’s the stereotypes the cliched way of doing a business or creating an art or a dish Our special guest in todays episode is Archit Agarwal some of you would also recognize him as architlost.. he is a food blogger.. and today we are gonna discuss with him the knows and hows of everything that surrounds ‘the digital food for thought and much more’ Let’s get to know what manifested Archit to become a food blogger and crack the code to grow digitally with only his passion for cooking , so much sothat platforms like tedx. Newsx, toi, the print and so many more have featured him to inspire millions.
May 9, 2021
Use Art(Dance) to Build your own Brand ft. Himani shah
hello and welcome back to another episode of #growithTheVS with Kritika and Anjali Sethia. We are dedicating today’s episode to all the artists out there. whether you are a dancer , singer , painter or in to any form of art , whether you are a budding artist just starting on social media or have a good amount of presence already but basically for those who want to grow because you love doing what you do and want your art to reach to more people.. stay with us and our guest till the end our guest today is from the field that is very close to our hearts as well.. she is Himani Shah. she is a choreographer.. has her own dance studio HDS.. let’s learn from her how to follow your passion, grow with right digital platform marketing, create your social media presence noteworthy and monetise your art. She will also disclose her secret of reaching newer heights with Instagram and deal with trolling positively.
May 9, 2021
How to use Canva & Carousels ft. Gent Huruglica
GrowithTheVS EPISODE -4 Ft. Gent Huruglica Carousels & Canva - The Game Changers In about 200 days of posting , Gent has managed to gain 31k + followers, with the help of 3C’s Watch the interview to learn about Gent’s Journey & the secret of 3C’s . Leave your queries for Gent and us to address and help you flourish.
May 7, 2021
Secret to Memes, Content & Reaching Masses ft. Vivid Bharati
Memes & Content Literacy In The Age Of Digital Branding ft. @vividbharti @postries Meme Marketing and Branded Content can be a hit or a miss but are inevitable elements of today’s Social Media Marketing Strategy. Let’s hear Rohit Bharti’s journey from @postries to @vividbharti and learn how to research, stay relevant, original & fresh, identify topical spot, create engaging content & reach masses. #growithTheVS
May 5, 2021
The tricks of UI/UX design ft.Khatabook
How UX Design create a series of touch points for your Digital Growth Hacking that resonates with your audience | Interview with ft. @vatsala Encompassing User Experience (UX) is the key to successful Digital Marketing Strategies & Efforts. From the first time a consumer learns about your brand to the moment they become a paying customer; you should focus on creating a unique experience. Let’s learn more about it with Khatabook & Vatsala. #growithTheVS
May 2, 2021